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How This Man Makes 500,000 T-Shirts a Day | 5 Key Tips to Succeed in Business

February 8, 2020

18,19 years old started right out of a front bedroom of my mom’s house yeah so very small that’s right you guys today
we’re diving into what it takes to build a brand from out of your mom’s garage to
a facility that produces over 500,000 garments every single day so in this
video I actually just want to take you guys behind our own scenes as well and
show you guys what we’re creating here and since my brother Cesar was there
he’s actually the man in charge of editing this video, hey seez what are you doing oh! um sorry my bad I was just trying to figure out what everyone kept telling me I look like McLovin do you see the resemblance here ? umm.. no? ok! thank you I don’t get it hows the video coming along? yeah, you want to go ahead and take a look? yea sure! and then we started to get into manufacturing today say mid 90s and 94 95
and just started making different products for different companies but
then realized what a what in need there was to make retail garments for the
wholesale industry so we started to build into that
and then we started to beginning in the manufacturing pretty deep so learning
about it different doing different things with it so you have a guys that’s
key tip number one that Marco just shared with you guys that I feel
entrepreneurs myself included oftentimes really miss sometimes we just create a
product thinking that people need it but we don’t really fine-tune it and figure
out if that’s a market that truly deserves and is wanting it for BELLA+CANVAS it meant starting with a woman’s line of apparel that was essentially for
the wholesale market at a time where wholesale was just regular blank
t-shirts for men really and in the corporate world
so they came in there with some designs and later on they added a men’s side of
it just like any brand product that is one of your favorites whether it’s Nike
or anything that you buy they began with the need for that product and from there
they evolved it so keep that in mind as you guys create your brand and which
really leads us in to tip number two that I want to share with you guys right
now so can you talk to us about how your vision when you started the company has
evolved or perhaps is becoming a reality today like what are you most proud of
and what how did you guys start out to do this business sure in the beginning I
would say you know we wanted to make a great t-shirt you know started small our
thought was create a great t-shirt then once you start to do this you start to
learn about doing things in an eco-friendly way how you dye how much
water consumption you use you know being under a lot of regulation makes you
think you know what we should even go beyond that we should even let’s look at
low water consumption where it’s not a requirement but let’s let’s target that
as a solution to that we can make fabric with very low water consumption you know
it’s so it kind of evolves and you if you’re always open to learning then
you’re gonna make better products and then you’re gonna do things in a better
way and I would say that today with how polluted the world’s getting limiting
the pollution that you put out is a huge issue and so I think by having us look
at how you know water is processed how chemicals are process inputs
if you can improve all those different things then you could be a sustainable
business for next 50 years you can’t you can’t do that in some countries and that’s key tip number two guys is to go the extra mile with your brand or
service because when you do that you’re able to stand out in a market that’s
still doing things the same way for bella canvas this meant making a quality
tee in an eco-friendly way they were able to reduce the water usage as well
as the waste when it comes to dyeing so for any brand out there watching and
listening find ways to actually stand out and make a difference by going the
extra mile hey Seez what do you think people or
brands can do to go the extra mile? I think for a majority of reasons and
people going the extra me means like you know contacting your customers and all
that what are you doing? Why are you glasses like that? oh sorry I was these damn lawn care people they don’t know what they’re
doing outside they’re making all this noise where they can’t hear or what not
not everybody has the money to go the extra mile and revolutionize an industry
but you got to start with what you have and as you guys grow I think it really
dives into this next question here what would you say is a lesson that you’ve
learned or perhaps applied to your life as you were growing this business that
really impacted your ability to keep up with it
not-not-not let it beat you down or stress you out like how do you cope with
that you still have fun with it on a daily basis you know you get out of bed
you’re excited about going to work and really just look at everything is not so
much what what have you accomplished but just were the opportunities what are the
cool things you can do in the future what does the world need from you like
why is your company here and if you think once you start to think that
you’re some great fantastic company you start to lose your edge when you think
of yourself as look every day we wake up like entrepreneurs we need to solve
problems we need to be proactive if you’re as soon as you get think that
you’re at the top of that mountain then you’re done someone’s gonna take you out so you just got a you got to enjoy what you do you
have to do something that’s you know for me you got to do things that are good
for the world you know we’re here for a short time you’ve got to do things that
are good for the world and then enjoy it you know enjoy the
people that you work with enjoy that the customers that you have I can only
imagine the pressure and the stress involved with managing up to a thousand
employees all counting on you for your business to succeed and Bella Canvas
Marco DeGeorge and his team have created such an amazing infrastructure and business but
really think about that for a second like a thousand people counting on you
for you feeding their families and providing for their own communities and
lives I have a very small team here and even with that small team at times it
really feels like there’s a lot of pressure and a lot of things counting on
me for it to succeed and perhaps you’re in a similar situation where you have a
small business maybe you’re the only person running that business and
everything is counting on you for it to even grow now at times it could feel
very stressful and make you want to feel like maybe you should go get a full-time
job again but I think the lessons that Marco here really shared can be
something that you can apply and really take home and that is in enjoying
everything that you do and more importantly finding opportunities and
the challenges that arise throughout the course of your business there’s always
opportunities that come up through the challenges and if you’re able to see
those opportunities you’re able to capitalize on them and make your
business and your life a lot better so I had a moment to reflect over the last
few months and I realized I had to really think five to ten years in
advance and say what do I want to be doing with a business what do I want why
do I want to be doing with this channel and it led me to the start of a whole
new series for this channel which I want to let you guys know about today which
is essentially bringing you guys behind the scenes to show you how major brands
and businesses are operating globally so this is a very special production we put
si we wrote we produced we directed and
it’s actually gonna launch on this channel within the next few weeks the
first episode will and we’re just excited and we’re blessed to be able to
have the opportunities to get behind the scenes with brands to develop canvas and
many others that we’ll be sharing on this channel and I really feel that that
is what people need to hear they need to be able to see how the inner workings
are that very few people are willing to share but that is my goal that is my
vision to continue helping you guys and with that I think it really leads us
into this next topic was there ever a point where you felt like man are we really doing the right thing or should we try to do something else well I think
our failures our biggest learning you know periods like I think about when
there’s success and when there’s failure and I think when there’s failure you
actually learn the most I think you you figure things out you you know and that
and we’ve had you know many many problems we had to solve many you know
issues but you always grow from figuring in the mouth yeah and whether it’s you
know if you want to make lower water consumption products you know those kind
of things then you really you know it’s a problem you got to solve it you have
to and if you really want to it’s a you know it’s an issue you got to figure it
out so I would say that there’s lots of things that you know I think that just
as a human being you learn things more from when things are when you have to
pull yourself out of something or you’re trying to solve a problem that’s
difficult then when things are great and everyone’s telling you oh this is great the reality of entrepreneurship is that you’ll encounter failure and overcoming
that failure essentially helps you graduate from a school of hard knocks
I took night classes no for real guys like failures one of the things that
will continue to come up over the course of your business in your journey
regardless of how big or successful you’re getting and it’s in really
realizing that you’re coming to a moment of potential failure that helps you
really build up the courage and helps you build up the plans and the team to
get over that and you experience that growth that you need
and sometimes it might mean hey maybe we should do things differently and that
might mean starting fresh and starting completely new which he also provides
some amazing advice to do so do you have a tip for anybody like that wants to get into a partnership with somebody like how do you vet them before you even
think about that? well you definitely people that are of high character you know that have similar values good values because a lot of when
money gets involved a lot of partnerships fall apart because
someone’s trying to take advantage of the money aspect so you want to you want
people that aren’t doing this necessarily for the money so much you’re
doing it because you love doing it because you’re looking for
money because when you when you just when you’re chasing money
sometimes you’ll you know get taken advantage of or take advantage if it’s
just about the money but if it’s about the business the building and all those
things if you can find a partner that’s into that that’s great man so that really is like a marriage? that’s right it’s right if you get married for money that you’re in trouble
too now you guys know I never asked you to go back and watch something but I
truly want you to go back and watch what Marco just finished saying really take a
moment right now if you didn’t if you weren’t paying attention to
what he had to say when he was discussing was partnerships and more
importantly the difficulties in navigating them in order for them to be
successful you know in my own life over the last ten years
I didn’t make the best decisions when it came to choosing partners and it was
really the reason why I needed to reevaluate my life and decide to step
aside in order to move forward was something that was fresh new and
something that we were passionate about and had a very strong vision for
oftentimes partnerships don’t work because people have different objectives
or they see things a lot differently and just like he mentioned partnership is
like a marriage and if you’re not on the same page about what your life vision is
then it’s very hard for it to last and I’ve had multiple discussions with
mentors about it over the years and they all told me to proceed with caution be
careful with the partners you choose because they can ultimately dictate your
success or failure in your business so I truly hope this video helps you guys in
reaching your goals for 2020 and beyond I really felt that this piece of content
and this advice from Marko was so powerful I needed to create a special
video in order to share it with you guys so with that being the case I really
hope that these five lessons guide you through your guys’s success and more
importantly I want to make sure that you guys know that the first season the from
the ground up is actually launching within the next few weeks so I want you
guys to really visit the premiere when we finally are ready to announce it
it’ll be announced all over the community the email the Instagram the
Facebook everywhere if you haven’t already followed me on those channels
make sure you do and as we’ll continue to provide this
type of information and assistance to guide your in your creative businesses
and your brands and just really explore more of what it takes to continue to
build your brand and business from the ground up so I hope you enjoyed it again
and we’ll see each other very soon bye


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