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How to Come up With Video Ideas That Get Views on YouTube – Unlimited Video Topics With TubeBuddy

February 13, 2020

Hi guys. What’s up? I’m Tim Queen. Welcome back to my channel. And today we’re gonna talk about how to generate
amazing content ideas for your YouTube channel. Especially if you’re starting out. And you have a low number of subscribers. Less than 1000 subscribers. Keep on watching. This video is for you. This is part one of a multi-part series. Which focuses on different tools and different
platforms. How you can generate an unlimited number of
content ideas for your YouTube channel. This is part one, which focuses on my favorite
tool, which is called TubeBuddy. I put the link down in the pinned comment
below. If you want to download this and do the exercises
while I show you how to do it. Tip number one is, I use the internal YouTube
search feature to do the first iteration of brainstorming. What I do is I have maybe a topic in mind. And I start inserting certain keywords into
the YouTube internal search. And I look at what is coming up. And whenever I see a nice and interesting
content idea, I write this down. Either on a piece of paper. Or I use my notepad on my computer. And I write down, keyword ideas. And what I’m going to do is. I spend probably like 10 20 minutes just writing
out different ideas that have come as an inspiration of different YouTube videos that showed up
on the search itself. Now, tip number two is, I watch some of those
recommended videos in the YouTube search feed. And I click on them and started watching them. And I watch out on my desktop. What is recommended as additional videos and
the right column? This will also often give you very interesting
related video ideas. And I’ll also write them down and put them
into my list. Either in writing or on my digital notepad
on my computer. Tip number three is, I sit down with my piece
of paper or with my digital copy of that. And I develop further ideas. I use an entire brainstorming session to find
other things that I can search for. Or other ideas I’ve been inspired to by watching
those videos. Or ideas just from reading some of the video
titles. And I add them to the list. Now I have three sources. I have to search for results as a source. Recommended videos as a source. And my own internal brainstorming Now tip
number four is, I use the TubeBuddy video topic planner. This is a great tool to plan out all of your
YouTube videos from start to finish. The way you want to do this is. You are giving your video working title. And then you can collect additional keywords
and information for that particular topic. You can also use the TubeBuddy mobile app
to add additional keyword ideas to your video topics. You can do this on your desktop. Or if you have a really cool idea. Do it on the go. On your phone. And this way you stay organized and you’re
collecting all of your ideas for a specific video. So you know exactly what kind of content you
can cover in the video itself. now tip number five is, I used the TubeBuddy
keyword planner. And what we can do in this particular planner. We can find keywords for our YouTube titles. As well as recommended video tags. This is an incredible resource for finding
some of the best, most underrated keywords. Now TubeBuddy has an API, which is directly
linking to the YouTube platform. And it can pull out two information for each
search term you’re putting in. The first one is. It will tell you how many people actually
search for this. And it will give you a rating from anywhere
from green to red. Green means there’s a higher search volume. Then the second factor that it will look for
is. It will tell you, how many videos will show
up as a result of this search? For example, you might have a search keyword,
which is searched for a lot. But you might have 10 billion videos showing
up. So that combination is really bad. What you are looking for is high search volume,
low number of videos. Those are incredible, powerful video ideas. Because this makes it most likely that when
you are creating a video for this particular topic, some people want to watch it. And your video has a probability of showing
up because there isn’t a lot of competition. Now, I use all the ideas that I wrote on paper
on my digital notepad or on my TubeBuddy video content planner. And I throw them into the TubeBuddy search. And I’m looking at the score. And there are two factors that you have to
keep in mind. There is one which is based on your particular
channel. This is weighted. So TubeBuddy will take into consideration
what is your probability of ranking. If you are already ranking for a certain number
of videos. And then there’s the unweighted option. Which is looking at it as a neutral starting
point. If you have no videos on your channel, what
is the probability of ranking for that? Now, if you’re starting out, you can go for
the unweighted option. Because it will give you a much clearer probability
of what a channel with no subscribers will do. If you already are working on a channel. And you’ve created like 50 videos about topic
A. You can get a weighted option, how likely it would be for you to rank? So what I’m writing down is I put in the keyword
and I’m writing down the number. What is the score? And TubeBuddy will give you a score from zero
to 100 points. The higher the number, the better the scores. I’m writing down the number behind each of
the keywords. So I get a very good idea which topic ideas
have the highest probability of ranking high. Once I have a good number of ideas. And then I can sort the list and put the best
videos at the top. So I can do further research on what kind
of subtopics I can cover for this particular video. tip number six, we are still in the TubeBuddy
keyword panel. But now we are taking a look at the related
search terms. Now you have to keep in mind this will not
work for each search term. It usually works for broader search terms
or very popular search terms. So you’ll find YouTube has enough data to
tell you what are people also searching for? What are other phrases, how people searching
for that particular topic? This gives you another angle, how you can
find video topic ideas or how you can find interesting title ideas for this specific
video that you’re working on. Now, tip number seven. Very related, right next to the YouTube-related
search terms is the web search terms. And what TubeBuddy is doing here. It will pull out related searches that people
are searching for on Google. So you will notice that people search for
different keywords. They even might go directly to YouTube to
search for certain key phrases. But you, looking at what are people searching
for on Google. It’s a really great way how you can discover
even more related keywords and getting more ideas for your video. Now, tip number eight, you can also check
out the video topics column, which is focusing on clustering different content ideas based
on key search phrases, which are already existing on YouTube. It’s another way of looking at it in a more
structured way. Where you have it sorted by topics and search
terms so you can easily look at the different topic ideas. Rather than what YouTube is showing on position
one. This will show you this in a more alphabetic
kind of way. How you can find related search terms. And see what kind of permutations people are
using for searching on the platform. And how people are naming their YouTube videos. Now tip number nine is, use the most tact
feature, and this works the following way. TubeBuddy will look at all the different videos
and will pull out the information from the YouTube API. How many videos have used this particular
tag? And which were the tags that were most often
combined with this specific tag? For example, someone might have the tag “hamburger”. And they might have a second tag called “cheese”. So you might find that 30% of the videos who’re
using the tag “cheeseburger” also use the tag “cheese”. Now, this way you can find interesting correlations
and it gives you some ideas on how people are grouping topics. And how people are using related search terms
or related tags to drive more traffic to your videos. So by looking at some of the most popular
videos or most common tags, you get more ideas on how you can optimize the own tags with
TubeBuddy. Now tip number 10 is, you have to go back
to some of the most popular videos that have been ranking on YouTube itself. You click on the video and TubeBloody will
show you a list of texts that this particular video is looking for. Now you locate this video, the tags section
right next to the video, and you’re clicking on “show search results”. And this will tell you for which of the keywords
they are ranking for. This will also give you another indicator
for which are really good tags for your future videos. And as I mentioned before, every good tag
is also always a great video idea for a future YouTube video. Now. In conclusion, TubeBuddy is an amazing tool
to find video topic ideas. I’ve used it since day one of starting my
own YouTube channel. It’s one of the best tools I’ve ever used. And you can use it completely for free. There’s a certain number of limitations. I recommend getting the paid version, the
Pro version, which is really cheap. Especially if you have the new YouTube channel
of fewer than 1000 subscribers. You just pay $4.50 per month. And you get an unlimited number of searches. And so many other cool features. I put the link for TubeBuddy in the first
pinned comment below. If you want to check it out. Make sure that you click the link and install
this. It’s really free and you can decide if you
want to upgrade later to the Pro version. Now, if you loved this video will also love
my next video where I talk about how to find incredible video ideas by using Google and
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