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Gordon Ramsay Twitter Roasts [Best Of]

November 9, 2019

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Ramsay will cast you out form on our Gordon Ramsay, what do you think of my
flooded burger looks like the bottom of a dishwasher after a busy cycle made
dinner what do you think forking gross hey Gordon Ramsay what do you think of
my boyfriend’s breakfast making skills dumpin he’s 28 years of age and he can’t
even fry an egg please rate my duvet Lysander from their real chutney I
didn’t know you can tweet from prison my mate sent me a picture of his dinner
what do you think did his dog play one in the pan rate my dinner out of ten are
you in a biology lesson please rate my lunch my dad made it looks like a
baseball glove how do you feel it about my school’s chicken parmesan if that’s chicken parmesan then I’m
running for the next president what do you think of my boyfriend’s cloud eggs looks like my granddad’s kneecaps what
do you think about my buffalo wings I’m more worried about your boy a per feet
disgusting seriously dear chef I need your thoughts about my
omelet please my first attempt and I think I nailed it et is coming to a
plate near you treating myself to some noodles and shrimp what do you think I’m
not sure what’s more off-putting your food or your toes they’re longer
than your noodles pretty sure this is the best poached egg in a noodle soup
you will see all day looks like toxic scum on a stagnant pool the school’s
burger what do you think sigh we dis every day depressing I’ve seen better
food in prisons what do you think me I feel sick look at this meal I cooked
for my man I hope he’s done a runner just whipped up burgers and egg rolls
what do you think burnt egg rolls
burnt buns dry burger the only thing missing is a new battery for your
smuggler Andrew how did my grandmother on this lasagna it looks as dry as my
grandma she passed 20 years ago what do you think of these nachos let us pray
you have some sick competition is that a doormat what do you think 3 stars you’ve
got a great future in my industry as a customer how can my school lunch improve shut it down
how does my dinner tonight look but still getting the timing down for
cooking steak in the broiler when your plate is more attractive than your food
got to stop blaming the broiler I just won apt you it’s so raw it’s still
running around the field please rate my school cafeterias steak and potatoes change schools how do my empanadas look sad my roast chicken what do you think
Gordon Ramsay you’re supposed to roast the chicken not
take it to the crematorium how does my Dingle okay even your dog is
not interested hey Gordon how about giving my cheese egg Mayo toast a spot
on your restaurant menu looks like the inside of my granddad’s colostomy bag
what do you think about my chicken potpie made from scratch you bought it your box is in the
background thoughts on the chicken and waffles I prepared how many days did you
cook the chicken for the portion is small but what do you think John your
rice looks older than me hi what do you think of my cake I made thanks XO kitty did you drop it Gordon Ramsay what
do you think of this steak new battery for your smoke alarm what did you think
of the egg that I made dear Youssef you’re useless slaved over
this for hours how’s my dinner looking mr. Ramsay congratulations
I’ve never seen legs that dry Gordon Ramsay breakfast stay or breakfast B I’d
rather wait for lunch does this look like fried shrimp to you how many days
did you fry them for Alex what do you think of my friends french toast an
insult to France made chicken alfredo today with veggies what do you think chicken alfredo chicken I’m afraid all
to eat judge my Valentine’s Day themed vegetarian Sri Racha taco I made please this is why I am NOT a vegetarian hey
Gordon Ramsay visual quality good on my omelette looks like a rug pad how does my began
lasagna look I’m a member of Petter people eating tasty animals what do you
think of my candle lit dinner no wonder you’re still single what do you think of
last night’s dinner did it just come back up what do you think of my mac and
cheese grilled cheese a double stack of crap what do you think of my flatmates
meal look for a new flatmate quick Gordon Ramsay how did I do get some
glasses Tyler what do you think of this rainbow bagel is that a dog – Jordan how’s our fried
chicken looking chef they look like my granddad’s elbows in the crematorium thoughts on my fish and chips pain what’s the toil stick type of sauce on
the Left how do you like the cake I made for my dad’s birthday is he still
talking to you Haley chef right my chocolate pups did
you sit on him this is my school’s idea of a barbecue beef burger please confirm
my suspicions that this is roadkill are you sure there’s beef inside that
weird-looking rectangular thing schools should know better how’s my Scottish breakfast look heart
attack on a plate college cooking chicken breast with garlic and paprika
as well as some spinach it tastes good at least what do you think nothing worse
than to drive rests what do you think of my Kino uh Sally Wow how many rabbits do
you have what do you think of my great chicken could you not hear your fire
alarm my good friend told me to show you this masterpiece what do you think I can
hear your fire alarm from here homemade cauliflower pizza with tandoori chicken
thoughts heartbreaking what do you think of my fianc is skilled pork loin marry
him Gordon please rate my food


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    Love it when my hubby ruins peoples dreams

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    The way the voice pronounced Vada sambhar and nariyal chutney,
    I'm wheezing lol

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    Looks like 0:58 and 1:10 look like a rat and cut-off fingers.

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