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HostPapa Review 2019: TOP 5 Things You Need To Know!

January 16, 2020

HostPapa is one of the most popular
web hosting providers in Canada and the United States. But just because it’s
popular that doesn’t automatically mean that it’s good right? So, in this HostPapa
review I want to cover the top 5 things I think you should know before
buying! So, let’s get right into it HostPapa has the same price for their
starter and business plans just $3.95 a month
but the business plan is better in pretty much every single way. It allows
you to host more web sites gives you more resources and more storage. So,
what’s the catch? Well, after your first payment term ends
these starter plans will renew at $7.99 a month while the business plans are
almost twice as expensive coming in at $12.99 cents if you’re considering
using HostPapa I recommend you get the business plan no matter what because
worst case scenario you can always downgrade your plans later but for the
time being you’ll just have better hosting for the same price. By the way,
I’ll leave some discount links in the description down below by using those
links you will be able to save 25% on both plans dropping the price to just
$2.95 a month instead of $3.95 a month. HostPapa is quite a stable and reliable web
hosting provider. I’ve monitored the performance for around 20 days now and
my HostPapa website was offline for just a couple of seconds. In general, I
haven’t had severe performance issues with HostPapa like ever.
I have to admit though that the 1450 millisecond response time is a bit high
this might impact loading speed a bit just to check I’ve used the GTmetrix
and it seems like it does. My website loaded in 1.3 seconds not the fastest
result I’ve seen but definitely good enough and stability is more important
anyways. No matter how fast your hosting is it’s no good to you if the
website is offline. And real quick I would like to mention that my
channel supported by affiliate links this means that every time you make a
purchase through the links below you get a discount and I make a commission. This
means I can continue making videos and buying more web hosting services to test
without the need of running ads or sponsors. And you get the best possible
web hosting deals so it’s a win-win for both of us! Thank you for supporting the
channel use the links down below and let’s get back to this HostPapa review The good news is that your HostPapa
plans come pre-packaged with a lot of free stuff. Every single HostPapa plan
includes a free website transfer, a free SSL certificate, a free domain name and a
free CloudFlare account. Since everything is included in one plan that means you
get absolutely everything you need to run a successful website in one plan.
Most other web hosting providers do not include everything in one plan and you
need to buy things separately. So, considering this that makes HostPapa a
really good deal especially considering the 25% off that you can get by using
the links down below. The bad news, however, is that HostPapa hasn’t
updated their dashboard for a long time the design is definitely not up to 2019
standards, I can almost guarantee that at some point you’ll run into
troubles when you need to find a specific thing that’s buried somewhere
deep in this dashboard. But they do use the standard cPanel. So, if you used
cPanel before it would be much easier for you since HostPapa does have all
of these standards cPanel features like one click WordPress installation,
business email management or domain name management. And one of the coolest things that
HostPapa offers are these one-on-one training sessions. You are eligible for a
free training session with all of their plans! One of the HostPapa support
agents will call you and walk you through the basics of creating a website
or an online store or basically anything that’s hosting related and is easy to
learn. These one-on-one training sessions are actually an excellent material for
learning. Because, if you’re just a beginner, you’re starting out, you’re not
sure how everything works having someone train you is a very
valuable experience and if you want to know more about this I actually have a
full HostPapa review that you can find right here. And in my full HostPapa
review I actually showcased one of our one-on-one interactions. So, HostPapa
currently has a pretty good deal with their business hosting plans especially
if you’re a beginner. If this is your first website ever created I highly
recommend you check out HostPapa, their performance isn’t anything like
mind-blowing but for just $2.95 a month you are getting a
lot of additional features that most other web hosting providers charge a lot
for and that’s why I say it’s a good choice for beginners it’s like the
perfect testing ground because you get good performance for a cheap price and a
lot of features to test out I currently have a online store hosted with HostPapa
and for the traffic that I’m getting their performance is actually
surprisingly good. If you have any additional questions about web hosting
feel free to leave them in the comments down below I promise you I’ll answer
that and my name’s Emit with the Hosting.Review team as always good luck
making your websites!

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