Getting your flossing string stuck? Water Flossing: Waterpik Aquarius WP-660P Review Cruncher Beauty

September 30, 2019

Product Reviews [Crunch Crunch] Water Flossers: Waterpik Aquarius WP-660 Summarized Ratings: Date of this review: March 22, 2017 Total customer reviews: 6,394 Comprised of: 79% good ratings, 14% average ratings, 7% bad ratings. Summarized Reviews: Pros • Awarded and approved by the ADA council on scientific affairs
• Proven scientific studies show Waterpik is more efficient than string flossing
• Comes with 7 tips depending on your teeth and gums condition/situation
• 10 water pressure settings / water flow modes / 90 seconds of water use
• Comes with a 3 year warranty (North America only) Cons: • Most reservoir leakages are happening after the 30 day return policy
• The handle and hose joining loosens due to water pressure
• Device’s motor can stop working after several months of use
• With some devices, the on/off switch is stuck or non responsive
• Noisy device / pricier than string flossing / not portable Reasons this product might be for you: • You prefer a superior and more hygienic method of flossing
• If you have orthodontic braces, crowns, tooth fillings, bridges, implants
• To prevent or reduce periodontal pockets, furcation and gingivitis
• You want easier reach and access to every part of your gums and teeth
• You want to maintain the health of your teeth and teeth roots What are your thoughts on this product? To grow this channel… comment, like, share and subscribe! Take a look at the other reviews.

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