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How Much Is An Alaskan Cruise? Royal Caribbean Ovation of the Seas Glacier Crusie

September 17, 2019

hey friends welcome to freedom in a
budget I’m Kelly and it is the time that you all have been waiting for where I
share how much our Alaskan cruise cost oh man it was a doozy but honestly we
were a little bit under budget so that’s good but I’ve gotten so many requests of
how I does the Alaskan cruise tops how much is the cost of last so what’s
different about this cruise compared to like a Caribbean cruise is it more
expensive the answer is yes it is more expensive quite a bit more expensive but
it’s totally worth it so I’m going to be sharing it line by line of how much our
cruise costs all different charges everything because you know me I
recorded everything Jimmy was a little annoyed at sometimes like seriously why
do we have to save the receipt we paid cash we have it why why are you doing
that because I have to share with everyone I need them I need the receipts
guys so I’m gonna be sharing everything with you I do want to say that I do have
this budget template on Etsy for you guys I have a vacation budget template
which is so much fun I also have a monthly budget a annual budget and a wedding budget that’s the last one so
four templates right now on my Etsy shop so go check those out if you want you
can also convert them to Google sheets which if you do that on vacation then
you can do it right from your phone which is really cool I probably should
have done that so if you want you can convert to Google sheets super easy to
do and it’ll all the links down below so let’s get to excel all right guys we are
here in Excel and I have my screen next to me but I’m gonna try looking at you
guys as much as possible but if I’m going back and forth that’s why but I
wanted you to be able to see me as I do this so here is my vacation budget as
you guys no I have this on my Etsy shop and it is
ready for you guys to download so I will have a link to that down below as well
as my other budget templates as well will be down below so making sure budget
destination is Alaska cruise in Seattle dates were 815 to eat 24 so budgeted we
had $8,000 budgeted for this trip and we were actually under budget we only spent
six thousand seven hundred fifty one dollars and eighty three cents so we
were about $1,250 under budget which is awesome then here we have some different
columns here’s we have the category column what happened the budgeted amount
is in this column right here under see the actual column is right here under D
and then the over-under is in Econ so first up was airfare so we do not have
to pay for our flights or anything like that that was all covered through our
mileage uber well I’m in lifts these you can see down here in this quite a gory
this was actually a lot higher than I expected it to be I’ve never I don’t
take uber lifts and so I didn’t realize how expensive it was but most times that
we went in for where it was like forty fifty dollars which was crazy to me but
it is what it is so we took some lifts right to the port a lime car have you
guys ever done a lot of hurt they’re really cool you’ve seen the scooters
going around but the lime car it is you just like pull up you spin scan the QR
code and you say that you want to take that one it unlocks from the app and
then you can drive it around you can pause it and go back to it it’s really
cool but that was $45 so that was on our last day in Seattle we were just
exhausted and it would have been faster if we walked with this it was rush hour
traffic at Seattle 5 o’clock on a Friday but it was so fun and then uber and lyft
so total was 283 15 and we were 33 dollars over budget for that one lodging
so the Bru’s itself cost three thousand six
hundred and thirty-two dollars in 80 cents that is just for the lodging the
meals all of that stuff is is just the cruise was three thousand six hundred
dollars which is a little bit more expensive than the typical Caribbean
cruise we have taken a few out of the carbon because we live in South Florida
it’s just so easy to drive down to the port so this one is a little bit more
expensive insurance we paid a hundred and forty seven dollars for travel
insurance just because it is such an expensive cruise we wanted to make sure
we were good to go tips this is includes our own personal
tips as well as the ones that they tack on automatically they automatically do
18% gratuity for both parties and that is calculated per day so this was that
plus any extra tips that we gave we gave our room guy an extra tip and then also
we didn’t do our waiter because it was different person because they had the my
time daddy which sucked and then we gave one of the tour guys he was really good
and funny and so he gave him a tip as well so to 82-73 total hotel in Seattle
we did not have to pay for a hotel on either end we ended up getting a hotel
the night before we left and then also the day we got back just to make sure
everything worked out logistically and that was all covered by our points but
we really wish we didn’t get one on the way back we were so exhausted we were
ready to be home it was such a long trip so we actually looked into cancelling
our hotel and changing our flights and it was like a thousand dollars should
change our flights and we were like no that’s not worth it
so we said I had fun but that’s okay um miscellanies Sky Club
jamie has Delta Sky Club and we paid his $30 $29 for me to get in for the date we
were in there for like four or five hours because we had to check out our
routine our room early and we just decided to hang on
that club which worked at look some sleep will work on YouTube so total for
lodging was four thousand eighty one dollars and eighty cents
next up is food and drink so restaurant meals this is you can see here this is
like airport food food that we had outside of the ship food so this what’s
this included in that soda and chips yeah this was outside of it there was
one that we did oh yeah food on trip is separate okay so this is all of our food
outside so that any time we wanted to pour our food in Alaska or from in the
airport all of that so that totaled up to 360 754 and I went to smash burger
for the first one urban smash burger and it was really salty but I think that was
just they just over salted it I think I just got a bad one so 360 750 for food
on ship we only had to pay for one meal on ship or we didn’t have to it was a
fish and chips place and for I got I think just chicken tenders and Jamie got
fish and chips and so it was 350 for for both wheels so it was almost free but
couple dollars so the package said Jamie and I both left the soda packages 160
504 we decided not to get the alcohol package Jamie didn’t have a Jack and
Coke every night which who you guys will see but it just wasn’t worth it
so Jamie did spend a hundred $15.63 on alcohol which brings it to a toll of
food and drink for six hundred fifty one dollars and seventy five cents
alright next up is entertainment so dogsled helicopter this is one excursion
I was really really looking forward to and I was so bummed that it got canceled
it sucks so this was one where you took a helicopter this was in Juneau you took
a helicopter up and then you went dog sledding to a glacier or over to a
glacier and they would putting on the glaciers we so cool and
it got cancelled because of the weather wah-wah so we got refunded $1,200 for
that and then we ended up taking the next day we were in Skagway so we did
the White Pass Railroad which is the gold rush era we did that and then we
ended up going dog sledding on a mushers camp so that was 358 for the dog
sledding on the mushers camp so obviously was a lot cheaper but it was a
lot less of it excursion it was funny because they have a TV channel on the
ship of work you’re it’s just on loop of all the excursions and they were playing
that one and honestly while I was watching it I was like that one sucks
like who would want to do it gravel dug study well we ended up that’s Karma for
you um castle and garden this was okay it was a
it was a cool excursion I guess to 4598 felt it was worth the money
Northstar so this was on the ovation of the see it has this arm that goes up and
then you can swing down each side of the boat and you can see way high up so we
paid 98 dollars that we programmed it so we had it right when we were at the
glacier and spinning which was cool um Space Needle this was in Seattle one
2390 internet this was internet for on the ship totally worth it when 46
ninety-three souvenir and gifts this was one ninety one sixty five and we like to
get an ornament wherever we go so we did get a few that we got a hat for a shirt
and a hat for Jamie’s dad couple ornaments a shirt for Jamie an ornament
or mint so that was 66 oh nine then let’s see where we are so total is 190
165 clothing for the trip we did have to buy a bunch of clothes at four Seattle
so we put that or not for sale for Alaska so we put all in here that was
the day before we left so it was 248 69 for a total of this category
entertainment category of 1735 dollars and 13 cents so total out was 6000 so
one hundred fifty one dollars and eighty three cents and like we said we were top
hundred at forty eight dollars under budget so that was awesome alright guys
I hope that was helpful so much fun it to go over everything with you guys and
I love me some excel I love it love it love it
so Alaska is amazing as you guys saw we enjoyed it so much I am going to be
putting together a flow vlog of everything that we did and dogsledding
and all the different things and so stay tuned for that and also one of Seattle I
just have to edit them haven’t done that yet so stay tuned for that it will be
coming and next up is what to pack for Alaska it is a full packing list video
and then I also have a blog post right so watch next
what to pack for an Alaskan cruise


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    Yep. We will be doing a Seattle/Alaska/Las Vegas trip in May for our 25th. Our budget? $15,000. Airfare alone will be over $3000, so you saved a lot of money there, as well as your Seattle hotel. I've already prepaid a bunch of stuff, incuding a helicopter tour over the Grand Canyon. I'm so excited to see Alaska!! I will have to up our uber costs, because I didn't think it was going to be that expensive. Great job on coming below budget! 🙂

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    Thanks for this! I think budgeting for vacations is essential. We took a weekend trip to ATL for my brother wedding and I made a budget for the first time for a trip and it help a lot! We were under budget, but it makes vacations/trips more enjoyable when you budget for everything and gives you the freedom to spend and enjoy yourself your time. That Alaskan cruise looks amazing!!!!

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    An Alaskan cruise has always been on my bucket list!! Thanks for sharing this!!!

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    Wow all the different things really add up. Thanks for sharing the details 😊

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    I've always wanted to do an Alaskan cruise…one day, ahhhh one day.

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    Love Alaska! 🚢

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