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Flash: The Most Powerful 150W USB-C Powerbank Powered by Tesla™ Graphene Batteries LIVE ON INDIEGOGO

February 8, 2020

don’t you just wish you could power all
of your devices on the go at all times with Flash you can. Introducing the
world’s most powerful USB C 150 watt power bank. Flash not only has one 100
watt USB C power delivery port but also two specially designed USB a ports to
support fast charge technology to all major brands including Apple, Samsung,
Huawei, Oppo and Vivo. That means Flash can power a large laptop like the 15
inch or 16 inch macbook pro or a mid-sized laptop like the 12 inch or 13
inch MacBook or even your iPad pro pass-through charging is featured on
both the USB A ports and 10 watt Wireless pads so you can charge up to
three devices whilst charging Flash at the same time making it the most
versatile power bank in the world oh and did I mention it can even charge your
Apple watch Flash is perfect for all USB devices including mini cameras GoPros
Bluetooth speakers and Nintendo switches headphones drones you name it you can
say goodbye to low powered and bulky power banks that only have limited
compatibility Flash is a high capacity power bank so it can charge 16,000
milliamp hours in only 35 minutes or a full charge delivered within one hour
and 10 minutes Flash is able to achieve the incredible
feat of being the world’s fastest charging power bank through
incorporating Tesla’s revolutionary graphene battery technology yep that’s
the same Tesla owned by this guy billionaire philanthropist Elon Musk
Flash is also the world’s safest power bank through utilizing graphing
technology flash allows for fast charge at low temperatures compared to standard
batteries with a battery life cycle up to four times longer than standard
batteries Flash is the world’s longest lasting power bank this means even after
five years of daily use the battery will still feel like brand-new and they’re
backing asap Flash with a 2-year warranty that’s double that of all
leading brands with a battery capacity of twenty thousand milliamp hours or 74
watt hours flash is safe for airline travel double the battery life of your
13-inch MacBook Pro or up to five times the battery of the latest smartphones
such as the iphone 11 so you can stay powered on the go
Flash is compact and light enough to bring wherever you need power so if
you’re traveling on the go or just need some power charge in a Flash with
the world’s most versatile fastest safest longest lasting and most powerful
power bank Flash by Chargeasap


  • Reply TheMockTv February 5, 2020 at 4:55 am

    4 time longer life time, so a big bull shit i have never heard, the Graphene Battery is the new technologie yes, but we have no idea what else it can do, whether it has a long lifespan or how strong it is, i have not in one studie see, the say yes the battery can 4 time longer life time as

    a normal LiPo battery or the battery can super fast charge or discharge as a normal LiPo battery, wo is your datasheet for the new battery and the test over it, only waht i can see in the video, is marketing for getting more money out the purse from the People, nothing else

  • Reply nutzeeer February 5, 2020 at 7:49 am

    Lol this graphene tech is kind of a bomb shell news. U sure tesla wouldnt want to reveal that first?
    I am hyped though. Finally! After years of daily miracle battery news! Its here!
    … and supposedly disruprively cheap?

  • Reply Classic Gadgets February 5, 2020 at 5:29 pm

    wow nice👍

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