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Homeschooling MOM of 8 KIDS | Day in the Life | Homeschool Routines

November 13, 2019

– Welcome back today
friends, we’re doing it. We’re doing another day in the life of a homeschool mom of eight. Seven kids still at home, technically, homeschooling six, plus number seven is that
toddler running around, number eight has flown the
coop, but I’ve done it. I get to wear the T-shirt,
I have checked that box, so I still claim all eight. Yes, and Amen. Miss Amelia is brushing her hair. She had a braid and then
she was rolling around. We’re gonna freshen your hair up, right? That’s what we’re doing. Bunch of other kids, sun is shining, getting some sunshine-time in. A big way that we start our
homeschool day, Lord willing, even if the sun isn’t shining. I mean unless it’s like an ice
storm, we get outside first. During different seasons, I’ve made these schedules and plans that have school work starting
at 7:30 or 8:00, or so. It doesn’t go that way for us. 15th year of doing this,
my unique set of kiddos, we need to get outside. Momma, this unique momma,
I need to get outside and enjoy the outdoors
and nature some first. Then we are much more
mentally settled and ready to get into our lessons
whenever we get back inside. So anyway, you can make it work for you and enjoy that freedom to do so. Today’s day in the life
of a homeschool mom video is sponsored by Reading Eggs. Reading Eggs is a fantastic program that you can use across multiple devices. That’s what happened to Amelia’s braid. She was laying on the couch doing some Reading Eggs this morning. Weren’t ya? Collecting all her eggs
having a great time with that. I use it for my kids ages
four, all the way up to age 10. They have an older kid
program that goes to age 13. It has beginning reading
lessons, all the way through, I’ll be showing you more about it later. But what I want you to do,
whether you homeschool or not, it’s excellent for after schooling, it’s excellent for pre schooling. Doesn’t matter if you
match me exactly or not. All you need to do is click the first link in the description below. Go to, and that link is there and that’s gonna give you four weeks free to try the program, to love the program, to see what a wonderful program it is, for your unique kiddos. So click that link and give it a go. – [Jamerrill] So here’s what
their dashboard looks like. You can see Reading Eggs
Junior for ages two to four. Then, Reading Eggs for
ages three to seven. Then, they have their Reading Eggspress for ages seven through 13. And then they have Mathseeds
for ages three to nine. What were you saying sweetie? – I think I like the little ant scene. It’s name is Sam. – [Jamerrill] Oh, in Reading Eggs? – Yeah. – [Jamerrill] You like the
little ant? His name is Sam. And what were you collecting? – Eggs. – [Jamerrill] And this is how my counters, fill with my own stuff. So we got some rolling pins, for Play-Doh that were washed, ready
to go again later today. I’ve got my stack of books. I’ve got my, I am really loving this
traveler’s notebook thing. We’ll have to talk about that later, but I’m loving that in life right now. And, yeah so I usually end up covering a whole countertop in my stuff. It’s like my mom-command center. Okay I’ve been mentioning new kitties this is our new kitty, Biscuits. Hi, Biscuits! – [Young Girl] We have another– – [Jamerrill] Oh oh oh oh okay. Well he really is friendly. (children chattering) – [Jamerrill] Daddy has,
yeah, daddy has Gravy. – We have another cat (mumbles). – [Jamerrill] We do. (laughs loudly) Biscuits is overwhelmed. He came from a family with five kids. I see you Villager. He came from a family
with five kids so he’s, yeah he’s broken pretty well.
(children chattering) We’re still on the egg watch. They should start laying eggs – Chicken!
– Chickens! They should lay eggs soon.
(children chattering) Bugs and sunshine time. Chickees wooo! Chickees, chickees, chickees! (young child yelling) Okay we’ll go on a hike and let the chickees have their bug time. (acoustic guitar music)
(kids running on the ground) (Big kid yelling) – Look, it’s red like your shirt. – [Big Kid] Ooh and your shoes! – [Jamerrill] Show mommy. Show mommy, Is it red? Oh, I love it! Okay you wanna go sit on the tree? It’s like a perfect little seat. (young children chattering) That’s okay, There you go. – [Big Kid] A frog could live in there. – [Jamerrill] It could. That’s a nice seat. Now you can sit together. – [Big Kid] I’m gonna sit on those seats now that this one hurts me. – [Jamerrill] Yeah, don’t sit on that one. Is it soft or hard? – [Young Boy] Soft. – [Jamerrill] It’s Soft? It’s called moss. It’s the walk-back and it’s always a,
will-the-youngest-one-walk? Will-he-need-carried? But so far, he’s been
running up following kids. – Rocks
– Rocks! You want a rock break? But we’ve been taking lots of rock breaks. Did you bring a lil’ dinosaur? – No. – My dinosaur. – We’ll get some more when we get home. Can go build a little house? – Yep. (acoustic guitar music) – Back to the house now. We’ve been discussing the importance of birthday
parties at Chuck E. Cheese. Making plans, so, We’ll see
what birthday futures hold. – This is a salad Travis actually got me
at Sheetz yesterday. And I had just eaten something else, he didn’t know that I
had, It was a surprise. All that to say, I’m eating
it now, It’ll still be good. I think it’s got hot peppers and all kinds of my favorite things on it. So you work on that. Now let’s find where you were. See where at the bump in the middle? – Mm-hmm – I don’t pick my pencil
up, I go back around. – Ohh
– Do you see how I did that? You take the pencil again. Why don’t you do it on
top of the one I just did? I want you to just feel what that’s like. I know you’ve done it a bunch. But then some days you
just have to get it. Did you feel how we didn’t lift it up? We’re gonna come up here.
– I drew a house. – You did a great house. Now draw a big square. A folded t-shirt is like a square. What you (mumbles) See the square? Now count the sides for
me,count the numbers. – One– – Good. – Two, three, four. – Excellent, excellent. Now on this side it says, “Review time: What have we learned so far? “Fill in the missing numbers
and trace the others.” So, they don’t have anything before one. What comes before one? – Zero. – Perfect. Excellent. Now you just trace, What’s this number? – Five – No, you’re right. That is five there. I pointed to this one though. – Ohh – What’s that one? – One – Good, and what’s this one? – Two.
– Good. And then this one’s
missing, what would that be? – Three.
– Three, Perfect. And that’s the one we
were just working on. Daniel, you did your D so well. Now I’m gonna hold your hand while we write your name on this side so you can see what that feels like okay? – F-T – Good job, so after our T is the E. Okay Daniel, last page
in this book for the day, are you ready?
– mmh – Critcal thinking, Using the shapes you have learned, the circle, oval, triangle and
square, make a cat like this. Before you make your kitty, I’m gonna point to the shape
and you tell me its name. What is this called? – Circle – And what are the ears called? – Triangles – And what are the legs called? – Squares – Good, and now this is another
one, what’s this called? – A oval – Ahhh, Good job! not on that page, right here. On this one, you use a circle head, triangle ears, oval body and square legs. And make your own kitty. Okay? Now what’s super fun, Woo. (cellphone chimes) We have this, yeah you like this huh? – [Young Boy] Mm-hmm
– We have it on tablets but I also have it on my phone. Yes. This is the one Amelia’s working on. So they have lands that
the kids can explore. They have books, videos and activities. And then, from the activities, there’s so many things to choose from. Okay, now, you can take it away, now that you’ve done your table work. – [Instructor From The
application] Make the word, art. Ah, (bells ringing)
– Good. Perfect. – Well done. – It has this little animal– – [Jamerrill] I know! He’s so cute. Gabriel’s down here working
on his dinosaur drawing which is always so good. And then Liam, you’re eating your lunch, what are you working on? – I’m drawing– – [Jamerrill] You’re doing
some dinosaur drawing too,Yay! The bigger kids and I, were working on math
and their other lessons. When you all are done
with your Reading Eggs we’ll get the Playdoh out. If you’d like? Or the weather’s nice, you could go back outside and play some. – I’m not stopping Reading Eggs. – [Jamerrill] (laughs) You’re
not stopping Reading Eggs? That’s fine. You can keep going. Okay. Well you can keep having this time then. (gentle reggae music) – Everyone look for Matthew
chapter 23 verse eight. – Found it.
– Found it. – Okay, Naomi, you read it for us. – “But none of you should
be called a teacher. “You have only one teacher “and all of you are like
brothers and sisters.” – Good. Okay. Gabriel, you tell me what we’re looking for here. – Matthew 13 verse nine. – Perfect. Find it. Ready, set, go. (gentle reggae music) – [Jamerrill] Who you got Daniel? – Gravy. – [Jamerrill] Gravy!
That’s our other new kitty. (gentle reggae music) – I think peppermint is winning, if we were gonna take a vote. Anyway, all that to say, I’m just gonna make everyone
a cup of afternoon tea. They can drink their tea and
do art and other activities while we work through our
big read-aloud stack now. – Chai, chai tea. – You want chai? That’s fine.
– Berries not tea. – You can’t smell it too
much through the bag. I don’t wanna open it unless you want it. But you’ve had it before. Okay, you want chai? Okay, scooch chai. Hey, who else does not want peppermint? Okay, you and Naomi
want peppermint, right? – No, I don’t. – Okay. – But Gabriel does. – Gabriel. It’s like we’re playing a matching game. (gentle reggae music) – Mama is doing double
chai, In my big cup, oh yes I am. Another thing happening, brief afternoon interruption. Hold on honey. I’m having to put the honey and stuff in. (kids playing loudly) Kids are running around. It’s okay. Doing laps, doing laps. That’s just what’s happening. And I am going to get a
freezer meal in the oven. This is a baked macaroni and cheese. Letting them just go off the
walls here for a few minutes. Really should send them outside but I was not trying to take a huge break. I was just trying to, you know 15 minutes let’s make some tea,
get dinner in the oven. That’s fine, get the things you need. So we might title this afternoon, homeschool mom distractions. I just couldn’t resist myself, I had to unload forty pounds
of fruits and vegetables. But now that that’s done we
really will get back to reading. We got dinner in the oven, tea has been made, several
kids have finished their tea, I haven’t started mine. Fruit and veggies, you
all know how this goes. If you stop, see that’s the thing, You stop your momentum for a little bit, next thing you know you’re
unloading fruits and vegetables. Full-circle-distraction Mom. Now let’s get back to reading-mom. [Jamerrill]- Wow Amelia! That’s looking great. I almost called you Day-melia. You’re doing that anatomy puzzle? It’s fantastic. Yes. (upbeat reggae music) – Travis got this inspiration today. Good job. That the kids needed to watch these videos on how to use the hammer properly, how to drive nails in properly. Pull nails out.
(hammering nails) Good job! And that we can have a log that they could work on this skill. – [Young Girl] I’m gonna go get a pillow. – Daniel you had your turn, okay. Everybody’s gotta get their
nail hammering turns in. (upbeat reggae music) – And Daniel is (laughs)
going across the floor there. Okay so here is dinner. It is out of the oven. It is bubbling hot. We’re gonna finish this
chapter that we’re on. And then we’ll swing into mealtime. I probably left it in there
about 15 minutes too long but I won’t tell, if you won’t. All the inns along the trail, had rather grand-sounding names. And Gladys and Mrs. Larson decided their inn needed a grand name as well. So they called the inn, The
Inn of Eight Happinesses. The name had no special meaning. Mrs. Larson just liked the sound of it. Lots of feeding time at the
zoo, noise it going down. Cutting a bunch of apples that came in my fruit
and veggie boxes today. Baked macaroni should be to a temperature that we can eat it at now. Saving some apple cores for the chickens. We will feed them those tomorrow. And we’re gonna eat. And then, we’ll probably
do some evening chores. I got these with my little
fruit and veggie things. The sticker actually
doesn’t say what it is. So I cut into one cause
it’s awfully brown, right? It’s got some green. I cut into one. I ate one. It tastes like a pear. But it’s shaped like an apple. I’m having a new-fruit experience here. Laundry mountain, going on over there. Well we’ll tackle that a lil’ later. Anywho, more hammering
is going on out front, and I’m gonna show you what I’m up to. I been getting hammer
lessons from Amelia, Right? It’s all in the wrist, I’m told. – [Young Girl] Yep. (hammering nail into wood) All in the wrist. – [Jamerrill] So here’s where
Liam is working on his L. So you’re going up, make
it a lil’ taller now. So been a busy evening
out here on the stump. (cellphone music playing) – He’s got a fly on his nose (young child laughs) – It’s gonna read us a story. Look. – Kitty. – Kitty. It says, “Bella visits the vet”. – Let me see. – Here’s your blankie Bella. It will make you feel safe. (cat meowing) – That’s what our kitties are gonna do. – Nice, you wanna hear another one? – Yeah. – Oh it’s got so many good ones. – Kitty! You want that kitty? Okay, okay. (cellphone dings)
– Another kitty, they got lots of Bella stories. Put it down. Are you done with your apple? – Nope – Nope? Okay. – [Jamerrill] Over 91% of
parents report a noticeable improvement in their
child’s reading skills after using Reading Eggs. Reading Eggs is tailored
to each child’s need. It is designed to be easy to follow. It’s also self paced
and it’s highly engaging for kiddos between the ages of two and 13. That’s a wide age span. They have several levels available. Incorporating Reading Eggs at home, means kids will gain confidence, where they feel safe
laying the building blocks for long term reading
and academic success. Parents can access
detailed progress reports, as well as, hundreds of
downloadable activity sheets that correspond with the
lessons in the program. Go to to get your four-free-week trial to Reading Eggs and Mathseeds. – We’re back again, We’re talking. – No. – Say yes. – Nope. – Yes. – No. – I think you should say yes. – No, no, night. – No night-night? – No night-night.
– You wanna get in bed? – Nope. – You wanna snuggle? – Nope. – You wanna (laughs) (young child cooing) Hey did you have fun
with the chickens today? – Yes, chicken. – Those chickens. And did you see the puppies? – Yeah, puppies. – And did you see the kitties? – Yes, kitties. – Do you like your kitties? Oh don’t go get a kitty now. Kitties are going night-night. And you’re getting in your bed (child whines)
– Are you getting in your bed? – Snuggle, snuggle. – Snuggle, snuggle. (child laughs) (mother laughs) – Mommy. – Mommy, go sleep now. Yeah. Okay night-night. (child laughs) – Bye-bye. – Okay, so this is where
this homeschool mom of eight, seven, 12 kids ends
up at the end of the day. I am working on, I’ll show you my, re-reading Ann Voskamp’s,
“One Thousand Gifts”. One of my all time favorites. Absolute, I love Ann. Ann without the fanciful
E but I still love Ann. Don’t forget to click the first link in
the description below
and get your four free weeks of Reading Eggs and also Mathseeds. Great programs. We like ’em a lot. I’m using them for lots of kids. Really great for some
individual learning time. Each of the kids has their own account with their name and their levels stored. There’s also pretesting involved so you can have kids just take their test and Reading Eggs will just
put them automatically wherever they need to be. So thank you for joining
us today, that’s it. I’m laying down flat, I’m reading this book, I’m going to bed. I’m gonna sleep eight hours. I’m gonna drool, I’m gonna like it. You can also click on this playlist here, and watch a ton. My five years worth of homeschool mom day in the life of videos. I’ve been doing these since 2015. You know we also do a whole lot of food, a whole lot of other stuff. But I enjoy doing these too. So click that link in the description, and I will see you next time with another brand new video. Bye-bye.


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