How To Buy A Blog Post And Optimize it for Google On WordPress 2019

September 23, 2019

hey guys it’s Lori Ballen with Ballen Brands,, all of the dot-coms you know I’m sitting
here doing a blog I’m about to write a blog or publish a blog and I thought let
me hop on here and show you guys what I’m doing cuz it’s a little bit
different as far as where I’m ordering the content from so I thought I would
share it with you in case you’ve never seen it one of the challenges I see most
people have when getting started with building their website in any niche in
any space in any vertical is content so here’s an example of a blog we just
published okay so I’ve got my intro got my video I’ve got my call-to-action got
my affiliate disclaimer table of contents and then you have all of your
paragraphs below so my my blogs are all pretty much the same formats and I like
to do long-form blog posts designed to rank on the search engine so my blogs
are usually gonna run around 1500 a couple thousand words long every now and
then we dive deeper and this is a sample of what we’re gonna do today okay so and
and you guys want to know something really cool I have a virtual assistant
in the Philippines that actually does all my optimization so we write the
article ourselves on our team or we have a writer write it so we have both
in-house and subcontractor writers and broker houses which I’m going to show
you in a minute writing brokers and we’ll get the piece
of content in plain form and then my virtual assistant and the Philippines
actually follows my process here so she adds all these colors and the table of
contents and the video and that call-to-action button and all of the
shading and all these things that make the blog flow easy on the eyes she does
all of that and then all of these internal links are created i have
software set up to create those so really cool process that we have here so
let me just tell you if you want to order content and you don’t want to
deal with anything you can use my marketing company I have a marketing
company called Balan brands you can find us at ballon brand’s calm we actually
build your websites we do the analytics a pay-per-click marketing content
Facebook ads all of that so if you just don’t want to mess with what I’m about
to show you you can call us and we can do it for you so that’s an option now if
you’re a do-it-yourselfer I want to walk you through this a little bit so what I
doing today is oh we’re actually on I’m on the wrong website let me get to my
real estate website here I want to create an article for my real estate
website and I I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do today but it’s definitely
time to get a piece of content out I was at away at a convention still loading up
there I was away at a convention and did I wanted I didn’t get any new content
out while I was gone so I want to go ahead and do a quick
blog in here so there’s so many ways you can do content you can do a video and
then have your video transcribed to a blog you could have a blog written on a
particular topic that you want or you can actually go to a writing broker
where the content is already written and you could purchase it from there now
there’s a website that I like to use and it’s called constant content now I don’t
use this all the time but I do use it every now and then in today’s a perfect
example of this so I didn’t really know what I wanted to create I just want to
get something on there today something I haven’t really done before so I want to
I want to look at pre written content now what these writers do is they will
somebody will hire them to write an article and they’ll write the article
and then the person never pays or never picks it up so they offer it for sale
here or they’re already expert writers on a particular topic so they write pre
write this content and they put it up here on content content now they might
write an article that they sell multiple times which I don’t recommend buying
those so one article that 10 people buy or 20 or 30 or 40 you don’t want that
you want original content well they actually do publish original content on
here and you can purchase that original content and I’ll show you how to do that
so let’s just say I want to buy content this is exactly what I did today so I’m
gonna go to buy content and then I’m gonna go up here to search okay so in my
particular case I am looking for words related to real estate so I can actually
just go down here to business real estate search so whatever your niche is
you’re gonna go search to see if there’s anything pre-written now if I wanted to
I could get really specific here so usage up full rights versus usage you
want full rights full rights means you own it you become the writer you can
edit it you can do whatever you want usage means you have to keep it in its
current form other people can buy it there’s all these regulations so I want
full rights and want nobody else ever to be able to buy it original content it’s
mine that’s what I like to do you could search by price range and you can search
by word count so if I wanted to create a longer form content I want something
more in-depth I can say let me look and see if there’s any articles that are
over a thousand words now let me just warn you you’re gonna pay more money
then a lot of times you’ll pay more money here than if you were to go work
with a writer directly but you’re getting to view the whole article you
can see what’s already written you don’t have to wait for it so there’s an
advantage to that okay so I’m gonna search for whoops we want a thousand thousand words all right here we go so get your home
ready to sell on a budget 1110 10 words things to consider before moving to a
new apartment 10 tips to save money when buying your first home why you should
allow pets in your rental properties now keep an eye on this because if there’s
if they’re generic you know like this one you know ten tips to saving money
when buying your first home that’s that doesn’t it’s got 1,500 words which is
great but it might not be super unique you know if they’re talking about it
depends on what you’re talking about so let’s just take a look at it let’s just
say whoo I like this one it’s 15-under words now it’s a hundred and thirty nine
dollars so like I said you’re gonna be you know you’re gonna be spending some
money on this but if it’s good content that is original content that actually
could rank on the search engines I paid two or three hundred dollars so let’s
take a look so we’re gonna click on ten practical tips to save money when buying
your first home I want to see how unique this is you know how clever are their
ideas all right improve your FICO credit score I actually like that one that’s a
good one and they tell you how that’s great make
a down payment at 20% or more compare mortgage rates from multiple lenders
partner with the right real estate agent get a home inspection go house-hunting
during the winter ooh I like this I’m gonna buy this like this I like this one
all right so what I like about this one is that they are really giving some
valuable tips here it’s 1,500 words so they dived pretty deep and if you wanted
to you could take each one of these ideas and create a spin-off blog that’s
more in depth by each one of these items you can put links to your home inspector
you could put links to IDX properties so I’m a fan of this one I really like this
one but let’s go ahead and do the one I just bought so I can show you how I did
it so what we would do is we would purchase is one you can even purchase it
with a copyright free image if you wanted to so its $139 for the article
it’s 8 bucks for the image total is 147 now here’s the deal if you’re just gonna
do one of these now and then it’s hardly gonna be worth
it because it’s gonna be hard for you to get any really good Google rankings off
of that maybe you’re gonna use pay-per-click for this maybe you’re
gonna use a Facebook ad or social marketing you’re gonna put a call to
action you’re gonna if you’re doing all of that you’re gonna get your money back
you only spend one hundred thirty-nine bucks one commission are you kidding
yeah I would do this all day long but you may not have the money to do this
the budget to do this so let’s just say you’re gonna do one one a month and then
at the end of the year you’re gonna have 12 of these okay I’m alright with that
being part of your you know your process but it may take you a couple of years
then to really build up any good search engine rankings so keep that in mind if
you can afford to do this every week you’re gonna be way way better off or
maybe you can just take the idea go write your own you know you never want
to steal their content you don’t want to steal any of the words but maybe you get
you’re inspired by oh I can write this piece of content I can give somebody 12
ways to save money when buying a house and you’re gonna kind of go take the
article and kind of rewrite it your own terms that’s okay too you know just
don’t steal their content but you could use it for inspirations there’s lots of
ideas here on how you might do this but I’m a fan I like this one so I would
totally do this one all right so I’ve bought an article so I’m gonna
go and go to download my content and the article I bought this morning is
actually how our home listing price is decided so now I’m gonna go over here
and I’m gonna go ahead and go to download my content so I’m gonna click
that little arrow up set archives eclipse let’s see if I can still get
that’s open now that I clicked archived all right download it there we go how
our home listing price is decided I’m gonna download this to my desktop so I
can grab it real quick all right so I guess I was clicking the right button
alright open the doc and it’s gonna be a plain white plain text form so here is
gonna be my title how our home listing price is decided I’m gonna go to my blog
we’re gonna go to my Blagh here you can see have a lot of
businesses I’m doing a lot of things today here so we’re going to new and
we’re gonna do post now if you need a website like this like I said my company
builds these these are called brew we actually build real estate website to
build coaching sites we build affiliate websites niche website so definitely
talk to us about that I also will give you another option
inside the video here I belong to an affiliate forum of forum called wealthy
affiliate and they’ve got WordPress websites built in they’re really cheap
you can get your domain you can get your website as long as you’re kind of a
do-it-yourselfer you can also choose to do it yourself model which is really
cheap on there and if you decide you need more help you can reach out to us
after and you can actually hire us by the hour to help you or to hire
excellent design on it so where you’re kind of go to tech company as you’re
building all right so we’re gonna paste our title here I’m gonna walk you
through this they’re really quick staples of how I put this blog together
now so how our home loosing price is decided okay now let’s go back to my
blog here alright so I’m gonna go ahead and paste this whole thing in without
the title in the blog now my I’m using WordPress which is my favorite platform
and we’re using WordPress Guttenberg which is also my favorite so I’m gonna
paste this in here now each section here becomes its own block and WordPress
Gutenberg is built out of content blocks which are so fabulous makes everything
easy so our home listing price is decided so whether you’re buying or
selling a home it helps understand how real estate does calculate the listing
price of a home for their sellers all right so then I’m going to put a space
here and this is going to kind of be my intro and that intro is also going to
come over here and be my excerpt and then that excerpt will also be my meta
description down here now I know I’m going very quickly
oh it’s already exort is right here becomes my Meta
Description guys I have a ton of videos on my youtube channel on every single
one of these pieces so don’t panic okay you can also hire me to train you on
this if you if you want whatever works for you so don’t panic you can you can
see each piece slowly alright so once I do that typically now I’m gonna put a
video right here so after I get off of this making this video I’m gonna go make
a video for my sellers called how our home listing price is decided I’m going
to show them how we do a CMA now if I wanted to I could go over to YouTube
let’s just say I don’t want to make the video I can use the permission settings
in YouTube to actually use somebody else’s video that is not stealing their
content it’s actually complement it benefits them as long as you do it in
the correct way so let’s just put in the title how our listing prices decided and
let me put real real estate okay and I want to find one that’s geared towards
the seller not towards a real estate agent specifically all right let’s try this how to price
your house to sell now here’s what I’m looking for I don’t want another real
estate agent in my market obviously because that’s gonna position them as
the authority so I’m looking more for maybe a TV show something like that so
here’s one from Consumer Reports let’s just take a quick look at this
Consumer Reports one boost your home selling price five Pro secrets that
might be okay although that’s really not telling them how to price their home
okay here’s one let’s see oh that’s another real estate agent the real
estate agent another real estate agent real-estate decode it let me see whose
this is everybody let’s talk about one of the most important things you do when
you sell them and that’s setting the price setting the list price
there’s a lot of different philosophies and one of the major ones is to price
high and lower the price until you find the highest price at which it will sell
so let’s talk about that rule of thumb right now it’s a good rule of thumb
price and adjust let’s take two codes calm go there and subscribe so you can
get email updates of these and I appreciate it if you have any questions
leave with contact the he know anybody’s I actually like this one hold on let me
see real estate yeah I got no problem with this one so this just
kind of a blog platform not any local competition for me
and I’m just looking to see what it’s called action is I’m assuming real
estate agent blog so yeah so this is fine
I actually really like his video I like kind of the advice he’s giving so let’s
just say I want to use this one so if you click share and you go to embed
there is as long as this code pops up you have permission to embed the video
if there if if the user does not want you to embed their video that that will
be grayed out you won’t be able to take the code okay
so user has YouTube has permission settings when they upload their video to
allow for embed or not now it is a benefit to them when you embed because
now it’s getting them more branding and getting them more viewers it’s a benefit
to your consumer because they like video it’s a benefit to you because now your
visitor is gonna spend more time on your blog which is a positive signal to
Google it’s proving that you’re providing valuable content so guess what
it’s a win-win-win for everybody so here I’m gonna click this little plus line
and I’m gonna go to the YouTube button and enter the URL to embed here and then
your video is going to show up right there now under the video I always put a
call to action so this is for seller so I’m going to offer their home value so
what I’m going to do is I’m going to click right here where I want to put the
button above it and I’m gonna click the plus sign and I’m gonna go to well my
case I’ve already created the button but let me show you how to create it in case
you haven’t so let’s just say you want to create a button you just like this
and now I want to send them to my free home value page which I need to go look
at where that is so hold on let me go to my website I’m gonna go to my house
values page so this is where they can come in they can enter their home and
they can get an incident listing so I want to send them to that page right
there okay this in case you’re wondering the start bouncing around here the home
valuation is provided by loosing so leads and if you use my link in this
video you can get an extended free trial and try out this home value offer I am
an affiliate I do have a relationship and I do benefit if you end up making a
purchase so here what we do is we paste the URL and now we’re gonna add text get
an estimate on your home value instantly guys for sellers this is absolutely the
best called action I get leads all day long from these
buttons from these call to actions for sellers and we get listening so I love
them now what I want to do is I’m going to Center this button and I could choose
the styling like I can make it square I can make it round I can change the
colors over here whatever I want to do okay and then here I am going that you
can do a Jane just see all the styles are up here I’m gonna I’m save this so
you go to more options and then we’re gonna go
to add to reusable blocks and oh shoot I don’t know what just happened hold on try that again add button paste get three three ports make it I’ll make
it mine orange I make it mine square Center add your reusable blocks there we
go orange home value but safe okay now I
can grab that any time I want and without having to do that again
so I’m going to move this up right under that video that’s how I like mine to go
I like to have called action okay now the next piece is I like to include a
table of contents remember over here where we looked at we
looked at a blog I just did and it had this it has a table of contents up here
that is it provides a great user experience if they don’t want to read
your long blog they can click here and jump down to just the piece they want
Google likes it it’s also used quite often by Google to create site links on
the search engine results pages but I get into that in another video so it
serves a lot of purpose now how I create that table of contents as I use a plugin
for WordPress called TOC plus or table of contents plus and what it does is
when you create your heading tags for each paragraph which we’re going to do
it as each in a second it automatically creates a table of contents out of those
heading tags okay so the first thing we want to do is put something like tutorial video okay and I’m gonna make this a heading
to and now we want another one and we’ll say something like why pricing your home
right matters or pricing your home matters okay
sometimes I title these by questions sometimes they’re just regular depends
on what I’m what I’m doing at the time what my goal is
okay so now down here we have gathering using comparable prices something like
that okay the CMA you know what creating these
heading does these headings creates a an easier flow on the eyes it breaks up all
this chunky text okay and then comparing features I’m just kind of skimming the
content here oops gotta get to the right block there we go
heading to okay features comparing features once the prices are ok creating
the averages this would make a great video you guys to deal with yourself too
and I’m gonna do my own but I’m gonna keep theirs in there for now it’s like
I’ll make my own okay so comparing the averages I want
that to be a heading two all right using list prices instead of
sold prices something like that and a lot of times I’ll get into it another
blow in another video I already have them but keep these kind of short keep
these kind of short because they create site links under your listing and only
so many will fit so three to four words and then down here they can be a little
bit longer because those aren’t gonna fit up on that on the site links anyway
so all right now after I do this I’m still not done
one thing I always do at the bottom as I put in a related blog post so I’m gonna
click here and I’m gonna find posts and now I can include related post you guys
this is so good for SEO as well so this blog is going to be in the cellar
category selling a home category so over here latest posts order by newest oldest
where I could order by A to Z or Z to a oldest to newest category is going to be
selling a home in Las Vegas and you can choose to you know couple you can choose
three and she’s ten here’s what you need to know when you have links on your on
your page each link actually steals a little bit of the link equity from this
page and it goes to the other one so you’re passing some of that power of
ranking on the search engine to these receiving pages when you do this so make
sure that you want to be that they are you know make sure that they’re the
right listings and you want to pass if this page ranks really well you want to
pass some of that positive link flow to the right articles here okay again
that’s kind of an advanced tip and I talked about all of that in other videos
but I just kind of wanted it wanted to mention it here okay now next thing I’m
going to do is I want to put in a divider in between each of these the
major sections because what happens is these dividers actually create a back to
top link and then the user can click there and shoot right back up to the
table of contents so once again it is a quality signal now the divider as of
today to early 2019 the Gutenberg provides us with is purely a separator
it just creates a line it does not have the back to top so I’m using shortcodes
ultimate and I’m using their Shore back to top divider that’s a free plugin and
then I just save it in the reusable block so I can grab it really quickly
and easily so I’m gonna do it again down here watch this
had and my dividers are in my reusable block so I don’t have to create that
every time see how fast this is guys when you create all these shortcuts you
can get through all this in so much so much less time and you can
have somebody like an assistant or a college intern or your teenager or a you
know young adult child or somebody do this without them happen to have you
know major creative thinking skills because they’re just following your step
by step process and you’ve got all these shortcuts okay now right here I could be
done if I wanted to be done but I don’t the other thing I’m going to do so I’m
going to break up some more anytime I have two or three sentences together I
like to put a space and make it easier on the users eyes but you know what it
looks like most they did a good job my writer did a good job of this already
there’s one that could be on its own alright so this is a little bit chunky
here so I might break that up there same with this one
so I want it to be like two sentences one sentence three sentence but no more
than that okay because it’s gonna get it’s gonna be hard for them to read out
a mobile device when it’s super chunky like that whitespace just makes it
easier and if it’s easier to read they’re gonna stay a lot longer okay so
we did that and now the next thing I would do is highlight maybe put some
quotes or colors in here okay so homes that sit on the market
unsold for too long let’s see the appraiser is usually working for the
mortgage lender and they want to try to report a home value that will cover the
negotiated contract price but also cover the lenders risk all right so that’s
important so what I’ll do is I’ll go to go over here I’m gonna make that font a
little bit bigger so it’ll pop and maybe I want to make that a color so it’ll
stand out so maybe I want to just gray that out see and now that’s gonna stand
up stand out a little bit I’m going to do the same thing here and maybe I’m
gonna make something a quote so I’m gonna go up to here and I’m
change it to a quote see it just makes it look a little bit different and then
maybe here same thing the goal okay so maybe I’m gonna make that a drop cap so
all I’m doing is just changing out the font so that it’s easier on the eyes
now maybe here I’m gonna add an image right comparing features so it’s gonna
be a graph or a comp or something here so maybe I’m gonna go you know what let
me break this up and let me add an image so I go up here to my block and I go
into my images add an image go to my library and let me see if I can find if
I’ve ever done a CMA graph on here or home prices I’m gonna go do a new one
but I just kind of want to show you guys an example okay so we just grabbed a
graph you know showing um comps we’re gonna select that and we’re gonna put it
right there so now we’re gonna have a nice image in there you can optimize the
image by giving it alt text I have another video and all of that so this is
great and then down here creating the averages so I could do another graph I
could do another video I could do another color alright so I’m going to do
this and I’m gonna say let me make that pop I’ll make that medium font and I’m
going to make that a color we’ll make that one black and white alright and
then same thing down here okay so now I’m just changing the font
color itself you can do that if you want to okay see how that’s done now if you
use the content blocks you can create a whole bunch of other things in here
let’s just say I want to grab an ITX widget I want to well no this is this is
a CMA so idx is not going to be as valuable here but maybe let me just show
you how to do it if I wanted to down at the bottom I’m gonna put a list of homes
for sale so here I could put recent home sales in Las Vegas and then I do my plus
let’s see if I have a saved idx widget I don’t so all I have to do is go over
here I’m gonna hop on over to my idx account now I love love love love love
idx broker my marketing company we are idx broker affiliates partners I’m sorry
so we actually support the idx system if this is something you’re interested in
as you see me do this there is a link to ideas broker in this video you can see
the $99 setup fee when you sign up and then we become your support system that
doesn’t mean we support it for free but you can contact us for general support
and if it’s a if it’s a glitch on the expropriate
if it’s a customization or something you want we charge by the hour but it gives
you the ability again for us to your tech company we also can build in your
idx to your website so right here I’m gonna go to designs widgets create I
have lots and lots of tutorial videos on how to use idx broker we’re gonna create
a quick little carousel of listings and we will do a custom search advanced
search and we’ll just do single-family homes that just listed in Los the oats
what did we say just so let’s do just listed I don’t have sold data in here
right now so just so Las Vegas we have we have regulations against that here in
Nevada only properties that have an image and caris
so we can put as many properties as we want in there ten results that works for
me all right so now we’re gonna call this carousel just listed with image
newest listings max number of columns this is going to control the sides of
the carousel you’ll be able to see that in a minute opening a new window yes
display all new yes build widgets now we’re gonna take this code we’re gonna
go back over here to Gutenberg block ad now we’re gonna add HTML I’m gonna paste
in that code now watch what happens we now have this nice little carousel this
looks really good on mobile all right um with the view all results here
and it looks like we may need a little styling on that I have to look every
other own alright so let’s take a look at how that publishes in a second so
then we’ll do let me make this bold and I also want to move down this related
articles and I want to give it a title whoops add a heading let me title this selling a house in Las
Vegas now these are not the right category so yes they are by our mythical
teammate now what down payment assistance you okay perfect those are good I’m gonna do
five maybe I’ll do a little more let me see yeah I like that I’m gonna do those
seven okay now we’ve done everything we need to do we need to add a featured
image to this blog so there here’s the way I do it I use canva and I’ve got a
bunch of templates in the air that I use so here’s my Vegas one I’m gonna go over
to canva I’m just gonna use the same template and I’m gonna call this cow a
real estate listing price is determined and now I’m gonna go up here to elements
I want to grab a photo I’m gonna do a home price and free only see what we
have it built available sometimes I’ll pay sometimes I’ll use free I’ll use
free whenever I can there’s free drag that in whoops drag it in and drop it
let’s see how that looks I like that one so obviously you can
make your block smaller here in the middle if you want more of the image to
show up I’m just gonna go with this one alright so then we just save this
download I download mine as a JPEG because the PNG files are too large and
unnecessary most often where it comes to just using them for a blog image all
right see that’s my desktop I’m gonna go over here to add okay go back to
document I’m gonna add it contact us form in case they have questions I get a
lot of leads from these contact forms this is a ninja form that’s another free
plugin so you can use whatever forms you want ours are infused so they funnel
into armed whew laughs erm okay and then I’m going to do
featured image set featured image upload files select file desktop there’s my new
pic all right alt text I’m gonna put how a real estate
listing price is determined is spelled out on a black background where a man in
a white shirt is holding up a house with a price tag
so this alt text is here for anybody that would be visually impaired or for
some reason it’s using an audio reader instead of viewing it so that’s
important it’s good for SEO it’s good for the consumer select and guys we are
pretty much done now you can see that that really even with me trainings on
the video did not take us that long there are some advanced features like
the rich snippet and related articles and some other things we can do but I’m
not gonna do them for this article but for this moment right now this is
fantastic this is going to be a great great article very valuable to the
customer and I love it so now I’m just gonna click publish so that we can go
ahead and take a look at it you could preview first before you
publish if you want in my case I know I’m good I’m just gonna publish click
view post and don’t worry you can add it after so it’s okay here he goes there’s
my intro oh I actually like that table of contents below the video and all I
have to do to move that let me just show you this really quick is I just take
away the top heading so let me get rid of this heading and now that table of
contents will be below the video and that’s where I want it that’s all in the
table of contents settings so if you post if you have any question
but anything I did here just type them into the YouTube type them into the
video below and I’ll take care of it I’ll get I’ll answer it for you okay so
there’s your button we have our table of contents see how clean this is see how
just gray breaks it up the little quote breaks it up that the drop cap breaks it
up the graph breaks it up the creating the averages breaks it up I mean sorry
the black color the blue fonts the Carousel okay that’s my stylings fine
there’s this there’s the carousel no it isn’t I’m going to customize that to get
that all the same size and then here’s the related articles there’s a contact
us form and the other nice thing about putting a image or video here you can
actually pin them so I could now go to my real estate Pinterest board which
I’ll do I’ll show you really quick let me just go to my real estate board
whoops here it is my real estate account this is like advanced features here for
you and we’re gonna go here I’m gonna go to pin now look at all these images I
could pin I could pin my graph I could pin this I could print in my yard line
if I had added another pin or graphic it would it would let me pin it so I could
actually pin this video now Pinterest actually allows you to pin videos it’ll
play the video right from Pinterest about that crazy so now I just want to
put this under the right board selling at home or home value selling your house
and now I have pinned it and that’s gonna get me some extra traffic there
alright so that’s it that is all there is to it guys I use the same formula
over and over and over again let me tell you on mobile this looks beautiful I
mean absolutely beautiful very valuable and it’ll help us work towards ranking
on the search engine so that’s my training video for today
my name is laurie balan and subscribe to my youtube channel click the little bell
to be notified when i make training videos because i make lots and lots and
lots I give everything away that I do for free
before I ever asked for you to buy a training but I do also offer paid
trainings all month long and you’ll be able to check those out as well
on and on the youtube channel so if you need any more help
comment below check out and thanks for joining me today

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