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[ENG] First month expense in Canada as a permanent resident | 캐나다 이민 초기 정착 비용

March 25, 2020

Hello Everyone! We still need to greet again. Ah… just do it. Discussing how to make this video This video is regarding overall expenses on the first month in Canada We are going to provide details on settlement expense The expenses may vary on the size of the family, The location where you decide to settle down and depending on your personal preference, the total settlement expense will vary. The information we hare providing is only based on our settlement expense just used it as reference For the first month, We will go down the categories from the most significant portion of the expense to the least. First, it is the housing rent. For us, our expense for the first month of rent cost us Total of $3,276. / That’s a lot of money. In Canada like the US, rent is due on the 1st of the month Or by the last day of the month However, as we moved in the middle of the month we paid 16days worth of rent plus, rent of next month And deposit as well. Well, even it is called deposit It is better to consider as paying last month’s rent in advance. Next, the second most spent category is furniture & appliances. It cost us total of $2,743.67 There are appliances we didn’t need to buy Our rental unit had most of the appliances that we needed. Which includes: Stove, Refrigerator, Oven, Washer & Dryer We didn’t need to buy those Also, we had appliance we brought from Korea which includes: TV, Mixer, Coffee Espresso machine, Tableware, Vacuum What we actually purchased are Bed, Sofa, Desk, Table, Chairs, Kitchenware, &, etc. You need to be warned that we spend extra money to purchase a more comfortable mattress which costed us $1300 The third most spent category is a daily necessity which includes household goods & dining out In the first month, we had no choice but to spend extra money on eating out. $600 for eating outside, and another $600 for grocery which includes like house product such as cleaning tools and all that stuff Since we didn’t have time to cook during the first month, Since we didn’t have time to cook during the first month, We try to grabbed Subway or whenever we visit IKEA, we try to have lunch at IKEA As a result, I believe we spent minimum regard to dining out. Next is the communication expense. First, for the home internet For the first month, we paid deposit since we did not have credit in Canada. so we had to pay deposit like $200. ** Correction: I said $300. And then additionally, we paid about $60 per month for the service. and then, on top of that, we needed to pay for installation fee, which was about $50-60. **Correction: $100 So in total we paid about a little over $300 for just internet service for the first month. And then for the cellphone, I think per month we were spending about $120 for both of us. As we said in the previous video, for the first month, we got a prepaid SIM service. We charged $60 per person which cost us $120 Prepaid service only provided us 2GB of internet per person for $60, but when we switched over to the post-pay service, we each got 6GB at the same price at $60 per person. Next is the transportation cost. Canada public transportation which became our feet & mode of transport there is PRESTO card for the public transportation You can charge a certain amount and tap it whenever you use the service Since we knew we were going to be going around quite a bit we purchased a monthly pass Each time you use the service, you need to pay $3.50 For a monthly pass, the cost is $118, which gives you unlimited public transportation usage Since it was more economical for us We both purchased monthly pass Which cost $236 plus the PRESTO card fee In the majority of situation, people end up renting a car If you plan to rent a car, please expect and prepare to spend more on transportation than what we spent If you are thinking of renting a car, expect to spend $50-$120 per day (depending on the size of the vehicle) It is best to decide according to your budget If you are settling down in winter or coming with children Then renting a car could be a better option for you. Also, we spent the first two weeks in temporary housing we stayed at Airbnb That was around $450 Other expense was over $160 $100 for Chris IT Prep workshop fee Clothing expense due to my wrong prediction Since Canada is known as a cold country, I did not expect summer to be scorching. Since I only brought autumn clothes, I purchased two shirts for the summer. Document printing/processing fee: $10 In total, we spent little over $160 So, the total amount we spent during July, the first month in Canada The total amount is. how much is it? it is approx.. $8,600 That’s quite a bit I went over our budget/account book once I saw the total, I too was surprised However, I think people need to have at minimum of this amount of cash available weighing the overall cash-flow to be prepare and respond to the situation. It would be better to come prepared. And to give you a hint, It is better to exchange currency in Canada than third party countries especially USD to CAD to get a better exchange rate. If you are coming from other countries, bring USD to Canada and exchanging it here will be more advantageous. Today we have discussed how much we spent on the first month in Canada with my husband, Chris Hope it was helpful to you If you liked our video, please subscribe to the channel and click like button Click it! Then, see you again in the next video. Take care!


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    1:04 Rent (렌트)
    1:43 Furnitures & Home appliances (가구 및 가전)
    2:37 Grocery & Eating out (생필품 및 외식비)
    3:22 Internet & Cellphones (인터넷 및 휴대폰비)
    4:20 Transportation (대중교통비)
    5:29 Temporary Stay (Airbnb) (임시주거비 (에어비앤비))
    5:43 ETC(기타 등등)

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    Great info! Great Video

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    자막 다느라 수고하셨어요~~딱봐도 시간 많이 걸릴 것 같음…그곳에서도 코로나 조심해요! 파이팅!

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