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Foam Rollers Review: Differences Between Foam Rollers

September 17, 2019

Hey guys it’s Ashley here from Precision
Wellbeing in North London. Today I’m going to update a video that I did a
long time ago and it’s a review about foam rollers. Now
when I did that video before there was only a few rollers on the market at the
time, but since then there’s been loads of other rollers released. So I thought
now would be a good time to just update that video and go through what I think
is worth investing in and what I think is perhaps a little bit too expensive
for its its value. So the first type of roller that you can buy I don’t actually
have here and that’s because I don’t really think is worth buying at all and
that is just a really basic white low density foam roller. It’s about the same
kind of firmness as one of those swimming noodles that you can get at the
pool. The reason I don’t really like them is because they’re a bit too soft and
they would deform very very quickly after maybe a few weeks of use. So
although they’re really really cheap, to be honest they’re not really worth
wasting that money on anyway. But the next one I do think is worth buying if
you’re just getting into foam rolling, it is a really basic high-density foam
roller. Now this one has the grooves cut along its length. I believe that that is
for when you are lying on it vertically like so, so that your spine can go down
the groove in the middle. You can get them without these grooves and to be
honest it doesn’t really matter either way. Most of the time when you’re rolling
on a roller you’ll be going perpendicular to rather than parallel
with. So this is a really good entry point for most people. They come in
different lengths; this is the long one. I believe it’s 90 centimeters but you can
also get them somewhere around 60 centimeters or 50,
something like that. They will retail for around about 10 to 20 pounds depending
on the length and you can get them from Amazon. The next type that I really like
is one of these. It’s a hollow plastic insert with a kind of foamy outer layer.
This type comes in loads of different colors, loads of different patterns and
will usually retail on Amazon for around about 13 pounds.
Most of these rollers will have these nodules and an area of like a flatter
wider padding. The theory I believe is that these nodules are supposed to
simulate a therapists thumbs digging into you and the flatter area is supposed
to simulate a therapists palm. Personally though, I don’t really feel much
difference when I’m rolling over them. But I like these anyway because they’re
solid and you’ll get a good a good rolling session out of one of these and
there are only about thirteen pounds. You can of course go for a branded roller
which is the Trigger Point Therapy roller, it’s the grid, the grid roller. This
also comes in different lengths. This is the shorter of the two. This short one I
believe is around about thirty pounds from Amazon and again you can see it’s
got an area of the wide flat, the smaller thinner and tiny little nodules. I
personally also don’t think that you can feel much difference between the
different areas so all you’re really buying is the flat with the foam and
you’re just buying into the brand. So if I was going to choose between the two,
the cheaper one or the branded one I would go for the cheaper one to be
honest. It’s about half the price and it does the same thing. Following on from
that if you want to get a bit more funky you could get something like… oops! Following on from that if you want to
get a bit more funky you can get something like the Rumble Roller. This is
the Rumble Roller Original and it’s the blue version. It comes in blue and black
and the blue one is the softer of the two and the black one is a really firm
roller. This really does feel like the nodules are getting into your muscles so
if you wanted a roller to get deeper into the muscles then a Rumble Roller is
a really good option. The Rumble Roller comes in three different variations in
length, this is the medium. I think this is about sixty centimeters, it comes in a
90 centimeter or I think a 30 centimeter. As you go shorter they become thinner
and as you go to the longer one it becomes a bit thicker. These will retail
on Amazon for around 50 to 55 pounds for the medium it will become more
expensive for the longer one and slightly cheaper for the shorter one. I’m
not sure how the price compares between the blue and the black but I think it’s
around about the same. Another product from Rumble Roller that I think is
really good is the Rumble Roller Gator. This one has really small flat nodules
on it. The theory behind this one is that these nodules are supposed to grip your
skin and you’re supposed to move across the roller rather than rolling on the
roller and what that’s supposed to do is as it grips the skin is supposed to
stretch the fascia underneath. I must admit I was a bit skeptical when I first
heard about this so I I tried it and it feels like it is doing something. As to
how effective it really is I’m not sure at this point but you can really feel it
gripping so if if you want to work more superficially then
the Rumble Roller Gator would be a good option. These will also retail on Amazon
for around about 52 to 55 pounds. The Rumble Roller Gator only comes in the
one size and that is about the same size as the Rumble Roller Original. Now all of
these rollers are great. I have these in the clinic because I think they’re
really worth buying but the problem with all rollers is that they’re so broad
that they only get into the big muscles such as your calf your quad your glutes
your lats and the erector spinae down the spine. If you want to get into the
smaller areas such as your rotator cuff your neck muscles your hip muscles or
your hamstrings then you’re going to need to get yourself some massage balls.
Now I know the hamstring is not a smaller muscle but I personally don’t
find that the roller is that effective because the hamstring is such a meaty
area and it’s too far away from the bone to really get a good sensation with the
roller so that’s why I suggest using a ball. When it comes to massage balls I
personally recommend either a lacrosse ball or the Fitness Mad Trigger Point
Massage Balls. I like the smooth ones personally
because I find that the spiky ones are just a bit too sharp and uncomfortable
when I’m rolling on them. A Lacrosse ball is a fairly cheap way to start it’s
made of rubber, absolutely solid and is really grippy so, will not break, will get
a really good effect into your muscles and will grip the skin really nicely. But
if you want to go for something with slightly different variation in firmness
then these trigger point balls from Fitness Mad are really good as well.
They come in three different firmnesses, the blue is the softest and the grey is
the hardest. The blue is a bit firmer than a tennis
ball and the black is pretty solid so these are also really really good and
these will retail on Amazon for just under 10 pounds. So if you’re looking to
get into rolling or rehabbing your body getting over any injuries or want to
just improve your overall movement and function I would definitely recommend
getting yourself a foam roller of some sort and a massage ball as well. If I
was on a budget and I wanted to get just one or two things I would suggest one of
the basic hollow insert rollers from Amazon and a massage ball of your choice.
If you wanted you to spend a little bit more money and go for something else
then I would recommend the Rumble Roller. Hopefully guys you found that review
helpful. I just want to point out that I have not been paid or asked to promote
any of these products. All of these products that I’ve shown you today are
what I have in the clinic so that’s what we use on a daily basis. If you found
this video helpful give it a thumbs up, if you have any questions put them in the
comments section below and perhaps let me know what rollers or massage balls you
like to use. Subscribe for more videos because there are more videos coming up
very soon so in the meantime guys take care and I will see you soon bye bye.


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