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EL ARGENTINO que Manejó de USHUAIA a ALASKA! | Viaje por la Panamericana con @El Mundo en Torino 🇦🇷

February 26, 2020

the grill can not miss a drink
of wine east of mine saw applause for grill to know ten degrees below zero and the world in torino hello hello good people family good
days as they are all today we have a video a little out of the ordinary a
special surprise today we will have a guest at home a person who does not
we know we are going to meet her today but several people in the comments
they have not let themselves know of what there is a boy an Argentine gentleman who walks
traveling through the americas and eventually around the world in a torino
and here reindeer torino of the year 60 and 99 and what We have contacted and invited him to
come home and today we are going to eat a chopped and let’s make a little bit of
grilled meat not much because it was a half armed thing is still lightly
they saw and then this day collaborates because it’s doing a spring day
we must be with 78 degrees below zero a beautiful nice and hot day so
I can do asadito up there like roasted in the chulengo good this east
boy as I tell you walking for all
2 with his torino already left ushuaia he arrived at ky right now he is in
the city of toronto and it seems that it is operating near here from our
home also as I tell you I don’t we know and we will meet together in
camera with you and let’s see if we have a nice conversation and you
we get some history information and we put some of us also like that
I’m going to show you what is going to have in the on the menu we never have
chicken breasts that sausage type Italian two spicy and sweet types to
this we have seasoned with this the famous panka pepper and we have put
on top of some condiments that They are special for grilling support
what is called the grill and it’s montreal chicken is called montreal style chicken
Montreal and here we have some ribs kind of little flag and we have some
points of saying what are we doing also seasoned with some species
steak for grilled features so this is going to be the meat part
after the chopped part we have a little of spicy salami raw ham product
a smoked cheese this we have a cracker with seeds and a cast of
this misfortune be olives pancito package and of course let me go to
look for it both friends the wine the oli wine could not be missed by
course today it has to be wine Argentinian
if today they are going to be Argentine wines we are going to go nowhere else
land that produces wine and we have the club place altamira valle de uco is a
cabernet sauvignon your opinion of 2015 Well, I’m not going to read what he says back
Well, we started with the red fruit on tobacco and leather so I leave that
side and the other we have a chain although Appeal to Altamira Malbec
of the year 2016 is a high mountain wine this donation the two guests to the
meeting and we already know that they are going to lose the battle they gave because so
well this so you have an idea we we are going to sit there at the table today
want the dining room here we are going to to locate in the dining room because there is the
situation like to eat outside no we can set a table we cannot set
nothing for the snow then let’s eat up here on our coffee table
cordovan carob and to accompany we are going to have some potato chips au gratin
bake some cheese and cream and cream or that is going to be the secondary dish
let’s say main the stone resistance it’s going to be the barbecue and up the
little ass we are going to do and if then here we more or less leave the
video introduction and as soon as the civilian arrives we are going to go outside
to take a picture with the torino and then we will come here and we will leave
choke let’s see here we are with hector who doesn’t
we knew we just met him man who has been driving from ushuaia
until alaska and now and ushuaia alaska toronto now the idea is to go up
florida texas mexico and there in europe but well all of a little bit of a
a little with good lyrics with a torino from 69 to 69 a car
Argentine that such and carrey was not and here then kingdom bought the factory and the
Rise and run we are not going to eat a chopped people we put with the grill
good family people we are here outside
hector is inside eating a chopped with us and we will make a
asshole so let’s start light the fire the coal is already
he’s marching like who says today we change the tray to the grill
because she was full of holes it looked like the old one like there
been in a battle in war like that that we bought a new tray
Now we are going to put a little meat some choricitos and we will continue
conversing with the reader and as already I said it’s traveling from
Ushuaia can even have Alaska city ​​of toronto we’ll let you know
how’s it going and the kind of trip that is doing those who want to help what
you are welcome to do so so yes let’s wait for this to catch fire
and we are going to extend the meat to the grill people one spring day or
is doing 78 degrees below zero but we are already looking at a
t-shirt a jury and we are canadian we are grilled and you don’t have a drink
of wine which you can decorate missing a glass of wine to daddy to see
this one of the children saw that I always I say it if we’re doing roast I’m
dry as one as a grape wears looting and with music a raisin
I look health and another thing not to say
the barbecue is given wine and nothing more and leave it alone leave it alone not
you have to tell him nothing the barbecue is take care of everything and everyone has their
technique but that the missing fire is not exactly the barbecue is there you will
delivery wine and the knife does not touch it that way after they say when the
roast is done not certain expensive at end of the day after you can take off
but but while the party is walking
nothing nothing 3 square meters in places of the world is your place in the world that
comfort control helmet area a the health of mine look where
let’s find a human you traveling with a torino around the world
imagine pnv adores i don’t know if there will be another term in canada maybe there are some of
any embassy that has been left of no I know I was 50 years old but I know not anymore
in germany no there is no in usa there are so minus 66 in germany and one in switzerland there are
one in Spain I know there is one so less and in chile in paraguay and uruguay
If Peru is the only one in Canada in this moment of 6 I guess never
I heard of a torino here in Canada there was one a few years ago from raul in four
doors of the year 80 ok that was until alaska also now right now
this is the only one not to be like me I’m going to tell the story of the only one
only time I had an experience and a I meet a torino in Argentina and
We are on my way to Buenos Aires to Córdoba with my brother my mom and I on the stage
from 67 it was the steamer and to the side of the road like that on the route out there by
scrolls for one of those places a brown torino of those color
browned that they went out on that era and there was an older gentleman there is already a
lady next to the route we they beckoned and we stopped and the man
about with a very European accent like German or Swiss saw had stayed
without gasoline the old torino zero kilometer with the wife and ask us if we could
take it to a service station and get gasoline
and we tell him with my brother we say well come on, go up and stay
until the next town I was like 20 km away
let’s go there we arrive at the station service that time we got the gasoline
in a bucket an open bucket and it they loaded up those at the station
services gave him a funnel and we go With the bucket there is on the pitch
balancing for today that is impossible because here you are not
they sell a liter if it doesn’t carry that be the homologate video are then
we go with the bucket splashing there in the van we arrived the guy loads the
torino with gasoline and the wife tells him you should give the boys something
for helping you for the trip and the old east with a seat accent well
so germanic says no no no no it’s not necessary there is nothing to give anything is
got in the car and started che and left us it cost the route we go
with wool is tight you saw how we were traveling at that time that said
buenos aires-cordoba so many liters per kilometer how much did you need measured with
dripper that we had put there 40 extra kilometers and we were there at
side of the route so good the fire is being learned little by little
that you got used to something like that because you are without gloves
I need you, you didn’t live here anymore I was formed after 50 years skin of
crocodile this me today for me one day but the one with the camera but this one
is wearing a warm glove until northern towns we go inside to let that
this is hot between the one now I come che i i that’s why there are two type one is spicy and the
another one is honey and garlic they have inside We will release the videos responding
you ask how many hours I don’t have for example depends on destiny sometimes I
I’m here and I have to go to another city which are these 60 km and drive 60 if the
goal is to get to another place by example was winnipeg toronto was driving
500 kilometers would be enough customers from winnipeg toronto it’s two thousand and two
thousand then what of people willy permencia heart to toronto it’s two days drive two
thousand kilometers per day and I’m not going to drive I go alone the old award
road but I know with snow with ice storm and everything I said well I’m going
to do 500 400 per day with my pace Quiet without hurry to give because
you saw the route you start to head have had an accident not luckily
does not know the light is not good if I had in
Alaska let’s say accident with another vehicle no
only if I went in the first kilometers on ice as for the lack of
experience started to move a little for a left but try
correct yourself bbva I correct it I correct it I correct and I can’t do it again
correct more and suddenly start a I spin another top and I went to the snow
on the side of the bench next to luckily the car was not so low that
a wheel penitas on the bench and well the first car that happened helped me but to
get true take you out but the van patinated then it was 4×4 even with the
ice could not throw away the attractions of attraction and then my son left
well I’m going to try to call you one crane month later spent in our group
some girls and the girls loved me help but they didn’t know how you saw no
I knew how I got good and they gave me a 17 for a shovel to get the
snow from under the car ready I started to get snow with emmys shovel
and they gave it to me to the shovel taking out the snow and they continued their journey
and then people were already taking snow down the car and the other cars
that happened and people got off at some guys saw that I was there
they stopped in the van they got off they grabbed their pretty shovels to
get me high on the world puts hand and everyone and then armed
as there were about 10 vehicles for the route and people were getting off to
help me and good even for a truck with a big tablet that helped
the transit will stop for the transit then the people under them worked with
the shovels with the lingas help us rattles land and down the car and one of
the boys who was closing them the year says no need to use
the pretty one to pull you saw that we push it 6 let’s push the car from
back a little bit then do it a vocal hammock and forward and backward
and said the boss put it first and the auto base we mark them like this and the worst the worst that was not
so much because something went well for me good
Y ten degrees below zero levels there is middle ground and that is super
landa the whole meat and let’s not say this is the logo of the trip
and I sell these shirts the shirt He paid us the expenses with the shirts and
with the stickers are the stickers and by I am advancing that, people know the
who wants to buy a shirt for help him here the friend will let him
there in the channel the link where you can put in and buy one of those or buy
a decal or with the shirt the sticker goes from gift to pay one receives
two youtube and instagram my facebook Youtube
instagram facebook if the world in torino and the website is the world in torino
puntocom 3.86 cylinders in line a overhead camshaft has its
chros lowe engine as the mission says by one side escape on the other
two throats mouth their disc brakes front spirals in the four
shock absorber wheels and has four torsion bars back for the
damping and these bars in the you put
they came from the factory to keep it fit the body by
when you accelerate the engine the car will move clear then not to deform the
bodywork are put on that bar to keep the structure of the car and here
you have the block heater if this one if this is a fairly long cable
because I don’t know where I’m going to sleep of course 20 being plug then here
It has 12 meters and if so far always it hit me is to heat the crankcase it
and heat the blog canada and alaska I suffered a lot for the salt thrown at
the chrome route ate them is what is most affected
and all this for six months no Clear
is recent than recent and by salt creative because salt is thrown away for
melt the ice refinery and down luckily he hasn’t suffered like here
the chrome is more sensitive then it is what the ocher is most superficial and
It’s where the other cars are going spitting out exactly how
the stones hit you in front of the others cars are throwing you all that snow that
ice water with salt and it impacts on the car body so they see
as canada eats a car they saw and all agree in is not
restored is from original horn era of leather but good when you restore it and
restore with what you’ve tired me you have four speeds in 444
standard wood floor speeds the manual if all wood everything is a
bit messy but there the parts go of tools and spare parts because the
car was only manufactured in Argentina spare outside Argentina there is no then
every time I can load spare parts of all line if I like to make it apart
mechanics and that learning and I like to learn in an emergency
whatever it is to know you have to get your hands on gets German I’m not a mechanic is the
nation and I’m asking you I’m going repairing and it was a workshop and to do
some review or something and I ask how this is done how the other is done and so
what did the mechanics tell you when come here and have seen these engines and
this car that doesn’t know him well that’s why I’m used to it
let’s see a see 8 on a 6 inline engine big with the gare bold raises her head
not common more common then look with Argentina plates also how it came about
the idea for this trip is not my dream childhood story I tell
whenever I was born in tucumán but the six years will flow buenos aires with a
family and sometimes and one on vacation goes almost always with occasions for
grandparents grandfather on this vacation we had the
luck it was a plane and we are returning from tucumán to buenos aires and my
Uncle Carlos was driving his white torino year 75 and make snow next to my mom
my sister and I are going back very quiet space leaving towards the
airport imitate lis hurry up they are going to miss the plane then my uncle
and it says so and when he says so think I stayed
shut up and I said when I grow up torino
and after ten years lived munro watching TV with my dad was watching
the opening ceremony of the rally of Argentina and ceremonies were held
buenos aires but the career of in Cordoba Dad
where are good air cars going I made Cordoba for the Pan American
let’s say 15 blocks then I made myself for Americans I knew
where it was clear I say I ask how far does the Pan American go and
says up alaska and I asked him more nothing My head is where I was good
growing up is studying working and always always in my mind was good
someday go to the cantoria and that I was always and well in 2006 I
I bought the car I restored it I got the part of the last one and the part was missing
of the trip and I was always putting off procrastinating procrastinating did not know when
Don’t be when iu and good January 2014 February 2014 make the decision I’m leaving
with what I have and if whatever Sergio Balloon such a date I like it I’m leaving
as the situation I was and I went with silver without silver with girlfriend without girlfriend
children without children as I did look at the idea that is to say that putting faith goes in my
case works for me but for other friends my no headquarters or have a day
for another why a clear date if not it doesn’t suit you any more than always
is waiting for the perfect personal conditions does not exist
and those conditions never happens anything because you can’t absolutely control
everything you can’t align the things of a
so if everything is in harmony and in perfection now the moment passes in the
life of all pastures will not be anything that wants us to be
every day is not all perfect more or less
mark then and well sometimes you have to make decisions and have to
grab the fly when I felt that is the maximum where can the
situation and you went all north of
Argentina 17 h I went from Buenos Aires and the polvorines and
I went to the sarmiento park in federal capital
we meet 50 torinos 40 torino more or less like in caravan to cordoba in
the route is adding cars and in Cordoba celebrated the 50th anniversary of
the tannin was launched at the factory cordoba as well
and well they were cars from all over the country and well I was 23 days with all the
people goodbye but let’s say the event was for the 58 was not for me
trip take the time to leave to make it clear and after the event
I stayed alone let’s say there it started as the reality of course that was part of how
any other being the event by answer and leave and good from ushuaia
then he went to punta arenas puerto natales la argentina before las lajas
Neuquén I went to Temuco Chile Santiago from chile de arbol and mendoza de mendoza
mafia la quiaca today you are crossing the mountain range from which I went here until
Well, Santiago El Estero Chaco says Formosa Paraguay Current missions
between rivers and there are complete all provinces
because the idea was for the car to start all the Argentine provinces to leave
from Argentina from uruguay brazil or rio janeiro from there
the horizon with being matogrosso up Bolivia has Bolivia to Peru and then
peru ecuador colombia after Central America Panama Costa Rica
Nicaragua Honduras El Salvador Guatemala belize mexico usa canada alaska and now
back in canada toronto flavor and of all the countries you liked the most
of everything you do with beauty those are the questions that I also have to
make at some point clear your own own channel channel but the issue is that
of the questions I don’t like answer because everywhere I have
treated well that in each place has treated me
excellent according to the possibilities that they had as they wanted and how could the
people just like that be a little bit to me has served
I cannot detract from the people who helped with something in one place or another in
one place or another but for a matter of laws for natural beauty
all countries have their places that they are not famous only known or
technically exploited but you have places that are selling dollars
for example in Nicaragua you are in the mouth of an active active volcano then
twice you are there in the mouth of the volcano and live in alava down there before
this web washes it like that and I didn’t know of that you find out on the trip by
one always central america and say it is dangerous than this with another then by
example in el salvador that everything me I was still in El Salvador as you did not
they did nothing the lion didn’t treat me excellent people tried me to
spectacular of friendly people all kind This has helped me a lot and curious
all curious people wanting to know of the car in history come I have
an event come for cabo benítez mi home and I help you with this with the other
what happened to me everywhere you understand that I know but as in the savior
always for what they tell you I don’t go fast because they will kill you
understand the same thing they say about Honduras from Nicaragua Guatemala from Colombia was
very funny i was in central america that everything spoke to me badly about Central America
and I was having a spectacular time because they treated me well the truth that
I never felt safe anywhere I never had the feeling that I felt
he threatened threatened in that house the word and then in central america
mission eye in mexico month and in Mexico they told me how it went in
Central America arrived in the USA how did it go in mexico how did it go to
Central America and it’s already in South America I They said don’t care about Central America
I can understand all of them with Mexico understand treatment like this and then within
census of countries for example in the southern brazil month no longer go to the river
janeiro and well all of it has been say the neighbor is always talking badly
or what is not known or what is not known knows why as the constant to
times in the news the news they are always bad then they don’t take anything
well they won’t tell good stories usually things
good that happen in places like you say a bad thing happens and I already know the general
and in general same as the whole country it is like that Well, I’m super grateful to everyone
the bars that was because they treated me very good and good to say because of
that way they put those myths to rest as entities
obviously there are people who have passed things and it doesn’t mean that’s why it’s a
safe country exactly between doing the things happen sometimes there is luck or bad
luck and they all pass by side and some advice for someone who
want to make a trip like that for the Pan American but still not encouraged
I would tell you not to think too much and leave the route or have a date
I think what I say the train is to say almost all the traveling people go out and
go out and grab the reins and go out giving
so much because afterwards everyone knows how do you think he is going to have to adapt
or prepare for other things you will give account that you will learn in
the trip was an example of some things fools for example I went out with the tent
the sleeping bag and definitely not long ago because people asked us
so when I noticed when I stayed with him although we have no need in a
camping the bed tent the tent nothing but there are people who do like all that
of putting up the tent to stretch in a sleeping bag and because he likes to do that
and well in placement also has that option I went out with that option before
using the occar can wind a emergency and then I realized that no
I needed then I discarded the I had the gift a load less like
well it says clearly something less for a load less let you lighter
and then at the beginning bus I think you’re going to specify many things and then you give yourself
account on the trip you learn what it serves you that is not saying no
is that the life of the human being is the complicates even clearer is also not what
it is necessary to live here after attached to some guys who take the
bicycle and many boys use the they carry in their van
of business traveler carries the bike and use it later after it passes
they don’t use it and after finishing giving away of course because they didn’t use it
thinking that he gives his knowledge and then when you have more things when they go
traveling or in life if you want are more things you have to take care of then
if I have I carry more things in it self are more things that I have to take care of
because sometimes they tell me and why not you put a roof rack and I
I say if I put a portal that came down from roof I invite myself to take more things
and I what I want to take less things not I want to wear more when we saw it
also in the trills that had the option to put the help wheel
in the trunk up outside I don’t know for sure so if I can do it, he took out the
I buy the accessory chest on
above the trunk lid and I will have more trunk space but having more
space in the car invited to carry more things and what I want is less
ease every time I want to be more lightweight of things to take and where
they are the majority of travelers with the that you cross Argentines yes so
less than they traveled by land are Argentineans Latin Americans are
Argentines later you see from other countries but of what is Latin American the
most are argentinian by vehicle after crossing french canadian
American Italian this English and Germans going away villegas
well with the backpack I think it’s the Most are European and here by bicycle
also except to say of Latinos what What else do you cross an Argentine of
Latinos then we give thanks to hector thanks for having
gone home to share a nice roast and also tell us the stories of
being on this great trip this great adventure in torino thank you all for
the invitation and thank you all to the family for food and the gathering and the
welcome to everything if we put together some means towards the light because the weather we
allows a lot but well we have already eaten more or less discreetly well we have
heard a beautiful story here from our friend the traveler and we learned
pretty so thanks we say goodbye bye Y Y Y


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