How to build multiple sources of income with PAYG Affiliate Program India

October 1, 2019

Hello then welcome friends welcome
once again to our channel based my business where we gonna teach you how to
build additional sources of income and attain your financial goals and also
maybe gain financial independence with a bit of help from our side so in this
video we’re going to talk about the page affiliate program so this video is
purely dedicated to the entire page affiliate program you’re gonna discuss
everything about this affiliate program and just to let you know this is going
to be a longer video right so if you and you might need to watch it more than
once to properly understand how the system is going to work and then you
might not want to watch the entire video but you might just want to jump to a
certain section of the video to understand certain part of the video so
just for your head just to help you further we have noted down the sections
of this video with their timestamps you can just click any of the timestamps to
go on that particular part of the video and learn more about that particular
segment now what exactly is an affiliate marketing program alright let’s let’s
first understand what is affiliate marketing program I’m sure you already
might be aware of an affiliate marketing program but just to put it really simple
for our friends who might not be aware of it or might have you know heard about
it but not very much okay is so in affiliate marketing
program my friends is a program where you help companies ok sell their
products and services through recommendations and reviews right so
maybe there is a particular company that wants to sell their services or their
products what you do is that you recommend this company’s products or
services within your group on your social media channel on your you know
through your on your contact field and with this you basically get an
opportunity of introducing your contacts to this particular service or product
and once the person buys the product right
you’re you get an incentive from the company so you get rewarded by us by an
incentive for a small contribution here that is helping someone discover the
company’s services and product and in return help the company sell their
product or services to an individual right so your work is basically making
the customer and the company you meet that’s what you’re doing right so this
is what’s an affiliate marketing program and you get rewarded in terms of
incentive for every sale successful sale that you make now in this video we’re
going to talk about the page affiliate program alright and I’m really excited
about this video because you know page affiliate program is like none other
the reason I’m saying it’s like none other is because in most of the
affiliate marketing programs you get a straight incentive okay for whatever
you’re selling okay that’s one way of earning but under the
page affiliate program they just got one or two but there are three streams of
income that you can gain from joining the page of related program that’s right
so you’re not earning one way not to wait but three different ways now you
might be thinking or that simple I’m going to ask you to sell three products
instead of one and that’s how I sell more and gain more no that’s not it
we’re not going to ask you to sell three products you just still have to sell
just one product and when you say like one product you basically get into an
ecosystem when you have an opportunity of earning three different sources of
income that’s right and I’m going to tell you more in detail in this video
how the how these three streams of income develop for you over a period of
time and how your active and passive income you know start becoming a
substantial amount okay that can help you attain your financial goals right so
let’s look at what page is firstly right so we we know I mean you know what an
affiliate marketing program is we’re going to learn about the opportunity of
the page affiliate program but first let’s try and understand what a page
side is because that’s what you want to say right so now a page website okay is
something like none other now it is not one of the common website
solutions which are available out there why I’m saying that is because usually
whenever a person wants to build a website for their business or for
themselves okay they need to invest a minimum of thirty thirty five thousand
rupees if they want to have at least a decent website that will last for maybe
you know three years or something like that because why I’m saying three years
or something is because you know technology is evolving alright if you
have a website that’s sitting there for three to four years that means it’s
obsolete and it needs to it needs to be revamped or it needs to be rebuilt
so you need to spend at least thirty thirty five thousand rupees on a website
then additionally you spend you know on your domain name you spend on your
hosting you spend on a maintenance cost so these three costs are then a
recurring cost that you have to pay every year apart from that thirty thirty
five thousand rupees that you pay in the beginning page is unlike these services
right page is a very very simple system right and it is very very economical as
well so I’m very page program under a page website solution when you go to
build a website or when you go for a website with fish you basically just
have to pay seven hundred rupees every month for everything that you need to
run a website you heard me right it is only seven hundred rupees a month now
the actual cost is 1,400 apiece but big in the beginning page is offering all
their early customers as 700 rupees as long as they use the page website every
month 700 rupees only so now your website includes the domain name the
hosting maintenances you know regular updates
you also need email addresses for your website okay you need to ensure that
your proper backups are taken of your website great you need to
be giving your customer support this way in case you need to update anything on
your website or you need you have any technical issues you can always get in
touch with us right so all of this is covered under 700 rupees every month
okay so it is something that people cannot say no to right there is no
cheaper version that is available okay not at least the professional website
that page is going to develop for you right now there are a lot of options
available outside okay which might be you know the same cost or cheaper but
let me tell you friends they’re all DIY solutions that means they are all
do-it-yourself right and Paige is not a do-it-yourself Paige’s do it for you
right so the Paige consultants they build the website for you you do not
have to you know or take the software for a cost and you know you build your
website all by yourself no it’s not like that there’s a professional team that
will build your website for you which is 700 rupees every month can you even
believe that now let me tell you one more thing
Paige affiliate program also it the page a web site solution is 700 rupees every
month and as of now it is available as a six months and an annual package the six
months package costs only four thousand two hundred rupees to get started and
this is the annual plan it costs it saves you further more money so you pay
only for seven months sorry ten months which is seven thousand rupees and you
get two months free so how many you know that’s that that’s that’s further more
joy to the customer all right you’re getting more discount over it and then
every year or every six months depending on whatever package you take okay you
just have to keep renewing the package and every year you keep getting new
things you can change the look and feel of your website right you can adapt a
new theme and you can you know you can you can keep your website updated
there’s a customer support and a maintenance pack that’s given to you so
every month once the customer can give a call and he can make updates through the
website as well so basically all of this okay the entire website solution for 700
every month now that’s a product no one can say no to ok unless they do not
really understand the need that business has for a website ok so if you got
friends you’ve got family members you’ve got contacts ok whom you can you know
spread this word to you know you are in for a sale ok no let’s understand how
the incentive pact work for you so we’ve understand what a page website is in a
summary it’s a pay-as-you-go website solution right it is just 700 rupees a
month which is less than your telephone bill monthly and you know less than your
monthly internet or a DTH cost right and you paying 700 rupees for your business
this time okay something where you’re going to make money your business is
going to grow now right so just 700 rupees every month now let’s try and
understand how the page affiliate program works ok so I’m going to move
you into a small part of this video where I’m going to illustrate to you to
explain you how the three streams of income work for you and how the active
income and the passive income helps you build a substantial amount of additional
income on a monthly basis right so let’s jump into the second part and I’ll catch
you back to you again pretend you more about in this part of the video we’re
going to see the page affiliate program income earning opportunities right so
like mention in the beginning of the video the page affiliate program offers
you three opportunities of earning income not one not two but three income
earning opportunities so let’s see what these three income opportunities are and
how you can get them so number first is direct sales so just like any other
affiliate program when you recommend a page website solution to someone and
that person subscribes to the service you get a 15% incentive or 15%
Commission for that direct sales okay so that’s number one direct sales
commission as the first stream of income the second stream of income
from the renewals okay and this is the most interesting one because it’s 100%
passive so like you know the page are filled the page website solution is a
subscription-based program okay so you’re selling six months or one year
subscription now once that subscription period this comes to an end the customer
renews the subscription okay and every time the customer renews the
subscription you are entitled for another 15% incentive on that renewal as
well so that means you get an incentive when you bring the customer for the
first time and every time after that the customer keeps renewing the subscription
you keep getting paid 15% from all the renewal as an Commission no this is
where is the interesting part that the 15% that you’re getting for the second
time is actually passive income for you because you do not have to do much in
that now the third income earning strategy in page is the affiliate of
opportunity now like you are an affiliate of page right you can also
bring in more people to become members of a page affiliate program and once
they become affiliate with page they are registered under us as under you as a
sub of failure okay and that entitles you for another five percent incentive
from all the revenue that they are bringing so that means the first source
of income is from your direct sales which is 15 percent the second source of
income is from the renewals which is passive income and the third source of
income is when you start bringing more affiliates okay you get five percent
from their revenue as well okay their incentive does not get reduced they
still get fifteen percent and you get an additional five percent from the revenue
that they bring it okay now let’s look at a small illustration at how this is
going to look at in 18 months phase time okay so let’s go to the whiteboard and
see how this is going to look like so friends here at the whiteboard I would
like to illustrate to you but your possible income could be over a
phase of 18 months right so let’s look at the example here so let’s assume this
is the first month where you have joined the page affiliate program okay now
you’ve just got started you’re getting to know the product okay
you’re learning about how you’re going to do you you’re using the marketing
material you’re learning how to you know spread the word in your in your friend
circle into people um you know and let’s say that out of all the people you’ve
been able to connect you being you’ve been able to sell five subscriptions in
three subscriptions sorry in the first month okay now for each of the
subscription you get 15% which is thousand fifty rupees for every
subscription that you selling so we’re taking in an example of a seven thousand
rupee annual subscription okay so for your seven thousand rupees that’s the
that’s that’s the package we’re using for this illustration so 15 percent of
seven thousand is thousand fifty rupees and so as for three subscriptions you
end up earning three thousand one hundred and fifty rupees in month one
okay so you’ve just got started now now we’re moving to the second month let’s
say in the second month you are able to sell five subscriptions okay so you sell
five subscriptions in the second month and as 4050 rupees here you on five
thousand two hundred and fifty rupees in the second month okay now let’s say you
let’s let’s take the progressive growth here and in the third month you sell
eight subscriptions okay and for eight subscriptions you earn eight thousand
four hundred rupees in the third month okay now comes month for this is where
you become a little seasoned you know what the product is you know who are
your target customers you know how to use the tools you already spread the
word a lot over three months okay so this is where people have started to
know that you are in onto something with websites okay you know there are more
and more people okay even from these you get reference okay so in month four
let’s say you reach 210 subscriptions okay and as four thousand fifty rupees
you earn ten thousand five hundred rupee in the fourth month now that looks like
something alright quite substantial now this is all that you’re earning from one
product okay now this is exactly where we want you want you to reach friends
okay we want you to be able to sell ten subscriptions every month and everything
that we have planned around page as a product and the page of failure program
is all on the basis of you being able to sell ten subscriptions every month so we
want our partners that is you the affiliates to sell ten subscriptions
every month as an average we want to make it so simple for you and that’s the
reason we keep giving you the marketing material on a frequent basis that you
can keep circulating if we’re giving you a great profile page on build my
business where you that you can show your contacts okay and they know that
you’re associated with a with a with a company called page and along with that
there’s this great sales tool where you know once a person is interested you
just get them onto a call with one of our consultant and the consultant shows
him our live demonstration of their website so with all of this okay and
with a package of just seven hundred rupees every month for our website it
makes it really easy to make the sale okay there are people out there who are
looking for services like this okay it’s coming at a price which is unbelievable
so making ten subscriptions every month if it’s done right it’s not not a
difficult task at all okay so let’s as you know that ten
thousand five hundred with ten subscriptions is what you have reached
and from there on we want you to be able to sell ten subscriptions every month
okay so month five you tell some ten subscriptions okay month six you tell
ten subscriptions okay you get ten thousand five hundred here you get ten
thousand five hundred here and for the rest of the year your
ten subscriptions each time that get you that get you ten thousand five hundred
or be ten thousand five hundred rupee ten thousand five hundred rupee ten
thousand five hundred rupee eleventh month again ten thousand five hundred
rupee and twelfth month ten thousand five hundred rupee so every month for
the first one year starting month for you on ten thousand five hundred rupee
by selling ten subscriptions every month none of my numbers might go down might
go up this is just an illustration to show you okay I mean you could do more
you could do less there’s no stopping you right this is only an illustration
now you’ve completed one year congratulations now this is where
something really interesting is going to happen okay this is where your passive
income is going to start now this is only the first source of income from the
page affiliate program the second source of income is from the renewables which I
call the passive income so when you in month thirteen let’s assume you’ve made
ten subscriptions for which you get ten thousand fifty rupees but all of the
people all the subscribers the subscribed in the first month
those three subscribers they would all renew in the thirteenth month because
their annual subscription just ended right and you get an additional three
thousand one hundred fifty rupees okay from the renewal fee okay the renew at
the same cost so basically this is where your monthly subscription monthly
incentive now has an additional bonus to it which is from the renewal so you’re
both streams of income are now working so again every month you’re selling ten
thousand 50 rupee or ten subscriptions for ten thousand fifty rupees and month
3114 you get all the people who subscribe in the second month to renew
month 15 you get all the people who subscribed in the third month for you
okay and in month sixteen ten thousand five hundred four from the ten fresh
subscriptions and ten thousand five hundred rupee from all the renewables
from month for that makes it 21 thousand rupees in that given month and
from then on every month you get 10,000 20,000 21 thousand rupees right so
doesn’t that look substantial now right that does okay that’s a pretty
impressive number now for most of most of the people out there it might be
maybe 10 percent of the salary 15 percent of the salary or maybe even 20
percent of their salary okay and that’s the number that’s what you can on in
just one year string okay and I’m just taking a very very average number which
is 10 subscriptions if you really want to do it if you really want to break out
of that circle okay you know you could do more than that but even if you do 10
subscriptions every month 21 thousand rupees is something that you can land up
much more sooner than what I’ve Illustrated here okay and that’s exactly
what we want you to do now this is not all I told you there were three streams
of income okay the first one was from your direct sales okay the second one
was from the renewals okay and the third one is from some affiliates okay so we
haven’t spoken about some affiliates yes now sub up for sub affiliates every sub
affiliate that you bring in and all the revenue that they generate you get 5%
off death revenue generation they get 15%
you also get 5% okay so and some of you hate is something for which you do not
have to wait like for example if you’re selling a six months plan to something
or a year span to something you have to wait for that subscription period to end
to for your renewal income to come in but a sub affiliate can be introduced at
any point of time so you can introduce a sub affiliate in month one you can
introduce some affiliate in one two three four wherever you can okay but I
would suggest that you instruct introducing sub affiliates as early as
you can because the earlier the sub Ophelia’s join you and they keep joining
you you’re adding and a stream of income for yourself and
first of all Phyllis again you don’t have to do anything but if you’re good
at training people if you’re good at networking if you’re good at motivating
I think your super affiliates can you know they can benefit from you and you
can also benefit from them so let’s say for example I mean you know in the first
few months okay you introduced one sub affiliate who can that wants of
affiliate again brought in a you know started earning started selling ten
subscriptions every month okay so based on ten subscription every month whatever
is the five percent of that particular subscription amount okay you know you
get that as you get that five percent added to your monthly amount okay so now
the three streams of income coming okay you have your monthly sales you have the
renewals okay and you have the sub affiliate Commission which can come in
at any point that you can introduce them so basically this bait friends is the
the entire 18 months illustration I wanted to show you and I want to show
you the income earning opportunity along with the page affiliate program so once
again you cut three sources of income direct sales renewals and the sub of
filius okay and this is what you can on just as an illustration but you can do
much much much more than this and this is just one product okay we would have
more products like this okay but you can sell maybe to the same customers you can
recommend to the same customers to new customers okay and then you can have
those additional or those multiple sources of income that we’ve been
talking about okay so now over on to the next part of the video where we going to
talk about what is needed to get started okay now you might be thinking what is
needed to get started is there an investment involved in this is there
some prerequisite knowledge so let me answer these two questions for you right
here first of all there is no investment that is required to earn all of this
money okay or to earn or to benefit from this
opportunity you do not need to make any investment at all the investment is zero
prerequisite knowledge okay so if you think that to sell a website you might
need to have some IT capabilities or IT knowledge okay that does not required my
friend all you need to do is just spread the word and we can take care of the
rest for you okay so there is no investment required there is no
prerequisite no knowledge required okay all you need to do is just get started
so now let’s move on to the next part of the video where we’re gonna tell you how
to get started so friends we have now seen what the page of website solution
is and we’ve also learned about the incentive program for you okay the
opportunities of how you can make multiple streams of income from the page
affiliate program right now let’s this comes to this brings us to the final
part of the video k and here we’re going to answer the golden question which is
where and how do you start okay so you might have this all looks exciting to
you but you might be asking okay but how do I start what do I have to do so let’s
first talk about what is that you’re going to need to start okay the first
thing you’re gonna need is a decision right you take a decision and you get
started so once you get started you’ve got all the help that you gonna need
okay we’re going to give you the marketing material that you need to kind
of to send it across on phase share it on Facebook to send it across on
whatsapp okay and you know we’re going to give you all the material that you
can share with your family and friends okay your contacts so that people get to
know about your association along with us and they get in touch with you to
know more about this product once they get in touch with you to know more about
this product you all you have to do is you just need to make get them to make a
call to one of our consultant and our concern is going to show them a light
demonstration of their future website so how this works is when someone gives a
call to us we ask them about the industry that they belong to okay based
on the industry we show them a proper demonstration of how their future
website is look like this gives them an example of
a looking feel of their website even before they commit to a subscription now
that makes the selling much more easier so you give us a recommendation okay we
show them a demonstration of what they’re going to get they get an example
even before they are paying okay and that’s make it that makes it easy
for this customer to convert into a sale and the moment the customer says yes and
you subscribe your incentive is rolled out to you in 15 days time now like I
said we give you all the marketing material that’s needed to spread the
best message across now you’re not alone in this journey right there are lot of
like-minded people that you have and as we explained that you know you have an
opportunity of bringing sub affiliates you can all work as a team I mean maybe
you do not work as a team at all the times you but you work individually most
of all time but you have each of your team members each of your own network to
support you other than that you also have a larger network to support you
which is the entire build my business group on Facebook so all you do is that
you join our group on Facebook which has a link down below in the description
okay come on that group join us on that group you will find a lot of like-minded
people who started working like you you will find our main Thursday so if you
have any questions you can just send us a direct message and we will be more
than happy to answer any question that you have that you might have before you
get started with the page affiliate program okay now don’t think you’re
alone or and we’re all together in this journey with you and this is not all I
mean page affiliate program is just one fortune it’s just the first affiliate
program that we have for you and page website solution is the first product
that we have and like this we’re going to have n number of products that we go
to roll out and all of them are going to have you know attractive opportunities
of building more streams of income for you not just with only page products but
wherever we find an opportunity where you can make
additional money we’re going to introduce those products in this
community on this channel and everyone who’s associated with us is mutually
going to benefit from it and we all want to grow together okay
so I’m going to look I’m going to look forward to meet you in the Facebook
group and on the Affiliate community so that we can all start growing together
so take action my friends by clicking the link below in the description to
join our Facebook group and also the registration link for the affiliate
program also you will find the timestamps for this particular video if
you want to jump into any part any certain part of the video to watch that
part over and again to understand a little more better please use the
timestamps below l save you time now this video is also available in Hindi if
you’d like to share it with your family and friends who prefer Hindi please do
share and make this opportunity available to them as well ok number
friends once again thank you for watching this video and if you’ve liked
our video please hit like subscribe to our channel so we can keep sharing this
valuable information with you and if you’ve got any suggestions for us please
leave them below in the comment section thank you very much for watching again
thanks you

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