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Fotografieren das solltest du unbedingt vor dem Fotografieren beachten – Fotografieren lernen

February 20, 2020

hello everyone and welcome to this
video today is about one thing which is actually allowed for every case
should be taken for granted but few do and if you
that forgets or doesn’t pretend one drives to the shooting or arrives
and before you start shooting it can sometimes follow unpleasant
have or even a little bit to be embarrassing
which is exactly what you are going to do every shooting should do that
I’ll tell you in the video what is it now what should everyone
take a photo before he starts take photos before going for example
to photograph a disadvantage or maybe a normal portrait
shooting makes an outdoor guilty family study etc
many of you may already be sometimes it happens that if
her the day before you have a long exposure
somewhere we say by the sea Google photographs long exposure
with a trigger before 2 seconds and it grabs the camera it’s cold hands
were frozen and her father after back up your data and
the next day is off to the wedding has already happened to me personally
and it was a few years ago and then you start taking pictures
and suddenly wonder at pictures dark pictures too bright or you
photograph a great scene thinks quickly the camera at hand that had to
it just catches the trigger trigger delay five seconds on too
beep and you can’t take a picture and that’s exactly where the problem is
that’s why I got used to it and that everyone should take a picture
before starting a new shooting wedding portraits voting whatever
the settings the basic setting check his camera again
I’m even a little bit more meanwhile I do the following
when i arrive i check mine cameras I always use two cameras
take photos with two different objective and then
I check everything again from the start by
even if I dig the night before then put in between the battery
I still switch before shooting the batteries always start again
I always put one between the batteries in the I have cameras with it now
of course you might say okay me was exclusively here anyway
manual mode because I can not do anything but mistakes could also happen there
for example you have maybe a wrong one
white balance set that means not photographed anywhere before or
hates photographed in the flash and left the settings so and
now you take your series of photos and they all flew completely wrong
you can of course improve it whole can also avoid because of it
additional work is what can happen you have to
example i use at wedding photography if i fast
changing light situation benefit I also like the av mode I have
then in iso with me in the camera inside and leave here to
for example, the iso value is sometimes the camera
then he starts and makes a row from photo and text all too dark all too
bright everything is right why does the camera
automatic shutter speed fits great and my aperture was also good
set where is the problem maybe you have the day before
For example, I’ve got it there the day before I was really great
sunshine lack of education one make manual exposure compensation
have to I went down a few values ​​there
and really got me the next day wondered where is the problem now you
have everything set up correctly and in the hustle and bustle of the shoot can sometimes
be that you see that too therefore it has to be with many things
go quickly if you have one photographer here is you do not have the time
there’s a coming during the wedding one situation at a time
to hold onto this too well hold on perfectly hold on in
check in advance because just like at weddings or
such stories there are moments can’t you say oh little moment
camera was set incorrectly again that doesn’t work there must
really the camera set great that’s why i got mine
now a certain process accustomed that means I try everything
once I change my battery look but whether that’s objective on the
stabilizer is switched on whether it is maybe not in manual mode
even have my lens so whether it is auto focus is then calm like
is my car focus in the camera I may still have hired
a facial recognition in it because i lecture maybe made a video
have where my car sits focus point I maybe somehow blocked that
or sometimes forget pretending it was only one with the touch display
you have a camera with a touch display also the possibility that I do that
mistakenly adjusted already happens
So as I said I have been taking photos since the 18th years it really is me
somehow everything happens sometime what she learns of course is also
that’s why I’m doing this for you video to make things easy for you
say that nobody normally talks about normal as a photographer with five photos
next to it is because we welcome the comedy
directional correction you had wrong not and the crazy thing had it
exposure correction never adjusts delete the photos or try in
to move lines back speaks no one but such things can be done
just avoid where you can easily from the beginning when it arrives somewhere
your settings from the front you need you want to go through
times a two sample photos and if the fit then you can get started with that
taking photos maybe you guys are some of the things
which I have told you in the video now sometimes happens then let me
like a comment what something craziest things were
exposure compensation set incorrectly or maybe the one before triggering
shutter release delay set et cetera otherwise, the video has fallen
like to leave me thumbs up there and when we’ll look at one of my next videos
want to see again then also like to subscribe to my channel
in this sense it is a


  • Reply Riko Best January 25, 2020 at 3:36 pm

    Habt Ihr auch schon einmal vergessen die Einstellungen der Kamera zurückzusetzen?

  • Reply Alfred Herne January 25, 2020 at 7:13 pm

    hallo ich war heute am ümmingersee in bochum und hatte die kamera noch auf makro einstellungen und da flog voll so ein reier an mir vorbei habe ich mich geärgert schönes we

  • Reply Ela S. January 26, 2020 at 6:49 am

    So ziemlich alles was du angesprochen hast, hab ich schon durch. Aber das Dusseligste was mir passiert ist hat gar nix konkret mit der Kamera zu tun. Ich hatte mal im Hochsommer ein Shooting spät Abends im Wald. Als ich zu Hause losgefahren bin schien noch die Sonne und auf dem Weg dahin war sie am Untergehen, so dass ich meine Sonnenbrille auf hatte. Im Wald, beim Shooting ging dann die Sonne unter und ich musste schmerzlich feststellen, dass ich meine richtige Brille vergessen hatte. Nun bin ich aber so sehschwach, dass ich es nicht mit der Kamera ausgleichen konnte. Half alles Nix. Ich hab mit Sonnenbrille und Erfahrung (Kameraeinstellungen)fotografiert und hab am Ende so ganz leidlich gute Bilder raus bekommen. Mein Model hat es mit Humor genommen und amüsiert sich heute noch darüber 😉

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