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Help Fix My Honda CR250!

October 4, 2019

hey guys welcome back to another video
working on the cr250 build here so I took a few weeks off spent some time
recovering and now it is time to get back after it so what we’ll be doing
today on this bike is building around the engine gonna be mounting up some
electronics the radiators carburetor and possibly the exhaust as well and just a
bunch of cool little bits all over the bike so I’ve got some cool stuff coming
your way so stay tuned let’s get started I’ve got a bunch of parts lined up here
that I want to install on the bike today just a matter of figuring out where to
start so I’m most excited about this electronic carburetor heard some really
good things about it so I think I’m gonna start there if any
of you guys saw the Red Bull straight rhythm a few weeks back with only two
strokes you’ll notice that a lot of those bikes or at least most of the
winning bikes we’re running the elektron carburetor so really excited about that
and then I’ve got this red fuel line and vent hose from the halo concepts
kind of spruce up the carburetor here so I’m gonna mount this carburetor up first
and then see how that hose looks on there for those of you that aren’t
familiar with these electron carburetors what they do best or what makes them so
special is they self adjust for elevation temperature or changes to the
bike all right let’s get this beauty mounted up on the bike so once I have
the bike all together and running I’ll give you guys a better idea of how
exactly these carburetors work it was a bit of a tight fit with that
carburetor going into the intake boot but definitely better having it tight to
loose at least I know 100% that’s gonna seal check out that clear football
though that is gonna look so cool the first time I turn on the field valve so
electron provided a throttle cable for this carburetor
so before I mount it up I’m gonna Lube it up make sure it doesn’t run dry on me
even though this cables brand-new always a good idea to lube it up anyways so
I’ll be using a motion pro cable living tool I believe this is called the b3
cable living tool and then I’ll be using motion Pro cable OOP as well all right that should do it squirted
quite a bit of Lube in there and at the other end of the cable here notice
there’s a film of Lube so we’re good to go now to install the cable onto the
carburetor I’m gonna have to tilt the carburetor outward a little bit just
like that and remove the cap and the cable just threads right into the cap
like so looks like the end of the cable just
hooks into the slide through the hole in the middle I’m gonna hold that down pull
it out and slide the spring back into the slide there we go ready to go back
on to the carburetor now for cable routing I always like to
go in between the motor mounts here the upper motor mounts I’m gonna want when
t5 I have the thrall cable and the clutch cable routed through here seems
to work really good just kind of keeps the cable from getting kinked and it’s a
nice spot to route it through see if it’s gonna work on this bike to have
that cable through there oh yeah perfect see how clean that looks just right
through the upper motor mounts now before I get too carried away with
mounting this carburetor I need to make sure that throttle operates properly
just pulling the cable make sure it returns yep that’s all together
perfectly it is time to add some flavor to this carburetor
with this in the Hilo concepts vent hose just hopefully I have enough to cover I’ve got one hose left and I’m just a
couple inches short like always damn I’m gonna have to order up some more
but anyways I’ve got three of the hoses done looks like they’re all around the
same length and where I like to route them is in between the frame and the
linkage here at the dog bone so there’s a nice little gap here to tuck them in
nice and tidy and I’ve also got this piece right here so this bolts on to the
crankcase like so you flip it over just like that and kind of holds all the
hoses in tight to the crankcase so this nihilo hose worked out perfect
fits really good on to the fittings here on the carburetor it’s nice and flexible
not super stiff like some other brands I’ve used and it looks really good
just got to order up a little bit more and I’ll be set now this is kind of the
unsexy part of the build but I’m gonna show you guys anyways so the electronics
there’s really nothing that special about them
so the wiring harness is up first this just provides power to everything and
where they call this the regulator condenser that basically regulates the
power to the ignition coil and servo motor and this is the ignition coil that
provides spark to the spark plug CDI box pretty much controls everything
it’s like the computer of the bike and like I mentioned earlier this is the
servo motor for the power valve now before I get around to installing the
wiring harness got to make sure that there are seals in all of these
connectors here so you can see in these ones there’s a little orange seal down
inside of there it’s really crucial to have these seals because when you wash
the bike you don’t have seals water is going to get in those connectors and
your bike is gonna be cutting out if it runs at all so it looks like we got a
seal in there and this one has a seal as well so first things first this is the
wire coming out of the stator and it plugs into this connector right here and
this connector has a little slot on the backside of it and this clips on to the
frame so there’s a little tab here on the frame please zoom into that so that
little tab connects with the connector just slides on like so see it’s secured
to the frame and that is where the stator plugs into you and then we’ve got
a few more connectors here this one goes to the servo motor this one to the
regulator and condenser these two are for the ignition coil and then these two
bit connectors run up to the top of the frame here
or the neck of the frame and connect to the CBI box oh and we’ve got two more
connectors here these two go to the kill switch that’s up on the handlebars I’m
just gonna tuck in the wiring harness just like that like I mentioned earlier
water that gets in electronics is a big deal so it’ll make your bike not run or
it does run out cut out and it’ll just corrode things and to prevent that from
happening this is what I use it is called dielectric grease you just put it
right inside the connector pretty simple deal and it prevents that connector from
corroding so you just simply put a little dab on each connector here and
then you’re good to go and these connectors should be pretty
self-explanatory but there’s a little tab on this connector little thing that
pokes up that is gonna face towards the disconnecting tab here on the connector
so you’ll see there’s a little thicker part or like a little groove where that
slot or that tab goes into hopefully that made sense but this be cautious of
which way you’re going in with the connectors and then when you’re pushing
it in you’ll hear a little click that means it’s all the way in and seated and
for the stator wire I’m just gonna zip tie to the frame try to get it out of
the way and get it looking tidy here as well all right next up we’ve got the ignition
coil of the mount so this upper mounting hole is also used for our ground and so
it’s pretty important to have that bare steel don’t want any rust or corrosion
on that so I’m gonna take a wire brush and just make absolute sure that this
thing is clean and then for the mounting clip I’m gonna use the dielectric grease
once again just to ensure that no corrosion happens down the road I’m
gonna figure out which way this coil mounts on the frame looks like it faces
up like that the wire pointing up make sure that lines up with the spark plug
here oh yeah looks like the right way plug that in to the coil so just like I
said earlier this ground just goes on the upper mounting hole gonna dig
through my bolt kit here this is from bolt motorcycle hardware just trying to
find a few bolts for this coil found exactly what I was looking for always
super nice to have fresh hardware on hand so if you guys are looking for
hardware for your bike definitely check out bolt motorcycle hardware I believe
their website is both MX comm for the top bolt I am using a locking style nut
so no need to use any sort of lock tight on it for some reason that doesn’t look right
that coil wire is a super kinked it’s like tight bend right here and then at
the coil as well there’s really only one way that can go on I wasn’t quite sure
about the routing of the coil wire and just the mounting of the coil so I
looked up a few pictures online here and that is indeed how the coil is mounted
so I’m just gonna leave it I don’t know it looks weird to me but apparently how
it’s supposed to be all right now I’ve got the cd-i box the mount up but first
here is the CDI mount so the CDI two slides on to these three little tabs
here with the rubber grommet and once I get this into place I can just plug it
in and I’ll be set and I would say that CDI connectors are probably the most
important for trying to avoid water and corrosion so you definitely want to use
the grease inside the connectors and once again you want to make sure these
connectors go all the way down and make a click when they see it all the way now
it’s time for the servo motor this motor here controls the exhaust valve on the
bike come over and show you guys here this here is the exhaust valve and this
valve controls how much exhaust gases come out of the engine and having this
valve gives the bike a broader range of power
so before I mount this servo motor I’m gonna have to test it I’ve never tested
or taken one of these apart so this will be completely new to me here I’ve got
the a 12 volt battery I’m gonna hook up the battery to the connector here and
see if the motor operates properly so I’m gonna need to pull this little
plastic cover off to see if the motor is turning over
it’s pretty clean underneath here a good sign here I’ve got two separate wires to
run from the battery to the connector on the servo motor alright the manual
states that the positive wire coming from the battery goes to the black /
white wire on a connector this one here and then the negative wire leads to the
white / green wire you can see when I connect the battery to the servo motor
the motor turns in a counterclockwise direction which is what it’s supposed to
do that’s a really good sign looks like the servo motor is working properly now
I’m gonna take it apart which I’ve never done before and just make sure
everything is in good shape inside by the way the screwdriver that I’m using
is called a JIS type screwdriver which stands for Japanese industrial standard
I believe so the screws that come on these Japanese bikes have a little
different head than Phillips so they have a little dot or a little punch mark
and that mark indicates that it’s a JIS type head and so you need to use a JIS
type screwdriver for it to fit the head properly so you can see this one fits
perfectly in there and reduces your risk of stripping out the screw so I’ll put
the link to where I bought these screwdrivers down below in the
description box screws are out let’s see how this thing
splits apart pretty much just like an engine you got two cases I’m really
curious about the condition of this thing inside hope it’s not super rusty wow that’s actually in really good shape
I thought it was just gonna be rusty and corroded so from here all I see is the
motor and a couple more screws so there’s got to be some gears inside this
thing and that’s mainly what I want to look at got those screws out and I
believe this thing should come apart even further it’s gotta be really
careful see a bunch of gears in here and I don’t want to have them all fall apart
on me I’m just gonna check over these gears and shafts make sure there’s no
damaged or missing teeth grease things up and put it back together this side
looks pretty good check out the motor side of it it’s actually remarkably
clean in here for a 15 year old bike I thought for sure I was gonna run into
some rust and I’ll be using this mini grease gun to squirt the grease exactly
where I want it it’s got this needle size tip link to where you can buy this
will be down below so going back together what after
worried about is getting this Halfmoon shape into this gear here and then all
of these posts will line up with the holes on the other half I think it’s
going to be easier to have all these gears on the other half instead so this should go back together a little
easier with everything on one side so it looks like I got that gear and the motor
lined up when I turn the pulley you can hear inside of the motor here that it’s
turning so that’s a good sign and all the rest of the gear should be lined up
as well before I get this thing all the way back
together I’m gonna test it one more time just to make sure everything is together
correctly all right everything checks out fine I’m gonna put the other half of
the casing on and then I can mount this servo motor on the bike actually before I mount up the
servomotor and the rectifier on the bike I’m going to clean them up with the
prime MX cleaning pad here on the buffer oh man these turned out sweet always
impressed with results of the cleaning pad if you want to pick one of these up
they are available over on my website prime em XCOM i’ll put the link down
below in the description box one last thing to do before I mount the servo
motor on to the bike no lube up the servo motor cables score it a little bit
through this end here it’s a really short cable so doesn’t really take much
to get lube all the way through it so I’m trying to find the correct hardware
to mount the servomotor and rectifier to the bike but this is how I got all the
hardware when I bought the bike it was already partially disassembled so I have
no clue which bolts go where so I’m over here on Rocky Mountain atv/mc comm and
they’ve got the OEM microfiche on their website basically a parts diagram so
I’ve got the servo motor pulled up and number five is the correct bolt used to
mount the servo motor so it looks like a ten millimeter head with a washer
attached to it so right there bolt washer six by twenty eight so that
indicates it’s a six mil thread by twenty eight millimeters long so I’m
gonna go ahead and find two bolts for that so if you guys need a great
resource on figuring out which parts go where or you just need to order om or
aftermarket parts Rocky Mountain atv/mc comm is the place to go
I found the hardware I needed let’s get these things mount it up I believe it
goes behind the tabs let’s see here in front doesn’t really line up so yeah it
goes behind the mounting tabs in looking at this wiring harness and
how I’ve got it routed I believe I have it on the wrong side of the frame so
looking over here at where the harness is supposed to clip to the way I’ve got
it situated nothing really lines up so I need to switch it over to this side of
the frame I’ve got the wiring harness switched
over to the other side and it looks so much cleaner now that is definitely how
it is supposed to be runs all the way up to the neck of the frame and next up I’m
gonna mount the servo motor cables down to the power valve I almost forgot this
little bracket that holds one of the cables in a place just mounts on to the
cylinder just like that let’s figure out how to get these cables on to the
exhaust valve I’m going to turn the servo motor give this cable a little bit
more slack there we go it looks like one nut goes on one side of the cylinder
here and just in a place the other one goes on top along with the washer now to
get this front cable on I think I’m gonna have to loosen up the servo motor
just take out the top bolt and I should give me enough room to get this cable on
to the power valve arm now that I’ve got both cables attached
to the power valve I will need to set the tension on them so I’m gonna start
with the back cable first I’m gonna turn the pulley on the servo motor all the
way clockwise for this and then I’m gonna adjust the back cable until it
starts to bow into the front cable so watch as I turn this adjuster out or
loosen the adjuster it is gonna bow into the front cable and that’s it for the
back cable to adjust the front cable I’m gonna turn the pulley on the servo motor
counterclockwise all the way and so what we’re looking at here at this cable is
the amount of slack here in the middle so you can see it’s moving up and down
quite a bit and so that indicates the cable is loose take my 8 millimeter
wrench back this adjuster out a little bit well continually check in the slack
and I’m gonna go until there’s no more slack left in this cable or just a
little bit of slack you don’t want to tighten it too much so it’s very much
like a clutch cable adjustment got a little bit of play there and it go maybe
two more turns no it’s a little tight so there’s this a tiny bit of play there
and I’m gonna call that good and then down here at the bottom I’m gonna lock
the top nut against the cylinder let’s secure the cable into place cover it all
up and we are set just got to bolt the power valve covers back on and I’ll be
all finished up with the electronics just to make sure I’ve got all the
electronics assembled correctly I’m gonna pull out the spark plug and check
for spark to check for spark I’m gonna hold the spark plug you get something
steel such as one of these nuts on the head and then turn the bike over by hand
with the Kickstarter well guys got some bad news no spark so
I’m pretty sure I’ve got everything together correctly all the connections
are good grounds are nice and clean but I’m kind of running out of time in this
video to figure it out but write your suggestions down below in the comment
section for what to look forward to figure this issue out I do have some
good news though so earlier in the video I ran out of red vent hose for the
carburetor but I worked some more up from the helo a couple days ago showed
up already they were super quick about it
whoops only needed one pack anyways so let’s get this lecture on carb all
dialed in with the hose all right that’s gonna be it for this
video the pipe and radiator install is gonna have to wait for another video so
the next time we’ll work on this baby we’re gonna have to figure out these
electrical issues and I watched your guys’s help with it so write your
suggestions down below in the comments section on what you think this no spark
issue could be and we’re gonna figure this thing out together so actually I
head back into the hospital tomorrow for more cancer treatment so it might be a
while till the next video do you guys would like to support me in this fight I
do have camp strong hats t-shirts and stickers available over on the website
let me grab and I’ll show you what they’re all about for the shirt just a
nice clean white shirt with camp straw in the front Prime the next logo on the
neck sticker is just a nice clean simple little camp strong sticker so if you
guys would like to support me that would be greatly appreciated
till next time keep it Prime


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    25:00 just acts like it’s gone forever

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  • Reply John Keckley March 4, 2019 at 1:56 am

    Great job. One pointer though, dielectric grease isn't supposed to be used between the mating surfaces of connections even though if there's enough mechanical pressure you can get away with using it that way. It is not conductive. It's designed to be applied on the outside of the connection to seal it from corrosion. This could be why you have no spark. Also, spin the engine faster to check spark.

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    Me da uma vaga de emprego ai para eu te ajudar a restaurar essas maquinas que amo…!

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    Badass build. I wouldn’t even ride something like that. Looks so good, it should be on a showroom floor

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    You don’t look or work like your not only a back alley mechanic. I would bet you race or you work for a dealership

  • Reply martin geeves March 28, 2019 at 8:39 am

    Hi mate u watched ur vid on history of RC and CR 2 strokes.. I grew up with them.. I really enjoyed all ur research as u know it takes alot of time well done.. I remember racing club days against CR 500 2 strokes I was riding RZ 350 my mate on KR 250..the rules then were if u were single cylinder u could run slicks we had road tyres on.. We were all 2 stroke nuts then hence 500 GP.. The CR and YZ 490 500 singles use to go give us a hard time around corners and brakes as they were so light compared to our bikes.. Of course we had more go in a straight line.. They use to lower them down stiffen the suspension put slicks on and road race them.. This was all through the 90s in Australia grt memories and few broken bones.. I ended up on an RZ 500 and my mate on a RG 500 wild days.. I'm sure ur CR 250 will go like a cut snake all the best Marty from Oz..

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    Try ACF-50 instead of dielectric grease next time. Its a cleaner way to do what you were trying to do in the first place. here is a link: If that doesnt work just search ACF-50 on ebay.

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    Thanks for the note about JIS fasteners! I’ve seen that dot before and never knew it was a different driver.

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    Cameron i just picked up a 2002 cr 250, the rc servo motor gear teeth are broken so its not allowing it to open up properly, but now having a hard time finding a new rc servo motor, do know where i could find one! Or am i going to have to pick up a used one

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