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Easy Dog Treats Recipe

October 10, 2019

Today we’re making dog treats. [ music ] Come on in
welcome to my home. I’m telling you right off the bat this video is filmed out of order. by completely and totally out of order I am doing this part will the end
part first but guess we should jump to
the beginning so let’s jump to the beginning right now. I still find this hysterical that we’ve jumped in time that now we’re back your anyway for me
it’s weird alright so as I said before the ingredients are all listed down
below also are the links to all the products that I use but this is so
simple I have frozen vegetables now you can use fresh vegetables if you have
them I didn’t I didn’t this time so I’m going to put them into my food processor
as you can see I have two bowls out here because of the I’m messy I’ll admit this
I’m messy. Okay now we’re going to do is we are just going to pulse this wherever
pulses once it’ll no longer pulse what you’re
going to do is you’re going to add a little bit of water so that you can make
a paste. I’m going to take my mixture and then just dump it into my mixer then
once again do it again now they remember about this there are
no fillers in this, none whatsoever and don’t forget this doesn’t have to be
perfectly finely chopped take this out a little scrapey scrape. Now if I were not doing a double batch I’d make sure to thoroughly and completely clean
this out. if I’m doing a double batch now I’m going to take a good amount of
parsley you’re saying well what’s it parsley for well supposedly it helps
dogs with their breath my dog needs stuff with to help with her breath on
low mix so in case you’re wondering why I’m doing this right now I’ve done it
the other way before that was a mess that was thoroughly a mess. now what
we’re going to do a little bit at a time we are going to add our ground turkey
meat put some in on low mix it up once that’s incorporate it put some more
in mix it up please remember you are working with raw
turkey extra care is going to be needed. Scrub down everything once you get done
with this make sure that you scrub your hands. Alright this is my big food
dehydrator it’s huge I know it’s huge but make huge batches of this let me get
this out of the way so that we can put this on to the trays okay now comes the
long tedious part I used to do this with a with a jerky press however I had a
bigger dog at that time with this dog the jerky press is the it makes it a
little too big so all I’m using is a small ice cream scoop / cookie scoop
whatever you want to call it making them into patties and placing them onto the
trays yes right now this is really really cold and now you can see why it
wasn’t all that important to make sure that everything was absolutely
thoroughly chopped up into a paste because when it dries it’ll all bind
together and this is the no filler no filler whatsoever what if I fell so if I
put into this I have put in the sweet potato it just depends what I have at
the time make sure that your dog is not allergic or can actually eat what you
put into it things that you do not want to put in there are things like raisins
I think it’s the seeds which get to dogs when make sure that they’re not eating
like apple seeds those sort of things you can put in some fruits in this and
yes for those of you who are freaking out because there’s a raw meat which is
hitting my butcher block don’t worry I will thoroughly clean it now let’s do
the magic of Halloween let’s speed this up. [ music ] now let’s talk about the bulkier version. so some of you might be saying well this is great but what if
I have a lot of dogs to give treats to or I just need to make you know bulk
them out just a bit well here’s a way this does use a filler some people are
completely against fillers and if you are completely against fillers that’s
absolutely fine but also when a stress make sure that your dog is not allergic
to whatever it is you’re using as a filler I’m going to be using the oats
that I’d make my oat milk out of if you wanna learn how to make oat milk just
click that eye on the sky it’ll teach you how to make oat milk I am using
those my dog is not allergic to those whatsoever but you have to figure out
what works for you now where it changes is the oats I’m
going to use about half of these oats simply because the rest of them I’m
going to feed to the birds which are out there actually they’re waiting for me
because I usually give them these oats anyway you could put this out these oats into a
composter order you can even make cookies out of them there are lots of
different things that you can do slowly add in our meat this becomes a lot more you can just look at this and see how
much it has almost like triple Ansuz now we just go back to the same exact
process the color is a lot lighter simply because of the oats in there but
when stress this is the filler part if you have a lot of dogs – you’re making
treats for you can use this you do not have to use this if you are against
fillers are you worried about you know your dog having an allergic reaction to
it you know your dog is allergic to it leave out the filler
just go with just the meat and the vegetables or if you are don’t even want
to feed the vegetables you can do this with just the meat now in case you’re
wondering where this recipe came from I used to go and buy my dog turkey dog
treats which were really cool they were slices of Turkey that had been
dehydrated they now cost $20 for a small bag okay once your all of your meat is
all prepared I’m gonna put the lid on it it’s probably glaring all over the place
set it on the meat setting which on this one is a hundred and sixty-five degrees
you can do these in your oven however it is a little bit harder you have to keep
an eye on them really well then I’m gonna let this go I usually let it go
between 12 and 16 hours depending upon how wet it is let it go
thoroughly dehydrate thoroughly dehydrate this is not like beef jerky
which you still want to have some bend in it I want these to be crunchy because
this is a good way for a faith to get some nice crunch into her food now let’s
jump back in time to where this all started all right so now that you’ve
seen how they’ve met how they’re made they’re put into the dehydrator and dehydrated when you get done 12 to 16 hours later depending upon your
day you get a nice crisp dog treat I just broke these in half my dogs not
gonna be happy with me then you are ready to put them into whatever kind of
container that you want what I’ve what I showed you was to me doing a double
batch that will be enough for at least bare minimum
two months and that’s if mom goes crazy and gives her dog all sorts of kind of
dog treats but these last four like ever they are since they are dehydrated
they’re so good they’re so wonderful she absolutely loves them as you can tell
from the video footage she will do anything for these and I even get her on
camera eating them which is if you know anything about Faith she does not like
to be on camera she thinks the cameras going to attack her but these are so
easy to make and so wonderful and in case you’re wondering why I filmed this
out of order it’s simply because of the 12 to 14 hours it takes to dehydrate
these since I didn’t want to spend all of my day waiting to edit this video I’m
going ahead and did this part first because I make these all the time this
is one of the cool things I can tell you that this is one of those recipes where
I’m like occasionally I make it no no no I make these every other month every
other month I make these I have them all the time and this version I do it two
different ways I do the one version that has the oats from my soaked oats and the
other version that has no oats the oats realistically are just a filler they are
they are not necessary at all no it is interesting is and I explain this I’m
certain so I’ll probably cut this out but what’s interesting is I was going to
use the chicken broth and I had some chicken broth however mom which I was
really proud of her she did check my schedule which is online and she saw
that I wasn’t doing anything which he thought would use chicken broth so she
used my chicken broth to make herself some soup
it’s okay so I had to use water and said but these are amazing my dog loves them
and like I said if you don’t want to use the filler you can use just the regular
of rub just the regular treats without the oats because the oats really are
filler well if you make these let me know you get a hold of me on most social
media at @cmcolemanhome. don’t forget to check out the description for all the
all the ingredients also the links for the products that I use and if this is
your first time here remember to subscribe hit that like button and don’t
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next time


  • Reply Lin-Lin24 October 10, 2019 at 5:14 am

    Thank you for sharing the video😊 I didn’t know about I can use frozen vegetables👍 definitely I will make it to my dog. Maybe I can save a lot of money 💰

  • Reply Tommans 650 October 10, 2019 at 11:41 am

    Instead of water use meat or fish stock. Apple, pear, plum, cherries and peaches the body only, bananas, blueberries, sprouts, broccoli stocks/stems, celery, cucumbers, carrots, beans and peas, garlic, turmeric. are especially good for dogs (Grapes, Onion, Nutmeg, Avocados, non-dog chocolate, Coffee all forms, macadamia nuts, any vegetables in the Onion family except garlic in small amounts, Bread specific yeast, Tomatoes stems/leafs/anything green on the tomatoes, Apple/Pear/Cherries/Peaches/Plums seeds/stem/leafs, alot of citrus fruits are bad for them! are bad for dogs). Also you could've just put it into a baking tray pat it down the cut with a knife separating the individual square chews which would have saved you abit of time.

  • Reply picantesworld77 October 10, 2019 at 1:51 pm

    Before you picked up the bowl of frozen vegetables. I swore I thought they were candy corn with the candy corn pumpkins. I was like well that's one way to get rid of them (I hate them) 😂🤣😂😂 But good recipe. Thank you for sharing.

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