Finding The Best Affiliate Products – I’M SPILLING THE BEANS!

October 3, 2019

Hi guys Oberon here. Today we’re going
to talk about finding the right product for your customer and for your affiliate
marketing business – but before we do that don’t forget to go and join our Facebook
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/groups/ThePartTimers so we’d love to see you there! Okay, so picking the right product
for your affiliate marketing business. Now if you’ve done what I told you to do
in a previous video – which was finding the right person remember? The right
person, the right product – you smoosh them together
and money falls out! So we’ve done the right person, now we’re going to find the
right product to do that smooshing with! Okay so there’s a few tips and tricks
that I’ve learned over the years to help you find the right product. So let’s
focus on – it has to be the right product for the customer okay? Number one, and
that means that it has to actually SOLVE their problem okay? Not just be a new
shiny thing that you can distract them with. I don’t care what the
Commission is like, if this product is not going to solve my
customers problem, they’re not going to trust me again okay? So that makes it
a really short-lived business model, and I don’t want that. I want people to
go ‘She knows her stuff, she recommended this, it did what it said on the tin and
it solved my problem. Next time she comes to me and goes ‘Well
actually how about this as well?’ People are going to be more likely
to listen. So you need to make sure that it DOES actually solve that problem.
Now if you have done what you’re supposed to have done and found the
right person, you’ll know exactly what problem it is. It could be time, it
could be money, it could be a particular problem – it could be a gap in the market
For example with me being a part-timer,
it’s automation. If you’ve got an automation, come sell it to
me because I’m all about reducing the amount of time that something takes me. My big problem is time. I don’t have a lot of time. People starting out in
this industry might not have a lot of money either, so my solutions
to their problems are going to be time saving, money saving – which is what
I’m doing here with these videos. I’m trying to help you
out as much as I can for free because I know what it’s like to start with no
money, no time so this is my way of helping out. This is my solution
to your problem – so you’ve got to make sure that these problems are
getting solved by this thing and they’re getting solved in the way that you say.
It’s no good saying ‘Well this is a time-saving product, but it’s not
gonna save you time until, like, ten years down the line’ That’s useless – they want the the solutions NOW and they want them to work. So make
sure that your product does what it says on the tin. The second thing is that you
need to make sure that these products fit your business model as well. Now this
is something that SO many people forget – they need to make sure that this product
fits your business model. Let me tell you a cautionary tale, if you will. Are
you sitting comfortably children? Now I will begin…. There was once a man – we’re
gonna call him Darren – and Darren was with me in an affiliate marketing
program. It was a nice recurring model which means that we get paid every month
when as long as people carried on using the product. We were helping out
people every day with these products; we would be the resource, we would
do training, we would do webinars etc and Darren then decided one month he saw a
rival product and it was a nice big one off payment people paid once for it and
he got a nice big fat commission. So what did Darren do? Darren went and told
absolutely everybody that we had in this kind of little ecosystem about this new
product. So straightaway of course, they cancelled the recurring payment for this Item A that we were doing (which was an
awesome product) and they went over and spent the the one-off on this thing. so
Darren, the next month ‘Oh yeah!’ sharing
‘I got paid’ and ‘this awesome check’ kind of thing, saying ‘Look at this, fabulous!’
what do you think happened month two and three?
yeah Darren didn’t get paid because it was a one-off. It was a one-off thing so
he was now had all these people who were like ‘Well you introduced me this product,
I need help with it! I need this, I need that, I need the other.’ And he’s not
getting paid for this, so a bit of a problem! I’m sitting over there
and yeah I’m burning because I’ve lost half my income
straightaway, because all these people toddled across (which is another
cautionary tale by the way, Affiliate Marketing has to be ethical if you’re
gonna go poach other people’s stuff, be prepared for karma to hit you
like a friggin train). So all these people toddled off, and I rebuilt my business
but I was watching to see what was happening because I could see
what was coming! Darren could not, so after a
couple of months he’s like ”OMG, I’m getting poor!’ and I’m like ‘I’m here going
well I’m building up my recurring business, I’m still keeping the
lights on.’ So you need to make sure that you are picking products that fit.
If you are in it for the long term, passive then you want to be making sure
that you are looking for products that are recurring payments .So for example
software is a brilliant one for this .One I use the software called Clickfunnels.
I use it for my funnels, I use it for quite a lot of things actually, and if
somebody joins up with me they pay $97 a month or $297 if they want the big package and I get a portion of that
and I get it every single month (as long as they stay with clickfunnels) I carry
on getting paid so as you can see, that’s a great model for making
sure that you’ve got this good income coming in. They also do some products
which are one-offs, which net me anything up to a couple of grand – which is awesome
I like to count those as bonuses because I said they are one-off. The
incident with Darren (as we shall call him ) that stayed with me and it
kind of it was a good lesson for me, because it made me really focus
on the the recurring stuff because I didn’t want to make the same mistake
that Darren made. Basically destroy my reputation for one check
Snakey much? Yeah! But anyway…so I am wanting to focus more myself, personally
I focus more on the passive recurring income, because for me that’s a bit of a
no-brainer. I do the work once and as long as I look after people and as long
as the company that I’ve picked looks after people (which they do) people are
gonna carry on paying for this because the software is good, it fits their needs
and I’m gonna carry on getting paid. If you get a lot of people
who then cancel after the first or second month, then you need to start
looking at it, you’ve probably not got the right person the right product
and you haven’t smooshed them together properly, because if it’s a product that
really does solve their problem, they are going to carry on
using it, so then you are gonna carry on getting paid. So you want to make sure
that these products fit the bill. The other things I look for when I’m
looking for good products is I make sure that I’m looking for something that has
got a good customer backup – because once I hand that person over to that company, once I send them I want to make sure that company is keeping my customer happy, because then I’m gonna carry on getting
paid, frankly; so I want to make sure that there’s good backup in place or the help
files are there. Is there a good support system so if people run into
problems and I’m not about.. Not that I want to sit babysitting
people – I want to make sure that there’s plenty for them to go at so once they
get into something like Clickfunnels there’s plenty of help available for
them so I’m not needing to be there 24/7 acting as a help desk. Because
that’s not what you want either – you don’t want to get people into something
and then have to babysit them through it because if you do, you have not picked
the right person. You want to make sure that these products are going
to carry on paying you with as little work as possible – and for me, being a
helpdesk on call 24/7 – that’s not passive okay? So that’s what
you want to make sure you do, okay? You do your homework on these
companies, make sure that these are companies that are going to be able to
back up what you’re selling basically. That they are going to
be able to provide the service, the product, the solution that your customers
are looking for. The other thing I like about a lot of companies these days is
sticky cookies – and that doesn’t mean salted caramel goodness (although it
could that will be awesome if they gave you free cookies….I’m hungry now) the
sticky cookie is basically a little bit of data at the gets put on people’s
computer so if you introduce them to the company…. Clickfunnels does this and this
is a great example. For example, if I send somebody to Clickfunnels through one of
their free books, they’re sticky cookied to me – which means that they then stay
with me if you like. Now these people will then go on through a funnel, so they
might get up-sold on an audio, an audiobook, further training or
what-have-you. One funnel I think if they get it
and buy everything I get something like a GRAND ($1000) just for sending them to a
free book, because everything that they then buy following that, I get the
commission for – which is awesome. So I really do look for now is that sticky cookie because to me that is the
best return on my time. I want to know if I send somebody to a company, I’m gonna
get paid for everything that they buy, not just a little bit of it okay? If it
was just the book I probably wouldn’t bother – I would obviously then focus on
the high ticket stuff, but because I know that ANYTHING that they buy from the
product range (which is quite large) I’m going to get credited for as long as
they don’t replace my link with somebody
else’s, they don’t click on somebody else’s link in the meantime I’m gonna
get those sales (which is awesome) So make sure that you’re looking for companies
that have this sticky cookie because it’s the best thing that was ever
invented for affiliate marketers seriously, so make sure you’re looking
for that okay? And that’s my strategy. I am heavy on the passive, I like a few of
these one-off bonuses. I also (and this is something that a lot of people
maybe don’t talk about because most people so money-orientated) is
free product. I have a couple of things that I affiliate for and it doesn’t pay
me in cash. It gives me free months of use of the software and this is stuff
that I use myself anyway. One of them is my keyword research tool and anybody
that uses my link I get a free month they get they get a free month month and
I get a free month which to me makes sense because it’s software I’m gonna be
paying for anyway and even though they don’t have an affiliate marketing scheme
(well they kind of do because they give you a free month so it saves me it’s a
software that I use anyway) so that to me is also awesome. So don’t
be disheartened if you’re finding programs that maybe don’t give you money but they might give you a free
month or what-have-you, that’s also very useful because if it’s
something you use yourself, then that’s money that you’re not having to lay out
yourself. So don’t discount programs just because they give you time in lieu of money, because if it’s something you’re going to use then
it’s gonna save you money in the long run anyway. So there we have it – this is
this is how I pick programs. If you want to I’ve put a free resource in our
Facebook group, which is a list of the programs that I promote myself and I
tell you which ones are the best ones to do. So go grab yourself that it’s
in the Facebook group it’s the part-timers. Go grab
your free resource and and I hope that you’ve enjoyed today. If you have please
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you will know when I get another video uploaded so you can have even more help
from me. I mean I’m not promising you ice cream (mmmmm ice cream) but I
can help you out at least in this journey. So right, I will see you in the
next one! Bye bye! okay so let’s have a recap so you should
have already got your customers problem in your mind, have you found a product
that solves this problem in a way that your customer is going to be able to
relate to and has this product got a place in your own business model? is it
recurring income or is it a big one off? is it something that you’re going to be
able to build a passive income around or is it something that you’re gonna have
to continually make time to make work for and is it something that you’ve got
maybe a sticky cookie with, you’ve got the backup of the company? is this
something that is going to be more work or is it something that you can make
into a more of a passive income? So that having said, let’s move on to the next
video. In the next video, I’m gonna show you how to really supercharge your
business by ensuring that you have the best offer around – no other affiliate for
this company is going to be able to touch you so let’s crack on with that

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