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Groupon Product Research Method – Shopify Dropshipping

October 17, 2019

This is the Groupon method Hey guys, what’s up today? I’m going to be revealing one of the methods that has helped me find many many small winners This is a product research strategy that can actually give you social evidence on if something is wanted one needed The Groupon strategy is basically a golden group website go through the top selling products and seeing which products are top sellers You know Groupon re does the research they’ve done their research To know which part to buy bulk in to them sell to the everyday consumer So they’ve done research, you know Which printed by Bob so if their research is good enough for them for them to spend Thousands and thousands of dollars to power up stock with all that product then it would be perfect for us You know, they’ve done with the research so what we’re gonna do is go ahead and just jump on their site and see what’s selling and basically dropship that product because if it’s only on their site then a lot of people probably want it and if you put an ad in Front of people’s faces that haven’t checked out grouper if Groupon has shown that product is selling a lot in its hot There’s probably still a large market especially worldwide of people who? Subconsciously want it but just haven’t seen the product so they haven’t thought about buying it So what we go ahead and do is get these products test on Facebook shove these ads in front of people’s faces They go ahead and see it and subconsciously they’re gonna be like wow This is something I need and then they’ll go ahead and purchase it because you know Groupon isn’t going ahead and showing these Products to people in front of their faces people have to search up on Groupon for this product So many people are ready searching for it. Imagine the amount of people that don’t search things They just sort of scroll through facebook doing their thing. They’re do much shopping online They go ahead and show the product and give it to them right in their faces. There’s a good chance that they’re gonna purchase I’m gonna insert the Groupon method straight from my 21 product research mastery course and I’ll be giving it to you guys for free now If you guys want to learn seven product research methods that are probably just like this or better free I got a webinar that’s linked in the description below in my weapon. I’m going to give away seven strategies in total So this is for free like those who want to pay and purchase you could go ahead and get my 21 product research mastery course But who wants seven methods straight-up for free check out my webinar below in the description But yet hope you guys enjoy the video now Before I show you guys the grouper method be sure to LIKE the video if you liked the free Value that I’m giving you guys On top of that comment any questions below if you want more product research strategies for free, product research Strategies on top of that don’t forget to subscribe because I’m dropping golden nuggets like these daily now if you want to work one-on-one with me and Get and have me basically look over your shoulder when it comes to prote research finding your winner scanning definitely apply for my mentorship Application linked in the description below. But yeah, here’s a Groupon method Alright, so here’s another interesting method that no one knows about this is another method that I actually learned from Steve dad’s mastermind which I paid $12,000 for this is the Groupon method what you want to do is you want to go to deals on your day? Your point is super super popular in the United States and this is showing what? United States people in the US are currently wanting and buying as you can see The first one is a tempered glass screen protector. This is really hot The water proof in shower speakers. This is really hot nonstick pan sweat cylinder This potty trainer these are really really hot products and I’ve seen this print on demand products So a lot of products either this I’ve seen this easy-easy crib jar opener. There’s a hot product So magic testing folks that haven’t made tested such as these Candy machine these memory foam like I’m actually gonna test out this part because this is really interesting stuff like This I haven’t seen this So there’s many many different ideas and the deals of the day actually changed daily So we only go on is you want to go in here daily and 5? Approaches that haven’t been tested. Haven’t been saturated Because for example this part I haven’t seen this advertised on Facebook. This was on a Base watch count top watched products now. It’s here. It’s on Amazon So I think this has high potential I should gonna test this product So, this is pretty cool how you can just leave your phone I guess all of this is super cool as you can see, this is the Groupon method I just wanted to this is a pretty short video, but I just wanted to share another method as you can see this I’m giving it a because I just have so many strategies I’ve collected over the past year to have constantly product researching and I just want to give it to you guys or That’s my goal. Hence This is gonna be the world’s best drop shipping product research course Hey guys. Hope you guys like that module That’s basically footage from a 21 product research mastery program, but I’m not here to pitch you guys But if you guys want seven methods completely free check out my webinar in the description. It’s completely free I’m not getting you guys to pay anything. You know, how I’m not gonna waste your time on your webinar I’m gonna be giving you guys Seven different product research methods unlike so many other gurus now those who wanna sort of master product research find the first winning Part be put in a group chat, wherever on Swabians fella definitely go ahead and buy the 21 product research mastery program But those who want seven strategies straight up for free check out the webinar before because if you like this chatty You’re gonna definitely love the webinar – with free product research strategies. But yeah, hopefully you guys like this video I’ll be seeing gossamer. Peace


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    can you make a video about what to do when ad sets become inconsistent

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    More product research strategies for sure

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    hay dude nice to see you i want to open my shopify store can u help me how to start i mean from wich of your videos i can start to watch ??

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