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February 9, 2020

hey brings welcome back to our Channel
I’m Elena Laura if you’re new here on this channel we talked a lot about
personal development making money saving money investing money and overall just
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with these videos okay so we’re gonna go right into our side hustle that you
might not have thought of so the fat hustle idea that you might not have
thought about is a various amount of potential job opportunities but I’m
gonna categorize them as one and that is to become a part of the machine a part
of the team a part of the operation now you might be thinking what does that
mean okay so hear me out a lot of people
often say things like oh I would love to become a youtuber but I don’t like being
in front of the camera or they might have always wanted to be a professional
athlete but unfortunately it just didn’t work out for them or maybe you did want
to become a youtuber but it’s just not working out for you you’ve been doing it
for many years it’s getting training it’s getting old you don’t want to do it
anymore however there are skills that you have pertaining to that certain
profession that you’re able to assist with and become a part of the machine so
guys are you still youtuber and a professional athlete as examples in this
video but this advice and these tips work for literally any profession
worldwide whether it’s your favorite growing youtuber or the local athlete
all the way up to a local politician or the local hotspot restaurant in your
neighborhood or growing hotspot restaurant in your neighborhood these
tips anybody’s work for literally every single profession now I’m gonna use a
youtuber for an example if you think about your favorite television show that
comes out weekly there are so many different components that come together
in order for you to see what you see on the television for example a talk show
you might only see those five talk show hosts up there talking every day but in
actuality behind the scenes we have the producer the director the videographer
the editor the makeup artist the hairdresser the stylist the distribution
the marketing team the PR team the person who writes the scripts there are
so many different components and avenues that come together in order to make this
one thing happen now in the case of being a youtuber that one person who you
see on screen that makes videos once every week twice every week three times
every week unless they outsource they are the makeup artist they are the
hairdresser they are the producer the director the
writer the editor the distribution the marketing team the PR team they do
everything right and unless they’re outsourcing they’re doing all of this by
themselves and at each individual stage each step of the process it requires so
much work and so much energy so if you know that there’s something that you’re
good at doing you can pitch your services this is not something that the
youtuber or whoever the talent is is going to advertise they’re not gonna say
looking for someone to edit my videos looking for someone to translate my
subtitles like they’re not gonna advertise these things because naturally
if you’re used to doing it all yourself you’re probably not even thinking that
you can outsource this step for example one of my best friends edits videos for
me because he noticed I’m constantly complaining about editing I hate it so
much he editing my videos so much but he loves editing and he’s so good at it so
he pitched it to me and now I pay him to edit some of my videos for me if you
know that you have a skill and you see someone that might need your services
you can literally pitch it to them the same thing goes for an athlete maybe you
wanted to become a professional athlete and didn’t work out for you but you’re
really good at communications you can now be that person’s marketing manager
or PR agent you can pitch your services to local athletes or college athletes or
whatnot you can say hey I will contact companies on your behalf to acquire
brand deals if those companies are interested I will propose to you what
they are offering and if you guys are interested in working together because I
acquire this brand deal for you I will take 20% and a lot of I hate this term
because it’s so cringy but influencers or local athletes or people with a large
following or large community a lot of times brands are just reaching out to
the talent directly and it can get overwhelming so
you can literally send out the seam template to almost every type of
influencer or talent that you’re interested in representing and then
create a media kit for each of those individuals and literally just pitch to
brands and once you acquire a brand deal for the talent right there you’ve earned
20% for just sending off emails for an athlete you can be a personal trainer
whatever you know how to do surrounding that profession that interests you you
don’t necessarily need to be the face of the company the brand of the company the
on-screen talent you can be whatever that talent needs there are so many
different components and so many different avenues that have to come
together in order for this to work I know that you guys really love these
side hustle videos because they spark ideas for you and spark motivation for
you to start a side hustle business and I love that I love doing these type of
videos too because I learn about new side hustles and new ways to make money
new ideas but I really want to mention that I can give side hustle ideas all
day every day but if your mentality isn’t in the right space then you’re
never gonna start you’re never gonna do anything so it’s very important to check
the mental space that your mindset is in I saw this meme that was like it’s easy
to spot a yellow car when all you’re thinking about is a yellow car I know
when I was looking to buy the car that I have right now I wanted my car so bad
the two weeks prior to me buying my car all I would ever see on the road is my
car literally the exact replica the exact car that I wanted I was passing
hundreds of cars every day but that’s the only thing I would see and the only
thing I would notice because that’s what I was fixated on and that’s what I
wanted the most that’s how your brain functions if you’re thinking about ways
to make money every opportunity you see you’re kind of like hmm I wonder how I
can monetize that I wonder how I can turn that into a stream of revenue so
make sure before you start any type of site hustle or any type of side business
that your mentality is in the right place your brain is like the YouTube
algorithm you watch one wedding video and that’s all you’re gonna get
suggested for the next little while on YouTube you’ll watch like one YouTube
couple prank and then for the next few hours that’s all YouTube is suggesting
to you like more and more couple pranks and you’re like what the heck is going
on your brain works the same way if you’re
focused on ways to make money and ways to better yourself all you’re gonna see
are opportunities to make money and to better yourself and all you’re gonna see
are solutions to any obstacles that may come in your way but if you’re focused
on the negativity and the obstacles and the barriers that may be in your way of
starting a new business or making money that’s all you’re ever going to notice
all you’re ever gonna see are the barriers so just keep that in mind when
you’re thinking about starting your side businesses and also when you hear of
suggestions and other ways to make money I know in my very first side hustle video
I had mentioned that you can become a freelance makeup artist or a freelance
beauty service provider and they were comments so many comments you need a
license you cannot be a freelance makeup artist you need a license
well if that’s an obstacle in your state then there are ways over and around
every obstacle that comes into your way for example if you wanted to be a
freelance makeup artist you can start with your friends and family your
friends and family are not checking for your license in order for you to start
also if you wanted to do clients on a larger scale look up the cheapest and
fastest way to get your license if you know that you already know your ish when
it comes to doing makeup if you fixate your mind on focusing on
the barriers then hearing something like oh I need a license to start this sort
of profession hearing that is going to cripple you or hinder you from starting
but if you’re fixated on finding solutions you’re gonna hear okay I need
a license but there’s plenty of freelance makeup artists out there so
they must have done it somehow so I can do it too you focus on barriers that’s
all you’re gonna get you focus on attracting money and attracting
abundance all that’s gonna happen is more of that is going to come into
your way so rude so I say all this to say if you want to attract abundance
wealth money clients then that’s what you need to fixate your mind on you need
to tell yourself I am a success magnet I attract abundance I attract positivity
money follows me banana follows me if you know you know but when it comes to
creating a side hustle that you can eventually turn into your main hustle
what you need to do is keep an open mind and remind yourself that you are a
success magnet money and abundance follows you and enters your life freely
because you allow it to and any obstacles or hurdles that may come into
your way you simply jump over those hurdles or go around those obstacles you
would be surprised at how many of your faves would actually love to hire you
love to use your services love to be a client of yours if you just made
yourself available and you presented yourself as a business there are
opportunities for streams of revenue streams of income right under your nose
I just need to create those avenues your fave is not gonna see your Instagram and
say oh wow you have an amazing Instagram page would you like to be my social
media manager no because they don’t know you they don’t know your availability
they don’t know your skill set and they don’t know what you’re capable of but if
you know that you’re great at social media your Instagram looks amazing it’s
aesthetically pleasing your fave’s Instagram not so much literally present
yourself as a business send a professional email and say hey this is
what I offer and I feel that I can be of assistance to you I feel that I can be
an asset to your team honestly there’s no harm in trying it’s free to send an
email if they’re not interested they’re not interested if they don’t have the
budget for it they don’t have the budget for it and even if they don’t need it
now they might need it in the future or maybe if they don’t personally need
it another one of their colleagues in that space might need it and so there’s
no harm in trying your ideal client and your ideal customer is sitting right
under your nose sometimes then you don’t even realize it the perfect opportunity
isn’t gonna come knocking on your door sometimes you need to go out and get it
you’ll create your own opportunities for a while you’ll see an opportunity and
you go for it you might have had that friend I know I did when I was 19 I had
a friend he was a bit older than me but literally everywhere we went he was like
oh you can buy those sell those like literally everything he spoke about
he was thinking about how to turn that into money how to turn that into a
business and at the time I was 19 I was like wow this guy really thinks about
money a lot everything to him is money like that’s kind of crazy but now a few
years later I’m like wow that’s why he was so
successful that’s why he came from nothing and now he is so successful and
I totally get it because to him everywhere he goes he
sees an opportunity for money and that’s a mentality that i found myself on
lately I’m always seeing opportunities to turn things into a revenue stream and
income and so your ideal side hustle is literally right in front of you but
you’re looking over it you’re looking past it you’re thinking about what other
people are doing with their businesses and what other people are doing to
succeed but you’re not realizing that you are needed right where you want to
be you’re not looking at yourself to see how you can provide value and how you
can add value to that situation so just think about your favorite industry or
whatever excites you or whatever you want to do and how you can add value to
that space that’s basically the end of this video that is the side hustle
idea that is right under your nose the side hustle idea that you never
thought about but it is right in front of you that is it it’s become a part of
the machine a member of the team a piece of the puzzle to become one of the vital
and necessary steps in order to get things done I love hearing all the time
of people who created their own lane and I would love to hear if you’ve ever had
an experience like that were you created your own job role you’re only your own
source of revenue leave it down below in the comments I would love to know I love
you guys so much love you to the moon and back be true to you muah


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