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Google Ads Tips 2020 – Optimise, Optimise, Optimise

February 14, 2020

Hello everyone. I’ve successfully been running my own Google Ads campaigns for many years. And I now run Google Ads campaigns for companies in the UK and America. My videos this year are aimed at helping you with your Google Ads campaigns. Keep watching as here comes video number 6 with the next tip that will help you save money and be successful using Google Ads. So, my next tip is…. Make sure that you are continually optimising your campaigns. I’ve spoken to many business owners over the years that run their own Google Ads campaigns and one thing I’ve learnt is that very few of them have in place any strategy to optimise. The tendency seems to be that they get everything set up but then they don’t look at the campaigns very often afterwards. To get Google Ads to perform well and keep your cost per click as low as possible, you should perform regular tasks. Testing different Ads to find the ones that give the highest click through rate. Checking for any words that you need to add in as negative keywords. Looking for low performing keywords that you might want to remove. These are just a few things that you need to be doing on a regular basis in order to make Google Ads perform well. That’s it for this video and I hope you’ve found it helpful. Remember If you’d like any help with your Google Ads campaigns, why not give me a call. Come on let’s have a coffee.

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