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[ENG/INDO/FRA/ESP] Knowing Bros – Ep. 187: Brother School First Field Trip

February 10, 2020

(A bright summer day filled with the smell of freshly cut grass) (Knowing Brothers) (At the front entrance of the JTBC building) (Is that a bus?) (We’re going on a field trip today!) (Who will be the first one to arrive?) I didn’t expect to see a clock here. (Kyung Hoon came first.) – Hey. – Kyung Hoon. (Sang Min came shortly after, being the second to arrive.) You’re early. It’s always the same people who are early. It’s so nice to be outside. We haven’t done this in a while. – It’s our first field trip, right? – Yes. Why aren’t they coming? It feels different to be waiting out instead of waiting in the classroom. (The sun is quite strong today.) This neighborhood changed so much. I was born near here in Mangwon-dong. I moved here and lived here for two years when I was young. Back then, this area was completely empty. – Completely empty? – Yes, completely empty. Absolutely nothing was here. Look at those kids that are rookies to filming shows outdoors. You have to be standing up at all times. Begin the show off with a chicken fight or something. I like this much better. Let’s do this more often. – Yeong Cheol is here. – What took you so long? What are you doing? What is he doing? (I’m going to get there before him.) (A disaster) What is this? – What’s this? – Seriously. My elbows are all scratched up now. Are you trying to be funny? What was that? Put your microphone on. You don’t even have your microphone on! That’s cheating. You’re out. You’re all so pathetic. Why are you so heavy? You scared me. You just started running out of nowhere. – You’re so fast. – Are you all right, Jang Hoon? I thought the faster we arrived, the better. Hee Chul and Ho Dong are late as always. We need to punish tardiness. (Kyung Hoon spotted someone.) Look at him all frowning. He knows we’ll yell at him. Look at him. What? I’m not late, am I? I arrived here at 9:20am. Then kids that live in front of school must be never late. I was just putting on my makeup! I was preparing myself for outdoors. I didn’t want to get tanned. – My skin is precious. – Can we just not take… the wrestler and the basketball player for the trip? Kids in sports teams never got to go on school field trips in my days. I’ll hand out the itineraries now. – This is going to be fun. – Really? I haven’t heard of Temple Jingwan in a while. – Where’s that? – Do you know what that is? – It was popular back in the days. – We’re not too busy. We’re really getting a tour of Seoul for this trip. – A Seoul tour? – A Seoul tour. It’s 10:27am. I’m sure Hee Chul will be here in 3 minutes. He’s a professional. (Soo Geun is approaching the building.) Under the condition that we’re all the same, if you were stranded on an island and could only take one person, (If you could take just one person, who would you choose?) who would you choose? (Hesitating) (She made her pick.) Jang Hoon? (Jang Hoon is very satisfied with her answer.) Wave at her. Can she even hear you behind the glass windows? She could’ve misheard and picked her least favorite person, really. (Walking with big strides) (I’ll get you a coffee.) He’s telling her that her coffee is on him. He’s amazing. He’s actually buying for her. (Passing his card like a cool businessman) How cool. (Thanks for the coffee.) He’s like the son of the CEO of JTBC. Yes, he should spend all his money before he dies. It’s 10:30am now. Let’s just leave Hee Chul and get going. No need to wait for him and call him to come faster. We should just leave him behind. Why don’t you call him? – What’s the point of that? – We should just leave him. That’s not how reality variety shows work. In the old days, he would’ve been considered absent. What do you think, Kyung Hoon? Let’s give him a call and decide. – Gosh, you. – Just one last call. Go watch some reality variety shows from 10 years ago. – Everything was really fresh. – That’s right. We never called anyone while filming. You’re just all acting as if we’re a reality show when we’re faking. – Hee Chul. – Hee Chul. – Yes. – Ho Dong has something to say. Were you busy last night? (Being sweet) – Pardon? – What? I thought you had something to say. You weren’t sleeping? When did you think we were supposed to gather by? I was told that we’re meeting at 10:30am. – What time is it now? – It’s 10:31am right now. – It’s 10:31am. – It’s 10:31am right now. Okay. Let’s go. Since it’s time to go, we’ll just get on the bus first. – Let’s go. – Everyone, please get on the bus. But… But Sang Min, I don’t know if it’s a good idea to actually leave Hee Chul behind. He’s a nice kid. I’m clearly not real enough for a reality show either. – I feel bad right now. – You just have your favorites. What do you mean? Imagine any of us being late. – I wouldn’t even have come. – He’s just too friendly. He’s full of love. Let’s try waiting a little longer. Come on. Being real isn’t everything. Everyone, get off! (Get off the bus!) They’re so cold. How can they just leave like that? What is Ho Dong trying to be? He’s so good at making himself look good. Should we leave a note telling him where we’re heading at least? Anybody have tape? The good person he’s trying to be is so old-fashioned. And he always says… that reality shows haven’t been advancing or evolving. That’s why people on them need to change first. (People on the shows need to change first.) It’s the same old guy, so it’s the same old situation all over. (An old man doing an old stunt) Is he trying to do a skit? What is he doing? (Hee Chul is finally here.) Hello, Ho Dong. (Being very polite) Did you perform at a concert abroad last night or something? – Did you? – No. – Why are you so late? – Getting my hair done took long, since we’re going outdoors today. I’m sorry. – Hello. – Hee Chul. – Hello. – Seriously? Hee Chul, you have to do it. – What? – You have to choose. It’s either you put this on and have it on the whole day… – What is it? – If you don’t want to wear this… You can either bow 108 times or shave your head. – My gosh. – You want me to go bald? Before we get going, my wife heard that we’re going on a field trip today… Did she pack you some gimbap? – I brought this from home for real. – Really? – Yes, it’s for you guys. – This whole thing is your lunch? That’s crazy. Looks like Soo Geun could fit in it. (The trip is starting off on a good note.) We’re off on a good start. (A field trip…) (is where students experience nature and cultures,) (broadening their knowledge.) (Our brothers are always filled with passion to learn.) (That’s why we’ve prepared a trip that’ll broaden their knowledge.) (By looking around parts of Seoul that we all take for granted,) (they’re going to learn about our culture, arts and history.) (Where are they heading first?) My wife really took the whole night to pack this lunch for me. – Your wife? – She did? Yes, look at these. I eat this at home all the time. – Really? – That’s amazing. – Did your wife really make this? – It seems store-bought. – She’s great at making these. – Yes, she’s excellent. There’s stir-fried anchovy inside the rice. – Really? – Thank you. – This is rice, not a sandwich? – Yes. It’s rice with stir-fried anchovies. There’s also ham and cheese for the salty flavor. I feel like Ho Dong could eat all of these by himself. Thank you, Mrs. Kang. – Thank you for the food! – Thank you. – Thank you, Mrs. Kang. – Thank you. Thank you. – I’m so happy right now. – Did you steal this from Si Hoo? (Jang Hoon finally got the joke.) – You didn’t steal it, did you? – Si Hoo also loves these. I know it’s not the same for all school team athletes, but I never got to go on field trips. – I can see why. – We were all busy training. – That’s right. – Yes. But when I look back on going on field trips as a child, I remember sharing food with friends the most. – Right. – Whenever I went on field trips… ever since I was little, do you know which type of gimbap I was the most jealous of? Those that moms made for their kids in the morning. What kind of gimbap did you take? My mom worked from early morning, so she made them at night and put them in the fridge. You had a fridge back then? – You were rich. – You must’ve been really rich. – When I was a kid… – I never had a fridge at home. We stored food… – by putting them underground. – Don’t you make that face. Rich kid, don’t you make that face. You had a fridge at home when you were in elementary school? – Why wouldn’t you in the 1980s? – I had one. It was common in the 1990s. – They stored food underground. – Do you want me to call my dad? I’ll call my dad. This is nonsense. No one had a fridge in the 1980s. Stop calling your dad so often. – Did you have ice then? – Of course I didn’t. – How would I have ice? – You drank lukewarm water? What do you have to complain about? You had a fridge to store your gimbap in. – I just wanted some fresh gimbap. – It’s not like you starved. Gimbap looks different when it’s freshly packed… and refrigerated the night before. – Yes, the rice gets hardened. – Right. How far did you go on field trips? I’ve been to Gyeongju once. – I’ve been to Jeju Island. – I’ve been to Gyeongju. – You went to Jeju Island? – When I was in middle school, – I’ve been to Gyeongju once. – Right. Bulguksa is always a must-visit. – Cheomseongdae as well. – People in Seoul went to Gyeongju, but people living in the southern area came to Seoul. – Where did you go? – I came to Seoul. – Where in Seoul did you go? – The 63 Building… and Namsan. I remember going on a field trip when I was in middle school. I visited the Freedom Theme Park. You mean the Nature Theme Park. – That’s what I meant. – Where did “Freedom” come from? Where’s that? I meant Nature Theme Park. – The one in Yongin. – Exactly. (Thump) (Something is spilling out of Soo Geun’s backpack.) – I spilled something. – Darn it. Seriously? You’re really something. What’s wrong? I spilled soy sauce. There’s always that one kid… like Soo Geun during field trips. Did you pack soy sauce marinated beef and eggs? – I was just taking something out. – Your backpack is going to be damp. I was going to hand out some wet tissues for you all. I love this. It makes me, the tardy one, look less bad. It’s really dry here in the bus right now. Can you hand me the whole thing? The soy sauce smell is so strong. – What are you doing? – It’s the soy sauce. – Clean up! – I’m supposed to clean it up? (Embarrassed) (That’s hilarious.) Stop laughing. (The camera is dying.) The camera can’t get this on film. Stop laughing, it’ll make me want to punch you! He’s getting on Ho Dong’s nerves. Everyone, take out your snacks. I packed these… – for the trip. – What are those? Corns? They’re corns. How did you steam these? – I also brought some boiled eggs. – Eggs? I also brought these. We have eggs. Why are these corns so tiny? – My mom grew them. – Really? – It looks delicious. – What was that, Jang Hoon? Jang Hoon, are you making fun of Yeong Cheol’s mom or what? He was complaining about how tiny the corns were, then as soon as Yeong Cheol said that his mom grew them, Jang Hoon stopped complaining and started being nice. (He changed in a second.) – You changed right away. – No, that’s not it. It’s just that I’m curious about a lot of things. – It looks tiny in your hands. – I’ve never seen… a species of corn that’s so tiny before. – It’s adorable. – This is how homegrown corns look. Don’t take out the salt. – It’s right here. – I’ll give you salt. – I forgot to bring salt. – There’s salt in here. – Take my salt. – Is your salt any special? What’s this? It looks like a tool bag or something. It’s like you packed your entire house in that. I always bring this with me. – It’s truffle salt. – What’s that? – It’s truffle salt. – I’ve never heard of that before. I should’ve taken this out earlier. This is seaweed jam. What’s seaweed jam? It’s jam made of seaweed. – You can eat it with rice. – Really? – It’s delicious. – Seaweed jam! You have so many weird things in there. Let me know if anyone needs sesame oil. What didn’t you bring? – Are you here to sell stuff? – Are you moving out from your home? – You’re like a merchant. – Let me know if you’re hot. What’s this? It’s like he’s trying to show off everything he has. He’s like a walking merchant. I love that we’re on a trip. Isn’t this the first time we’re out since the time we went out… because our show was nearly failing? We had a competition to see who’s better looking, Jang Hoon or me. We were quite tense back then, so I had no time to enjoy it. Right. We went to Hongdae. – Jang Hoon won, right? – Yes. – Yes, he won. – He’s better looking than me. You won, right? I lost, okay? I admit that I’m uglier than you. I can’t remember much, so why don’t we watch it again? Let’s watch it. Let’s take a good look at it. No wait, I won. It was a close call. (It was a vote across all ages to see who’s better looking.) (Ho Dong won with one more vote.) (Ho Dong wins.) (What?) I know this neighborhood. – Why? – It’s Yonsei University. (They’re passing by Jang Hoon’s school, Yonsei University.) – Is this your school? – Yes. Isn’t this the front entrance? Is this where you played basketball? – If you go that way… – I remember… practicing here even before coming to university… in grade 12. I had to take an express bus from this bus station… to get home. There was an empty ground… right when you entered from the main entrance. That’s where the KBS “Campus Video Pop” aired… for the Yonsei University episode. For the opening of the show, we held alumni interviews. I remember interviewing Kim Dong Gun. – Do you all remember him? – Of course. They all know so much. Is it because they’re old? I remember the violinist that played while being upside-down. – That was a Yonsei student. – Was it? – He was from Yonsei. – He drew eyes… – on his back and played like this. – He was upside-down. He played violin like that. – Yes, that man. – I didn’t know he was from Yonsei. Seeing the school makes me think of the good old times. Are we still passing by your school property? My residence was here, beside Ehwadang… and Greenhouse. It was the building behind that. – That one right there. – Right. In my five years of university, I did everything in this area. I ate, went to the sauna, and everything else. I haven’t been here in a while. Right. I’m having a major flashback to those days. There’s a little sauna place back there. Famous people like… – Doh Ol… – Doh Ol? – Yes, Kim Yong Ok came. – Doh Ol? – Soo Geun is asleep. – The two of us… I think Soo Geun’s ears are bleeding. Are you okay? You’re a terrible guy. Please, Jang Hoon. What’s wrong with me sharing some stories? I’m listening. I was listening attentively. What’s wrong with that? Anyway, you saw Doh Ol. I went to the bathhouse… and went into the sauna alone. Then a man walked in, and it was Doh Ol. I saw him on TV before, so I greeted him. (Making weird noises in excitement) He asked me how I knew him. I told him that I saw him on TV. We talked for a really long time afterward. And then Doh Ol… called me up when he was doing a lecture at KBS. – Really? – Because we met at the sauna. He was teaching about Confucius back in the days. When he was lecturing about Confucius, he used me as an example to tell people how tall he was. That’s why he called me to come to his lecture. I’ll give you a brief explanation of where we’re going now. – You guys are… – You’re going to cut me off? Good timing. – The staff helped us out. – They were also getting bored. Who are you to cut me off when I’m reminiscing… back to my days in university? Does cutting me off like that make you happy? – It’ll all be aired. – Which school did you attend? I attended Seoul National University. – Seoul National University. – That’s why… she cut me off. She didn’t want to hear about Yonsei. She did that on purpose. Is it so wrong that I want to talk about my days at school… because we’re passing by it? There goes another staff off of our team. – We lost one. – We just lost one recently too. I’ll be quick as we’re approaching our first destination. You’ll be arriving at your first destination, – Seochon. – Seochon. Seochon is at the west of the Gyeongbok Palace. Its official name is Sejong Village. Artist Jeongseon, Calligrapher Gim Jeong Hui, Artist Lee Jung Seob, Poet Yun Dong Ju, Author Yi Sang and many other artists lived here. Let’s now look around Seochon, where the past is nested within the present. It has all past, present, and future. We’ll be getting off at the western door of the Gyeongbok Palace, – called Yeongchumun. – Yeongchumun. It was the door through which civil and military officials entered. It was closed when the Japanese destroyed the structure. It was rebuilt in 1975… and has been open to the public since last year in 2018. Seochon itself is… – Korea’s living history. – That’s right. – The town itself is a museum. – Indeed. It’s history. Let’s treat it with respect. (The Seochon tour begins now!) The spring rain has come This way. It’s nice to be here at this time of the day. It’s really nice. It’s so quiet and peaceful. – I feel like I’m somewhere abroad. – Right? It’s not that hot today either. That’s a really old hanok. It must be really old. (Beautiful hanok all around, right at the heart of Seoul) You two are walking too fast. – Let’s walk slower. – Okay. What? – No way. – “No way.” (High-five) I was just walking by. She must be an acquaintance. You make pizza? You bake it in the oven. – Do you know her? – We thought you knew her. He probably knows her. As expected. He’s like the idol for the elders. He’s the ultimate idol for the elders. Look to the left. The flower here… – It’s… – It smells so good. – They’re hydrangea. – Hydrangea. – There are so many here. – This… – Really? – This is the thing. This area is really famous for these. – Are these balsams? – No. – It’s the fruit with tiny seeds. – Look there. Ho Dong! – Let’s walk faster. – This isn’t “Dining Together”. You’re acting as if we’re filming for “Dining Together”. Come on. – You know the fruit with seeds? – I don’t. You know, you open it up and there’s tiny seeds. He’s too slow. Hello, ma’am. We’re going on a field trip today. (It’s like he’s shooting “Dining Together”.) You sound like you’re on “Dining Together” again. Walk faster. – Do you know “Dining Together”? – Someone stop Ho Dong. That’s what we have to put up with all the time. We shouldn’t just pass by everything so quickly. (Ho Dong ended up being stranded.) This is also food. It’s a fruit. I think it’s a kumquat. Look at this neighborhood. Look at the street. It’s beautiful. This street is so aesthetic. (He really misses his partner on “Dining Together”.) We’re missing Ho Dong. Just let him be. He’ll come. He thinks he’s filming for “Dining Together” right now. He keeps talking to everyone he sees on the street. I bet he’s interviewing every old lady on the street. – Are you here on a trip? – Yes. – Where are you from? – I’m from Hwaseong. – From Hwaseong? – Yes. You’ve got a beautiful little flower right there. (Satisfied) – Hello, sir. – My goodness. Nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you. – You too. (A meet and greet featuring the idol of Seochon) Hello. Those kids are too careless. (He’s finally at the crosswalk where the brothers are waiting.) (Come already!) Raise your right hand. (Crossing the crosswalk with his right hand up) (Screaming fans) Everyone is going crazy. (He’s trying to be cute.) – Ho Dong. – He’s adorable. Did you hear that? They think I’m cute. Seriously? My goodness. You’re so loved everywhere. (They’ve finally arrived at an alley.) Can we eat some croquettes? Look at those croquettes. What street is this? I saw croquettes back there. (Complaining) I want croquettes. I have a thing for eating street food as I walk around. (Whining) I’ve never done that before. – This is our 1st destination. – Our 1st destination. It’s the home of Yi Sang. This is the home of the father of modern literature and poetry, Yi Sang. (Yi Sang is the author of “Crow’s Eye View” and “Wings”.) (This is where he spent his childhood…) (and also a space where you can feel his artistic inspirations.) (The brothers are finally here.) – It’s so nice here. – Hello. He passed away when he was only 27 years old. – Nice to meet you. – We’re here on a field trip. – Oh, you are? – Hello. This isn’t where Yi Sang was born, but he started living with his uncle when he was three years old, and this is the uncle’s house. Come in. There’s an archive of all his works. This is the home to the biggest archive of Yi Sang’s works. What does this archive remind you of? “Tripitaka Koreana”. You’re correct. Really? (Hee Chul got it right on his first try.) – Really? – I think Hee Chul is a genius. – The structure was inspired… – Really? by “Tripitaka Koreana”. I’m flustered. Does anybody remember… reading any of Yi Sang’s works in school? – “The Wings”. – “The Wings”? I read it in high school. – “The Wings” by Yi Sang. – That’s right. Here’s the original copy of “The Wings”, which was published in 1936, a year before he passed away. Why does it say “Wings The” instead? Why is it the other way around? You flipped the pages from left to right back then. You know how we flip pages from right to left? It was the other way around back in the days. That’s why the title is also written the other way around. That’s correct. You see a drawing here. Yi Sang drew it himself for the front page. Do you know what he drew? – I got it. – Yes? – Is it a butterfly? – No. – Is it a windmill? – Any other guesses? – It’s difficult… – Is it a box? That’s right. What’s up with you today? – I’m embarrassed. – What is it? – Impressive. – It’s a box. – It’s a box. – It’s… a blueprint of the box… of the pills the main character… took in the novel. It’s the pills that the main character’s wife… handed to him every day, saying that it was aspirins. One day, he begins to wonder what these pills really are for. What do the pills turn out to be? – Were they not aspirins? – They weren’t. It was Tylenol instead. (Just kidding.) What the character had every day… were sleeping pills. (Realizing that the pills are sleeping pills,) (the man escapes from his wife and his home to the rooftop.) Now that we’ve looked at Yi Sang’s novels, let’s go take a look at one of his famous poems. – Let’s go. – Yi Sang’s poems? On a Chosun Joongang Ilbo dating back to 1934… I didn’t know Joongang Ilbo existed back then. Chosun Joongang Ilbo is different… from the Chosun Ilbo and Joongang Ilbo that we know of. Does anyone know who Lyuh Woon Hyung is? – Yeo Woon Hyuk? – You mean JTBC’s ex-director? He was the general manager of JTBC. No, she said Lyuh Woon Hyung. We got so excited to hear something that we actually know. We thought she said Yeo Woon Hyuk. (They got so excited thinking that they know something for once.) Lyuh Woon Hyung was an independence activist and was from Yangpyeong. Stand up. You’re from there. In 1934, Chosun Joongang Ilbo… published “Crow’s Eye View” by Yi Sang. If you were a reader from 1934, what would you have said about this poem? Many readers that saw this… criticized that it was written by a lunatic. So many complaints were filed at the newspaper company. Yi Sang was contracted to write 30 poems for the newspaper, but because there were so many complaints about this poem, he was fired after writing 15 poems. Yi Sang’s poem… that you learned about in school… was the first copy of “Crow’s Eye View”. If you have a copy of newspapers with his poem featured, please bring it to here. That poem is written on Seo Taiji’s solo album. – Yi Sang’s poem. – That’s right. – It’s on his first solo album. – Indeed. It’s on the “Fake Series”. – You’re right. – How does he know such things? I bought the album when I was in middle school, and I was confused by what that was. My teacher told me… – that it’s a famous poem. – Right. – My teacher told me. – You’re incredibly smart. You’re really incredibly smart. You walked through Seochon today, right? Yi Sang also walked through this neighborhood… throughout his elementary, middle, and high school days. He attended Gyeongseong Technical High School… and majored in Architecture. Then he worked for the Japanese Government-General of Korea. The building is now gone. It’s the building that President Kim Young Sam exploded. That’s right. I saw it somewhere. He exploded it to make a point or something. I didn’t know you knew so much. – Indeed. – How does he remember all that? You’re really smart. Yi Sang’s birth name was Kim Hae Gyeong. – It’s not Yi Sang? – I didn’t know that. I was happy because I thought he had the same last name as me. One day, Gu Bon Woong, a Western-style artist, drew a portrait of him… and gifted him a box of brushes. – Do you see the box in the corner? – Yes. Yi Sang thought, since he got a wooden box today, he’d choose a Korean last name that has the wood character in it. – Yi has the wood character. – You’re right. – It has the wood character on top. – Right. So he decided that his last name was Yi. And he got a box as a gift. – Is that why he’s Sang? – That’s correct. That’s how his pen name became Yi Sang. Do you see Yi Sang’s sculpture at the back? – Yes. – Right. That’s a sculpture of Yi Sang… modelled after his high school graduation portrait. One day, at the age of 23, he meets a beautiful woman. That was Geum Hong the gisaeng. She was a gisaeng, I see. That’s why there’s a movie called “My Dear Geum Hong”. – Yes. – That’s about Yi Sang. – You’re right. – Really? Kim Kap Soo was Yi Sang in the movie. And Lee Ji Eun was Geum Hong. That’s right. Ji Eun was Geum Hong. Yi Sang asks Geum Hong… if she wants to go to Gyeongseong with him… and open a cafe there. The two move to Jongno 1-ga… and open a cafe. – It was called the Swallow Cafe. – Yes, the Swallow Cafe. Why did they name it the Swallow Cafe? There was an independence activist that threw a bomb… at the Jongno Police Office in 1923. At the beginning of the movie, “The Age of Shadows”, there’s a man that flies around Jongno like a swallow. That was Kim Sang Ok the independence activist. – His nickname was Swallow. – That’s why. – Yes. – Everything has a meaning. You’re right. He put care into every single thing he did. Do you see the heavy metal door? – Yes. – Can we open it and go in? It’s a model of the room in “The Wings” that the man lived in. – It opens. – It’s a secret space. – Go ahead, get inside. – It’s that small? (A tiny, dark, and damp room as described in “The Wings”) Go up the stairs. Open the door, which was silent like his mind. Can you see a slight bit of Mount Inwang from here? – It will be full with Ho Dong. – I know. The small terrace is to remind you one more time of the passage, “Fly, fly, fly.” – “Let’s fly one more time”… – I read that passage. from the novel. – Today, the place you visited… – Did he not have any children? – No, he didn’t have any children. – Oh, no. Because of that, this space is managed with… funds from citizens. – For us… – I saw that at the entrance. – Because of that… – Since we heard… such a wonderful story, let’s make a donation. – Yes, let’s make a donation. – That’s my wallet. Why are you making a donation with my money? I’ll do it. Thank you. – It’s not a large amount. – He donated 500 dollars. – He’s not like a student. – That’s right. Sang Min doesn’t have any money in his wallet. – Everyone… – Can all of us make a donation? Yeong Cheol should make a donation as our representative. (Yeong Cheol makes a donation as their representative.) (They even take a souvenir photograph with Yi Sang.) (Their first school trip, Seochon tour, Yi Sang’s house) This is Mount Inwang that we saw from Yi Sang’s house! Tigers from Mount Inwang are famous. – Yes! – The tigers are from here. – There were a lot of tigers here. – Do tigers come out here? – In the past, Mount Inwang… – It happened in the past. – Aren’t there any tigers now? – There aren’t. All of the tigers are extinct now. It’s nice to come outside and bask in the sunlight. (The croquette shop appeared again.) Can’t we eat a croquette? (The crybaby is here again.) – There are a lot of shops. – I can’t eat a croquette… – because it’s hot. – You can’t? You’re going to enjoy it if we put it in your mouth. – Of course. – I… Hello. – Hello. – Hello, nice to meet you. Have a good day. I must be… like a sign. – People say, “It’s Seo Jang Hoon!” – From far away, – they look at me first, – “It’s Seo Jang Hoon!” and say my name. They see Jang Hoon before the camera. “It’s Seo Jang Hoon!” – This is also an old store. – It is. – Yes, it’s an old store. – Look at this! – A celebrity was here. – It’s IU! Yes, it’s IU. This is the “My Old Story” album. – It’s exactly like IU’s song. – Lonely (Seochon’s alley reminds them of old memories.) Hello. Oh, my. Hello. – You’re like Seochon’s girl group. – It’s nice to meet you. – A girl group from Seochon. – Seochon’s ITZY. – Seochon’s ITZY. – Yes, since they’re five people. (They walked about 10 minutes.) This is Tongin Market! Hello, ma’am. (They went to Tongin Market from Yi Sang’s house.) After the Korean War, stores opened up around the public market, and Tongin Market was formed. Recently, lunch boxes bought with… – yeopjeon are really popular. – Yeopjeon? They gave us 20! These are like… the tokens… – they use in markets. – They’re like casino chips, right? (They are very wholesome yeopjeons.) How could you? (They are very wholesome yeopjeons.) – You can buy side dishes with them. – Yes. We have a lot of money! (Appetizing market food is waiting for the men.) This is a traditional market. It feels like I’m in Hoengseong. – Hoengseong also has a market. – In the old days, fathers would take these out wrapped in newspaper. We even used to eat them when the newspaper was still on them. In the past, chicken places sold whole chickens. – They sold whole chickens also. – They did. At the market… – Gimbap! – Hello. – This looks so good. – There are so many kinds! – The gimbap is so… – Should we eat one each? – How much is the gimbap? – Excuse me. How much is the gimbap? It is for two coins. – 2 for 2 coins? – 2. We are 2, 4, 6… How about 7? Since it’s 1 coin a piece, just give her 7 coins. Give her 7 coins. Let’s eat together. Please give us the plate. I have to give you seven coins, right? Here are seven coins. Thank you! – Do you have a tissue? – Soo Geun, have one. (He said he couldn’t eat anything because it’s too hot.) – You’re having that? – This is… – This is delicious! – This is delicious! – This is so delicious. – Really? Soo Geun. Wait, what’s that extra piece? – It’s on the house. – It’s so good. – Have one more. – Thank you. They give a lot on TV shows. It’s good. – This is amazing. – Give me one of that. – Yeopjeon? – Yes. Why do you need it? You can’t use it for individual use. Give it to me! Choose one. I’ll pay it for you. – What will you choose? – What are you going to eat? Just give me one. Thank you. – Try the soup also. – Thank you for the food! – Give me one. – It reminds me of my mom’s gimbap. – It’s okay. – This is for the fish cakes. Try it. Do you save the coins and exchange them at the bank later? Do merchants exchange them? Every day? Thank you! Thank you. This was our first snack for the school trip. – We hope you sell a lot! – Yes! That’s right! – Those gimbaps are delicious. – They’re so delicious. He must be Lee Sang Min. – Hello. – His face is like that. Yes, hello. What do you think “His face is like that” means? – It means that you look good. – It means that you’re really ugly. Your face is a little… – “He’s not that good-looking.” – Listen, Sang Min. “Oh, my. Your face is like that.” “His face is a bit like that.” – They must be tteok galbi. – That looks so good. (The tteok galbi caught their attention.) – We’re fighting fire with fire. – What’s that? – There are rice cakes inside. – There are two types. – Let’s eat this. – How much money do we have? It’s 1 coin for everything. Let’s drink something cold. Buy some sikhye for me! Let’s share this. Since it costs only two coins, let’s share it. – Let’s have a bite each. – A bite each. – Can we have… – Excuse me, can we have sikhye? You call this “sikhye”, but it’s called “dansul” in the countryside. Isn’t it called “gamju”? So that’s “dansul”. “Gamju” means sweet liquor. – Gamju. – Excuse me. – They’re the same. – Excuse me, please give us… two grilled tteok galbi. We need to have a taste, at least. – You want 2? – Let’s just get 2 of them. This looks so good. – We need to try one at least. – It’s sweet! – You must eat this. – Is it good? Look at the sikhye! – Order one for me. – Try it, Kyung Hoon. – Oh, my. – We already ordered. (Let me start with a bite first.) Sikhye is really good. Jang Hoon keeps satisfying his self-interest! – Here. – It’s so good. – Really? – Let’s have more of it. – Eat all of it. – I took a small bite. – How could he do that? – Jang Hoon… Try it. Should I have a taste? It’s good. It’s so good! The rest of it is for Jang Hoon. – Let’s go. – I’m already full. – There’s even fried rice here! – Hello. – Hello. – This place… (He found something.) – Isn’t it cute? – Try some! – Soo Geun! – That’s so cute! Look at this! How much is one? – Just take it. – No, we can’t! – Let’s buy one. – Sure. – Okay. – No, don’t do that. – How much is one? – No! – We’re only halfway through. – Here. Do I get 1 for 1 coin? Gosh, this is one piece. – Let’s buy one more. – It’s so pretty. – Let’s buy one more. – What? – Just take it. – No, we can’t. – I’ll give you one more coin. – We just started! – Please, let us pay. – What is that? Let me have a bite. Try it. Sang Min, try it. It’s so good. How much do we have left? We have 10 cents left. – Aren’t you going to try it? – Everything is so good here. We still have a long way to go, but we spent all of our money. But it’s so good. – Thank you. – You’re so handsome! You’re more handsome than Sang Min. Thank you. She said, “You’re more handsome than Sang Min.” (The day where Sang Min’s face is suffering) – This side is amazing. – I love this market. This is an alley of shops selling side dishes. – Do we pay with coins here too? – It’s japchae! – It’s braised tofu! – It’s stir-fried pork! – Look at this! – Hello. Cold yeolmu noodles only cost two coins? We’re hot right now. There is even jeon here. – There’s a lot in the back. – It’s stir-fried sundae! – Do we have any yeopjeons left? – We do have some. (They wasted the yeopjeons, so only 4 coins are left.) – We just started now. – Look at that japchae. Look at that japchae! (Unfortunately, they can’t have jeon.) Hello. – That looks so good! – This is amazing! Is this kongguksu? – Yes. – It costs two coins. My mom is really good at making japchae. – My mom is really good at it. – Soo Geun! Soo Geun! – That… – We’re done talking. Come here. Just give me two coins so that I can buy some kongguksu. He wants two coins. – We can’t give you any. – We don’t have any money. – We have to save them. – What do you want to have? (Disappointed) – I really… – They actually made jeon! – That looks good! – I’m curious how it tastes. Hey! Give me some coins! I really want to try this! Jang Hoon, stay there. Mom is going home. Mom, give me some money! (Whining) That’s oil tteokbokki. (Oil tteokbokki appears this time.) – It’s chili… – They also sell oil tteokbokki. How much is oil tteokbokki? – 2 coins. – 2 coins? Please put it here. (They buy oil tteokbokki by spending all of their remaining yeopjeons.) – We need to try this. – We must. How much is it again? Hello. – This is a famous place, right? – Yes. Isn’t this the place that Dong Yeob told me about? Isn’t this the place that Dong Yeob always talks about? We were on TV before. (The giant is feeling urgent.) Just buy one for me! – Hey! – What do you want? – This… – Try this. (He became quiet.) – Really? – Let’s just give one to Ho Dong. – What is this? – Try it. It’s oil tteokbokki. This is good! – Jang Hoon is enjoying the food. – This is good. This is interesting. It’s fun. Let’s go! (They move to another location.) I really liked Tongin Market. It’s been a while since I visited a market. Traditional markets must be active. Soo Geun had the yeopjeons, but Jang Hoon was the owner… – of the yeopjeons. – Yes. I felt like his accountant. (He’s a real-time yeopjeon ATM for the giant.) He kept saying, “I want to eat this!” He said, “Give it to me” when he was still chewing something. He eats the food first and then pays afterwards. I really liked the fact that we got the chance to go around… and eat at a traditional market. – We rarely get to do it. – You’re right. I’ve always wanted to do it. So I was so happy. We wouldn’t have had the chance if it wasn’t for today. I love this too. Let’s do this often. How about we do this as a special episode? Let’s go around the buildings and land Jang Hoon owns. It’ll take like two days. Jang Hoon Tour. I think it’ll be enough to air for four weeks. Instead of doing it the long way, just go to Gangnam… and walk about. (They are all my property anyway.) Just assume it must be my property and walk about. It must be here. It’s Hwanghakjeong. (The entrance is imposing.) (And here, a mysterious man is waiting for the brothers.) (Bull’s eye) (It’s time they are here.) – Hello. – Hello. The military officers were here. – Hello. – It’s good to see you. I see you shot the target. It’s over there. We need to shoot that far? I thought it was here. We’re going to shoot that far from here? Does it even fly that far? – Will it get there? – We are going to shoot for that? How was this place used in the past? – We’ll explain a little. – Okay. You all know that this is called Hwanghakjeong, right? Yes. Archery used to be the main type of armor for Joseon soldiers. But since Gabo Reform, guns were introduced. The army stopped using archery altogether, and all the archery fields in Korea were shut down. – Because of guns. – Yes. King Gojong, however, decided… an archery field is needed to train the body and soul of people. Which is why he built an archery field called Hwanghakjeong… at Gyeonghui Palace. In 1922, as Gyeonghui Palace was demolished, the building of Hwanghakjeong was moved here, where it originally belonged. And it has been here since then. (You can learn about traditional Korean archery here…) (while experiencing archery classes and looking at the exhibitions.) Is this where they originally shot arrows from? Yes, it’s 145m away. The 145m is the distance… the applicants had to shoot to become a military officer. (The applicants had to shoot from 145m away.) Have you ever done this? (Bows of love) (Bang) Hwarangs had to know how to read and shoot arrows. Could you show us how to do it? Before I do, there is a rite you should perform… when you’re at an archery field. – We don’t like those. – Firstly, please line up facing this way. Please stand in a line. The portrait you’re seeing is of King Gojong. Since he established this place, – please pay respect to him. – Hello. (He takes off his hat.) Stand straight. – Bow. – Hello. (Thank you for creating this archery field.) Stand straight. That’s it. Now, we’ll show you a demonstration. – Where will you shoot from? – We’ll do it from here. – With the bow. – So it goes further? What about the wind? Wind is not something you should calculate. It’s something you overcome. – Then your arrow isn’t affected? – Of course. “It’s not something you calculate,” – “but to overcome.” – You overcome. So it means their arrow will fly regardless. – The wind may blow. – It may blow. It’s like those lines that Ho Dong says. (They start to show a demonstration.) – We’ll take out the bow. – I hope you shoot well. Thank you. (They get nervous too.) It hit the target. (Exclaiming) – I can’t even see it. – Do you see anything? I’m even wearing my contact lenses. They shot like this. (They sense that it won’t be easy to even shoot.) (Next arrow) – It’s done. – Done. (Will it succeed again?) (Impressed) Nice. (Last arrow) You got this. (Focused)[VIU Ver] E187 Knowing Brothers
“The 1st School Trip”
-♥ Ruo Xi ♥-(Impressed) Seriously. (Applauding) How did you find it? It’s so cool. This isn’t just a game. I guess it’ll help us train our body and soul. Sure, it does. You should go and give it a try. You’re not ready to do it here yet, so you’ll be practicing on the field. – We’ll go to the beginner’s course. – Yes, let’s go. (While the hottest time of the day is approaching…) Please stand in a line. – In a line. – Stand in a line. – Should we stand like this? – The standard pose is… An archer stands facing the target, but since you’re beginners, stand to the side, – with your left foot out. – Okay. – With your left foot out. – Now. Remember to shift your weight equally on both feet. Stretch out your left arm. – Stretch out. – It should be straight. With your index, middle, and ring finger of your right hand, pull the black bit of the bow. Try pulling as much as you can. Pull it up to your chin. That’s it. Pull it more. Pull it. – 1, 2, – Pull it up to here. – 3, 4, – You’re doing good. Five. – That’s how you do it. – I’m tired already. This is no joke. Take out one of the arrows from your sack. – Get ready, and take it out. – Take it out. Put it on your bow. That’s it. Do we put it through this orange bit? Yes, put it through the orange bit. Pull it like you practiced before. Put your left foot front. You’ll be shooting… towards the target. In 1, 2, 3. (The target is 10m away.) (The three shoot first.) Where did it go? (Flying) (All three of them failed.) You should’ve stretched it further. (The rest four shoot.) It’s a little… Why is it going that way? (Even at 10m away, they all failed.) Let’s try one by one. – Sure. – One by one. – Okay. – Let’s go one by one. Shall we make a bet and buy drinks? Like watermelon juice? Making a bet is not appropriate. (It’s not the right way.) – You can do it, Ho Dong. – That’s it. Ho Dong will go first. – That’s how it is. – Shoot. Ho Dong will go first. – That’s how it is. – Shoot. Shoot. (He managed to shoot it on the target.) So close. – That’s so cool. – Ho Dong. Jang Hoon is up next. I heard he failed last year. – Jang Hoon? – He passed everything else. But I heard he failed at archery and frowning. Look at him frowning. Is he going to shoot with his face? That’s good. That’s the arrow of Cupid. To get married. (With everyone’s wishes…) To get married. To get married. (He succeeds powerfully.) – That’s good. – He did it. No, stand this way. – He’s good. – Go more to your left. (Something doesn’t look right.) (Slipping) – He has no energy. – Don’t do it sideways. – What are you doing? – In 1, 2, 3. Now. (He barely managed to shoot, but it failed.) – You thought too much. – Move to the left. Lower your left hand. – Look at him shaking. – Lower it more. – Shoot. – You can lower it more. – That’s it. – That’s close. You can lower it more. – That’s it. – It didn’t stay. Your enemy will be surprised first… It’ll bounce off. Now. You were right on the spot. Even the target rejects me. He’s like a hwarang. (Hee Chul tries, looking like a hwarang.) – Hwarang. – Fix your left hand… – and let go of your right hand. – I’ll pierce through your head. – Shoot now. – “I’m an archer.” – Gosh. – Move your left hand further. – We need to find the right angle. – It’s better to look to the left. I know. I kept doing it to the right. I will guard you until the end, Your Majesty. I hope he gets it. (It falls to the ground.) (I’m sorry, Your Majesty.) It’s turned red. – How did I shoot like that? – Kyung Hoon. How did it end up like that? Look at his hand shaking. (Shaking) Shoot now. – You thought too much. – The last round. The last round. – You got the target. Get out. – We won’t shoot this time. I want to… – I want to shoot. – What will the loser do? The loser should collect all the arrows. The teachers can’t go and collect. – Okay. – The loser fetches the arrows. – Sure. – The loser collects the arrows. (They start with Yeong Cheol.) Yeong Cheol, I’m really sorry, but you look really ugly. It’s my first time hearing that I’m ugly… today. You look uglier today for some reason. – I’m nervous. – Look at his face. (He’s a genius when it comes to looks.) He’s good at literary arts, but he has no sense of martial arts. He’s good at literary arts, but he has no sense of martial arts. (No!) (His trajectory is very interesting.) Oh, my. Why do they keep doing this to me? – Yeong Cheol. – Don’t you think… that this is too much? – That’s right! – You need to pull harder. – Yeong Cheol! – Yeong Cheol! Look. You need to pull the bowstring back to make it go forward. You’re weak because your hand moves together with the bowstring. – It has to be perfect. – How could you shoot like that? – Okay. – Being good at English is no use… when you’re going to die first when a war outbreaks. Okay. – Hee Chul. – Yes? – Look more to the left. – Okay. That’s right. Look more to the left. The wind is blowing that way. That’s it. It’s my turn. – See? – You hit it. Of course, Jang Hoon is the best coach. Only people who hit the target can get in the car. Only people who hit the target can get in the car. (Neat) Soo Geun hit the mark. I got the hang of it. Shoot to the left than usual. – The wind is blowing this way. – Sang Min, face the left. (Trembling) (Perfect) – I accept it. – Good. – What if I don’t hit the target? – You and Yeong Cheol are left. Yeong Cheol has to hit the target with an arrow. Kyung Hoon, look to the left. It’s much more left than you think. You just have to hit the red thing in the middle, right? – It’s over then. – Strangely, it feels like… he’s shooting a gun. He has to pull tightly. Once you shoot it, it’s over. – He’s really nervous right now. – Shoot to the right. Go! (His arrow hit the target.) I won! What happened? I won! (Kyung Hoon won, and Yeong Cheol lost.) Let’s bow to the masters that let us have… such a precious experience for a school trip! – Thank you. – Thank you. – Thank you. – Thank you. (Thank you!) There are a lot of arrows in the back. Why didn’t my arrows hit the target? It’s because you used a weak bow. (He consoles Yeong Cheol.) – Good job. – Good job. Gosh, thank you. (Yeong Cheol completed the penalty of picking up arrows.) This is the last course of Seochon, Suseongdong Valley. We’re finally going to the valley. Is there a valley in the middle of Seoul? It’s named “Suseongdong Valley”… because the water sound of the valley is loud. It’s the source of Cheonggye Creek. – We’ll go there. – Really? – I’ll give you a quiz. – Okay. – Lee Soo Geun! – Yes? What is the name of the first place we visited? Darn you. – We went to that place! – Where? So where was it? Yi Sang’s house. The house of his uncle. Kyung Hoon, why are you asking me that? Where did we go earlier? Jeongmugwan… – I got it. – Jeongmugwan? You should be quiet. – I got it. – You should be quiet. (Please watch for the right timing!) Be quiet. Ho Dong felt sorry right away after he said that. I’m really going to be quiet. Everyone is sensitive right now. I know what it is. Can I say it? Say it. It’s three words. – I know it. – What is it? – Hwanghakgoong. – What are you talking about? – What are you talking about? – It’s something like… – Youngchungwon. – No. The first place we went to was Yeongchumun. Hwang Seok Jeong! – No. – What? Isn’t that a celebrity? – Hwang Seok Jeong is a celebrity. – Do you even know the answer? What was the name of that place? – I mean… – I don’t know what it is. (He says it confidently.) Is it Hwanggeumyoung? It’s Hwanghakjeong. – He’s smart. – What about this? Jang Hoon, Yeong Cheol, and Sang Min, stay out. – This hurts my pride. – Kyung Hoon and… the other three should guess the answer. – What about this? – Is Yeong Cheol out? – People talk about, “AI”, right? – Yes. – AI. Artificial Intelligence. – Yes, artificial intelligence. Say the full abbreviation. – The full abbreviation? – Isn’t it automatic… – The full abbreviation? – The full abbreviation? I got it. The full abbreviation is AI! – AI. – The full abbreviation is AI. What does “full abbreviation” mean? – The full English spelling. – Auto… – Auto. – Automatic. – Auto International. – What? Auto International. – Auto International? – Yes. – Auto International? – Automatic… – That’s incorrect. – What does “I” stand for? If I don’t tell you what it is, you will never know in this life time. (He’s being too extreme.) We are here. – Tell us before we get off. – What does “AI” stand for? – Artificial Intelligence. – Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Insemination. Intelligence. Let’s go. (They climb up a slope in the middle of a residential area in Seoul.) – It’s so hot. – There used to be an apartment. Suseongdong Valley is so beautiful, it appeared in… Gyeomjae Jeongseon’s drawing, the “Jangdong Eight Hinge”. But in 1971, nine buildings of Ogin Sibeom Apartments were built, so the beautiful scenery was lost. Fortunately, Ogin Sibeom Apartments, the symbol of… of thoughtless development, were torn down in 2012. – This place was designated to be… – They did a good job. protected as a cultural asset, and got back its beautiful landscape. (A valley in Seoul that was a summer vacation spot for Joseon scholars) – I didn’t sweat since I was young, – Is this… – so my face turns red instead. – Girin Bridge? Why? Does it have a long neck? (The only whole stone bridge preserved in its original state) – We’re here! – Dandelions! (Right next to the path heading towards Mount Inwang,) (you can see the valley from Samojeong.) – Isn’t it cool here? – It’s cool. There must be a mission. (A suspicious piece of paper that feels like a mission) It feels like there’s a mission. I’m nervous. It’s cool because of the shade. – This… – So… What brings us to this place? Okay. – One… – Will you open it right away? There’s nothing. State examination? An exam? School trips mean… that you should learn… – and practice studies. – I never knew that before. That’s why we will start the Seochon examination… to get lunch boxes from now on. The quality of the lunch boxes change according to the scores, so please do your best. – I think the problems will be… – The problems? – hard since we’re stupid. – Was it Hwang Seok Jeong earlier? Will they ask us other things? (The answers were told on the bus, but they forgot.) – It was Hwang something. – It was Hwang Seok Jeong. – I’ll give you the first question. – It’s starting right away. Seochon refers to the village south of Gyeongbok Palace. The formal name of this place is “Something” Village. What is this something? Did they tell us earlier? – Did you tell us? – Yes. You’re lying. We told you right after talking about the sunset. (After Jang Hoon’s long story) (It was the same sentence as the quiz.) (It’s Sejong Village.) – What did they say? – Don’t give us hints. – It’s 2 letters, right? – It’s 2 letters. I knew what it was. Can we search for it? Just give us some time to remember it. – Let’s do it quickly. – Please write down your answers… – within 3 seconds. – 3, – 2, 1. – You should know this. – We already talked about it. – Time’s up! – I don’t know what it is. – In 1, 2, 3! (Yangsu Village, Sejong Village) – The answer is… – Wait a minute. (All 5 of them wrote different answers.) No, this is incorrect. Can we change answers right now? – Yes. – No, you can’t change answers. The answer is Sejong Village. (Ho Dong and Jang Hoon are correct.) It’s fun! They talked about Sejong Village earlier, right? – It was hard for practice. – That’s right. – It was hard. – It was hard. Who is that? (The handsome man is back!) Kang Min! Your hair should blow in the wind. This is the second question. We went to Hwanghakjeong to shoot arrows. Where was the first place that Hwanghakjeong was built? Yes! – This is confusing. – It collapsed during… the Japanese colonial era, so it moved to this site. (Gyeonghui Palace) (He told them the answer in a powerful voice.) – It’s confusing. – The center… – 2, 3! – 2, 3! Gyeongbok Palace? (Gyeongbok Palace) It was Gyeongbok Palace! – You wrote the same answer as me! – Did you copy me? I looked this way. You copied me. – The answer is… – Isn’t it Gyeonghui Palace? Only one person got the answer. – Is it me? – It’s Gyeonghui Palace. It’s Gyeonghui Palace, right? I was confused because you told me to hurry up! What is Gyeonghoeru then? – Gyeonghoeru is… – Is it the lake? – a pavilion. – A pavilion? Gyeonghoeru is a pavilion. It’s something like this, right? – That’s a Chinese restaurant name. – See? Isn’t Gyeonghoeru almost right? Soo Geun, I didn’t see… – your answer earlier. – Ho Dong is… – Why are our answers the same? – Ho Dong… – looked at my answer… – Look what I wrote. and said, “Gyeonghui Palace and Gyeonghoeru are the same.” I wouldn’t copy your answer. This is located within Suseongdong Valley, where we are right now. It is the longest stone bridge that is the only one preserved… in the capital city. What is the name of this bridge? I remember talking about it while passing by it. You said it was the only preserved bridge, right? (Is this that bridge?) (It hasn’t been long since they passed that bridge.) The long bridge. (They are writing down their answers.) – Yes! – Yes! (Does Soo Geun know the answer?) – Let’s do it. – Let’s do it. Let’s take third place. I talked about this bridge earlier. – Okay. – Okay. – Okay. – Write quickly! (Blank) Oh, my. – Isn’t it that one? – 1, 2, 3! – Please reveal your answers. – Girin Bridge. – Girin Bridge. – Girin Bridge. He wrote, “Seo Jang Hoon’s legs”. The answer is, “Girin Bridge”. “Girin Legs” can also be the answer. Everyone got it right. But the answer should be… as the name is written. “Girin Legs” is incorrect. – You just shook hands with me! – Girin legs are… – the legs of a giraffe. – What are you talking about? – “Legs” and “bridge” are different. – They’re different words. – No. – But the question was, – “What is the name of the legs?” – “Girin legs” are… – the legs of a giraffe. – Do you want me to search for it? – Do you want me to search for it? – The name is “Girin”, so I will accept both answers. Busan uses both words for Yeongdo Bridge. I’ll give you the last question. Suseongdong Valley appears in “Suseongdong”… of Jeongseon’s landscape painting, “Jangdong Eight Hinge”, and it became famous. – This place? – What is Jeongseon’s pen name? (What is Jeongseon’s pen name?) – Is “Jeongseon” a person? – Let’s get it! (He’s lost again.) Jeongseon Arirang? – I… – Don’t think that way. It hurts me to see you. – I think you know this answer. – I do. You’ve known this for a long time. But you’re refusing to think now. Is it like a surname? It’s something Jeongseon. I’ll give you a hint. It’s two syllables. – Right. – We know that. These two letters are more widely known… – than the name Jeongseon. – Right. He’s usually referred to with his whole name. Jang Hoon, you know how being bossy became an issue. – But do you know what’s worse? – What is it? – Being a KIT. – Right. Being a know-it-all is a problem. Of course I know this. I’m putting on a show. Being a KIT could be a problem these days. (Stop being so big-headed.) As the last hint, I’ll tell you what letter his pen name starts with. It’s G. – Is it like Max Changmin? – The problem is… The problem is… I’m still not sure what the second syllable is. – Give us the letter for it. – Even if you do, we won’t get it. – Right. Give us the letter. – We don’t know anyway. – We don’t know. – It’s J. (The pen name of Jeongseon starts with G and J.) – J? – We all got it wrong. Look at him. – He wrote Gangwon Jeongseon. – I wrote Gangwon. – Gangwon Jeongseon. – I tried Taebaek too. Okay. Show us your answer. In 1, 2, 3. – G and J. – He knew, and he stalled time. I wasn’t sure about the second syllable. – Soo Geun, show us. – I didn’t write anything. Is it Gyeom or Gyeong? It’s Gyeom. You know it now that you heard it. Put your hand on your chest. Seriously, you’ve heard of it. – Did you copy him? – I’ve never heard of it in my life. Interrogate Ho Dong. How many did you copy so far? – How many did you copy today? – That’s a skill too. You shouldn’t ask one to be so honest on a variety show. Be honest. You copied the answer. I did. It’s Gyeomjae. I’ll announce the results. The first prize winner… (Only he has been getting the correct answers so far.) – It’s Jang Hoon. – It’s Jang Hoon. You should wear this around. That’ll be so uncomfortable. – Well… – Wear it until the shoot is over. – Right. – I’m not that happy… to have won against these people. Don’t you remember what he said about being a KIT? We’ll award you according to your places. The winner gets a lunch box, salad… And watermelon juice. Here’s lunch for 2nd place, and Yeong Cheol came 3rd. 2 people are tied in 4th place. It’s rice. I thought we were going to a Chinese restaurant. – That’s what Sang Min said. – That means “lunch” in Chinese. It’s “lunch” in Chinese. But Soo Geun said we’re going to eat Chinese food. (Did you get fooled?) Correct. Had I gotten Gyeonghui Palace right, I’d have a perfect score. I knew it was Gyeonghui Palace. He’s obsessed. I’m upset. I’m full now. (Their lunchtime by a valley is over.) This tastes awesome. (Where are they headed to next?) – I needed true love – I needed true love (The act I’ve been putting on for it) (I should now change it to reality) (I’ll tell those who can’t express) (This is a karaoke in a car.) (I’ll tell those who think everything’s easy) Next is “A White Bird”. No, no, you are Standing before me I have the album. Some kind of a statue is on the album cover. – I think it was Virgin Mary. – I bought it too. And it’s great. – A white what? – “A White Bird”. – It’s so good. – “A White Bird”, “Dimly”, “Are You Human?”… Since you were born Are you the one who came to the world? Are you the first to have grown hair? – I’m not, I’m not – I don’t… remember the lyrics, so I’m just vocalizing. I can’t believe he remembers all the lyrics. – Even I… – Earlier… – I wanted to say something. – What is it? I was going to tell you when we’re all here. – It’s important. – What is it? Listen. Our beloved Kyung Hoon… It’s so strange. I don’t know why I get to see those things. I was zapping at home, and I saw a re-run of… “Problem Child in House”. – Hee Chul was on it. – Right, I was. He was suddenly asked to pick… the best three older guys he was close with. This is important. – It is important, right? – Yes. What do you think Kyung Hoon said? – I don’t remember. – Is that so? – This is what he said. – Three guys… I don’t know who asked him this question, – but it could be controversial. – Right. It could shake up the whole team. – But we’ve been working… – You shouldn’t have answered. – together for four years, right? – Yes. How long has he been on “Problem Child in House”? – Has it been like six months? – I think so. – Yes. – Listen. He mentioned Hee Chul, – And? – Because I was there. The second guy was Jung Hyung Don. Really? The third one. You should’ve picked Ho Dong. The third… Okay, it’s okay if I’m not it. But I thought he’d mention Ho Dong. The third was Kim Yong Man. (His last pick of Kim Yong Man.) – He had to pick the best three, – What’s wrong with him? and he picked Kim Hee Chul, Jung Hyung Dong, and Kim Yong Man. – That’s it. – Wait. – Hit the slate. – It’s… Be quiet. – Okay. – It was a question. – It was. – You’re flustered right now. You didn’t expect me to see it. I honestly thought no one will find out. We can’t. I couldn’t have found it out. But I saw Hee Chul as I was about to change the channel. So I continued to watch it. Then this came up shortly after. – You just had to see that part. – I know. We’ll stop shooting now. Take some rest. Okay. (We’ll turn off the camera.) (Clapping) I had one more thing to expose. I’ll say it when the camera is back on later. (There is a camera here.) This is funny. I was on a program where I had to babysit. – I was on my way somewhere. – I think I saw… A car was by a crossing. It came to me and stopped before me. It lowered the window. It was so close to me. The guy took my pictures, smiling. So I got a little offended. I told him to get my permission, but he didn’t say anything. I didn’t realize until then. It was him. Kyung Hoon was taking my pictures. – Show me the pictures. – I have them here. What’s so funny was… Where did it go? I called him. Here. I was on my way somewhere, and I saw him on the other side. So I went over to him… and said “Cheese”, and he looked at me. I took the picture then. He frowned so much. “You can’t take my pictures just like that.” Look at this. That’s what I took. I didn’t know… Well… – He should’ve asked for permission. – Goodness. – It’s so funny. – See? This is just before he got angry with me. I was so flustered. He was so close to me, lowered the window, and had his phone to me. I told him to get my permission first. I didn’t realize until then. I recognized his face later. It was him. The next place we’re going to… is Temple Jingwan, which was built by King Hyeonjong… during the Goryeo Dynasty. Temple Jingwan. (It’s one of the major four temples located in Seoul.) (Temple Jingwan is near Mount Bukhan.) (National Intangible Cultural Heritage Number 126) (King Hyeonjong built this temple for Jingwan, the head monk,) (who saved his life.) (And…) (a national treasure has been kept secretly in here.) Let’s go together. This is the way to Temple Jingwan. – Scent. – It’s the way. – Is it inside here? – Seven of us are going in. – Do you hear some streams? – Isn’t Soo Geun the expert? – You’re Buddhist. – Right. You know those jokes about Buddhism, right? The monk who never talks… is monkfish. Something like this? How do I feel at my heart now? “Heart Sutra”. I went to an event when I was a rookie, this is what the monks had to guess to get a prize. – Did they like it? – They loved it. – This is Jingwan Valley. – Oh, this is? Temple Jingwan is famous, but so is this valley. It’s so different. After the rainy period passes, a lot of water will flow here, right? (The clear sound of water stream gives us peace.) It’s so clean. – There must be some crayfish. – It’s so clean. It’s so humid. It’s just before the rainy period. It’s so fascinating. It says there, “Jingwan Gate”. Is that “Jingwan”? Don’t go further in. Look at it from here. – The trees and everything. – Right. These trees are so… It’s awesome. – I can feel the energy. – What a scenery. This must be pinus densiflora erecta. – It’s not just a plain pine tree. – You’re right. Someone must have put that there so Buddha could drink. What is that coin? Someone’s put a candy and clean water. For Buddha. Just one candy? Maybe Buddha has bad teeth. (It’s a humble gift, considering the status of Buddha’s teeth.) – Since Buddha is quite old. – That’s right. Attain Buddhahood. Attain Buddhahood. – Is that what you say? – It’s a monk. – Goodness. – Hello. – Hello. – She must be the head monk. Hello. It must have been a long way in this hot weather. – No, we enjoyed it. – No, we enjoyed our way here. It’s good to see you all. I am Monk Seonwoo. – Hello. – Hello. – Welcome. – Thank you. This is a very historic place. So I’d like to explain its history to you. Shall we get moving? (Hongjeru: It’s a pavilion by the entrance of Temple Jingwan.) For a building that was built more than a thousand years ago, it looks quite new, right? This was damaged during the Korean War. But fortunately, of the three buildings that weren’t destroyed, Taegeukgi was discovered in one of them in 2009. (Taegeukgi and anti-Japanese newspapers…) (discovered at Temple Jingwan) You have made a very important visit today. So… our Head Monk will show you Taegeukgi personally. She is waiting for you. Then Taegeukgi was found after 90 years? – That’s right. – After 90 years. It was found in 2009, so it was found after 90 years. Why don’t you listen to the story of what happened at the time… – from the monk personally? – Yes. Are you looking forward to it? – Yes, we are. – Let’s go in now. This feels like a real school trip. Just listening to you, I can feel the energy. – You do, right? – Yes. (Go under the building guarded by guardian deities.) Shall we take a look? – Isn’t it wonderful? – It’s so pretty. – It’s so cool. – It’s nice. – Yes, it is. – Why is it so cool here? Isn’t it? (Three buildings avoided the bombing during the Korean War.) (Dokseongjeon, Chilseonggak, and Nahanjeon are located here.) (Taegeukgi was found in Chilseonggak.) – Please put your hands together. – How are you? – Hello. – She is Monk Beophae. Nice to meet you. Welcome. – Nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you. Are you on a school trip? – Yes. – Yes. You know Taegeukgi was found here. – Yes. – We just heard about it. – It was found in 2009. – It was found 10 years ago. It was found in 2009, after 90 years… while dismantling Chilseonggak. Were you the first person to find it, Head Monk? – I’m not the head monk. – Suddenly you… I am General Affairs Monk. So were you at the site? – Yes, I was at the site. – I see. – She is the most powerful one. – Really? – Even the head monk can’t… – If I do my job well, it’s all right. But if I don’t… I get shot from all over the place. – She made a joke. – Yes. (She is a little embarrassed.) – This monk… – Yes? This is the monk. He is called Monk Chowol. He looks like a blockhead, doesn’t he? Mr. Kang Ho Dong? – They look alike? – He is the symbols of blockheads. – He is a blockhead. – I’m not really that much. From today, I am the blockhead. She burst out laughing. (She is feeling awkward.) He thought he needed to save our country. With that thought, he started the independence movement. (He was imprisoned many times for his anti-Japanese activities.) (He led the independence movement in the Buddhist sector.) (After Taegeukgi was found, his activities gained new light.) If you were not a core member of the provisional government, you couldn’t have had these documents in your hands. They were brought here in secret. And they were hidden inside Taegeukgi. Normally, we think… Taegeukgi will be wrapped in newspapers. Here at Temple Jingwan, newspapers were wrapped in Taegeukgi. Then what was do you think was more important? – Newspapers were important. – Newspapers. – Yes. – That’s right. So here, Sin Chae Ho, the greatest scholar of Korean literature, became the chief editor. He published the newspaper called “New Daehan”. And “Joseon Independence Newspaper”, and “Freedom News”, He also wrote the warnings saying we must not be taken by Japan. The documents with such desperate content… were wrapped in this Taegeukgi. You can tell that it’s very special just by looking at it. – Right. – Yes. The moment I saw it, – You had tears. – tears ran down. I felt something hot rising inside, and tears ran down my face. (How would Taegeukgi found at Temple Jingwan look like?) – Welcome. – Thank you for inviting us. (Monk Gyeho, Head Monk of Temple Jingwan) Come nearer. – This is it. – It’s the Taegeukgi I talked about. Come nearer. (They cry out involuntarily.) Don’t touch it. (The original Taegeukgi found at Temple Jingwan) (As if to prove the passage of time it has endured,) (the Taegeukgi is damaged in several places.) (Its design is slightly different from the present-day Taegeukgi.) – This is really amazing. – It was found like this. Taegeukgi was designed like this under supervision. The present one looks like this, but the old one was like that. – Yes. – I see. The design of taegeuk was like that before. (There’s a trace of paints smearing on the taegeuk?) This Taegeukgi was painted over the Japanese flag. – It was painted over. – It was painted over like this. They did this with the meaning of suppressing the Japanese. Originally, it only had a red circle? – It was originally a Japanese flag. – That’s right. – On top of that… – They painted over that. – They made it into Taegeukgi. – And made a Taegeukgi. It contained their yearning of fighting for independence. It has been preserved really well. The black part was clearly… – It was done with ink. – done with ink. – Yes. – Ink lines last a long time. – You can see how ink has spread. – Right. We don’t know who painted the Japanese flag, but… – Right. – They just painted over. – They painted over it. – Yes. – It was for the energy. – They wanted to suppress Japan’s. – They could have drawn on anything. – Before that… But they chose to do it on top of the Japanese flag. Monk Chowol had the yearning to fight for independence. He painted it like this as he wanted to suppress Japan’s energy. This year on March 1st, the flag President Moon was holding was this one. (President Moon held the Taegeukgi of Temple Jingwan.) (At the centennial anniversary, the President marched…) (holding a Taegeukgi that looks the same as Temple Jingwan’s Taegeukgi.) In 2009, we tried to dismantle and repair Chilseonggak. While doing that, we found these valuable materials… between the alter and the column. We thought Taegeukgi was valuable. But apparently, these historical records are more important. These records were wrapped inside the Taegeukgi and hidden. “New Daehan” was the first to be discovered. The historical records were wrapped inside the Taegeukgi. (The original copy of “New Daehan”) – This is “New Daehan” newspaper. – It’s that one. – He was the chief editor. – This one… is the picture of the March First Movement. It’s on the front page. (The photo of March First Movement taken at the time.) I think the Taegeukgi was preserved really well. – With the newspapers. – That’s true. This is the first edition of this newspaper. – Yes, it is. – It’s the first edition. – It is a rare copy. – It is. – It’s rare. – And what is that? Inside this… (If you take off the protective sheet carefully…) – This is… – It’s “Independence Newspaper”. This is “Independence Newspaper”. This is the newspaper published by Kim Gu. (This is the newspaper published by Shanghai Provisional Government.) (Kim Gu, Head of the Provisional Government) It is the 32nd issue. It is an early one, printed soon after the newspaper was created. – That’s right. – Yes. – When they hid… – Yes? this Taegeukgi back in the wall… They yearned for independence. They were planning a second independence movement. – Another March First Movement. – That’s right. Now, when these were discovered, everything had been realized. – That’s right. – It was a discovery made after… their dreams had been realized. He died just one year before Korea became independent. He died on June 29. He passed away on June 29, 1944… in a prison in Cheongju. Just one year before Korea became independent. This year is the 75th anniversary… of his death. So we held a 75th anniversary… – memorial concert. – I see. (He can’t help bowing.) (When dawn light fell on the wooden floor of Mount Samgak) (Did you see the Taegeukgi that we longed for?) (Did you see the Taegeukgi we thought was dead?) (I saw the Taegeukgi, I saw it again today) (Taegeukgi blows in the wind of freedom) (From “Independence Newspaper” found at Temple Jingwan) (They learned something with the precious Taegeukgi.) What do you think, now that you’ve toured our temple? The Taegeukgi was very moving. Wasn’t it? – It was very… – It was heartbreaking. You thought you would be going back after this, right? – Yes. – Yes. – That this was just a school trip. – Yes. As far as I know, you have a lot of anger in you. – Yes. – Just a few of us. – Just a few? – He has the greatest anger. – Not all of us. – You have a lot of anger. Not all seven of us. I also heard you don’t harmonize well with each other. So I intend to present some ways to resolve all that today. Through a short temple stay, I will suggest some ways to… harmonize and settle your anger. – Shall we get going? – Yes. – I will guide you. – Yes. – It’s really nice, but… – Yes. – It’s really nice. – it’s hot. – I would like to ask a question. – Yes. Are you not allowed to have air conditioners in temples? – They have them. – We have air conditioners. But in the given environment, – no matter the situation, – Buddhist practice. we do not complain. Let’s close our eyes and ask ourselves. Raise your hand if you think… we can’t harmonize because of you. – We should close our eyes? – Close your eyes. Everyone will only half close their eyes. – I don’t think… – 1, 2, 3. Not at all. – There’s not even one person. – I see. (We knew it.) Let’s go together. – You need to change your clothes. – Okay. Then we will come back to this room again. – We change clothes? – Yes. (They arrive at Hamwoldang after changing their clothes.) (Temple Stay: They will experience the daily lives of monks.) (They will have communal meals and do Zen meditation.) (Welcome.) – Come in slowly. – I can’t do that. (She bows.) As you enter, please take this cushion. Carry the cushion. Come this way. Come in one by one carrying the cushion. Those with a lot of anger sit at that side. You’ll sit it in a row. The one in the front should set the line. – Move more to your left. – Move to the side. – Just a bit. – Your foot. Can we touch it with our feet? In fact, you can’t. You can scold him. He did it because he’s a Christian. – No, it’s not like that. – He’s a Christian. No, I’m enlightened already. We can’t get angry first. Stay calm. You can’t get angry. – I’m hot-tempered. – Stay calm. – You should relax. – Okay. Wait a second. Could you stand again? Why did you put your feet on top of the cushion? Put your feet down. – I fell down. – Place your feet nicely. Now I understand why this team is… – angry all the time. – Did you see him getting mad at me? He could have let go. You should stick to your own style. – What? – Are you going to sing? – Please sing. – Please sing. Sing Davichi’s song. (Nobody knew that they would sing this song here.) – Mr. Lee Soo Geun. – Yes. Your inner shirt is out. – You can’t dress up like that. – Where are your manners? You should be dressed neatly. So that you can stay neat in both your posture and heart. – Soo Geun. – He’s going to punch me. Ma’am, he’s going to punch me. – Help me. – Hold on. – Lee Soo Geun. – Hold on. Mr. Kang Ho Dong. I’m the teacher here. You all are here to learn. Shall we put our hands together… – to make a prayer? – Okay. – Repeat after me. – Okay. My mind… – My mind… – My mind… and Buddha’s mind… – and Buddha’s mind… – and Buddha’s mind… are one. – are one. – are one. This is why you put your hands together to pray here. When you make a bow, you’ll realize how important you are to this world. Now that you know how important you are, you can’t get angry. Why? I’m not a person… who gets angry. It’s not suppressing your anger. You just can’t get angry… when you make a prayer. Mr. Kang, do you want to cry? – No. – You’re about to cry. Don’t cry. You’re moved, aren’t you? You have to know how important you are. – Ma’am. – Yes? Ho Dong is just pretentious. – No, he’s not pretentious. – Ho Dong. Ho Dong’s really touched with this. Mr. Seo Jang Hoon’s doing well at the end of the row. You know what? He’s the one who complained about this place. – He complained earlier. – He said he didn’t want to come. He was being so negative. – Calm down. – He complained to us. He said, “I really want to go home.” I know what Jang Hoon wants now. You will show what’s really in your heart. – Gosh. – We’ll do a brief orientation. We’ll take a moment to calm ourselves. Jang Hoon must be feeling hot. – Are you okay? – It’s because he’s an angry man. (It’s my fault that I’m feeling hot.) He was complaining, “Gosh, it’s so hot here.” I haven’t heard that from him yet. But he’s very gentle. – He sets a great example. – Unbelievable. All right. Let’s continue with a prayer. Focus on yourself only. Repeat after me. From now on, – From now on, – From now on, I’ll focus on myself. – I’ll focus on myself. – I’ll focus on myself. (I should focus on myself.) (A journey to harmony) (1st Class: Alms Bowl Meal) Let me tell you what Alms Bowl Meal is. There are three reasons why we have Alms Bowl Meal. – You can repeat after me, right? – Yes. – Number one. For harmony. – Harmony. – Harmony. – Harmony. – Equality. – Equality. – Cleanliness. – Cleanliness. These three things are the key points to Alms Bowl Meal. (Alms Bowl Meal refers to the meals for the monks.) Put the biggest alms bowl in front. Then put the smallest alms bowl on the right. This is alms bowl for soup. You can put it like this. Place it on the right where it’s empty. (Soup, rice, side dishes, and clean water) You have to tell when you have more than enough already. You shake the bowl like this. That’s the sign to stop. (No more food, please.) – You see water radish kimchi? – Yes. Put the radish next to the rice. You’ll wash the bowl with the radish piece. – Let’s have the meal now. – Okay. Listen carefully to the bamboo clapper and stay quiet. (The Alms Bowl Meal starts now.) (They place bowls one by one…) (as they just learned.) (Next stage) – You get the clean water. – Oh, right (I have to distribute the water.) (Clean water kettle) (That’s enough.) (That’s how you do it.) (That’s how you shake it to give a stop sign.) (Soo Geun is in charge of distributing clean water.) (Kyung Hoon is in charge of distributing soup.) (The monk distributes steamed rice for everyone.) (Bowing) (Here’s your water, Ho Dong.) (Soo Geun keeps pouring when Ho Dong stops him.) (Furious) (Here’s your water, Ho Dong.) (Soo Geun keeps pouring when Ho Dong stops him.) (Furious) (It’s Yeong Cheol’s turn.) (Pouring) (But there’s no more water.) Ma’am. We’re out of clean water. (How are we going to wash the bowls now?) Ma’am… – We’re out of water. – There’s water there. I’m sorry. We’re out of water. I’ll go get it. (She distributes rice for Soo Geun in the meantime.) (It looks like there’s not enough rice for everyone.) (One more scoop) (It’s time to distribute soup now.) (We’re out of soup.) (We’re out of soup now.) They took all the soup. We’re out of soup. There is. (Hee Chul is getting what’s left.) You can get a bowl from there. There you go. (Soo Geun gets the solid stock.) (He only has bean sprouts without the soup.) (It’s time to get side dishes now.) (Why are you taking so much of it?) (Soo Geun is being greedy for the side dishes.) (Soo Geun is getting all the tofu.) (There’s no more tofu for Yeong Cheol.) – Ma’am. – Put the bowl back in its place. They finished the tofu. Do we have more tofu? – There is a bit of tofu here. – Please give it to him. (Passing leftover tofu to Yeong Cheol) (It’s safely delivered to him.) (I’m taking other side dishes too.) (Yeong Cheol drops his chopsticks.) (Yeong Cheol.) (They’re all set.) – Where did this food come from? – Where did this food come from? – My virtue isn’t good enough. – My virtue isn’t good enough. – Let go of all the greed. – Let go of all the greed. – Treat it as medicine for body. – Treat it as medicine for body. – I have it to enlighten myself. – I have it to enlighten myself. (They start to eat now.) You can start having it. (Thinking of harmony, equality, and cleanliness) (Amazed) (Thinking of harmony, equality, and cleanliness) (Enjoying the meal) (Giggling) (Here’s a man…) (who’s a slave to food.) (He’s struggling to finish his share.) (Food slave, Soo Geun) (Munching) (On the other hand,) (the others are having it slowly one by one.) (Appreciating) (Yes, this is it.) (His mouth is full of food.) (15 minutes have passed.) (The bowls are getting empty.) (I’ve finished the whole bowl.) (And) (The food slave isn’t done with his food yet.) He still has a lot of rice to eat. He still has a lot of rice to eat. (He can’t seem to finish his rice…) (no matter…) (how much he eats.) (Is everyone done?) (Giggling) Ma’am. I have to finish it although I’m full, right? I have to finish it regardless of how full I am, right? (Chuckling) (I’m too full.) (He’s almost done.) (Munching) He eats so well. (He’s unbelievable.) (His bowl gets more screen time than his face.) (Hang in there, Soo Geun.) (His bowls are all empty after much struggle.) (Just looking at his bowls makes Hee Chul feel full.) (End of the meal) (He’s in charge of distributing sungnyung.) (Bowing) Gosh, it’s hot. I’m sorry. It was so hot. (She’s trying hard not to laugh.) (The monk can’t stop laughing.) Gosh, I’m so full. (They receive…) (sungnyung from Hee Chul…) (one by one.) (I’ll get it for you.) (Why are you pouring only this much?) (That’s because I have to pour everything here.) (Stop it.) (I’m so dead.) (It’s filled with water.) (Giggling) Wash it with your spoon. (Soo Geun experiences the fiery pit again with sungnyung.) Wash it with this. (Sighing) (He washes the bowl with the radish piece.) I can’t see what’s inside here because it’s too deep. (It’s like the deep sea.) (What should I do?) (My goodness. I’ll just drink it.) (He’s drinking it.) (He can’t stop laughing at the amount of water.) (Hee Chul’s pretending like he doesn’t know anything.) (Drinking) It’s too much. (Laughing) (Choked) (The amount hasn’t decreased.) (Giggling) (There’s still so much sungnyung left.) I shook my bowl. I shook my bowl, but he kept pouring. I shook it for three times. (Hee Chul can’t stop laughing.) (He’s drinking it again.) (Bursting into laughter) (Drinking) (Bottoms up) (The bamboo clapper tells that the meal time is over.) Use the back of your hand and radish piece to clean the bowl. (He’s using the back of his hand.) (Washing) (Next, they have to wipe the spoons,) (as well as the bowls.) (Goodness.) (Ho Dong’s showing off his clean bowl.) (He puts them neatly.) (End of alms bowl meal) (A journey to harmony) (2nd Class: Zen Meditation) There’s this posture… where you cross your legs and sit. Put your hands together. Put the right hand on the bottom. Put your left hand on top like this. This posture means that you own the world. The center of the universe is you, not others. – You can do this pose, right? – Yes. Jang Hoon is sleeping. – Jang Hoon’s posture is great. – Thank you. – He’s doing so well. – You’re going easy on him. You should focus on yourself. (3 bamboo clappings mark the beginning of Zen meditation.) (Start of Zen meditation) (It’s time to forget about your unsettled minds.) (It’s time to solely focus on yourself.) (Pay attention to your heart quietly.) To relieve anger, you sit in meditation. But there’s another one you can relieve anger with. – What’s that? – You can lie down to relieve it. Everyone, try lying down. (Lying down in a comfortable position) This makes me so happy. I know. To meditate well while lying down, you have to relax your whole body. (The key is to relax your body.) We’ll try to meditate while lying down. Please get ready. (The bell marks the start of the meditation.) You’re lying down in the most comfortable position. Observe yourself… as you breathe. (I often bully people and get angry.) (I get violent instead of talking it out.) (It was easier to fight…) (than coming together in a harmony.) You can see yourself… (You can look back at yourself through this meditation.) lying down. (You can look back at yourself through this meditation.) (Snoring) You can see yourself… lying down. You’re important to the world. (What’s that sound?) (I heard somebody snoring.) (Stay quiet.) Let’s all get up. This is how you meditate while lying down. (Ho Dong gets up a bit late.) Don’t get up too fast. (Yeong Cheol gets up too.) Put your legs together slowly. (Swollen) (End of meditation) Get up slowly. – Two people fell asleep. – Did I snore? I must have fallen asleep. – It’s good if you slept well. – Really? You can think of it this way. You’ve never gotten a chance to relax your body completely. That’s how you should take it. You all did very well today. – Thank you. – Thank you. (Temple Jingwan) (Paju) (They are heading to the lodging as it became dark.) Temple Jingwan was nice. I got refreshed. I know. Temple food is healthy too. You all look refreshed. Ho Dong ate so much there again. The monks were all surprised at how much Ho Dong ate. They complimented me for eating so well. The Taegeukgi story was so touching. – That goes without saying. – I know. I wanted to take a photo of it, but I didn’t. I took a photo of it with my heart. So I can remember it for a long time. You take it with your eyes and read it with your heart. It’s in my heart. (They’re at the lodging now.) There’s a lodging? Can’t we eat ramyeon or something? – I’m getting a bit hungry. – You are hungry? – You’re not hungry? – I’m about to throw up. I’m all digested. I’m still too full. – I’m all digested. – This is where you will sleep. It’s a camping site. (A warm camping site that welcomes the men) You can go up to the classroom on the second floor. Why to the classroom? – We’re not going to the tent? – What? Is this a ghost special? I love it! We’re getting inside, not to the tents. Ghosts! – What? – Don’t do this to us. – What? – Goodness. (Scared) Ghosts. I love this kind of specials. Ghosts! I’ll give you a warning… if it’s a ghost special. When somebody pops up, I’ll really punch that person. – I’ll punch like this. – Be nice to the ghosts, at least. Ghosts. Gosh, this scared me. This scared me. – Goodness. – It’s scary. (Pitch dark) It feels like we need an exodus. I don’t want to do this. I gave you a warning already. Those who are taking ghost roles, – I can punch really hard. – They’d be embarrassed themselves. Why are the lights off? Ghosts? Here it is. – Is it the first door? – I might hurt my back. – It’s scary. – Is it the first door? Open the door. – Wait a second. – Let’s see. – Don’t do it. – Stop it. Will the door get blown away? – Isn’t it this door? – Open the door. (Opening) (What will happen to the brothers?) – Goodness! – Ghosts! (The preview of next week’s episode will be revealed soon.) (Part Two of Brother School’s Field Trip) (Mysterious new students waiting for the brothers) (Startled) (What is that?) (Welcome!) – It’s ITZY? – Who’s there? – Who is it? – Who’s there? (ITZY is here to join the brothers on the school trip.) (What took you so long to get here?) (Do you even know our names?) (Find the girl who is known as the Soo Geun of ITZY.) (Soo Geun is trying to find his mini-me using his language.) Have you ever had sweet and sour pork before? (She’s good.) (ITZY is bullying Soo Geun.) (Dance time with ITZY and Soo Geun) (Who’s the Soo Geun in ITZY?) (I prepared a dance for you guys.) (Are you laughing at me?) (Flustered) Hold on. (From powerful dancing…) (to girl group dances) (We can do better.) (Adorable) (We’re not done yet!) (This is so much fun!) (Who will win in the ITZY versus Brother School dance battle?) (The highlight of the trip, a barbecue party) (The Handkerchief Game, a classic game to play on a field trip) (Run!) (How many times have I told you to run?) (The brothers are fighting right from the start.) (Jang Hoon the Giant is determined to win today.) (Falling down) (Who’ll get to taste some beef, the brothers or ITZY?) (Knowing Brothers)


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