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How To Create a Facebook Fan Page For Amazon FBA Products (Tutorial)

October 10, 2019

Hi, everyone! Welcome back to my channel today. In this video, I want to show you how to create
a Facebook Fan Page in under 10 minutes so you can start driving external traffic onto
your Amazon FBA product listing. You guys, I finally found the time to test
out Manychat with Facebook ads. If you are new to my channel, please subscribe
and please hit that bell for more videos to come. So this whole year, during my Amazon FBA journey,
I was only focused on one thing. And that was to drive traffic on Amazon, with
Amazon customers, to buy my products. Next year, I am going to be focusing more
on driving external traffic using Facebook ads onto my Amazon FBA products and see how
that pans out. I always suggest to new sellers to really
focus on one source of traffic first because if you start doing 10 things all at the same
time, you’re going to get very confused and everything is very time consuming within your
Amazon FBA business. So if you are a new seller watching this video,
I really hope that you start getting some sales within Amazon itself first. And then, you can focus on driving external
traffic onto your product listing. This is also great for beginners because you
really need that customer database from Amazon to upload that audience onto Facebook. If you have no customer database or customer
information, then you absolutely have no audience to work with when you are trying to run Facebook
ads. When you are running Facebook ads, it’s all
about targeting. So you need to find the right audience to
target to showcase your products to when you’re running ads. If you don’t have any type of customers already
in place, then it’s very, very hard for you to drive that cold traffic on Amazon when
you cannot build a look a like audience or anything. I am going to talk more about this in my videos
to come so make sure you stay tuned. Right now however, I am still testing out
a few strategies using Manychat and Facebook ads so I can really show you guys strategies
that work 110%. I cannot wait for this. Please bear with me while I work through these
different testing techniques so I can teach you exactly how to launch your product using
Facebook ads, and how to market to your external audience outside of Amazon forever. In this video though, I am going to show you
exactly how to create a Facebook Fan Page in under 15 minutes. I know there are a lot of new sellers who
struggle with Photoshop and they don’t know how to create a Fan Page, or a banner. It’s really, really easy. I’m going to break it down for you in this
video right inside my computer. So let’s get started. All right everyone, I just logged into my
Facebook account, and I clicked on this arrow right here on the right side. And I clicked on Create A Page. So, when you’re creating a page for your product
on Amazon, it is called a Business or Brand. So, I am going to click on Get Started. So, let’s name my page, I am going to be using
a jade roller… everyone’s favourite jade roller as an example today. So let’s name this page Jade Roller Creations. And the category is Beauty, right? Beauty, Beauty Supplies, Health and Beauty,
all right! So we are going to click on Continue. And it’s saying Add a Profile Picture. I am going to skip that right now. We will do that later. And skip. All right, so this is my new Facebook Fan
Page for Jade Roller Creations. Let’s give this a cover here. So, in order to create a cover, it’s actually
really easy. I just opened canva dot com. And anyone can use canva for free, so make
sure you visit It brings me to this page and I am just going
to do a Facebook cover. Whenever you choose Facebook cover or the
preset options that are available, this is exactly the dimensions you need that will
fit onto your Facebook page right here. It’s really hard to figure out your own custom
dimensions. So I usually just go to, again, I was on the
home page and I clicked on Facebook cover right here. If you want to make a Facebook post, this
is what I use for my ads on Facebook so the dimensions are all nice and correct. But right now, we are going to do Facebook
cover and we’re just going to… let’s put some text in here. Let’s use… let’s see, Title Heading. I am going to click on that. Oh, sorry, add a text box. So let’s use some type of font that looks
nice. Let’s go with this one. Actually, maybe something that stands out
a little more, that’s fine, whatever, okay. Jade Roller Creations, remember this is your
brand name and I am just going to make this bigger obviously. Oh, not that big. Going to use 32, great. And the colour, let’s give it a green here. Because I know that my jade roller is green
and pink, what do you know. So, you notice there’s this big space here. Actually what I would do is just back space
and copy this so I can physically move the positioning of that. So, I am going to add Creations down here. All right, so you see how I split them up
and I was able to make this just closer together here or there would have been one huge gap. So, now I am going to upload some photos so
my customers know what my brand is all about. So, I am going to go uploads. So I just uploaded five photos from my desktop
computer onto canva. I am just going to choose this photo here
because it looks very nice, right? It looks very spa like, looks like we are
just coming out from the spa, and jade rollers is skin care, so I think that photos looks
great. I am also going to put my jade roller here
so everyone knows that I am selling a jade roller. You can even move this around to get the positioning
right. I would probably make this, maybe like that. And then I have another guy over here and
I am just going to toggle this, and maybe make that a little smaller and put it right
here. All right. And then I got my photo here. So, notice, you can even move the positioning,
so if I wanted to move it back. Back means behind this photo. You see, if I were to put this photo here,
it’s covering my text, right? But if I move it backwards, it’s no longer
covering my text. So that’s just something to show you guys,
if you ever want to position your photo. So there you go. I am selling a jade roller. And maybe I want to include product packaging
as well, so they know exactly what they are getting. So you might want to put this… right here. And I am going to position that back, and
back. All right, so I positioned it back so it’s
no longer covering my title. Let’s just ignore this brand here. Let’s just pretend it says Jade Roller Creations. These were just random photos that I pulled
out from the Internet. So, let’s position that better. Okay, great. So, this is good enough. I mean, if I wanted a Facebook cover, all
I am going to do is do something like this and maybe I’ll add some text so it looks…
so there’s maybe a quote that I am going to add. Maybe, let’s see here. What is a good font to use? I know there’s a really nice one. I always like to put some sort of quote so
it catches the customer’s attention about my own brand. So, let’s use this. And let’s just call it “happy face rolling
forever for healthy skin. So, I noticed that this looks kind of hard
to read. So let me just choose a different font here. And you would just keep playing around with
this until you find… until you find the right cover that you want to use. Right font. Super, super easy. Okay, I actually like this. So, now I am just going to move this text. And I am just going to drag it out here because
I actually want it to move across the banner. So, there we go. And I am just going to put it right here. Maybe move this guy over. Move this guy over a little. And make this photo a little smaller, put
it right here. Okay, so you get the idea. This is my Facebook cover. So, let me download this and upload it onto
Facebook. I am just going to download it from here. And it’s going to say as PNG. Download. Preparing your design. Great. So, it just downloaded onto right here. I am going to go back to Facebook. And let’s add a cover. Ta da. So what I did was save this photo right here. You see how that fits nicely if you’re to
use canva. So if I were to upload a photo here, I’ll
do exactly the same thing. Great. So, all I did was change this photo to my
packaging. You can do whatever you want on this photo. I know customers love this cover photo. It just tells who you are, what you’re selling,
whatever your brand is. This photo, you can either put your brand
name or the product you’re selling, whatever you want. Now, I know this looks like sh*t, you guys. But I wanted to show you exactly how to do
it. And you would just do this for your own products. So, another thing I want to mention is, when
you are trying to set up Manychat. When you are trying to send customers to click
on your Messenger here, you have to add a button. So, I am going to click on Add a Button. We’re going to go Contact You, Send Message. Because we are doing messaging marketing,
right? And this is exactly what I did to prepare
for my opt ins, my opt ins from Facebook into Messenger using Manychat. So your button is Send Message, configured,
send message. Finish. Great, so now it’s at Send Message. You can even test the button yourself. Another thing that you want to post here is,
maybe tell the customers how to opt in. A lot of times people visit your Facebook
page but they don’t know what they’re doing, right? And you want them to opt into your Messenger
so you can start marketing to them within Messenger. So, right here, I’d probably write a post
that says “welcome to Jade Roller Creations. We are a new skin care company that focuses
on treating your skin. Please click on SEND MESSAGE to start. Or to learn more about us.” So, in here, I actually want to add some emojis
so it stands out a little. So, I am going to go to emojipedia and type
in “flower”. Let’s just do, this flower right here. Copy. And we’re just going to go like that so it
looks all nice and pretty. Send message, I always want to highlight send
message so they know exactly what to do if they want to learn more about your brand. So, I am just going to make this finger point
like that. And then do the other finger point, pointing
back to the right, like this. Great. So I am going to publish. And we don’t have to preview that right now. Okay, so I am going to publish that and you
can customize this to however you want to catch the customer’s attention. I would pin it at the top. So pin to top of page, so they can see it. All right, so then, now I am going to just
hide this from my timeline. You want to hide everything that you did today
so it doesn’t look unprofessional. So they don’t think that you just started
your page. Hide from timeline. Hide from timeline. Great. So, when they come to your page, all they
see is this message right here. Let’s talk about the tabs on the left because
these guys are really important as well. So, if you want to customize these tabs which
I strongly suggest that you do. You need to go into Settings. Then from settings, go into templates and
tabs. So these are all the tabs that are showing
up right now. We are going to take out a few tabs. We are not going to include reviews because
there could be people that you don’t know writing all sorts of crap online. So remove reviews. Remove offers. Well, you could keep offers on if you have
a lot of offers but I always like to keep it off. We don’t have videos for now. But these are, this is a standard tab, you
can’t remove this. We don’t have any events. So we are just trying to make our page look
nice and clean, right? We don’t have any jobs. And that’s pretty much it. So you always want the shop button here, I
am going to tell you why in a sec. The next thing you want to look at is page
info because when a customer clicks on your Fan Page, they’re going to see all this information. You want to just give a short description
of who you are. So I just wrote, “we are a brand new online
skin care company – oops, skin care company – we mainly sell our products on Amazon dot
com, be sure to check us out for weekly promotions.” Whatever you want to say here that would entice
the customer to opt into your chat. If you have a Shopify store website, you can
put it here. If you have a business email, I would put
it here. Do not add your personal phone number unless
you have a business phone number. And you just want to customize this so you
make sure that you look like a legit, real business, right? You’re not like a newbie here. I would keep this to always open. However, you get the idea. Just try to fill this in as much as you can
to make yourself look professional. So, now that we are finished that, we’re going
to go back to our page and I am going to explain the shop tab right here. So, usually for shop right here, this is where
you link your Amazon product listing. So, I am just going to click on agree, this
is just saying you agree to the terms and policies. Make sure you guys give this a read if you
have time. Continue. All right, so you can select whether you want
to market your products within Messenger, when you set up Manychat, or check out on
another website. Right now, I have my product at check out
at another website because I am still testing with Manychat. So, I suggest everyone to use this first. Continue. And we’re going to click US dollars because
Amazon dot com is US dollars, obviously. Unless you’re selling in a different marketplace. Click Save. All right, so when you add a product, you’re
just going to, we’re in the shop tab, we’re going to click on add product. And this is where you fill it out. So you just add your jade roller photo, put
in the name, the price that it is on Amazon, the description, maybe your bullet points
on Amazon. For the check out URL, you want to get your
storefront super URL. The reason why you want to put your super
URL in here from your storefront is because you want to, obviously rank for a specific
keyword every time a customer checks out, right? So, make sure that this URL is your storefront
super URL. If you don’t know what a storefront super
URL is, I do have a video on this on my YouTube channel, make sure you check it out. Always, always make sure that you are including
the keywords that you want to rank for in your check out URL. All right, after that, all you do is click
Save. We’re not going to do this right now but that’s
it. That’s all you do. Then you have a professional looking Facebook
Fan Page that you created in like 15 minutes. Those are the main points that you need. If you have a little more time then you can
feel free to add in a few more things. But honestly, this is all I did for my Fan
Page and now I am getting organic likes and follows on my Fan Page. And just make sure that you have this messenger
up here because it’s very, very important. We need to point the customer where to go. And as I mentioned earlier, I will be showing
you guys my Manychat sequence and everything in a separate YouTube video after i’ve completed
some testing. So make sure you stay tuned. If you liked this video, please give it a
thumbs up. If you have any questions or comments, please
comment below. And subscribe to my channel if you haven’t. I’ll see you guys next time.


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