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How To Build An Email List From Scratch For Affiliate Marketing

August 12, 2019

how to build an email list for affiliate
marketing how to build an email list from scratch or a free email list you
want to free email list you know build an email list for affiliate marketing
you want to build it from scratch okay you didn’t know here we go like and
subscribe to the channel leave a comment down below subscribe to the channel okay
this is about an email email marketing okay so email marketing it when I
started working online trying to make money online I heard about gotta have a
list everybody’s gotta have a list you know money’s in the list but I didn’t
have a list so I couldn’t I couldn’t see the point in getting the software
getting landing pages getting sales funnels getting email autoresponders
because I didn’t have a list so the here’s that here’s the point this is how
you’re gonna find them I make a list make it for free
okay built a list in a niche become an authority in a niche okay
and then you’ll have a have a list and you can use the software but you need
this software to build the list okay we’re gonna need an autoresponder to
build a list and I’m going to show you that all right now okay so but 58% of people open their emails
first thing in the morning right so we do get new emails you know most
people open them in the morning so and you get an owner responder you’re gonna
send out your emails in the morning okay 90% people use email every day okay so
email is still this is 2019 people think that email marketing is not is on the
way out people are trying to push Facebook ads the truth is that email
marketing is just as popular as it always has been
77% of people prefer email marketing over Facebook ads okay then they would
rather buy stuff from email marketing than buy it on Facebook they don’t want
to be bothered on Facebook okay they’re on Facebook for social media they’re on
Facebook to interact with their friends they don’t want to be bombarded with ads
to buy stuff okay 66% of people have made a purchase from email okay there
was 2.6 million people that use emails okay and then you haven’t you have to
own a list you need a list need an email list okay so email this sizes okay yeah
this is the how much money that you say you can earn per the size of your list
so if you have a list of a thousand emails and this is a niche list a niche
list where you know you’re in a niche and you’ve built and I’m going to show
you how to build a niche list that are very qualified people on your list
they’re not you know people that aren’t active okay there’ll be very active
members on your list so I’ll be very and they’ll be interested in what you have
to say in what you have to offer okay so if you have a thousand people like that
in your list that’s worth between 1,000 and 3,000 dollars a month or 1,000
person list a 3,000 person list between 3,000 and $9,000 a month okay that’s a
monthly income residual income if you have a 5,000 person list you can be
looking up anywhere between 5,000 and $15,000 a month and this is on average
then this is going from you know internet averages a list of 10,000
people of niche a niche list of 10,000 people you can earn ten thousand to
thirty thousand dollars a month okay marketing
to that list okay it’s very very powerful very very powerful okay now I’m
not making this up you know I’m not making this up this is uh this is from
what Gary Vee this is from Grant Cardone this is from all the big guys this is
what they’re saying this is what they’re saying they make on their lists you know
what you should be making if you have an active list of active members this is
what you should be making okay so like what what do you need what do
you need for to make money with the list okay well you mean traffic obviously
we’ve got Facebook Ads here but we got free a free traffic any kind of traffic
really okay you’re gonna need an opt-in page which is the squeeze page where
you’re gonna collect the email and you’re gonna have a Thank You page which
is your you are you’re gonna have your offer your initial offer and a little
video welcoming people right and then when you capture their email
you’re gonna they’re gonna be in your autoresponder and you’re gonna send them
emails so they’re gonna be on your email list for as long as they are subscribed
so you can send them one a day one a week to a week be a week for a month one
a month whenever you want to do however you want to do depending on your niche
okay so let’s see but this is all software that you need to have okay and
you know the mailing for any pages squeeze pages in order responders and
I’m going to show you them order responder right here so when someone
clicks up and signs of real estate they come on the list see how it says list
here so they’re on your list and the first thing that happens is they get
sent this email here their first email is a welcome email saying welcome to
such as such listed such as such niche and well you know introducing yourself
as a you know authority in the niche okay and then however how long you know
they’re gonna get an email one an email two could be a day could be a week could
be a month you know and they’re gonna get however many you put this one is a
seven day trial that I had so it’s a seven seven email sequence but you could
have a thirty equal email seek you could have however many you want all
right and you know for a sale and uh that is what you’re doing with your list
papacy but you yeah that’s I’m getting ahead of myself right
so that’s what you don’t wit your list how do you make your list right that’s
what you want to know you want to know okay just to be clear mailing boss is
just a part of building role build a role is a total digital marketing
platform has like 22 apps 22 tools and mailing boss is just one of the tools
autoresponder email autoresponder part of builder okay so I mean mainly Bush is
just one part of the builder or platform okay so I just want the guys soon
basically that’s it in a nutshell so how you gonna make You list you’re gonna
join facebook groups in your niche so you’re gonna go to your Facebook page
okay which of it and I suggest that you make a professional Facebook page as
opposed to your personal Facebook page where you’re going to share with your
friends and family keep make to Facebook’s okay to Facebook accounts one
that you’re going to do for your professional email your digital
marketing whatever make money online and then your personal for your family okay
so you could get two of them so you go up to the search bar right you’re gonna
search group so whatever niche you’re in and I’m gonna put a affiliate okay I’m gonna go down to affiliate
marketing for beginners okay so it’s gonna come up okay bunch of groups are
gonna come up right and you are going to join all the groups
okay now I’m joined in a lot of these groups already request is sent for that
one so you would you know join all the groups okay so then you would interact
he would choose pick five groups okay you pick five of the groups and you’re
gonna try and help five people a day you’re gonna answer five questions and
each group you know you’re gonna try and answer as many as you can but the goal
is to do five a day all right you’re gonna help five people a day and then
anybody who responds to any of your posts or any interactions that you have
you’re gonna invite them to join your page okay you can now make your own page
we’re gonna get to that in a second okay so okay so just to be clear I’m picking
affiliate marketing there’s a niche but everything that you choose that’s the
niche you’re gonna you know we’re going niches your niche don’t follow what I’m
doing don’t pick what I’m picking you’re gonna pick your own niche cape so pick
your own niche alright so you could join these groups you’re helping people
you’re building up your name you’re becoming an authority in the niche but
you’re in the meantime you need to build a go yep this you know make a clue okay
so you have to make a group so I’m in a group it’s a closed group okay you have
to join I have to be approved to join not gonna go through and how to create a
group that’s something else is very simple you would go up to here create
okay and you would create a group and just go to the paper your paces okay
once you got them and you would have to you know get some channel art you know
change channel art here’s something really cool see how I got click here now
this is not a clickable link but if you click because I said click so that’ll
cook they’ll make it click then that opens the photo now you know when you
open a photo and Facebook you know it shows you know the description so now I
have a link here okay I have a training and coaching them at my youtube link and
I have my affiliate link here okay so well I didn’t want to do that that’s my
affiliate page for build a wall okay very good stuff gonna X out of that
alright so that’s how you you know how you get your links onto your groups okay
that’s one way to do it okay here we go another thing you need to do is you got
to go down you you’re gonna have a pin post or they call an announced post I
got one down here I wanted I want to put up so this one here – this is a closed
group so I’m gonna go up here click this this is what I want everybody to see Marcus announcement okay so that’s gonna
put it up at the top so everybody’s gonna see that post first when they join
okay so now I have the group of invited members of invited I’m inviting people
every day to the group okay and I’m also inviting them I’m giving
them my my link to my opt-in page that I’m creating over here
okay the squeeze page you know you’re giving you’re sending them their opt and
pasted join my facebook group I answered your question you know if you have any
more questions if you want to follow me you know his by his might link to my
facebook group to my email list you know join my email list I send out a
newsletter or you know I send out information free information blah blah
blah and you do like that okay so you build your list that way at the same
time you building your group okay now another way you can build your group
there’s a there’s a site called lookup ID calm okay lookup ID calm now there’s
a lot of stuff you could do with the site but if you scroll down I mean along
I use this for Facebook ads and stuff like and for to get free facebook ad so
I’m going to do a video on free Facebook ads but you could scroll down to
multiple fail at variables right and to multiple variables
but what you can do anything you want but I’m doing this and this is the Miss
that I’m doing you can search you should search what you need to search for for
your niche okay how about that so I searched it let’s see if I get something
this time okay so lookup ID calm okay you don’t look up the Facebook there’s a
Facebook part of it you can ignore the Facebook look apart eunuch scroll down
to multiple variables okay you’re gonna again your niche right so I’m gonna say
who liked Gary Vee because I’m into the make money online affiliate marketing
okay make money online and language spoken English okay we’re gonna now
we’re gonna search that see what would comes up this is how you build people in
your group okay so now all these people that are coming up and I’m all friends
with most of them already okay they’ve they like Gary Vee and
speak English okay so and I can load more results and I could keep going and
if I was to pick a different niche and like a whatever cats dogs golf whatever
knitting whatever create health wealth relationships whatever your niche is
okay and you just friend all the people and invite them to join your group okay
and then when you do that when they join your group you at the top in the on the
announcement you put your link to your opt-in page join my mailing list don’t
forget to join the mailing list so you don’t miss nothing and that’s how you
build your list okay you build your list that way now once you have your list all
right build a role is really a good place it’s
a it’s a digital marketing platform okay you’ve heard it click funnels you part
of leadpages you’ve heard of all those other you know but the problem is
they’re all different and separate you have to have an email autoresponder from
one place a sales funnel from another place and it you know builder role has
everything on one platform for one price if I told you that
you can get builder all 21 tools 24 tools whatever it is including the
autoresponder for $50 a month whereas clickfunnels for sales paid for just
sales funnels is $97 a month an thing you would have to buy that water
responder separately for like another $50 a month so I may build the role is
is the park and then it’s really worth the money and so it is you get your your
funnel blueprint okay that’s like the template that there’s hundreds of
templates until the role and and I don’t want to make it a commercial but this is
a you call to action this is your landing page okay and it’s all cut and
paste you change everything okay very simple very simple to do build so you
build your your landing page you have your opt-in and you have your
autoresponder setup and you build your page now when you have your list now in
your niche now you’ve got to find a product you get a product to promote and
that’s a whole nother story okay up you can promote build a wall you can be a
person who uses the software and build a wall and promotes build a role as well
okay you could be an affiliate for buildable it makes a lot of money doing
that and as you’re doing that I should be an affiliate for build a role because
building roles would also be it would be a monthly residual income if you go on
it you would make with builder role so you sell and build a role so every time
you sell build a role you get that you own by the way we get a hundred percent
commission your first sale 30% every month day after that because it’s a
monthly commission I’m not monthly recurring so you know for the rest of
the time the person has built a role and if they’re making money would build them
all they’re gonna keep it right there oh you’re gonna make money they’re gonna
make money everybody’s make money so fill the role is the way to go so if
you’ve thrown anything if you got any value in the video no which I think you
did you learned a little bit of stuff here you know leave a comment down below
subscribe to the channel so you don’t miss nothing
okay there’s all with different ways to make money on my channel you know we I
mean I’m talking about buildable but you can use any software
I’m teaching you two methods to use the software the methods of what I’m
teaching your software is the tools you use and you know whether you’re using
you know one one brand name or another brand name you know that the tools and
the practices are the same okay I personally believe build the rules worth
the money and is probably better than whatever else you can think of if not
leave a comment let me know what you think about that maybe and build the
walls got a new launch coming up in july 2019 – I forth it’s gonna be a big
launch of all new tools or updated stuff the email autoresponder is gonna be even
better it’s gonna be great you know don’t miss it okay all right like and
subscribe all right build a roll build the roll
affiliate program if you want to build a roll you see the value and build the
roll so I mean let me show you how you can make money with build a tall
building roll affiliate program is a two tier program okay so it starts off where
your first month your first sale you’re gonna get a hundred percent commission
on the percent commission you’re not going to get that at a lot of places
hardly any place is gonna give you a hundred percent commission how do they
do that because it’s a monthly program so you’re gonna get a hundred percent
commission your first month and then every month day after that you can get
30 percent commission okay now it’s a two-tier program like I said it’s
recurring monthly income so plus when your downline makes a sale just your
first you know the first people just it just one time sort of people you sell to
whoever they sell to they’re they’re people you get thirty percent of that
okay so let me show you how that works okay so you know let’s say you’re the
world’s worst salesman you stick at it you’re really horrible you can’t you
can’t you can’t sell you know ice to an Eskimo you can’t sell nothing right so
that didn’t make sense so let’s say that in a year’s time because you gotta give
this thing time you know building a business online doesn’t happen in a
weekend okay you don’t buy a program or get a software and start making money
and quit your job on Monday okay alright this you’re gonna build this ups gonna
take three months to a year to build this up okay the reality is you sure
you’re gonna start making money you know I’m sure you’re gonna start making sales
you’re gonna get better at it and better at it and better at it but right now
you’re horrible you stink the worst salesman ever so you sold one a week
okay you sold one a week in that year’s time okay
and so you’ve made 2465 but now you’re recovering monthly income because like I
said it’s a recurring monthly program every month you’re gonna make 739 okay
that’s just if you make one sale a week and you know you’re gonna do better than
that you may start out doing one sale a week but then by month three you might
be doing five a day okay but anyway getting back to it now the value of
building role is there okay you could see the value of Builder walls got
everything you need on one platform at one low price right it’s really really
ridiculous it’s only been in America for a year this like the amount of people
that are affiliates this is the time to get into it now get in on the ground
floor get in on the beginning where you know people make money where do they
make money at the beginning get in now okay so that being said it’s a very
exciting program how many people out of the 52 that you sell to how many of
those people would want to do it – okay it’s gonna be a high numbers probably
like 80% of people are gonna try to do it okay but let’s just say it’s not
let’s say it’s only half the people let’s say it’s 20 place list in half
let’s say it’s 24 okay so 24 people have decided to sell
build they’re all being an affiliate for build they’re all onto you
okay now that nothing’s changed because they didn’t sell anything yet so you’re
the world’s worst salesman you’re also the world’s Royce recruiter and you’ve
recruited salesmen that are worse than you so you did one sale a week they’re
gonna do one sale a month so they’re really gonna do 12 sales in that in that
year so your your income stayed the same because you only sold those 52 but
because of your downline and because of a monthly recurring income now you’re up
to 48 35 almost $5,000 a month recurring income that you’re gonna get
every month without doing any more work okay that’s if you’re the world’s worst
salesman and you attract worse salesman than you this is the worst case scenario
okay this is the absolute worst than it could be all right so get better at
and it’s gonna be better than this but if you stink its selling this is how bad
it’s gonna be okay so uh okay so you can see the value in this okay build the
world’s a monthly passive income okay so you have monthly passive income that
would come in every month or build a role plus you would have whatever
affiliate programs you would use the tools in build the role to run affiliate
programs to make money doing those affiliate programs okay and you can run
multiple affiliate programs you have unlimited when you’re when you have to
build a real platform so you’re running your affiliate marketing business
through builder all and you’re selling builder all so you’re making two incomes
right there then you’re gonna have you could have the SSM a social media
marketing or you could do drop shipping or you could do you could do freelancing
you could do drop shipping into affiliate marketing you could sell
courses you could there’s so much stuff you could do okay so many different you
need multiple streams of income with Kevin saying it and saying it and saying
it multiple streams of income one stream of income doesn’t cut it all right okay


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