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Germany Error 25 pfennig coin

February 13, 2020

so anyway hello fellow coin collectors
are you going this is Glenn today we have a 25 in ink from Germany and the
good thing about this coin is that is actually an error coin so this is a mint
mark so stuck cut and if you have a look under the 25 so let’s try and get
focused okay if i zoom in you’ll see that they’re actually lines so what
we’re talking about here ears on top of the a it goes down fruity a and the stop
there the N so this is probably a continuation of the n bar so engraving
and you got one here so don’t worry about that let’s just post me damage so
it’s a scratch and this one is probably words patty year and I have seen a few
days on the F mint mark but there’s not too many
most of the fmet marks don’t actually have this type of error on the actual
coin and as you can see it’s actually a well circulated coin and now I have gone
a bit closer and as you can see that is definitely part of the coin if you
rotate it you can see the various ones and sometimes they actually go up into
the actual number look there’s a die crack there as well and it goes up into
the to see this one does connect up into the two there’s another die crack down
down there and that’s another good thing so any doubling with the lettering no
but another good Phineas if we look at this side you can see there is a crack
it actually starts here goes all the way around to the date just go to the yes it
continues all the way on into rush marks and
I see it actually stops there stops aboutness it I and that’s actually
pretty good if we go around the other side
bumps drop the actual coin you can see goes on the other side as well
okay it’s actually pretty well formed I cracked most the other ones don’t she
have East well formed okay so that goes through Deutsch which means German to 2h
and leave it stops in the H that’s about it it’s have any doubling on the
lettering because we’ve got the lighter than angle it looks like that the
doubling could be just like reflection which it is so if you turn it around see
it looks like doubling but if you turn it around like that if that disappears
so there is no doubling on this coin although I have seen doubling our
network oins that’s actually quite nice seeing probably fine very fine condition
because this is pretty circulated this is pretty worn so that’s fine condition
for it to be very financially say for it to be fine condition this will probably
have to disappear for it to be EF condition this will have to be pretty
much all the outline and a lot of the details actually needs to be in there so
that is a nice coin and how do I notice a die crack well yeah it’s just from
experience so it’s just a thin line actually goes along it actually doesn’t
go through date he joins on to the date so that’s a weak point and it goes down
to the side of the coin this one actually does go through the lettering
so but it’s just you know the way it actually looks
it’s a beautiful die crack so I’m not too familiar cost
from what I’ve seen there probably about $50 with this error on it
although if the coin actually is not showing in air it’s probably about 15 to
20 dollars per coin but I see a lot of coins are actually for sale probably the
owner doesn’t know that it actually has this type of error on it so they just
sell it as a normal coin so please if your fine line and your CDs and it’s
under $20 it’s probably really good to buy it this would be a good investment
then you can probably sell on for like 50 dollars or even more every 10
uncirculated condition well it’s going to be worth a lot more anyway so anyway
I hope this video informed you about an era in there 25 inning German coin
usually an F mint mark haven’t seen any honor ace I’ve seen very few on the DS
but they’re mainly the dire cracks on this side
none of the DS actually have this error and the other two mints oh I think it’s
d j ng I haven’t seen any errors on those coins as well so after awesome
coin collecting time a leaving a link down below to ebay you can try and find
some and keep collecting thank you very much watching my video and have an
awesome coin collecting time


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