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Funnel Base Review (in-depth) 2020 | $2,996 of Real Bonuses!

February 22, 2020

hey what’s going on guys today I want to
give you I compromised a funnel based review which is a twenty20 brand new
massive conversion booster that was just released and one of my goals and visions
here is to supply you with as many different features proofs value benefits
and game changing hacks to increase your conversion rate no matter what industry
you’re in so that you can make an informed and educated decision at the
end regarding funnel base as to whether you should buy it or not and because you
will stay with me until the rest of the video I will amaze you with my bonuses
that literally nobody offers here in YouTube and when they say bonuses I mean
real courses that my business partner and I have invested in recently so what
I mean by that is that I would literally give to the first 10 people that decide
to get final base from my link access to one of the best e-commerce and
print-on-demand courses out there that as you can see cost 997 dollars as well
as this mind-blowing course that costs almost two thousand dollars which covers
Facebook Ads from a Tuesday by a master Facebook Ads
expert that is making a Kenyan each and every day for me stores on a daily basis
and before short plane with deserve interesting features inside the members
area as quickly answer some basic questions that some of you guys might be
asking regarding fan base so the first question is what does funnel base
basically do well the simple answer is that funnel based is using automated
product review requests via email on-site or social media then display
them as a star ratings product reviews and more in a stunning instantly live
and animated and fully customizable widget so that customers can leave a
text text ammonia a story to review or even click a button to seamlessly
capture record and display video reviews to them in order to overcome any
objection that might prevent them from pulling out their credit card and paying
for your product or service that you will be offering that you are already
offering so let me quickly show you an example of a very powerful feature which
is the product review request that you can actually store sending via email on
autopilot every time someone purchases from your website so as you can see it’s
a customized template that allows your buyers they called themselves talking
about your products and whatnot simply by clicking on record then send which
makes it very easy and smooth for them to do so
social proof boosters can be displayed in a world on your website giving a more
targeted customer experience and adding massive social proof Arsenal for higher
sales and conversions through all of your funnels and this can all be set up
from a single dashboard where all you have to do is place a line of code on
any web site like Shopify Wix Squarespace Weebly and more or if you
are using WordPress there will be a bonus plugin that will make it even
easier just connect activate and display so guys I was able to get a demo access
to funnel base in order to show you the inside of it and here is a pre-made
campaign inside funnel base that we will analyze and see the features that they
applied on it so we have to live counter that looks like that and you can design
it however you want play with the colors the text how it’s displayed and pretty
much everything let’s assume you’re using Shopify which is the most use
e-commerce platform where the majority of e-commerce stores in the world are
hosted so this is Shopify App Store or Apps Marketplace in other words where
after I typed live counter the very similar app that I found was this one
called hit counter which has a free version that displays the developers big
watermark in your site which you don’t want and guys it costs five bucks a
month as the cheapest option which is like 60 bucks a year and let’s do
another comparison between a similar Shopify app and to scratch hundred
features inside funnel base but basically allow you to gamify kinda
customer experience in your landing page and reduce your customers bounce in rate
from your site and what I found is that this very app has of course a free
version that is limited to 50 signups and then they will ask you to pay a
minimum of 10 bucks a month that turns out to be like a hundred and twenty
dollars a year which is a lot of you compare it to the full price of funnel
base and all its features that you can use not only in one of your sites but
across all of your stores and let’s just compare another feature which is the
famous review widget that only displays the four and five stores reviews in your
site and as you can see this app called judge taught me that I found very
similar to what founder base offers when it comes to product reviews so the point
is that this optimization step or conversion booster apps in other words
will cost you like a hundred 20 dollars a year alone which adds up to
you really AB expenses or as you can get funnel base for a very affordable price
today and benefit from tens of amazing features today to improve your
conversion rate overnight and give a good customer experience to your new and
existing buyers so if you’re really enjoying my reviews so far and wondering
how you are going to install it first and how it’s going to work on your
website when you decide to buy it well it’s very easy and all you have to do is
log into your funnel based account create a funnel using the very newbie
friendly and step-by-step wizard and by the way you will have plus than 50
campaign stars ready to you that you can choose from basically so you’ll have to
add just one line of code to any patch or integration and the 24/7 support of
funnel base will show you how right after you sign up for final base so we
won’t have to pay for any kind of freelancers or coders in Fiverr
upwork to the word for you then funnel base will soar displaying powerful
social proofs in your store and I promise you that you will be reaping the
benefits of increased conversions leads and sales from all of your traffic in
your first days after we install funnel base in your website and by the way it
needless to worry about your site speed because a line of code will not mess up
with your site’s loading speed so I think that’s pretty much it and now I
want to tell you something about the bonuses that I’ll be offering you so I
did something can recently I then thought to myself how can I
significantly improve the experience of pitch and everyone that gets funnel base
from my link down below in the description and they found out that
share with you my digital courses that have tremendously helped me so far are
the best bonuses I could offer so the first bonus is just in Skinner’s
bootcamp course which is honestly the best e-commerce course out there he
covers everything from dropship and automation to print-on-demand
Facebook Ads Instagram influencers he even offers us a sources and suppliers
that will do business with you if they know that you are a students of him and
much much more value in his course so you can do some dicking and googling
from your end to know more about the course that actually cost about 2 grand
and absolutely worth the money and you know what our link the actual sales page
of the course below so that you can check it out yourself but lucky you if
you are from the first 10 people that will buy from my link which will allow
me to get a small referral fee basic because as I said before I will give you
my personal access to the course right after you purchase and the second bonus
that you will get from me will be Facebook Ads mastery from shifts our it
cost two thousand dollars and chief by the way is one of the most 25
influential PPC experts in the world and in case you don’t know what that purpose
is stands for it is pay per click so I also link to the official search page of
the course down below because honestly we can’t keep talking about how amazing
our insight for this course is four days so the best thing I had to do in this
case is to let you guys check out of this course by yourselves but if you are
not interested in one of the bonuses I’m offering I can offer you other kind of
bonuses such as affiliate marketing courses or Amazon FBA mastery courses by
the best in the industry I mean guys that are actually in the trenches when
it comes to a DTH so all you have to do to get my bonuses is to make sure to buy
funnel base from the first link below and email me to receive after you make
the purchase then I will send you all the bonuses the same they all receive
the email that’s 100% but if you have any other questions and want to talk
about one obeys all my bonuses please feel free to send me an email which is
displayed now in the screen and you will also find it in the description so I
hope you enjoyed my review so far and don’t forget to drop a like and
subscribe and thanks for watching thus Funnel base is a SaaS platform where you can send automated product review requests via email, on site or social media – then display them as star ratings, product reviews and more in a stunning, instantly live, animated and fully customisable widget.

These social proof boosters can be displayed anywhere on your website giving a more targeted customer experience and adding massive social proof for higher sales conversions.

Integrations include Zapier, Shopify, WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, Weebly and many more… , or if you’re using WordPress our bonus plugin makes it even easier. Just connect, activate and display.

There are 14 different high impact conversion campaign types available:
Social Proof, Latest Conversion, Customer Review, Conversions Counter, Live Counter
Leads Capture, Email Collector, Request Collector, Countdown Collector, Users Retention, Scratch Coupon, Social Share, Emoji Feedback, Score Feedback, Info Marketing, Video, Informational, Cookies Alerts

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