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How to Choose Your Side Hustle

October 7, 2019

so how do you choose a side hustle that
is right for you I’ve got three tips I want to share with you coming up good afternoon guys and welcome back to
expert influencer Academy I am your host Charles Watson and thank you for joining
me this Friday afternoon and welcome back to another video episode number two
in our ultimate side hustle series it’s great being here with you guys and guys
this series is based on the ultimate side hustle by Ilana Varon and my hope
in this series and in sharing this series with you is that you will be able
to join the seventy eight million people in the United States that are currently
earning some form of income whether it’s part-time income side hustle income
full-time income by creating a a side hustle so if you joined us for the first
video or if you missed the first video we basically it was basically an
introduction into the gig economy and things that you can start thinking about
in order to determine what would be a great side hustle for you today guys I
want to dive deeper into that topic and I actually want to go over with how do
you choose a side hustle that is right for you and you know guys wouldn’t it
start thinking about side hustles you really got to compare it to your job
that you have now and when it was time for you to search for your current job
like I’m pretty sure that you had a plan right you thought about the type of work
that you were interested in and qualified for based on maybe your skills
and your education you had a wage or salary range in mind and you probably
had some sort of idea on how your job could lead to you know let’s say more
career opportunities and shape your career path and guys after you had all
that figured out you’re probably searched for job openings applied and
interviewed with different companies until finally someone hired you well
that’s the exact same formula that applies when you’re trying to determine
and choose your side hustle in order to be successful
your side hustle guys you need to identify your sellable skills and you
need to know how and when you can make time for your side hustle and really the
circumstances that kind of exist in your life that will determine what type of
side hustle you’re gonna choose the goal here guys is to sit down and create a
strategy that will help you identify some topics of interest and passion that
you can turn into your side hustle and guys nearly any work that people do can
be turned into a side hustle and I’m talking about whether that’s low-skilled
tasks such as running errands and cleaning houses or even high skilled
trade and professional services like electrical work nursing marketing and
accounting your artistic ability you’re cooking prowess or your fluency in a
foreign language can all be turned into an income stream as can your spare room
and bargains you pick up like from yard sales so guys how do you choose your
side hustle well I got three tips that I want to share with you now the first tip
I have for you guys in choosing what kind of side hustle is right for you is
you need to let your skills and interests guide your choices what you
need to do here guys is you take a minute to think about everything you do
in a typical day at either your job or at home focus on tasks and activities
where you excel that you especially enjoy and what you need to do here guys
is you need to come up with a list of skills and expertise that you can turn
into a side hustle and guys these skills they might align with your education or
your primary job but they may just relate to the way you think they may
relate to a hobby they may relate to a household task that you’ve mastered or
they could even relate to family responsibilities my advice for people
just starting out on a side hustle and building their own business on the side
is you really want to make sure that you choose something that you’re passionate
about I am NOT going to say here and I am NOT gonna lie to you it is
tons of work and it’s tons of work on top of your other life responsibilities
so it’s super important that you pick something that you love and that you’re
gonna stay dedicated to because I’m gonna be honest with you right now when
you’re first starting out there’s gonna be a lot more downtime and lower times
than there are gonna be high times right you should always celebrate your
successes and you should always celebrate when you hit goals and you
should always celebrate when you know when you hit milestones and when you
actually you know become successful in land clients and make sales and things
like that but the truth of the matter is guys that there’s gonna be a lot of
hustle there’s gonna be a lot of work there’s gonna be a lot of frustration
and there’s gonna be days when you think like you’re making no headway at all so
you really want to make sure that you pick something you know pick something
that you’re passionate about pick something that you know inside and out
pick something that you’re good at pick something that you’re interested in and
jump all in all right and like you know what do you what are you talking about
Charles what what kind of things can I do that I always tell people this you
want to make sure you pay attention to what your friends colleagues and family
members admire most about you you know do people frequently ask you how you
accomplished something you know do people ask for your help on
on presentations do people always compliment your your fashion sense do
they always compliment your style do they admire you for always having a
fresh garden of grown vegetables and herbs do they always ask you how hey how
do you market on social media whatever people ask you about right when people
ask come up to you and they’re like hey man how did you do that that is a
money-making opportunity for you to explore if you have people asking
questions about something you do or a hobby that you have that is a
that is a flag dddddd that it lights and signals that you have a money-making
opportunity so you might want to start there and you might want to explore that
the second tip I have for you guys is you want to make sure you match your
side hustle to your circumstances and this is super important you know for
most people their side hustle contributes a small amount to their
household finances and guys this is usually supplemental income that is
essential for maybe helping to cover regular expenses maybe you have a
medical emergency that came up maybe you have a bill collector knocking at your
door you know so your circumstances are going to dictate like how much time
you’re gonna have how much runway you’re gonna have and how fast you need to be
up and producing money your circumstances right
maybe you just want a side hustle to pay for family fun maybe you just want a
side hustle to pay for vacations or maybe you want to pay for summer camp
for the kids or maybe you want a side hustle to help you fund home renovations
you know or maybe it’s just to provide a financial cushion that’s what we do up
until recently I was employed full time I had a full-time job I recently jumped
off and now do expert influencer academy full time I’ve had that opportunity due
to circumstances but your circumstances are gonna dictate you know but we still
have Tia her income and her job still supplements our income so our side
hustle is just kind of for supplementing alright so you know you gotta you gotta
choose if you want that financial cushion so how fast you need money may
be a factor and a side hustle you choose and just remember that sign some side
hustles they allow you to work for a few hours a day and get paid immediately
however if your side hustles gonna be more involved let’s say that your side
hustle is gonna be like making handmade soaps and lotions well then you’re gonna
have to invest in supplies you’re gonna have to take
to make your products you’re gonna have to take time to package your products
you’re gonna have to take time to market your products you’re gonna have to take
time to build a brand start a business so you’re not gonna see money coming in
immediately so remember your current financial situation is a huge
determining factor on what type of side hustle you are going to jump into and
guys keep your side hustle simple choose a side hustle that allows you to put
your education and your experience to work immediately as your side hustle
grows it’s gonna allow you to branch out and explore more options all right there
you go tip number three guys is use time-tested
methods to find work you know most freelancers and side
hustlers find work through a variety of ways that I’m going to share a couple of
those ways with you right now some people find work through their
family some people find work through their friends some people find work
through professional colleagues you know every industry has conferences every
industry has meetups and every industry has gatherings where you can meet people
you can network and you can pitch your side hustle and guys even if the people
you’re pitching to and you’re talking to don’t hire you there is a great chance
that they know someone that could benefit from your products or services
so getting out there being seen getting into meetups organizing and aligning
yourself with different organizations like we are a member of the young
professionals of Martin County your local Chamber of Commerce you can join
that political affiliations you can join that you want to get out you want to go
to these mix and mingles you want to go to these meetups you want to go to these
you know these conferences and they don’t have to be a lot of money you’re
there’s tons of local conferences especially if you have a university in
your town if you have a college if you have a state
College or if you have a community college or if you have a university in
the town you live in you can contact them those types of institutions have
meet and greets and events all the time I know that we are getting ready to do a
solopreneur and startup Expo with Kaiser University in January but also at the
university they have the Toastmasters club that meets there every Monday these
are just great networking opportunities and guys if you don’t have anything like
that in your in your town if you don’t have anything like that in your city
this is a great opportunity for you to start one and you don’t need to rent an
expensive hall you don’t need to be aligned with with a university you could
go to a local restaurant and you can talk to the owner you could talk to the
manager and you can see what days they have that may be attendance is a little
low maybe their sales are a little low and talk to that person pitch them the
idea of hosting a meet up at their establishment and that works for all
parties involved I mean it benefits you because you get to host a networking
event you get to meet new people and you’re also bringing business in to your
local customer base and into your local restaurant so usually you would be
surprised how willing small businesses like this restaurants bars you know
you’re the Moose Lodge the Elks Lodge places like that you’d be surprised how
receptive they are to ideas like that so if you don’t have an opportunity in your
area that is a huge indicator that you are positioned right in order to create
that opportunity for your self alright and listen like I said even if the
people don’t hire you there’s a good chance that they know someone that could
benefit from your service most of business guys it’s not what you know but
it’s who you know and also don’t forget the social media platforms are also an
important source of connections and they help expand your network so you got
platforms like Facebook they offer community based groups remember
often ask their friends and neighbors to recommend home improvement contractors
tutors house cleaners and a wide variety of other service providers and LinkedIn
guys LinkedIn is another great platform to connect with other professionals who
might be interested or know someone they could refer you to someone that they
know that could be interested in your products and services in closing guys
starting a side hustle is all about having clarity it’s about having a plan
of action and with a clear idea of what you want to do goals to accomplish and a
strategy to find work and guys you are ready to get your side hustle on and as
a bonus tip before I let you guys go according to Edelman intelligence upwork
and freelancers Union the following five places is where side hustlers find the
most freelance work so 43% of side hustlers and freelancers find work
opportunities from their friends and family 38% find work opportunities from
a professional contacts 37% find opportunities from social media
platforms 27% find opportunities from online ads or running classified ads and
24% find opportunities from a previous employers guys where are you finding
your clients for your side hustle let me know in the comments I would love to
start that conversation with you guys guys thanks for tuning in to episode 2
we are rolling along don’t forget if you want to jump ahead this book is full of
450 side hustle ideas we are definitely going to be getting into them I’m gonna
be sharing the most popular ones and some that aren’t so popular where the
competition is low because there’s more opportunity for you but check out the
link in the description below pick up your copy so you can read ahead if you
like this video please give it a thumbs up feel free to share this video with
some you think could benefit from the
information inside thank you for watching I hope maybe you know somebody
that wants to start a side hustle maybe you’re starting a side hustle thanks for
tuning in and guys we hope you have a great day and we will see you next week

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