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FROSTPUNK 1st look and Last Autumn Playthrough Part 1

February 9, 2020

hey it’s Ricardo and welcome to Frost
Punk now this in the latest DLC that’s come at the beginning of 2020 is called
the last autumn effectively where we are now and I’ll discuss this when I go
through the playthrough after this short introduction trailer by the vendor is
that this is where they start building all the generators now the idea of frost
Punk is there’s going to be a cataclysmic climatic event ie it’s all
gonna get colder right frost pumpkin it’s in the name right and as it says
you’re gonna experience the last days of humanity before the frost and the snow
comes you get a rush on to build these generators you’ve got to manage your
people you’ve got to manage your resources you’ve got to go around and
make friendships with other people in the area as well and you know use
technology to its most advantages before the frost comes and then just you’re
back to the Stone Age just burning fossil fuels and making the most out of
what you can possibly do imagine your workforce managing your
engineers making sure they’ve got food making sure they’ve got the materials
they need in order to make the generators that’s going to keep
everybody alive when people get ill make sure they can be cured when there are
four make sure they go to the pub and all this is built and based on the great
cross point engine that has been out for a while on that excellent game you
haven’t got it available on the consoles great it’s on Steam I think it’s
brilliant in fact I’m not sure if that’s actually
available on the consoles to be fair don’t think it is anyway let’s get on
with the gameplay bear with it and see how you get on with it
hello its Ricardo and welcome back to Frostburg this is a great game very
steampunk era cross Punk it’s frosty little bit about
winter and there’s a new DLC that’s come out called the last autumn now this sees
us as a sort of precursor to the other games where you know the humanity’s be
hit when it’s humid that’s it this is these are the end of days of what is
considered normal tee where there’s a big sort of like stress about hey we’ve
got to build these things got to keep it quiet from the general populace we don’t
want to cause a panic we’re gonna ship all these people out into the middle of
nowhere and what we’re gonna do is we’re going to effectively build these massive
steam engines build communities and get everything in place before the cold
really hits so we’d see a bit of a different color palette as well this
time from the channel all white and gray you get a bit of green you get a bit of
forestry and all that sort of stuff so effectively it is quite good and and I
have been enjoying I paid a few times varying levels of success so I’m gonna
try and do and do the mission now it’s gonna take a bit while there is a
process to follow let’s see if you fee me and McLaughlin assistant engineer at
Imperial exploration company it’s been five weeks since we have left
the familiar walls of Birmingham behind weeks of uncertainty of struggle of hope and final we have reached the shores we had three deaths so far or small
price for progress as IE seeds caught it I can only hope I am going to avoid
their fate they’ve claimed there was nothing to
fear that this whole journey of ours was just a precaution but now it feels in the winter seems inevitable yes folks Oh dent under you’ve seen that
a little bit of story they’ve crossed through the northern seas to reach site
one one three where they’re gonna build the greatest marvel of technology and
generator right so our job is to get this then before it gets all frosty for
Queen and country right then okay let’s get cracking so here we go again
this is the color palette I’ve been telling about nice and green little bit
of snow unregister remind you of it it’s a frost bunk and nothing else too
serious what have we got well we got the
stereotypical hole in the ground so we aggressive a thick piece of supply
infrastructure building the docks gathering resources piling them up most
Negro food the air blah blah blah blah blah let’s have a food camp by a source
somewhere in the plains so we’ve got things to do let’s click on pause now
let’s take a look at this so at the top left down we’ve got coal that’s how much
coal you got wood how much wood you got steel food and food rations and this is
how much steam cores which you can create difference of steam pump
technology structural profiles for building steel composites for building
the actual device and then you’ve got steam exchangers right ok now see we’ve
got this sort of like coastal part here we’ve also got a lot of Steel a thousand
worth of steel here that we cannot get to which I’m assuming I haven’t got this
far yet that one all the sea freezes over you can get to this nothing else
round there though that’s us but that is that is the map lots of trees which we
combine for wood we’ve got a bay here for a dock a dock their dock there and
we can put a dock up here so what we’re gonna do we’re gonna get cracking and
stop talking about all this stuff we’ve got some coal deposits here as well
the huge coal pile you know there it is alright great stuff and you can see
we’ve got people are homeless so we got get cracking and get some technology
build so what we’re gonna do first right get over here I’m not gonna build tents
we are gonna build one tent but not just yet on to tech get the workshop and get
some technology on the go I’m gonna pop it right there then we’re gonna get and
we’re gonna build a road connecting it to the central right where get some
power what it’s actually getting power from I don’t know I don’t actually know
what that is either but there you go but all these items here we’ve got steel
like to assign some people to go and get some wood and those wood and get
everyone working as well and they’re gonna have to spend a night right and
there’s our stockpiles they’re gonna have to spend a night you know out under
the stars so there you go we’ve got people to keep collecting
steam cause it’s 3:00 there on the wood on the steel let’s go right brilliant
and here’s all our people milling around with lights let’s get cracking so we’re
speeding it all up now right you see I’ve got a bit of information it our
employer the Imperial Capri digging the enormous shaft the word miss
is shut camp and clear the area around shaft it makes it yes what I’m doing
that thanks for that now we can also start signing laws but I’m not gonna say
anything just yet okay we’ve got motivation discontent people are quite
motivated discontent not so much so our wood stocks are coming up now what will
you do in your staff building I’m gonna do it here careful not to
destroy any resources every 10 of resources is precious
it really is you build some tents at least some more woods coming anyway
going to connect all that then so it will get some of our people in tents
right so we’ve got to go around there like that and then we gotta go down
there like that and then we’re to go like that and then like that so
everything is then connected what we’re going to do now is then we’re going to
put another one
over there join you all that up and see what it’s
got to say for themselves idle hands so people are effectively throwing stones
down that massive shaft ins a bit dangerous nothing else them to do so
what we’ll do we’ll stop them discontent will rise a little bit but we’ll give
them something else to do in a minute and also down here see we can employ
some engineers and get the technology on the go right so we can’t actually do any
me on guard enough wood but we are gathering stuff get food you know docks
faster gathering sawmill generate a construction so ok let’s speed up now you can all have a sleep under the stars
only 30 people are homeless see two in the morning people still
milling around someone’s fallen ill well he went Dukes are out in the cold we’ll get some shelter for everybody what would you assign the book of laws
as well and we’re gonna give people a chapel to go to I can assign that so
we’ve got to build a church and I plan to build a church in there and then
surround it with houses so is that everyone get up what’s that all those materials coming
in we’re also going to add some research we want to get some resources in they’ll
say I saw it all so we can get people making would you want to run out of wood
let’s get in there a few more for the chapel let’s get the church in like that and that’s that building additional tents around that so that’s
what would rotate here we’ve got erected who were mrs. a chapel so you’ve got a
church let’s connect all that with a road and
then we can start building homes around it for so we can have a sawmill as soon
as we we get some more wood right so we stopped and fulfilled our
goal by getting people to but that will come don’t worry what we’re also going
to as well we’re gonna raise motivation right by giving people a a pub to go to
as well so we’re gonna build a perp I put the pub over here somewhere out of
the way so we got two people who were ill you
got to build a medical bay motivation will fall no worries we got that sorted
out let’s get people housed first I think what we’ll do we’ll put a a steam
sawmill by here just the time-being to clear all that
out and then what we’ll do is we will put a tent right there connected all up like that and like that and then we’re
gonna go over here I’m gonna build a pub how cool is that
and let’s connect that with a bit of road as well yeah we fulfilled our
shelter promise let’s connect that around like that sweet guard road
right asking people working and clearing out that space there just get some people working in there so
let’s get some engineer’s working there for time being and that’s another law
and give them evening prayers then we can raise our motivation then to get
people working like good little workers nice and easily when that cools down
right okay so far we have got a little town and the church in the middle just
like they do in the old days we’ve got a engineer workshop we got a perp next
thing we got to do is join that up understand why that’s not joined up but
we’re now joined yeah and then we can start doing some technology research primaried you gotta get people eating
because they’re hungry look so here we go a little oil a little while from health
food foragers quarters start so I’ve got the skeptic you workers arguing the
reality of global cooling you believe it’s the end of the world blah blah blah
this content will fall motivation will rise well let’s have more motivation we
like a bit of motivation that’s what we’re gonna do people are going to carry
on working they got people working there you’ve got thirty five there let’s build
that medical post is pop that well we’ve got seven
well we’ve got some work what we’re gonna do is do that
so we can start popping populating things along there no problems at all to
get people to get some raw wood from that sawmill picking up wood and steel
again things are getting depleted already but slow things down to normal
let’s get some engineer’s another treat the sick now where are we with this
we’re close what else can we build right eat a cookhouse so I’ll give us
some time so they can start cooking what else can we build resources yeah let’s
get a sawmill over here start clearing some of that away we’ve
got workers who are coming available hopefully we’ll get some forages now
yeah forages research thank you very much resources let’s say food health and
about yet let’s go for docs so we can build dots now so what we’re
gonna do is we’re gonna go the food we’re gonna have foragers quartz once we
get enough resources tech right we need to get some more now so hopefully people
have a quick last blast let’s get some people there and some
people there so we’ve got people cooking more people getting some more wood on
the go good stuff so far everyone’s happy discontent is risen a little bit
because people are hungry but we’re gonna get that sorted out now some
people are doing nothing well don’t worry about that I think we’ll get
another sawmill over there start clearing that out as well
the men will build docks whenever then we’re pretty much diamond okay let’s go
speed it up people being treated someone’s died no
doubt open the book of laws one of our people have died how you get rid of the
body we can’t sign a law yet but we’ll go for
repatriation of bodies sending them back what causes a little bit of wood and
we’ll build a log otherwise your building you know a cemetery and that’s
you know you’re gonna get each burial decreased motivation we want as much
motivation as we possibly can so that’s what we’re gonna go for here only seven
hours to wait so that’s what we’re gonna do so great people are being fed it’s an engineer who says hey you know if you make sure I get moved to an
engineer’s tent will say no gonna make do all right let’s get some more people
over there let’s get some Docs built get some forages on the go let’s get some
foragers going now these people will go out into the wilderness and find us
materials what else can we do food resources gathering posts yeah so I
think we’re gonna build a gathering post once we build a dock about here and
about here as well so I’ve our two docks working getting resources in and we’ll
get and get other people coming in with food so oh we gotta do basically now is wait for that to do its thing so let’s
speed it up this content was falling cause everyone’s being fed we’re gonna
get our foragers so we’re gonna build them let’s get them away to these
reindeer tracks see if we can find any food that’ll take some time to get over
there okay what else can we have s go for I want to go for faster gathering
right everything’s working out great so far that’s all good
we’ve got docks let’s build docks docks there and this girl fat docks
there now that will stick off one of our basic things start gathering resources
and build and activate the fishing her but I said before I just camp well we’re
working on that we’re about to be able to sign another law now we’ve got to
sign a repatriation of bodies sign that and then let’s build a morgue and get
everybody happy or as happy as they can be right so we’ve got a Doc’s building
woods coming in like the billy-oh got a foragers quarters I think as well what
we’re gonna do is we’re gonna build another sawmill here and I’m gonna build a bit of a road here
because none of these are gonna move throughout the game just so I’ve got the
options to get cracking with all that also what I’m gonna have to do is get a
gathering personal gathering posts when our boats come in over here what they
effectively do is they drop off all their their cargo and all that star
stuff which is great the key thing here to remember is you’ve got to pick all
that stuff up for it to come into your stores now so far we’ve been well we’re
gonna do some resource demos alright so what we’re gonna do here is build these and what this means is that
we can install additional resources that we collect in them if we don’t have sort
of like waste any time or the gathering of resources so so far so good brilliant let’s speed things up
got to go keep an eye on foragers over there see what they find our docks have
been built let’s staff them up right and what are we gonna what we gonna have
we’re gonna have coal I think and then over here what should we have I think I
think we need steel and that’s their map as well so I will have coal steel wood
and food rations and my people are waiting partially in reindeers move on
where should we go we neither go here to a nesting place or there to hunting
grounds let’s go to hunting grounds set up a camp and get some food coming in so
we can feed all our people let’s say we’ll have evenin prayers that I’ll get
our motivation through the roof people will start working nicely you get
an efficiency bonus as well then and then what we can do as well let’s get
the term that went off for the time being let’s speed things up right so now
we’ve got Docs we can Telegraph for more resources so I think what we can do the
technology is eventually get a telegraph station now here come our boats into
dock they’re opening up cranes are going in
getting all this stuff out look and then dumping it on the sites now we have to
gather that up so all well and good telegraph station let’s pop that there
and then let’s get a gathering post put that here so it’ll gather those
resources then we’ll wait we get some more wood gathering post that will go
nicely there I think so we’ve researched faster gathering and now it’s time I
think we’re not gonna do that yet we’re gonna go with drawing words no I
think profiles manufacture right so we’re gonna get some more people in so
what that means is that we’re gonna have to build some more tents and things like
that I’m not gonna build anything here just yet I don’t want to do here radical
treatment you could do is getting a bit more discontent if we sign it now people
will be fine it’s gonna up a little bit but not too much right so the meantime let’s get some
people gathering in that coal see the wood is neither pleated that one area we’re doing fine there we can always
ramp that one Apple unless asked for some some people no longer know its how
this works right the telegraph station bit confused me at times so let’s press
pause so you can ask for these resources so workers engineers and steam cause
each of which have a cost now I’ve got a logical limit of 44
the longer I leave it before asking for more people the more I can get per
shipment right but I need people now so by saying max I’m gonna get 22 people
arrive in 24 hours so letting the order that shipment and I’m gonna build some
more tents and things all right one day for it to get there by boat no problem
let’s click over here the line is open tells you can have stuff sent in from
Liverpool okay right so soon as this has has finished getting resources we’ll get
the icon that says it’s collected over they possibly can all right brilliantly our forages have
got to the hunting zone Essex law it’s a watering-place food a small waterfall
you can set up camp here to open a supply raw food to the construction site
I see well let’s do that just to get things moving so so far we’ve done it
what we gotta do now is head up the shaft structure and build the shaft
couldn’t be easier now yes it pause this here we’ve cleared
our resources no problem so if the time being what we’re gonna do we are going
to dismantle that building we’re going to put people collecting the steel and the coal so we’re going to
max that out we’re gonna men we use the resource gathering posts and then what
we’re gonna do is we’re gonna put quite a bit of stuff in place so we can
get things moving we’ve still got iron workers coming we’ve had evening prayers
that’s on cooldown we’ve got that running we’ve got that
one running so we’ve got wood coming in steel and coal s build up some reserves
right let’s go okay
so far so good you’ve built our gathering post let’s
put some people in there now stand to gather the steel Steel’s at a premium
because we haven’t got much we’ve got food coming in now some more food coming
in so they all cook that up and we’ll get some more workers
so with that gone what we’re gonna do is we’re going to with tents we’re gonna build enough houses here to
satiate people’s living needs and then we’re gonna put a sawmill right there
back to the streets as well like that
so we’re all dependent on people and people are the best resource now so no
one’s angry no one’s tired no and zel fantastic we
just got to build a few things that’s being built now and we’ve got to build a
shaft structure it’s gonna be very sort of wood heavy so more resources are
turning up on the dark side three hours before our people turn up all right there you have it but good
stuff let’s have a quick look over here what’s going on right so we need to those that build a structure here for
the generator to make profiles so we’ll put it right here we will get some new
research on the go so with drawing boards that’s a grade for the next level
50 work that’s going to take that’s gonna cost us okay the transports arrive
with more people and stick some people in there
this says the storage limit has been reached for what I don’t know let’s get
some people working there as well in the meantime then what we can do go to the
teller telegraph then let’s get some more people in so we can get 11 so we’ll
wait a little bit and then we’ll get some more now see all of a sudden we can
start building these profiles that’s costing wood but we haven’t got any
people to put in there you see what we’ve got one I mean went for that so we are cracking
on people are hungry here comes the food
researching the next level and we’re gonna put some docs in get some food on
the go okay so all that’s coming in you’ve
waited a bit no you can get 20 let’s order them in we’ve got our drawing
boards have being researched what can we research was plenty of things protective
structures for industry ventilation plasma sintering shops food and health
we can have more foragers well Nyna fishing harbour really and with that for
that we need people so let’s go for the fishing huh but we need food let’s keep
an eye on our sawmills still loads for them to them to get this one’s going
down quite nicely pubs working everything’s working we’ve got no one to
put there and time is fleeting so someone has sent a naughty picture what
do we do to be confiscated or do we leave it is there going to be a bust up
is there not going to be a bust up I don’t know if I confiscate it the scent
will rise well who cares if I leave it who knows it’s good to have a little bit
dissent that’ll rise slightly unpopular decision let’s build a laughs house now we build a bath house
this runs on coal and what effectively this does is it allows you allows you
people done a bath and then they don’t get ill because they clean bathrooms now
where are we gonna put this then right there
I gotta quit there it doesn’t really hit an awful lot of people so we’re gonna
print a half the time being and then what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna put houses all around it to facilitate the
new people we got coming in but right so I still got 21 hours for
more people to know we’ve got wood on the go people are collecting all this
all this stuff you and all these materials steel and coal again quite a
lot of coal here which is good because coal goes like nobody’s business and if
we can get away without effectively using it until we need it all the better motivation is getting
right up there right
so what we got going on down here not a hell of a lot so we’ve still got people
working here we’re gonna get we need people to get on there to get more food
catch food motivations forints like need some more
more people coming in nets get some of those profile manufactures
on the go so we can now build a dock and get some more food in so what can we do
here nothing really you could build a care
home I would shut people up wouldn’t it give people comfortable quarters I think
that’s quite good well sign that thank you gotta build some more some more
places people are coming in now let’s see how things go transport arrived with
20 people there’s 20 people max there you go
we’ll start production here over here what we’ll do is we’ll add safety
projective protective structures I don’t have that I’m not going to order
any new people just yet we’re gonna leave it as long as we
possibly can so the fishing harbour we can build and we’ll build up there kind
of out of the way okay so far so good right that’s the the
sound of something’s happened that’s coming low so we can then spin up
another one and then use that space oh and we get now 21 it’s men juniors as
well so safety concerns I will improve safety
okay leave the castle or for safety so safety procedures there you go or we can
have a short shift we’ll have safety procedures people are gonna be safe
especially working here people work slower but less accidents slow and
steady wins the race people are going and easy knowing that
bodies are in the go they want you to commit to a decision okay I will as soon
as I’m allowed to I will send them back and repatriate them protective
structures have been researched but that uses these you see and that in their
leaves the problem let’s get some more motivation people are working 30% more
efficient great let let’s get in here and make something like a ventilation
plant so that your ventilation plant what that does as we’re digging and
putting stuff in for the generator it produces gas if we run this what that
effectively means is we cut then on the gas people can breathe everything’s okay
all workplaces are up 30% so we should be seeing some benefits we can get rid
of that song they all know what we can do is is that we can spin up that one to
its maximum potential and then add in somebody up here to run the food dogs mean more engineer summers I’ll just
wait a little longer but the hunting grounds are depleted
we’ve got to start moving this guy on so let’s go to the nesting place now let’s turn the bath on which it is
that’s using our cold but it is allowing all these ones here to have a bath and
we can use a Sat shaft structure so we can put that there and get people’s
staff building as a result we can get more of these things built as more much
as we possibly can while they’re working close that down put people in there
everyone’s a winner so what can we have no engineers all right so let’s order
that they’ll come along shortly let’s speed up time so far everyone’s nice and motivated right what what has happened now nothing
seems to have happened yet we’ve got a last shipment of food coming
in great so people are still okay let’s turn the map off let’s get people moving
pace so it’s a nesting place for birds go with fish it’s a lake full of fish
there or a collapsed mind let’s go for the lake full of fish because what we’ll
do very sure these will build something
else what’s happened here a bad omen this morning the camp is strangely quiet
owls are purging so let’s wait stop work or on the side of caution that’s under
the law you can do with a bit of maintenance on our tools this get
content will rise but I don’t care I’m okay with a bit of discontent long
doesn’t get too high we can close this down we can start that one up that’s gonna give us more space as well
to start we’ve got our additional people coming
down so our ventilation plant is being researched let’s have a ventilation
plant going I think I think we’ll put that about the let’s go here what can we build food and
health more foragers let’s get some more people on the go let’s start someone’s moaning out stomach so a
troubled father a worker receives a letter from his wife informing that one
of his daughters is gravely ill Diane you such as this may impact the morale
of the crew should we redact the player the part about the sick daughter no let
him know so far so good let’s speed things up a
bit nothing else we could possibly do people are doing their thing right so I
think we have to start taking people out of collecting this known and into
building that max we’re gonna put it there so it’s a safe place to do things seeing same here you know we need to get
more people on the on the tools as opposed to just mincing around
we got people here there and everywhere everyone’s doing work you know the pubs
open that sort of thing really we take people off that and then put them in the
perp but then there’s people in the perp so let’s see health food you can’t build
that foraging plant yet you’ve got a fishing harbour up here with one person
in it let’s see who turns up on the boat not too many people are coming I know
that transports arrived so I need to build
some tents for people and for that we’re gonna go here yeah yeah let’s in the bath on waiting Lake full
of fish explore you can set up camp I see do that then set up camp let’s get
some fish on the go so we’ve got people let’s max that out let’s put some more
people in here max let’s look about ordering a shipment here 13 we gotta get
start getting people in I’m gonna get another sawmill for resources sperner
about here so it covers that area this one’s working that one’s working not
sure how long it’s going to work for 4 6 6 quite a while and while we’ve got the
time looking at the sawmill over here to pick up all that slack J cool so we’ve done that we got more
people coming in at the bathhouse armed we’ve got a plan working air filtration
is working yeah cool you can turn that off a minute
it’s using an awful lot of cold someone’s fallen ill who’s homeless are
there homeless okay let’s get all that sorted out let’s do
some more on the safety side I dispensary now what this does is it
built a sort of a pharmacist sort of thing and you know potentially it’s
better it treats people quicker and gets them working I’m going to sign it
and I’m gonna I’m gonna build one pretty quick get some engineer’s in there while
I while I can let’s just cancel I put that in the wrong place then dispensary right so their production queue is off
let’s go off there let’s take that off let’s say known let’s get everybody
working on that max let’s say we want let’s turn that off for the time being
that off the time being and just run that particular plant there we need to
get people running as it is we got a stockpile of these structural profiles
we’ve got steam cause let’s see what else we can we can manufacture we got a
medical post upgrade resources let’s see sawmill upgrade that’s out
that ass nice and easy hot baths an engineer came forward
people are having it they’re having it in the hot baths what are you gonna do
yes because will sign the knocking shop all right so we’re gonna hopefully work
at capacity here let’s turn that on to get some engineers in here to help with
a sec more people are going to come in so you
can get some more things spun up and working around the food so I think we
need people working on that maximums they’re here maximum there and let’s get
some people then I think with the resource gathering post let’s put it
here get more people on the call and another gathering post what can we do got them there
they’re working there three available yeah well let’s spin Unicom why not why
not why not indeed let’s get some more tents on the go really that needs to get
cracking we got some
got some tents there as well and we got food coming in so good stuff
I think perhaps near the fishing dock up there not too sure about that though but
perhaps we should but we haven’t got the people I’m a gonna wait a little bit
because we need more people right easy for the rail toxic gases
detected dangerous concentration toxic gases got the whole construction site
breathing them will make people sick but we will keep them working we have no
choice the gases are venting from the depths of the source and their toxicity
level changes constantly okay right there so what do we got to do with this
then how is this going 25 progress time to finish that so we’ve got keep eye on
that toxicity here that’s ready so what can we do put a bit on there just turn that off let’s run it a bit
longer so we’re getting more of our sawmills
that’s where some more people what else we got here in regards of a reloading station so what’s a
reloading station do allows us to build for loading stations which gather
resources piling up at the docks Oh
the machine shops we can start building but I think we like that so I’m going to do it’s a gutsy move you got a lot of wood coming in yeah all
right do something yeah we’re gonna say I’ve done that you want campaign fuels
I’ve said this if I say company fuels your cost steel I haven’t got steel right let’s sign some ik I will sign than all that let’s pause it a minute to
pause it a minute and see what we’ve got to do so administration house of
pleasure right okay so we’ve got prozis working here
that’s great that’ll keep people happy so they say let’s build we rally with her over a long way away
from that yet let’s keep clearing all this or as the hook that we’ve left the rock
but they’re shagging in the bath so what else can you do the public house you can
employ more people okay some people are L just sick
we’ve got dispensary what more do you want what’s this now harbingers of doom
people across the whole camp leaped to their feet awakened by the sound of
Angry screeches dozens of huge birds are circling over the construction site the
Owls are back motivation will fall even before each morning right okay
so some more that then it’s a sign we dude really keeping an
eye on the gas we’re running this the mean shop machine shops being
researched let’s get that on the go so we can start building things yeah
I’ve got an awful lot of Steel on the go see we got people there let’s put some safety involved in that transports arrived great now that’s
gonna blow up not and put us behind schedule now we haven’t got a rescue team the
trap workers will live we’ve got 40 percent we can keep working let’s keep working to a homeless they
say oh well what a horrible way to die candor I think about it I must get rid of that it’s been that up
let’s get another resource sawmill on the go that will clear that out okay we got people
we got people right in the thick of it so engineers have some of those and
we’ll wait a bit longer for everything else to happen you got people working
there with wood resource Depot we’re gonna change it from construction strike
strike the people the site stop work it’s on strike right okay what you want
that’s negotiating with them give them the rest of the day off let’s give them a hearty meals almost
content to support them we should get the engineers to do the work here I’m
gonna give power to the people will sign overseers in two days so we’ve got to be
careful on that so we’ve got to get some engineer’s in let’s get some people
working there and get the steel on the go
so we’ll take that down to ten we’ll get people working on that max make it nice and safe to keep it ticking
along nicely we want to complete that say we want a complete back construction we need more steel coming in so let’s
have a look ad research food and health this will
make our people medical post upgrade resources medical post up craving it all
for let’s get our people nice and well right we’ve got that’s doing that there
that will do in a minute we had a that’s going alright okay
everything’s fine not as good as it could be but
everything’s fine okay
she got food coming in which is good people are ill though it’s engineer’s that’s going well that’s going well let’s fill this up so a man is kind of care package from
home full of food lovely marvelous but we don’t have
encourage people subverting the economy here but you know if you confiscate it
as discontent but we’ll get 50 food rations but if we give him his parcel just give him his parcel give it to him
this his you can share it if he wants to right we’ve got people working collecting steel
we need another resource depo so I’ll have two more so we can get
cracking with that we’re gonna need factory Inspectorate 60 wood 25 steel
brilliant we’ll build that now don’t say it’s crashed
oh no we’ve actually met our first milestone isn’t that fantastic I think
that’s great very happy with that

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