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Get More Twitch Subscribers & Bits By Correctly Using Hype Trains Today

February 14, 2020

hey hey hey you know what’s better than
getting bits and subs how about getting more bits and more subs and in this
video I’m gonna show you why you should be using the new twitch hype train and
how it’s gonna get you more bits more subs and overall you’re gonna be able to
make more money on every single stream you do from here on out let’s go! Hey all Wild coming at you if this is your first time here and you’re looking how to
become bigger and better with your streaming content creation you came to
the right place hit that sub button down below and hit that bell so you know in
my videos go live for you now I know what you’re thinking am I really gonna
talk about hype trains this late in the game even though they’ve been out for
quite some time and yeah I am because I want to give you the correct information
to make them better for you now hype trains are really nothing new they
actually stem from the old days of streaming from sub trains and follower
trains where essentially you would have a countdown clock that would count down
from like 5 or 10 minutes and it would be to entice people to follow or
subscribe and when they would it would fetch out to Twitter’s API letting you
know that action took place and then that clock would reset back to like 5 or
10 minutes whatever it was set up and start counting down again and this would
entice people to follow or subscribe and not let that clock reach 0 kind of a
cool idea poorly executed back in the day really unique when it first came out
but as the days went on it became really annoying to have these alerts and
countdowns take up a lot of the space a lot of hype trains still have the same
problem they’re too intrusive they take up a lot of screen space and a lot and
play some god-awful sounds and the nice thing about the twitch hype train is
they really took that in consideration and the Hype-ness takes part on top of the
header of the twitch channel chat section so it’s off the video player and
it’s actually on the channel chat itself for you to see all the integration work
to your benefit these twitch hype trains are really
awesome because the fact that they’re not annoying and they’re executed really
well essentially you get to have these gigantic super celebrations with your
community now that you understand how the twitch hypetrain
is built well for the viewing audience let’s talk about how it’s actually gonna
help you get more money because I’m pretty sure that’s why you clicked on
this video to begin with essentially when viewers give you bits or when
viewers subscribe or gift subscriptions it can activate a hype train on your
channel and the sole purpose of this is to entice people to keep that hype train
going from one tier to the next to encourage them to reach in to their
pocketbook or to engage a little bit more to get the hype rolling on your
channel and when it does roll out with the hype that is an opportunity for you
to make more money so why does this matter to someone like you out there
well there’s been tons of articles written from like stream lab stream
Hatchett stream elements all those analytical companies out there that
having on-line alerts and displays really increases the revenue that you
can make on your channel and the new twitch hype train is a visual format
of getting more monetization in your stream thus it’s gonna fall into the
same category so essentially by using the new twitch hype train you can be
making more money it’s a more visual impact it’s going to entice and
encourage people currently in your community to give more bits to give more
subscriptions or subscribe for the first time and this can have a huge windfall
for you does that make sense good I’m glad it does now obviously the
most important part is setting up your twitch hypetrain on your own channel and
that’s very simple so let me show you that log in to your twitch account go to
the top right corner where you can go to the creator dashboard in the top left
corner will give you the accordion section where you can click on
preferences and go to affiliate or if your partner click on partner when this
page loads scroll almost all the way to the bottom where you see community
support and here is where you’ll see hypetrain
by default hypetrain is ticked off so if you want to start using it make sure you
tick it on below enable is where you can customize your hypetrain you can set the
kickoff threshold the level goals and also the cool-down period make sure you
play around with these and tailor them toward your
if I can give you one bit advice I would most likely recommend starting off it
easy and get a feel for how your community like sub trains if they start
doing them lot you can slowly start moving these up to harder and harder and
harder goal levels to be honest when I first heard about this new element
coming to twitch I literally was like whatever that’s cool but now that I’ve
played around within a few weeks I really really liked it and I have seen
an increase in bits subscriptions and gift subscriptions so I know it’s gonna
work for you too now if I could give you one little hidden tip that’s gonna make
hype trains work even more for you try to be more of a Salesman have a little
more charisma when those hype trains go because you want to encourage people to
get that energy to get that hype so that way they’re gonna support you to go from
level 1 2 3 4 and up to 5 to unlock all those fun emotes start becoming a little
bit of a Salesman and hype up your own channel so that way it’s gonna be epic
for when you reach those tiers on that train never be afraid to promote or hype
yourself get the energy flowing because that’s the only way you’re truly gonna
be successful with using hype trains correctly and oh yeah make sure to
always say thank you to the people that helped build that hype train that’s a
free tip for you now the only thing that I don’t like about the twitch hype train
is the fact that it’s lacking a little bit of an incentive for the community
and I have an idea for anybody out there and the twitch universe or works at
twitch perhaps this can gain a little bit traction with all you people out
there it would be cool if perhaps would ever tear that that hype train reached
you let’s just say 1 through 5 you can get between 100 and 500 channel points
that you could distribute to the community I feel like it’d be a fun
little way to reward them so that way they can have even more fun beyond the
emotes the unlock alright I’m really curious how many out there have tried
the new hype train do you like it do you not like it what would you change about
it what would you add to it make sure you leave me a comment down below cuz I
would really love to hear your feedback now since we talked about twitch channel
points perhaps you don’t know exactly what those are or how to use them to
your best of your abilities which is why I’m gonna put a video over here to the
side that’s gonna help you understand everything you need to know about twitch
channel points now you can unlock them and how you can
use them it’s a great video recommend checking it out until next time my name
is Wild4Games helping you be bigger and better blah blah blah and all those
fun things we’re gonna peace out and obviously have a good one take care and
of course PEACE


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