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Google Ads Shopping Campaigns Explained in 2019 – Google Merchant Center

November 22, 2019

Someone asked me what is Google shopping
what is it what is it what is Google shopping in 2019 well fair enough look
most people they don’t know what Google shopping is even if they’ve used it as a
consumer essentially Google shopping is a cost-per-click form of advertising
that is usually above the search and paid organic results or for lesser
searched items you can find them in the shopping tab of the Google search
results it is created in the Google Ads account and it connects people directly
with the products that they want to buy you’ll need a Google Merchant Center in
order for the Google Ads account to show the shopping ads on the Google search
results I’ll go into more detail with the Google Merchant Center later in the
video but first hit like comment and subscribe below to get more information
firstly we want to find out why Google Shopping ads are so important Google
shopping ads allow you to show your products with also the prices and any
value-added propositions that might be available to a potential customer this
means that your potential buyer has a high intent to buy because they’ve seen
all the information before they spend your cost per click and also when
landing them directly on the page where the product is so they don’t have to
jump through any hurdles to buy your product who can use Google Shopping ads
you’d have to check out Google policy to make sure that your site and product are
up to par but most businesses that are of an e-commerce variety are able to use
Google Shopping ads there are a number of Google policies that you’d have to
adhere to in order to get on the Google Shopping platform however most of these
relate to things like privacy for your clients and also returns policy that’s
solid if you can do google shopping you sure
particularly if you’ve got a value proposition on your product that is
better than your competition such as better value or better quality it’s very
likely that your competitors are already on Google Shopping and so you need to be
there to firstly you need to make sure that your Google product feed also known
as the data feed is compliant with Google policy I’ll save you some time
and put the link in the description below secondly you need to make sure
that your meta titles in your meta descriptions for each and every one of
your products is clear and concise as to what the product is because that acts as
a keyword signal to Google to show your product on the Google Shopping Network
thirdly you may need to limit the amount of products you’re showing on Google
Shopping for a variety of reasons such as profit margins or revenue there is a
bunch of advanced techniques using product grouping and a groups that would
require its own video if you’d like to see that video throw it in the comments
below and hit like and subscribe with any budget it’s always best to choose
your best sellers your highest profit or your highest margin as the products to
target first however if you can you can also employ a version of the core theory
which I have a video right here check it out because it can help you make a
decent ROI through your Google Shopping campaign I mentioned the Google Merchant
Center earlier on in this video I’ll link it in the description below but
essentially what you have to think about the Google Merchant Center as is it is
the connection between your website and the Google Ads account essentially the
Google Merchant Center translates the information from your product feed and
allows Google to put that information on the Google shopping campaign there is
a minimum amount of data on the product feed that’s required for the Google
Merchant Center to put the data on to Google Shopping
my recommendation however is to get as much information on that Google product
feed in order to maximize the advanced techniques further along down the track
it’s probably best to employ a web developer in order to get the maximum
amount of data that it’s possible on that product feed I’m a huge fan of
Google shopping campaigns because they’ve helped my clients make a lot of
money if you’d like to find out a little bit more let me know in the comments
below hit like because I like you and subscribe to this channel you

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