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Highest Paid Government Jobs in India || Govt Jobs 2020 || Top 10 Salary

January 16, 2020

Do you want to get the highest paid government job? So these videos are for you. Remember that nowadays there are more job-paying jobs than government jobs on which we have made first video. Take it once to see it .Link is in description. 1) Indian Civil Services Indian Civil Services like IAS, IPS and IFS are included in this his is the biggest and important job of our country, because it has a lot of responsibility. Every year, many people give examinations of civil services, of which very few people pass. This is a very difficult exam, but this job is also considered as the most prestige. These people run the countries and bring many policies into action. Their monthly charges are up to around 2 lakhs and not just this Employees working in civil services also get different incentives like home, car, driver, subsidized electricity. Even so, they also get vacations for further studies abroad. 2) Defense Services Army, Navy and Air Force come across Defense Services. This is a respectable act as it is helps to save us from enemies There are different exams for defense services such as NDA, CDS, AFCAT and many more. The pay salaries are also quite high. You can earn from least 50000 to 1 Lakh in the month It also depends on you. There are more chances of getting promotion and all kinds of allowances are available. From time to time the monthly monthly salary increases. 3) PSU If you do not like the private sector, then the PSU is a great option for you. Undertaking public sector, there are large government companies like BHEL, ONGC, IOC. To work in this, you have to take the GATE exam. One good thing to do here is that the shift runs in these companies and you get a separate shift allowance. Here you can earn up to 40000 – 1.5 lakhs of the month. Apart from this, you will get subsidy in the canteen for drinking, laptops, furniture and petrol allowances. 4) University Professors It is believed that study work is the best and peaceable in the world. That’s why Professor’s job is good in any government college and you get more respect. The professor’s monthly fee depends on different things If you are NIT or IIT professor then your salary will be much higher. If you have PhD, then your scale of pay will be different from other professors. By studying in college and university, you get about 40,000 – 1 lakhs in a month Apart from this, you also get medical, house allowance 5) Banking When it comes to banking, you remember the names of all the RBI the governor, the probationary officer. And why not everyone wants to do this job? The special reason for this is that it is easy to get promotions in the bank and the annual fee is about 18 lakhs. In addition to this, the bank gives the house to stay, every 2 years to spend outside Rs 1 lakh, and children educational allowance and many like this. The good thing is that if you are a bank employee then you can easily get a loan Who would not want to work now here ? 6) Scientist If you are an engineer or a scientist in government institutions like ISRO, DRDO then understand that your luck have opened. By working on such a place, you also get the money you want with research Here the basic salary is 40000-60000 and it increases with your research and work Apart from this, you get Rs 7000 -10000 for transport allowance, free meals in the canteen, home to stay and bonuses every 6 months. 7) Assistant in the Ministry of external affairs This job is considered very honorable and money is very much in this job. Your posting here is often in countries outside, where you can easily make 1.5-2 lakhs in a month. Not only that, you also get an allowance of 20000-25000 according to which country you are in The test is tough and you have to pass the SSC-CGL exam to work here. 8) Government doctors The demand for a government doctor is always there because in any government hospital, your treatment is in less money. But the government doctor’s salaries are more than other jobs After studying MBBS, depending on which hospital and where you work, your salary depends. Today, tomorrow, the government gives 25% -50% more wages to those doctors who go to the villages to serve the patients. Apart from this, your salary depends on what you pay. A surgeon gets around 1 -2 lakh in India in a month, and a junior doctor gets only 40000-50000 per month 9) Income Tax Officer Everybody tries to get a job in the income tax department, because the honor with money is also very much In this job, you can start from the Income Tax Inspector and become a Commissioner and easily earn up to 60000-1.00 lakhs in a month In addition to this you will be given a government vehicle, 30 liter petrol, SIM card. You have to pass SSC-CGL exam to get a job in the Income Tax Department By passing the UPSC exam you can also directly be the assistant commissioner. 10) Railway engineers The Railway Engineer’s job is good and they get great respect and reward in their work. You may be surprised to know that railway engineers earn more than any government engineer and their one month salary is up to 60,000-80,000. In addition to this, home, travel allowance, and different incentives are also given to stay in them. Which of these jobs would you like to be able to serve the country, please tell us in our comment section. Sharing this video with your friends who are looking for highest paying government jobs Please like and subscribe to our channel.


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