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How to Choose The Best Online Traffic Sources? | #AskShaqirHussyin

February 12, 2020

What’s going on everyone it’s Shaqir Hussyin here and today’s question is: Where do you get all of your traffic from?
You know even before traffic you want to make sure that you have what’s called a high
converting offer. You have a product or service that you can spend a dollar and
make two three five even ten dollars back, okay? When I spend money on traffic I’m trying to get a minimum of at least 5x back so every dollar to me I want at
least five dollars back long term over say six to twelve months I want at least
ten to twenty dollars back and I have offers and products that routinely are
able to bring me large ROI for every single dollar that I invest. So, first of
all before you think about where do I and get traffic from? What’s the next
traffic source? Think about how can I create the highest converting offer for
the marketplace. How can I create a highest converting offer so I can
actually go to Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and
other places that you want to go and get traffic from. So, my top sources are
number one – we get a lot of traffic from Facebook Ads I’ve spent over one and a
half million dollars of my own cash just on Facebook Ads in a very short period
of time. We get ad traffic from Google Ads and that includes Google retargeting
and then this Instagram, Facebook and Instagram so that’s number two – then we have YouTube and then we have solo ads which is basically finding other
partners that have huge lists and right now I have a handful of partners and
they’ve been, they spent like decades building their own database and
subscribers and clients and I get to go in and tap into their list and get
traffic every single month consistently, reliably, predictably. This also gives me
a good injection of cash every single month. What’s more we also do what’s
called CPA advertising which is cost per acquisition while we spend money to
acquire customers that are coming in and other source of traffic that we have is
direct mail and depending on what country were in so let’s just say when
the UK will do direct mail to people that have opted into our lists or we can
rent other people’s lists and we can send something through their house like a physical mail. So, that’s direct mail again depending on
what country I mean let’s just say I’m in Singapore or in Malaysia then I run
newspaper ads, okay? We find them very effective, we did a campaign recently
where I spent close to 20 G’s on a newspaper campaign and importing about 110, 120 thousand dollars in sales. So, I know these things work the question is what would work for you? We also adding in blogging where we
have on and on we have literally
fresh daily blog posts being published each and every day. Why? So we can get
traffic from the search engines, SEO search engine optimization. So, those are
pretty much the main traffic sources like I said most people get it wrong,
they think that they need to get traffic first – you need to have an offer a
product or service that actually helps people and has a profit framework around
it so that the more value that you provide to your prospects and clients
they’re more profits is a byproduct and the last traffic source which I’ll talk
about which is podcasting so if you’re not subscribed to The Shaqir Hussyin Show – subscribe! I’ve got interviews with some of my mentors, my friends, millionaires,
billionaires that are coming on the show or that are already on the show so please do subscribe and leave me a review on The Shaqir Hussyin Show on iTunes. And the last traffic source which I want to recommend to you is it’s not a specific
thing it’s more like an overall plan which is called a Dream 100 and this was
first taught to me by one of my mentors called Chet Holmes, unfortunately he
passed away and Chet Holmes was the right-hand man of actually this guy
Charles Munger, okay ? Charles Munger and he had the reputation of doubling I
think it was like 8 or 10 different divisions of Charles Munger business
and one of the things that they did was the Dream 100. So, I wrote the Dream100 is essentially is who are your Dream 100 partners that you could partner up with,
that you could do deals with and that you could have them promote
your products and you promote their products and so dream 100 is a powerful
traffic strategy. I’m actually gonna give you one more bonus one which is
something that we do every single year you know this is a million dollar
traffic source that ‘Imma give it to you which is trade shows – “Trade Shows”.So, it doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, what country you’re in, what’s your budget you
can go and do trade shows. Now if you have say three to five thousand dollars
you could go and invest in a trade show. If you have twenty five to thirty
thousand dollars then you can go buy the biggest packages – we’re about to do a
trade show here in the UK right now. There’s about 24,000 people coming in
and we took pretty much the most premium spots available. One of the spots was
being able to brand our brand on all of the lanyards so that’s 24,000 people gonna be walking into our trade
shows with the lanyard from and it’s gonna say go to this booth number and for years we’ve been going to the trade shows but every
single year Dell, Yell or AmericanExpress always take it. So, we came in we did a great deal we locked it down and so this is another traffic source that
we utilize for massive upside. So, I hope those spark up great ideas in your mind.
So, I hope you enjoyed this video if you one more leave me a comment on the blog, on the YouTube channel and I’ll see you in the next video of Ask Shaqir Hussyin.
Bye for now!


  • Reply Robert S February 8, 2020 at 8:01 pm

    Been a while my friend from the UK and I really miss learning about business methods you taught me a few years back. I am one of your custom business funnel members and need to reorganize after the issue with Matt's company. Things have been slow going trying to find my place in the online market again and how to fill a need that people have. Good to see you Shaqir.

  • Reply Miguel de las Ventas February 9, 2020 at 4:30 pm

    Thanks Shaqir!

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