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Heal Comp Plan – Heal Review BONUSES

November 8, 2019

– Hey, Michael Mansell here. And man this video you’ve
gotta be totally tuned in to, because I’m not only gonna
totally break down exactly what is Heal, why does it have so many people online amped up, but I’m gonna break it down and actually explain
the compensation plan. ‘Cause a lot of people are just, they’re not getting the compensation plan and how actually simple it is, but it’s very different than the traditional comp plans that you might see out there. Because it’s rewarding
everybody, literally. And I’ve not been able to make this claim in any other
business I promote online. Literally every single person that has joined me in Heal
has already made money. They’ve already got commissions
showing in the back office. And I’m getting messages just
like this every single day of people saying “Wow I’ve
only referred a couple people “and I’ve already got
commissions from five people!” Or “I haven’t recruited anybody yet “and I’ve already got
commissions from three people!” And that’s the uniqueness
of this compensation plan. One of the main reasons
why I was like man, I’ve gotta take a look at this. But then I got in and wow, my mind was blown and that’s what we’re
gonna get in to here. Be sure to stay until the end of the video because I’m giving away
some massive bonuses for anybody that joins me in promoting the Heal movement through myself and Affiliate Marketing Pros. So stay tuned for that. (upbeat electronic music) All right so here I am in the
back office of my account. And as you can see, it’s really, really professionally done. Everything’s laid out here, what we need to know. You can see
(website dings) total earnings up here right now. My personally enrolled. Now when it says personally enrolled, these are actually opt-ins.
(computer dings) These are how many people have actually gone through the funnel and put in their name and email address.
(computer dings) They’re all just considered
pre-enrollees specifically. And out of that, I have generated almost
$1,600 in commissions. You can see all the commissions
coming in right here. The reason I’m showing you this is ’cause this is what you’re gonna get to see in your back office
as you refer other people. But this one right here is cool, because this is a
straight line commission. I don’t know this person,
I didn’t refer this person. But this person came in after me in the straight line compensation plan, and so I got a $1.97
from that product sale. This is a product sale for
the immune booster product, so I got $12 commission from that, another commission earned
there from the VIP. So as you can see down the way here, a lot of commissions. There’s another straight line commission. And as you saw a couple of seconds ago, a lot of my team members are
getting commissions as well. It’s not just me. Like literally every single person that has joined myself
or somebody on my team has gotten and earned commissions. And a lot of these people have never earned
commissions online before. So I’m super excited about that. So you can see all that there. The three products that they currently have active in here is
the VIP suitcase coach, the Big Profile Profits program, and the IAM 21 day challenge. There are links in the
description of this video, you guys can go there and check out those products for yourself. They’re really cool products. I can tell you as an
online content creator and an educator and a trainer for people for online affiliate marketing programs, that it is spot on. And it is current, it
is fresh, it is real, and it’s stuff that everybody needs to know if you’re going to do
any kind of marketing online. The other thing that I wanna show you here in the back office is the Heal story. So if you do nothing else but click the link in the
description of this video, go get your free account set up. ‘Cause you can go in, you
can set up your free account, you can explore this back office, you can check it all out yourself. And you can lock in
your current position in that straight line commission. That will expire, so don’t
just sit on it forever, but you can go in there. And what you wanna do
is you wanna go in here and look at the Heal story. You gotta go through
Stephen Munson’s story of what he’s gone through in his life. Some of the struggles he’s had. Physical, mental, emotional. This guy is raw, he’s real, and he’s relatable. And that has all the parts
to not just a good story, but something that will
inspire others to take action. And he’s documented everything. So this alone, going through and looking at the story, and reading and watching
his story, is phenomenal. So you gotta get in there and check that out. Now they do have physical products. The physical products are the immune boosting support products, which are great products. My wife and I are taking them. And these are products that have been on the market for a while. They’ve just attained and acquired the exclusive
rights to these products. Again there is a link in the description of this video where you can go and read all about the product and learn all about that. I’ll do a separate video actually reviewing the product itself. But you guys get commission
on all of these product sales. So these product sales,
the apparel product sales. So if anybody goes in here and buys a shirt, or a hat, or a backpack, you guys get commissions
on it, 20% commissions. Which is really, really cool that you can get commissions
on those product sales. Now the marketing tab. This is where this program really starts to shine when it comes
to being professional. They’ve got the entire marketing
system already in here. And it’s all included for you for that low $49 per month price. You don’t have to go and spend more money for this. It’s all included. And they have various capture pages that you can start out with. You can post it directly to Facebook. You can send this link out in email. You know, send it to a friend. Send traffic to it. I teach you guys how I send cold traffic to my lead capture pages inside my private Affiliate Marketing
Pros membership website. Which you’re gonna get bonus access to if you join through the link in the description of this video. But then you also have sales page they do. So if you wanted to just promote the Big Profile Profits program, you could be sending people
directly to that program and sell that as an independent program and earn those commissions. Then if you just wanna send people to the APCO America immune boosting immune support supplements,
you can just sell that. Or if you just wanna
run a separate campaign to that product, you can do that as well. They provide you specific links
for those various products. They have in here all the banner images that you might wanna have if you’re posting
this on your website. They have a video in here you can download and leverage which is really cool. And then they provide you with
swipe copy in here as well. And you guys can go in and you guys can explore all these things. I’m not gonna spend a ton of time going through
each one of these steps. I really want to break down
the compensation plan though for you because it is extremely powerful and it’s what getting so many people paid. And before I get into the compensation plan for Discover Heal, I want to show you the
guys the products here. So the Heal VIP, this is the base package that you can purchase. There are a ton of good videos in here and it’s by Stephen Munson and a lot of other people in here, teaching you a ton of different things. He’s a world traveler, he teaches how he
travels around the world, and yet still get paid. He teaches people some motivation stuff, and mindset things, and how to, you know, run
your business part time. So there’s a ton of great content in here. And even you can hear
from the community in here and what people have learned and testimonials of what they’ve learned. And how they’ve applied it to their life. That’s in the base program. Then there’s the Big
Profile Profits program. This is all inside of a Facebook group, and they break down and teach you guys. They’ve got great modules in here that break down, you know, the very steps of how
to create your brand, how to attract buyers to your product. Messenger money methods, which is teaching you how to
leverage Facebook messenger, which is a method I’ve
used for several years, and it’s exactly what you need to know in order to be
leveraging those methods. Then they go down in here to a 90 day calendar so
you can really map out what you need to be doing each day to be growing your business. And then a $100 per day done
for you business model as well. So that is really cool, private Facebook group
you guys get access to. They’re gonna be moving a lot of this content into the back office, but for now it is just
in that Facebook group. Which is really cool ’cause you get to meet all the other people in the course and talk to them and bounce ideas off, and really collaborate and do a lot of networking
in there as well. And then the IAM challenge. This is really all about
mental, and spiritual, and emotional healing. And this is really,
really valuable content. And it goes 21 days. So you go through this and they go through the seven pillars of having a healthy life. And he really breaks down
the various things you need to be focused on. And he just takes one every
single day for 21 days. And if you go through all
21 days, I assure you, you are gonna be having some transformational things
happen in your life and the people that are around you. So this one program, to me, is like the gold of all the programs. So if you guys can do VIP, do VIP. If you can go all in, go all
in, get all three products, and jump on that bundled pricing which is really, really cool. And then under team, under team you can see
all of your signups. This is everybody that’s come in through the lead capture pages that have created their free account. And it loads in here and it shows you everybody’s information, and shows you exactly who’s come in, what time they’ve come in. And even what lead capture
page they came in through. So you can really track all of that stuff. And then this is a really cool thing. In our group we welcome
everybody to our Facebook group, and they make it super easy to go in here and create welcome graphics for your team. So you don’t have to be a graphic designer to figure any of that out. So literally I can go here, and lemme just do, I can say William, and say he’s VIP. I’m gonna come here and pick a photo. So I’m gonna drag in a photo of William. We can center that, save it. And instantly it’s going
to create a little image that I can now post in to the
Discover Heal Facebook group and welcome my new member
William in to the group! It’s that simple, it’s
that straightforward. Makes it super simple, you can share it on
your social media walls. It’s a great marketing tool so that you can show the community and the people that’re coming in and joining you inside of Heal. And then under here they’ve
got some other things, including commissions, and
leaderboards, and such like that. So lemme show you this
too on the leaderboard. Not bragging, but I’m just showing you, like we know what we’re doing inside of Affiliate Marketing Pros here. I joined about five days ago and I’ve already jumped up to number two spot on the
leaderboard for the leads. I’m in number four spot
for the most amount of VIPs signed up. And I’m very quickly jumping up and moving up this commissions
earned very quickly. But what I really love is that I’m seeing on
here, I’m seeing several of my Affiliate Marketing Pros
team members on here as well. Excited about that because
I’m really interested in helping you make money. At the end of the day
it doesn’t really matter how much money I can make, it’s how much money I can help you make. How much healing I can help you with. How much prosperity I
can help direct your way. How much abundance I can help you claim. And I just love seeing all of my team members littered
across this leaderboard. Like this right here
is really, really cool. You know, Tanya, she just
joined a couple of days ago and she’s on fire, she’s
already on the leaderboard, she’s going after it! They’ve got a lot of other products that are coming down the pipeline as well. I actually just got off the
phone with Stephen Munson and spoke to him for a good while. Just kind of getting the vision of where the company’s going. What other additional products
they’re gonna be bringing in, how they’re gonna be structured. Some additional compensation plan things that they’re working on. So there’s a lot of cool, exciting things happening right now inside of Heal, Discover Heal. And I want you to be a part of it. I want you to be a part
of what we’re doing inside of the Heal community. And I’m gonna give you a
lot of additional support, a lot of additional
value to join with myself or one of my existing Affiliate
Marketing Pros members. So I’m gonna give you
guys a lot of bonuses. But I told you guys I wanted to talk about the compensation plan, so that’s what I’m gonna
get in to right now. And then right after I talk
about the compensation plan, I will tell you guys
about the exciting bonuses that you’re gonna get
access to for joining myself or somebody in my Affiliate
Marketing Pros team. So let’s get right in to that. And so these are the financial
rewards you can receive for promoting the Heal network. So first and foremost, to become a qualified affiliate, you do need to do the
$49 a month VIP plan. That locks you into that
straight line commission plan, gets you those straight line commissions, and qualifies you for these
additional commissions. So the first one right
here is the 33% coach VIP, so that means every single person that you personally refer, you’re gonna make 33% residual
income every single month they pay their VIP membership. That’s ongoing residual income. As long as they’re paying,
you’re getting 33%, so that’s really, really cool. And then the straight line
commission is that 10%. So 10% of the straight
line, you’re going to get. And it’s on 10 positions, so that means that you’re going to get paid 1% on each position. And this is the way this works and some people get a little confused or just plain get it wrong on how the straight line works is
the instant you put your name and email address into the
link that’s in the description of this video here, that’s
gonna give you a timestamp. And it’s gonna give you a
number, it’s an ID number. And that ID number is unique to you and from that point forward, anyone down for the next 10 positions that purchases a product, whether you referred them or not, you’re going to get 1% of their purchase. And it’s not a ton of money, you’re not gonna get rich
over night off of that. But what’s really cool
is it will make sure that you get some commissions, ’cause people are joining
every single hour, every single minute in
this program with Heal. So locking that timestamp in, you’re gonna start getting those. Now if you do not upgrade to VIP or one of the higher levels, you will miss out on those commissions. In fact you’re gonna get
notifications to your email inbox and in your back office showing you the commissions that you missed. The beauty is that you have
24 hours, so if you go in and you upgrade, you’re gonna
be able to secure those. But don’t wait for that. I waited like 10 minutes too long and I lost commissions. So I was like no way, I’m never letting that happen again. I’m super glad I did that, because I’m getting commissions
every single day now from that straight line
commission, which is really cool. So make sure that you get at least the VIP so you do not miss out on those
straight line commissions. And those will start just,
they just happen automatically. So there’s nothing you have to do. All you have to do is make sure that you’ve purchased the VIP suitcase or do the all in bundle
or a combination of those. All right and then that
33% on digital products, this is really cool. This is the additional digital
products that are sold. Similar to the VIP suitcase, there’s additional digital products that are already being sold. There’s two, the IAM challenge
which is a 21 day challenge, and then there is the Big
Profile Profits digital program, which I showed you a little
bit ago in the back office. You get paid 33% for those products. Those are one time purchases. You’re gonna make 33%
one time, but you know, they’re additional ways that you can earn income. However if you do not own those products, you can not get commissions on those. Whether it’s from the straight
line compensation plan or from your direct referral. So that’s why it’s best to go all in if you can
do that financially. It’s not that big of a financial stretch. I think it’s like 350 bucks
for the whole all in package. And so I would go for it and capture all of those commissions. Don’t leave money on the table! And then number four here, these tangible products are currently 17% on
these tangible products. Those are the immune boosting, immune support plant based supplements that you can sell out of the back office. You’re gonna get paid
17% on those products. And they have auto ship programs that can turn in to a nice
residual income as well. 20% here on the Heal apparel. This is really cool because most companies that sell company apparel, the members, they just don’t get commissions on ’em, it’s just not the way it works. But they do that here. And they’ve got some really cool gear. These are very well designs, very sharp looking
T-shirts, backpacks, hats. They’re bringing out a lot more things. And you as the member, everybody that you refer, they’re gonna purchase through your link and you’re gonna get the credit. You’re gonna get 20% commission from that. And then the 50%, it’s like 15 to 50% commission on the global events. They’re gonna be doing some
really, really cool live events. And for everybody that
purchases tickets through you, that’s everybody, you know, you’ve referred into the Heal network that purchases tickets
to go to these events, you’re gonna get paid between 15 and 50%, depending on the event. Different events cost
different amounts to go to. You’re gonna get paid that commission. So that’s really, really cool that they’re giving event. Again that’s something that I haven’t seen done
in the industry before, so I’m super excited about that. And then the seventh way
to get paid here is off of the billion dollar bridge. These are gonna be additional companies that they’re planning on partnering with. So that’s gonna be an
additional revenue stream that will be coming
down the pipeline here. Not here yet, but now is the time to get positioned so you’re
ready for all these things. So financial rewards for
Heal is very dynamic. There’s several different
ways to get paid. Like I said I was speaking
with Stephen Munson today and he clued me in on a couple of really, really cool, very cool,
additional commission things that are coming down the pipe line that we should all be super excited about. So stay tuned for that. Be sure to subscribe to my channel because I post updates
about the Heal program and other marketing and
affiliate marketing programs. Strategies and methods, and how I rank my videos
on YouTube and stuff. So be sure to subscribe
to my YouTube channel, hit that bell notification to get notified when I
publish another video. And please leave me a comment down below! Let me know what you
thought of this video. Are you in Heal? Are you excited to get started for Heal? And then after you click
the link in the description of this video and join, be sure to comment below that you joined and then Facebook message me. And there’s a link down
there in the description that you can directly Facebook message me. Happy to answer any questions
you might have in regards to the Heal program. I’m just really passionate about it. It really feels right in the soul. Like that’s the feeling
I get from this program, beyond how cool the products
are, the compensation plan, it is the community of Heal
that we all get to be a part of that I just think is so special. Like when you get in there, you feel the healing! I mean as corny as that sound, you actually feel it. You’re like, wow, this feels
like the right place to be. And we all go through
(computer dings) struggles in life. But it’s a matter of who
on to those struggles with and who are you healing with? When you heal alone, it just
feels a little bit empty. But if you can heal with other people, it feels bigger than yourself and it feels more sustainable. It is more sustainable because you’ve just healed from struggles, whether it’s physically,
mentally, emotionally, from a lot of different things. And you’ve done it together with a really cool community of people. So let’s get in to the final
thing here on this video, which are my bonuses! These bonuses you’re gonna get for joining through the link in the description of this video. And I do send traffic sign
ups to my team as well, because I want you guys to win. I want you guys to succeed! And not all of us are marketing geniuses. I’m not callin’ myself a marketing genius. I’ve just been in the
online marketing space for a long time, so I know what to do. It kind of comes second nature to me. So I don’t expect everybody else to be able to do it to
the level that I do it. So I want you guys to be successful, so I send you guys traffic. So you click the link in the
description of the video, it might be directly through me, it might be through
one of my team members! But it’s all the same. You’re still gonna get
access to the same bonuses, and these are the bonuses. The first bonus you guys
are gonna get access to is free access to my Affiliate
Marketing Pros membership website where I have
filled it with just tons of good marketing strategy videos. Trainings on exactly how
I market programs online, and even live case studies on how I launch new affiliate marketing programs such as Heal. It also has my quick start
guide for Heal specifically. And I teach you how I
set up my Heal program, which lead capture pages convert the best. And how I’m leveraging
their marketing system that’s built right into Heal, in order to market the opportunity, the products, and the community. The next bonus you’re gonna get access to is the VIP members
only free traffic rotator. So I’m gonna give you a free
position in my traffic rotator. I’m sending traffic, as you guys saw, I’m on the leaderboards
for the most amount of sign ups being sent
to the Heal program. So I’ve got plenty of traffic coming in, and I send that to my paid VIP members. So if you do nothing else, get in, upgrade to a VIP member at least, so that I can put your
link, your referral link, into my traffic rotator
to send you traffic. And then if you are an all in member, so you’ve purchased the VIP suitcase, and you go all in, then you’re going to get
an additional position in the guaranteed signups rotator. This is a little different
than my traffic rotator. So I’m gonna put you
in the traffic rotator if you’re VIP or all in. But if you’re a VIP and an all in member, which
if you’re an all in member, that means you are also a VIP member, then I’m also gonna put you into my guaranteed signup rotator. Meaning that I’m going
to send you guys sign ups to your referral link in Heal. That’s how much I believe in helping every single person become successful. Now Heal is a little unique because they give you
straight line commissions just for becoming a paid member. Then I’ma layer on top of that, so we can get you guys
some personal referrals, so we get you the 33% for those
direct personal referrals. And then I’m also gonna give you access to my very, very most popular video where I teach you how I
personally rank my videos on page number one for
very competitive keywords. It’s a little ninja hack that I do on beating out
the algorithm of YouTube. It’s not black hat, it’s
completely within the guidelines of YouTube, but it’s just
some additional steps that you can take to get your
videos ranked on YouTube. YouTube still is one of the best places to generate good, solid
hot organic traffic from. So that’s another great bonus there. So all these bonuses together,
all the content that’s inside of Affiliate Marketing Pros, all the training you’re gonna get access to as a bonus for joining myself or one of my team members inside of Affiliate Marketing Pros for the Heal program, is worth $9,540! If you were to buy them separately. These are all things
that I sell separately, but I’m giving them to you as a thank you for trusting Michael Mansell,
Affiliate Marketing Pros, and my entire team, for joining us in the Heal program! And one additional bonus
that I’m gonna throw in there that’s not mentioned there is the fact that you guys get to give these bonuses to anybody that you refer! Which is huge, it’s huge! Because of the fact that
when you join through myself, yes you get the bonuses, but what about you? That’s one thing a lot of
people don’t think about. You don’t want to be competing
with your sponsor in Heal. You don’t want people
to be like, “Well yeah, “I mean, John, I heard about it from you, “but you know, Michael
Mansell’s giving all “these bonuses away if I join him!” That’s typically what happens unfortunately in this industry. So I wanna eliminate that. So I want to give you guys the access to be able to give all
of these bonuses away, as if they were your own! So when you get into
Affiliate Marketing Pros, you’re gonna see instructions
on how you can give access to these very same bonuses, promote them, saying hey, if you join through me, it’s just as if you joined
directly with Michael Mansell, or Affiliate Marketing Pros. Because I am an Affiliate
Marketing Pros member, with the Heal program, therefore you’re gonna get access to all of Michael Mansell’s bonuses as if you were joining directly with him. That is how I level the playing field. And I don’t know very many
other leaders out there that do that, not knocking them. I’m just saying, like you
as a new person potentially, do not want to compete with all
of the value that I can give and provide because I’ve
been doing this for a while. So that’s one of the
biggest bonuses of all is that you can start off
right out of the gate and give my bonuses away
as if they were your own. I’m a community guy, I love helping my team make money and succeed. So there you go, there’s my bonuses. I really hope that you choose to join the Heal movement,
the Heal program. And if you choose to join it with myself or one of my existing Affiliate
Marketing Pros members, I will be very, very grateful and will take really,
really good care of you. And really teach you what you need to know in this affiliate marketing space. But also teach you how to
leverage the Heal program, the products, the marketing,
the training, the whole culture and community of it. That’s what we are here to help you do. That’s what I wanna do for you. And I wanna help you get through whatever you’re struggling with. That’s all part of what
the Heal movement is about, is helping people heal in
whatever they’re struggling with. If you’re struggling with
money, let’s heal that! If you’re struggling with health, let’s help you out with that! If you’re struggling with mindset and spirituality, let’s
help you heal in that. It’s so much better to
heal as a community, rather than by yourself. So come join us in the Heal movement. Click that link in the
description of this video, lock your position in, and then upgrade either VIP or all in, and then be sure to
message me on Facebook, let me know that you’re in. And we’ll get you all of the bonuses that I’ve promised here in this video. Until the next video,
Michael Mansell here, looking forward to
seeing you on the inside of the Heal movement. (uplifting orchestra music) – It’s an urge, truth be told. Every champion has felt it. Every president has felt it. Every king has felt it. Every lion has felt it. Every winner has felt it. Every soldier has felt it. Every victorious person has felt it. The urge to quit. Don’t you give up on your dream. I don’t care if you don’t have the money, you don’t have the help, and you don’t have the family for it, and you don’t have the background for it, and you don’t have the friends for it. Don’t you give up on your dream! Don’t you do it! Don’t you do it! Don’t you do it!
(crowd cheers) It may take you twice as long. You may have to take courses and classes. You may not read as fast. You might not move as quick. You might not have as much. But don’t you quit. Don’t you quit. Don’t you quit. You do make a difference. You do make a difference. You do make a difference. As weak as you are, as tired as you are, as many mistakes as you’ve made, you do make a difference! There is something they would
lose if you were not there. There was something that they would miss
if you were not there. You do make a difference! You do make a difference! You do make a difference! Keep hopping. It’s for people that are trying
to hop their way back home. Come hell or high water, doin’ the best they can
with what they’ve got. That’s who we are. Doing the best we can with what we’ve got. And we may not break any ribbons and we may not get any trophies, but if we can learn how
to hang on in there, we’ll be all right. I will not lie to you, I feel like going on. But I have seen days I did
not wanna get out the bed, didn’t wanna put on clothes, and didn’t even feel like
my brushing my teeth. I’ve seen days so dark that
I just want to keep driving and I didn’t even care where I
ended up or what you call me! They came and they passed. And they came to pass. I kept the faith. I kept it! I lost a lot of stuff,
I lost a lot of friends, I lost a lot of strength,
I lost a lot of courage, I lost a lot of time,
I lost a lot of money. But I kept down on my knees! I was still believing! Broke I was believing! Lonely I was believing! Betrayed I was! If you lose a job, keep the faith! If you lose the spouse, keep the faith! If you bury your child, keep the faith! If you have to downsize, keep the faith! If you have to move in with
your mama, keep the faith! If you’re at your wits
end, keep the faith! If you have to catch
the bus, keep the faith! If you have to thumb, keep the faith! If you get sick, keep the faith! If you lose your kidneys, keep the faith! If you’ve got heart
trouble, keep the faith! You might not get a new heart, but you’ve got to keep your faith! (crowd cheers)


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