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How Fortnite Battle Royale Makes $7 Million Per DAY!

October 12, 2019

– In this video, we’re
gonna be talking about how the free game called Fortnite earns over seven million dollars per day, and we’re gonna give you five
tips that you can take away from Fortnite’s success and
apply it to your business. I’m also doing a 25,000
V-Buck giveaway in this video, so stay tuned. (heavy techno music) – [Announcer] ODi Productions. (engine revving) – Hey, what is up, guys. My name is Odi. If you’re brand new to the channel, on here, we talk about entrepreneurship, business marketing, I teach people how to make
passive income online. We just hit 100,000 subscribers by the time you’re watching this. (cheering) – [Cameraman] You got it! – So thank you guys so much. We’re gonna be doing something
very special for that, very soon, so watch out
for the next few videos, but in this video, we’re actually gonna be talking about Fortnite,
which is just a phenomenon. Anyone who’s watching this,
you’ve heard of Fortnite. All the Instagram, you
know, memes and videos and stuff like that,
obviously, watching Ninja and all the other Twitch streamers, it’s basically taken over the world, and in this video, we’re gonna break down how they’re able to earn over
seven million dollars per day, so from my source,, which I’ll link below,
they actually broke down how Fortnite earned over $223 million in the month of March of this year, 2018. And now, it is the middle of May, and we can assume that
that monthly revenue has probably increased
closer to eight or nine million dollars per day, but either way, it’s crazy how a free game like Fortnite, that’s completely free to play, free to download and
play with your friends on basically any platform,
can earn so much money, so I think there’s some things that we can take away from that, and we can apply that to our businesses, so we rounded up five of the best tips that we took away from Fortnite’s success that you can apply to your business today. Okay, so before we hop into the video, I’m gonna give you guys the
instructions for the giveaway, so I’m giving out 25,000
V-Bucks to 10 different winners, so that’s 2,500 V-Bucks each. I’ll be sending you guys a promo code for whatever platform you use, but probably PS4 or Xbox, because those are the only
ones that are applicable, so step one is hit the like button below, and then step two is to
subscribe to my channel and hit the notification bell. Step three is put a comment below asking a question for next video’s Q&A. You can also ask me
questions via Instagram if you DM me or leave
it on my latest photo, @odi_productions, and the last step is to follow me on Instagram. Again, @odi_productions on
Instagram, and that’s it. You’ll be entered to win, and I will be announcing and
DM’ing all of the winners of this giveaway in the next video. One last thing before
we get into the video, I actually found this really cool website called, and this is looking at
how much money Apple makes every single second, how much
of each device that they sell by the second, so I’m
actually gonna run this for part of the video to show
you guys how much, you know, money seven million dollars
per day actually is, because in Apple’s case, they earn over $10 million per day easily, so it’s cool to see how
much this money racks up in terms of like these big companies. By the way, just like
imagine if, you know, this was like your bank
account or something, if your money was coming in like that, so I’ll be putting that down below. Okay, so let’s hop into today’s video. So, it’s important that we learn from other industries
when it comes to business, because we don’t wanna
be so closed minded that we think that we can’t learn
something from a video game, because even if your business is not in the video game industry, there are certain psychological factors that Fortnite enforces that you can apply to any business in any industry. So, without further ado, let’s
hop into that first point. So, point number one is it
starts with a good product. Fortnite, the core game itself, is just an extremely fun
to play game, honestly, and it differentiates itself
from the other competitors in the space of battle
royale games, such as PUBG, such as H1Z1, because it
adds that level of building, which creates, you know,
another level of depth, has more strategy, because
you actually have to, you know, build up walls,
ramps, and create forts, hence the name Fortnite. So, just from that alone,
being such a fun to play game, that’s one of the many
reasons why Fortnite is so successful, so for your business, honestly, you need to make
sure that your core product is amazing, because it will
make it that much easier to sell that product. If your core product is good, marketing becomes that much easier. Selling the product
becomes that much easier because you believe in it, and because the product
itself, it creates followers. It can create a following, and
you know, you can get people who basically would
preach about your product and share it with their friends. So, in addition to that,
Epic Games is always, constantly updating Fortnite. They’re always patching
bugs, glitches, et cetera, and they always stay on top of cheating, which is different from PUBG, where cheating happens to be very rampant, and you know, it’s something that really turns off players from the game. So, let’s move on to number two. So, number two is that Fortnite
is a completely free game on all platforms, and
it is available on PC, it’s available on PS4, Xbox, mobile, iPad, you name it, you can play
Fortnite, which is just amazing, and I have played the
mobile version as well, and it’s crazy how the graphics on mobile is pretty much on par
with like playing PS4. So, it’s really amazing that Epic Games was able to release such a good game on all of these different platforms, because what this means for the consumer is that anyone can play it, so if your friend doesn’t
happen to have a PS4 but they have a PC, you guys
can still play together, and the possibilities are endless. So basically, Fortnite
being free, first of all, which gets people into the door, because if people don’t have to spend $30, like in PUBG, to play the game, then more people are gonna play it. Now, the key is to monetize that audience that you’ve already welcomed
thanks to the free entry. This is called the freemium model, which has worked for a
bunch of mobile games and mobile apps over the past few years, so freemium is a model that basically works like a free trial. It allows people to join
in and start, you know, playing your game, but
then it gives them options to upgrade and to
purchase in-app purchases, so Fortnite follows this
similar business model of providing in-app purchases. Now, one key differentiator
is that everything you buy is purely cosmetic, for the most part, so it doesn’t affect the gameplay and it doesn’t make it
unfair or pay to win, which is a really important point. So, this brings us to point number three, which is that all the in-app purchases and basically how they earn their revenue is purely cosmetic and
it’s not pay to win, which would, in turn, destroy the game because pay to win games, honestly, they ruined a lot of games in the past, such as Pokemon Go, such as Diablo III with the real money auction house. I could list tons of games in the past where you could purchase
items using real world money and it basically negates
all the hours of hard work and grinding and looting
that people have to do in order to get those items the fair way, so the cool thing about Fortnite is you can’t really buy your
way into winning the game. It all depends on skill, and
as long as they constantly, you know, focus on having
this as being the base of their gameplay, then Fortnite
is never going to really go out of style, because they
will always be skill-based. And the cool thing about these items and the in-app purchases
that I wanna mention is that you want to buy them, because they make your
character look cool, and it’s all just super relevant. So, for example, you can buy an emote, which is the Shoot. You know, it’s the JB Blocboy Shoot dance, which is just super popular right now, and then you can also buy skins that are sort of based on pop culture references. You have John Wick, for example, is the most popular one. Another way that Fortnite
earns money is through purchasing their PvE Save the World mode, which not everyone buys, but it’s an easy way for
them to make 40 bucks, so the PvE mode is different from the PvP because you’re actually playing
against the environment. You fight bad guys with your friends, and in this PvE mode, you
can actually have the option to earn V-Bucks, which
makes it very tempting, and people want V-Bucks, which
is the currency of Fortnite, because having these V-Bucks allows you to buy more items, again,
cosmetics, emotes, et cetera. So, Fortnite compared to PUBG, where PUBG charges $30
just to play the game, Fortnite is free to play, and then, if you want to, you can purchase these in-app purchases, which
they always keep them fresh. They always keep them creative and fun, and then, on top of that, you can also buy their PvE mode, which is about 40 bucks, so having this because model is just way better because, basically, what you’re getting is
a recurring customer, because if someone loves playing Fortnite, and you’re coming out with
new skins, new emotes, every single week or every single month, then you’re gonna continue
buying more and more things, whereas, with a game like PUBG, you spend 30 bucks, boom, that’s it. And then that’s the end of
the customer lifetime value, and the problem with this is that, yeah, you may get a lot of sales in one month, but after that peaks, you’re
not gonna be getting money from that same customer again
and again in the future, which is where Fortnite
does it really well, so they have that recurrent revenue. Alright, so number four
is just creativity. I mean, just look at this game. You know, the graphics in Fortnite, just from the aesthetic standpoint, is way different from PUBG. It’s way different from H1Z1. It’s different from Call of Duty. They have these cartoonish graphics, which seems kind of silly at first. Like the first time I saw Fortnite, I thought it was kind of like
a joke, you know what I mean? But what’s cool about this is it opens up their demographic, and it attracts a much
younger audience as well, and this is really awesome, because, see, you know, a 14 year
old, a 12 year old kid, they may not really be into
playing something like PUBG, which, you know, requires a computer. I know they have it on
Xbox now, but before, you used to have like a crazy gaming rig, but now, basically, kids
can pick up their iPad and start playing Fortnite,
and it’s just so inviting from a visual standpoint,
because you know, it gives you a feeling
of like okay, it’s fun. It’s laid back, you know? It’s not really super intense or gritty or serious or violent,
you know what I mean? So, I think the creativity
and the graphics is a very important key
for Fortnite’s success. And also, their creativity, again, with the in-app purchases,
with doing those emotes that refer to pop culture references like the Shoot dance and
all of those other things, and John Wick, I think that
that’s really important, and it’s something that any
business can learn from. Basically, having that creativity
to differentiate yourself and just keep things fresh, to
keep things new and exciting, that’s something that any
business can learn from. Moving on to the final point, number five, it’s collaboration, so recently,
Fortnite and Epic Games, they had a collaboration with Marvel right when Infinity War was released. It was called Thanos
Mode, so you got to play as the main super villain of Infinity War, which is Thanos, and I got to play it. I got to be Thanos, and
it was pretty awesome, and the fact that you
have these two industries, where you have the film industry, and then you have video games combined, is just crazy, especially
because both brands were peaking at the same time. I mean, Marvel, Infinity War, one of the highest
grossing movies in history. You have Fortnite, which is
the hottest thing right now when it comes to gaming and
just basically the internet. Put them two together,
and all of a sudden, you have more exposure because you have both
audiences mixing together. So, Fortnite, it’s already been hot. It’s already, you know, a free game that’s so easy to pick up and play. Let’s say someone who
they really love Marvel, they really love superheroes, maybe they’d never played Fortnite before, but when they heard about this Thanos Mode and you got to, you know,
basically play as him, maybe this is the first
time that they actually decided to play Fortnite,
so I think collaboration is an extremely, extremely
important concept in all forms of business, and this is something that
I learned kind of recently, that when you work with other people, you can accomplish so much
more than just by yourself, and when you collaborate
with these bigger names, bigger brands, you share audiences and you get to mix them together, and basically, you get
exposure from a huge following that you never had before
thanks to collaboration and working with other
people and influencers. Basically, you know, that
wraps up the five points. I mean, these are just
key psychological factors that any business can take
and apply it to their business in order to see more success, more sales, happier customers, so yeah. So, to wrap up this video, I
want to remind you guys again, remember to leave your questions
below for next video’s Q&A. I’ll be picking out questions
that I read on YouTube or that I get via Instagram, and I’ll be answering all of
the best questions that I see on my next video. Again, thank you guys
for 100,000 subscribers. I promise there should
be something special, so stay tuned for that. Hope you guys enjoyed this video. If you guys wanna see
more stuff like this, let me know as well in the comments below. Give me some feedback, and you know, we can figure out some more
content that we can do, similar to what we did today. But yeah, hope you guys enjoyed it. Hope you guys have a
great rest of your day. See you guys in the next one. Peace.


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