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Elite Dangerous what would YOU like Changed or Fixed in 2020

February 9, 2020

hello it’s Ricardo and Welcome back to
Elite dangerous beyond and with the game evolving as it is what this iterations
of updates here and there and quality of life fixes patches hot fixes on the
patches and so forth I thought it’d be a good idea to explore what people would
like to see in the game and also what they’d like fixed or what they’d like
changed now I’ve been recently having a look through some of the forums on
Facebook and in particular the Xbox one elite dangerous forum had a really good
thread on it recently where people said hey what would you like fixed what would
you like change are things changing for the better what do you think so let’s
take a look at that so let’s get stabby when that’s quite
close to my heart what about the controversial topic of ship transfers
yes folks ship transfers we’ve got those for quite a while now where the idea is
you get to a station or a pantry base that has a star port and then you are
able to summon your ship to you so you might have a ship over in lave and
you’re all the way down in I don’t know rügen AG for example and you think I
quite fancy to have my Cobra mark 3 all the way down there with me and for a fee
you can click on a button it calculates a time of travel that is gonna take you
couple of hours a couple of minutes whatever and then charges you a fee for
it to come down and that’s all well and good and I think that’s great a lot of
people have been thinking well what if that ship transfer would be
instantaneous and I think you’ve got a sort of think about whether this game is
a simulation or it is just an arcade game for me it’s more of a space
simulation it’s a space trading fighting exploration simulation and there has to
be some sort of level of authenticity if that could be a word really applied to
this given it science fiction because there should be the ability to have your
ship transferred to you and we’ve got that however should it be instantaneous
I don’t think so one thing I think would be good is to
have the ability to send your ships to a particular place so say for example
again we’re at lave good old lave and we want to send one of our ships say a
mining ship to a planet that we know has got some good mining let’s say oh I
don’t know Lacetti for want of argument it could be anywhere you should be able
to say right within a given range because you do want people sending ships
all the way to Colonia do you right no matter how much it’s gonna cost you I
can send my ship within a 300 light-years to whatever planet I
and then you can get there in your quickest ship do a few missions to
recoup some of the cost and then you get your ship back I think that’d be quite a
good idea don’t you let me know in the comments let me know what you think
about that so we’re talking about ship transfers do you think ship transfers
instant or shall I keep them the same with their time limited and also with
cost and also would you like to see a facility where ship transfers could act
as a push so you could send your ship to a certain distance as well as there
being a pull where you can summon a ship to you this might track really well with
the inclusion that we hope this year of fleet carriers where players can have
their ships set up as a fleet carrier as opposed to any other multi rolls that
come up that’ll be a good way of introducing this into the game
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well when I do post videos next up engineer is that controversial topic is
it to grindy or is it alright as it is personally there has to be some sort of
time served some sort of a grind to achieve these fantastic updates that for
example let you travel double the like distance range with your f FS d or incur
more damage with the blasters or lasers or cannons or whatever you’ve got
or even just have lighter weight modules so again you can travel further I do
think there should be some sort of grind there so level oh I hate it I’m against
some people who have mentioned this in the community and they want engineer’s
changed one thing I would say however and that was also mentioned in some of
the comments that it would be good to solve again following on for my previous
point have these ships sent to an engineer once you’ve already been there
like I’m with you know send your ships to places that you’ve already been and
scanned great brilliant so with an engineer you rock up to
you should be able to say right for a fee I’m gonna send my cutter all the way
over to Felicity Farseer and I can then pay remotely and you’d be charged more
to pay remotely to have that cutter engineered up to a certain level
providing you can send the materials as well so the whole transfer of items
materials even transferring modules and also you know able to send materials
again possibly with these fleet carriers to the engineers would be good and that
would then give an extra level on the sort of like the pinned blueprints that
we’ve had in game for quite some time hey let me know what you think so what
we’re asking is at the engineer’s to grindy do you want to see some changes
there and if so what changes would you like do you like the idea of being able
to send your ship to an engineer that you’ve previously unlocked and
discovered and then do remote engineering and send additional
materials you like to that station there’d be a time limit and also an
additional cost for that that could be a good way of more integration into the
elite dangerous fleet carriers and also some good changes to what we’ve seen in
elite dangerous as well let me know what you think – so far some good talking
points next up elite dangerous law and what does they one think about that
we’ve had some good in game set pieces what with the community initiatives that
been out last year in 2019 especially around the Golconda where we thought
that’s a really good story there they found this ship floating around – asked
for help then the Empire and the feds got involved and said hey we’ll build
you a station aligned to us and now we get an in-game rare ability and it begs
the question what about when elite dangerous releases a book and the elite
dangerous name you know is that Canon and if so why can’t these things be
integrated into the game yes we all know about rock slim will come on to Iraq
slur later on in this video no doubt but what about you know all the all the good
novellas that have come out why can’t saw that story be integrated
into the games and not just make it a based on that would be good as well
whereas you can say right I’m gonna go out I’m gonna play a story arc hey
fantastic and it triggers once for every commander or you can then go back and
reset it worthwhile so you know hey elite dangerous in gameplay ability of
law is what we’re talking about I think that’s a good one especially if the game
was gonna go you know to a subscription service which personally I don’t think
it should really not this stage of the game it is gonna go you know to have
some sort of like bio pool content granted okay we know about this they
mentioned this but it’s it is it gonna contain some law is it gonna entertain
some some advanced gameplay who knows and let me know in the comments if
you’re still with me now of course you may remember that this all was tried in
game before but then other payer factions came in and killed solo me if
you remember that back a couple of years ago and completely wrote off the game
with that sort of in-game narrative so some things have to be tweaked there but
you know let’s face it it could do a little bit of extra punch this game
couldn’t it oh yes good old space legs that old chestnut a love it or hate it
there you go people have always wanted to go walking around their ship and
quite a few fan-made demos have been made in regards to people walking around
planets that we saw a couple of years ago and then you know in game look
around tours around some of the other model models have also been done these
have been great what will it actually do to the game though which slow things
down will it mean we’ll just get another star
citizen clone or the one that actually works and it’s been released to
production I don’t know that could be an entirely new set of get gameplay in
itself or perhaps the next iteration of it what elite dangerous would be in you
know ten years time who knows I mean what they’re trying to do with star
citizen I think it’s in short of remarkable if you’ve got a machine
strong enough to play it I think even mine would probably struggle but in all
fairness I think what we’ve got to consider as well is
that if space legs do come what’s it actually gonna bring to the game so you
know what value will it really bring us will it slow us down in tedium and with
that with space legs also we had a good demo of atmospherics as well recently
where you showed someone flowing around a planet around a space station or a
land-based station that we’ve seen on all the planets and that was fantastic
and had rain and weather effects on that as well and that was good and I think
that that would be a good thing to bring into the game I think eventually again
though it would be a good set piece to have unless there were missions attached
to that would specifically leverage the atmospherics of a planet like that what
would the point be you get a randomly generated planet bit like no man’s sky
suppose you know or something a bit more graphical to fly around claps go and
find a research outpost that’s been lost or hidden or covered by undergrowth or a
rock slide something like that who knows here’s something I made a view about
quite a few years back about Admirals and Kings and the whole sort of like
progression rank system within the Imperial and Federation factions
really so you’re an admiral where’s your fleet of ships you’re a king
where are your loyal subjects and your bodyguards shouldn’t you as an admiral
if they’re in trouble player V player be able to call in some of your ships
remotely piloted as drones to us to assist you same with being a king when
you rock up to a Playstation erm Playstation what am I talking about
when you rock up to a Space Station why doesn’t it say greetings your
exalted rule highness we welcome you and your bodyguards and your loyal subjects
why can’t your loyal subjects also act as a sort of a bot wing as
were to make that get into that stage of being a king or an atom or just that
little bit special as opposed unlocking the Corvette or
unlocking there you know the the Imperial cutter because that’s all its
really good for as far as I can see all that additional grind I mean you might
get a few bonuses here and there on trade but I wouldn’t say anything
drastic really so you’re a king so what and you’re an admiral so what exactly so
what and I think we need something a little bit more to embellish that aspect
of the game as well okay let’s talk about mining oh my god that’s been all
over the forum since the last January update and hotfix where they said it is
the supply and demands now for certain materials like void opals etc and
high-tempered low-temperature diamonds and all these things that people be
making at a bank on for quite some time and you gotta think well okay fair
enough so they want to sort of limit the amount of credits that perhaps in the
game and make it a bit more realistic but there was nothing really wrong with
it actually made mining worthwhile for a period I have to say it because
before I never really got into mining then they brought the whole sort of like
in game set pieces with you know yet the asteroids blew up and it was like great
sort of thump when your charges went off well I was cool that was cool okay make
it a little bit less lucrative perhaps and some of the stupid in-game dynamics
that had you so by getting one point six million for a ton of boyd opals says
it’s certainly relative like six hundred thousand and then just keep it as a
level state these sort of things I think are open to exploitation when they have
take things the code is inevitably gonna go wrong and people are going to end up
you know having all those credits and all that those materials taken off them
whenever there is an exploit that happens like that
dangerous but you know you can turn around and say well you should have done
that really should you and that big showy cutter Dholakia we’re gonna take
off you perhaps an in-game penalty should be applied to those players that
do use exploits and things like that they may back onto mining do you think
the mining aspect of the game has been made worse as it being made better are
you gonna continue mining or what these are the questions we need to ask so yeah
exactly so a few points a few thoughts there on you know the current state of
the game of elite dangerous you know with the January updates of 2020 coming
in and changing a lot of things and some bug fixes and causing other problems
what with screen stutter is elite dangerous a game you’re still playing or
are you out there playing other games and if so what games are you playing let
me know I’m looking for a damn good game to play I am playing subnautica and I
enjoy it a lot anyway I’ve been Ricardo thanks for watching this rant on what
should be fixed in the game see you soon fly safe you


  • Reply James Allen January 28, 2020 at 7:20 pm

    The BGS must be open play only or the effects of play in solo or private groups must be severely discounted (by 85% or more). Combat logging must be punished by Frontier.

  • Reply bitVictim January 28, 2020 at 7:31 pm

    That load-out system needed a massive overhaul. also would like to see an ingame trade computer that works as good as EDDB. Another thing missing, air to ground missions in your ship, warzones on and around planets surfaces, more SRV's … I could go on.

  • Reply jetnavigator January 28, 2020 at 7:31 pm

    I stopped playing over a year ago. Since then it's been almost exclusively War Thunder for me. That game has almost the opposite problem – relentless updates and gameplay mechanic changes. Elite felt just so stale and static after a while and the mind-numbinh tedium of engineering harvesting…ugh.

    Some hand-crafted content in Elite would be nice, not just procedural missions. Something with a bit of character. Frontier will never change though…

  • Reply ecevans evans January 28, 2020 at 7:40 pm

    Engineers, u contradict yourself. You want to send the ships ahead of you, but you don’t think one of the BIGGEST TIME SINK INTHE SIM , should not be reduced by at lease 50%. Especially, when most of the special engineering effects are worthless. Check you tube someone did a video on them. Plus you can’t ever find some of the material. Mining, another time sink made worst , small percentage and now LOWER payouts. Space legs and atmosphere should have been in THREE YEARS ago. You need an example, play star citizen! And you see why Elite Dangerous NEED IT.

  • Reply Steve Shaw January 28, 2020 at 7:48 pm

    Shift transfers should remain real time but being able to send your ships to other destinations before you get there is something we have wanted for a long time.

  • Reply Dwayne Hackett January 28, 2020 at 7:54 pm

    Been playing sporadically since distant worlds 2 ended. Never got my decal either :'(

    I am still making my way back when I do. Almost all the people I started the game with years ago have long since moved on from the game. Combined with the limited things to do as an explorer… my heart has not been in it.

    I been playing alot of world of warships, stellaris, transport fever and even BSG and Sins of a solar empire every now and again.
    Right now I am eagerly awaiting the next dlc release for star control.

    I do plan on getting back into elite as 5000 hours invested is hard to just dismiss but I want more from the game. More planetary exploration mechanics, ability to build bases, better (and player controlled) economies and more streamlined and faster moving story coughs thargoids cough

  • Reply Stan Iredale January 28, 2020 at 8:01 pm

    i'd like some cargo storage (up too about 500 tons) on stations for the odds and ends you accumulate and the ability to transfer to wherever the best price is.

  • Reply Dave CMDR DJS Slugger January 28, 2020 at 8:10 pm

    Hi Riccardo, I loved the new mining and blowing astriods up, it took a long time to fill your cargo with low temp diamonds or void opels and now the January update has killed the whole game for me now 🙁 especially the supply and demand! So I have hung up my space boots now, I think I will get back down to earth and get back it fast combat jets like the F16 falcon 4 and I'm keeping my eye on the new Microsoft 2020 flight sim, the reality of location and aerodynamics look awesome….
    I will keep an eye on what FDev does for 2020 but I'm not in a rush to get back anytime soon.
    Regards Dave

  • Reply stormy clouds January 28, 2020 at 8:27 pm

    Cargo storage,
    NPC people visible on stations,
    New kinds of stations,
    Ability to dock small ships in large ships

  • Reply E Rebull January 28, 2020 at 8:35 pm

    1) engeneers: give the correct mods to the right engineers: [Pailing xeno researcher guives you G5 drives???] why?
    -Material traders in the engineers systems.
    2) space legs: yes/ FPS combat, sabotage, repairs, manual fuel transfer(fuck limpets), boarding, infiltration, power-play. see the state of systems in the stations(people starving, sick, etc) would motivate players to help those npc.

  • Reply ShadowmanFan1 January 28, 2020 at 9:39 pm

    Engineering needs to be rank unlocked by tiers. You grind to get those. Then you can buy with the credits you grind the upgrades from that engineer up to the level you have unlocked. Perpetual multiple grinds forever is and will continue to kill this game.

    There is no peak. No plateau where it gets easier. To get into a real ship you grind. To upgrade upkeep and rebuy for the ship you grinded out you have to grind more. The entire game is endless grind with short bouts of fun in between long sessions of grind.

    Some grind is reasonable. Endless grind is not.

  • Reply Wochi January 28, 2020 at 10:25 pm

    Vote for: Very important to be able to jump directly to a planet if we have the system explored, this is incredible that it does not exist yet. 1) Send your Ship & remote engineering 2) Space leg –All space simulation games already come with space legs, elite also at this point should have it– 3)Fix the military ranks, and have NPC working for us as X3, if we are admirals. 4)atmospheric worlds without hesitation 5) NPC working on the bridge of our ship, as assistants if we play alone, and that the fighters can fly without limit of distance of the motherships. 6) To be transported by paying a transport line to the inhabited system that we want without using our ships

  • Reply Beni Stingray January 28, 2020 at 11:43 pm

    I know its an endless topic and seemingly nobody seems to care nowadays but for me its combat logging, it destroyed pvp for me and many others and i personaly stopped playing over a year ago because of it.
    I dont even blame the players for it, FD never took any steps on the technical side to prevent it, they never banned people even when there was proof and without a proper tutorial like Rinzlers guide to "trade in open" a lot of people just never learned how to stay alive.
    Its really sad, all i can hope for now is some new content i can enjoy in a pve setting without all the cheaters.

  • Reply Lee Ebbrell January 29, 2020 at 12:08 am

    No, not instant transfer please… it's not an arcade game. Yes send ships, or trigger transfer while in flight from your ship

  • Reply AClRCLEOFLlGHT January 29, 2020 at 2:23 am

    I'd like a mayday ability to send out distress signals of your own, creating instantaneous live missions for players. So if you're out of fuel or have some pirates after you, rather than having to jump into a discord to ask someone to come help, all online players in a large vicinity can hear these distress signals and complete the missions for rewards.

    My other feature I've wanted is already on the way, with the ability to actually leave your ship, stake out claims and live a life among the stars. I really hope they go into depth with this new survival building feature. Imagine now being able to trade your own goods. I will completely stick with Elite Dangerous if it starts offering some of the things Star Citizen is offering. I really don't feel like putting another $1,000 into my PC just to run it, or $100+ dollars just to get a ship worth flying around.

    And I want more ships, with more roles, with more customization options without going down a pay-to-win path.

  • Reply dennis phillips January 29, 2020 at 3:31 am

    I already park my ships at different stations and use fast ships to get to them.

  • Reply dennis phillips January 29, 2020 at 3:33 am

    I'd like to get my materials back when I no longer want the upgrade.

  • Reply dennis phillips January 29, 2020 at 3:43 am

    I still enjoy the hunt more than the kill as far as mining is concerned .The credits suck but I still enjoy the process.{being in VR really helps}

  • Reply Unknown January 29, 2020 at 6:01 am

    Pointless waste of time. Had Fdev actually solicited input, then I could see the point of this video. Otherwise… Keep dreaming.

  • Reply Phil Barlow January 29, 2020 at 8:45 am

    I haven't played Elite in at least a year either, I get tempted to come back and then see all the posts and videos about bugs and nerfs and get put off. I've mainly been playing 7 Days to Die (running a small server), the Dishonored games and Grim Dawn.

  • Reply Lee Ebbrell January 29, 2020 at 8:51 am

    Engineering isn't that bad if you play the game you get the materials anyway you just need to play it before you engineer your ship. Even rank isn't a grind if you play the game. People get grind because they want it now right away, so they have to grind to get it now

  • Reply Lee Ebbrell January 29, 2020 at 8:52 am

    Engineering was harder once upon a time, because you had to get commodities as well. Carry them round due to having no storage. Fdev removed it, with a plan to bring back at some point. Only when you can store materials we think

  • Reply Epic DutchGuy January 29, 2020 at 9:45 am

    Hauling ship upgrades in your cargo to take them with you in stead of having them delivered automaticly *same for small ships being able to carry them to a different station yourself in a large ship *being able to have an npc or player carry you to a different station like a busdriver of sorts *Elite feet *atmospheric landing *flyable captured thargoid and guardian ships *new types of srv vehicles *walking around your cockpit for starters expanding it later on to be able to roam your entire ship +modules *roaming on spacestations roaming on plannet bases deep space anomalys for instance warping to a distant unexplored system only to find out the sun has gone supernova or plannetary collissions have ocurred and space is littered with chunks of debris.

    Just to state a few but to be honest i think Elite had its best time already it seems more and more that fdev is givving up on it too 🙁

  • Reply Lapiaz January 29, 2020 at 12:32 pm

    Egineer materials shipments. That you collect and then be able to send to enginner with modules and remotely be able to engineer. Able to send ships to any station with shypyard you have visited. Able to warehouse mining materials on a station. All that at a premium price… those are the thing i ask myself why are not there since the start

  • Reply Vanotter January 29, 2020 at 2:11 pm

    Specifically guardian module resource gathering is still way too much grind. Aside from that I'd love much more added for exploration, truly unique worlds with rewards for the time investment. I'd also love complex puzzles like the ones we had years ago that required looking into signal spectrum etc. Atmospherics and space legs (with associated gameplay) welcome. Fixed multicrew/wing extended to SRVs & space legs.

  • Reply Sean O'Rourke January 29, 2020 at 2:16 pm

    I'd like a place to call home. Being able to claim a spot on an uninhabited planet to build a pad would be great. I don't really care about "space legs". I get it, people want an all in one experience, which I haven't seen a good space/ground game since SWG, and those days are long gone. Gaming quality and content in this day in age are a joke compared to even 10 years ago. If it comes, it'll just take away from something they could have done to make space better. Not to mention it'll just be another grind fest if you do get to get out of your ship.

  • Reply Kai Zen January 29, 2020 at 4:43 pm

    LOVE THIS TOPIC!!! My suggestion would be: Add Bookmark control. 1.) I can create a bookmark anywhere. 2.) I can send a bookmark to anyone by simply opening DM to them and choosing [SHAREBOOKMARK] 3. the ability for us to Create BOOKMARK FOLDERS (stored locally so its no great effort for FDEV) and arrange all our bookmarks completely how we see fit. Imagine having a folder labeled engineers and one called materials one called powerplay and BGS etc.. Would make the entire Bookmark system 10,000% better with just a few lines of code (excluding the share bookmark thing which would probably involve a few more lines but not be all that deep). Anyways like I said love the topic and your content. I am one of the hosts of “Loose Screws Podcast – The American Elite Dangerous Podcast” (Should you be interested in checking out our work you may find us at: ). I cover community generated content for our show and just wanted to reach out and let you know that I'm keeping an eye on your work. Should you wish to discuss this with me or the possibility of us featuring your work on our show to help promote your site please feel free to contact me thru our discord at: Anyways keep up the great work and I hope to see you out in the galaxy! : )

  • Reply Lee Ebbrell January 29, 2020 at 6:28 pm

    I do like explosions

  • Reply Lee Ebbrell January 29, 2020 at 6:29 pm

    Mining is good now it doesn't pay too much the game isn't about getting rich quickly

  • Reply David Entz January 29, 2020 at 10:34 pm

    I strongly disagree about the ship transfers needing to take time. There have been many times where I wanted to transfer a ship for a specific purpose and then couldn't play the game because I was just sitting there twiddling my thumbs waiting for the ship to arrive. When I play I now just log off and don't come back to the game for days. This game isn't a simulation. It never was meant to be one. It has some aspects, but it isn't a simulation. There has to be in some cases the need to suspend the simulation in favour of just good fun gameplay. If ship transfer time have to stay then they MUST get rid of "telepresence" from multi-crew, and people must catch ships if they wish to crew with others. You can't have one and not the other.

    Engineers, the biggest part of the grind (it always has been even back n the day of the old engineers), was the grind of getting the materials. People mistake the engines as a grind. Its not. The real grind is the material gathering.

    Massively in favour of more lore and lore based quests, or better still a lore based campaign that doesn't rely on "community goals" or player groups. Something that solo players can complete comfortably.

    In one of the very early plans, there was a massive 61 page document that outlined all the things they anted to add to the game. NPC wings was one of their plans. Will that happen. I hope so, but not holding my breath.

    Edit: They must add more to exploration. With a 1:1 scale milkway galaxy I am incredibly surprised that a lead designer didn't think that populating this galaxy with interesting things, wouldn't be a top priority for them. Instead they chose to go with a COD in space CQC mini game and a bubble centric powerplay that is utterly useless and boring beyond belief. This galaxy needs to be fleshed out with new life, new civilizations to explore, so we can boldly go where no man has gone before. Come on FDEV, that is the main reason so many people bought this game in the first place. Looking at the same barren worlds over and over for years on end is ridiculous.

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