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How to Design EMOTES for TWITCH [CC]

November 9, 2019

Hey Dreamchasers, it’s Jacey. So today I want to talk to you about how to
design an emote. I’ve gotten some really nice feedback about
my emotes. So I thought I’d share with you guys a little
bit about my thought process and sort of what goes into making them. There’s honestly a lot more to it than I
would have even guessed starting out. At first glance emotes seem like really simple
art work—and they are! But there’s a lot of thought that goes into
making something that is recognizable and clear at such a small size. So anyway, let’s dive in! I guess the first thing to figure out is what
kind of emote you want for your channel. This really depends on your channel, so I
can’t answer that for you. I have some thoughts on what subject matter
makes a good emote, but I’m gonna save it for another video. This video is just gonna focus on the technical
art and design aspects. Before you even start your emote, you need
to know how big it should be, what file type–al that stuff.. When you’re uploading an emote to Twitch,
they ask you for a png in 3 sizes: 112×112, 56×56 and 28×28. Personally, when I start making an emote I
make it 500×500 pixels at 72 DPI. Technically this size is large enough to make
a sticker out of it, but it’s small enough that it will shrink down it will still look
okay. If you work too large and you shrink it down,
you’re gonna lose all this detail that you wasted time on. But working a little larger has the benefit
of when you shrink you art it’s gonna look a little better. Some of the mistakes you made aren’t going
to be as visible. My first piece of advice is keep it simple. It’s really tempting when you design an
emote to fill it with tons of details and beautiful shading, but that’s not always
a great idea. I know it’s like “oh I’m gonna be the
emote artist that makes the most beautiful, elaborate emotes. But really, look at other arists and see what
they do. A lot of them keep it really simple. Once you shrink down your artwork to the sizes
it will appear in chat, all those details will be lost. Not only is it a waste of time, those details
will actually make your emote look muddy and not read as well. My second piece of advice is fill the box. Since emotes are so small, it helps to fill
up as much of the space you have to work with as possible. If you have dead space around the sides or
the top of your emote, see if you can’t increase the size of your artwork a bit to
have it read better. Fill that space as much as possible.. Sometimes that means cropping and cutting
something off, or getting creative with how you place things. But it’ll be worth it because your emote
is gonna read so much better. Most emotes are like emoji’s right? With a character and an expression. You want to exaggerate those expressions. Don’t be afraid to get really cartoony. Big eyes and mouths on your emote characters
really sell the expression. Noses don’t read well when resized, so I
usually don’t bother. Basically you want to design a chibi or an
emoji. Sometimes when I’m trying to figure out
how to draw a specific expression I’ll just google “chibi expressions” or “emoji
expressions” to get ideas. You don’t want to copy or trace anyone else’s,
but you can use them to get an idea of how to convey emotions as simply as possible. By the way, another thing that can help with
expressions is the angle of the head. A head tilted to the side might seem friendly
or confused, as where a head thrown back might mean the character is upset or excited. My next tip is add contract. Contrast is so important in emotes because
when they’re shrunken down, your eye is only really making out basic shapes. If you’re relying too heavily on your linework
then your emotes will look like monochromatic blobs at the smaller sizes. If you’re not sure if you added another
contrast, look at your emote in greyscale. If all of the colors suddenly look like the
same shade of grey, you need more contrast. Mouths are especially easy to do this with
accidentally. Make sure you use a darker pink/red for the
mouth so it stands out when you shrink it down. This is a personal preference, but I really
prefer colored linework. I think colored linework looks better than
black lines on emotes. When you resize your emotes to make them smaller,
the lines become kind of blurry and hard to make out. It’s also hard to tell different things
apart, like where the face is and where the hair is. The different line colors will help separate
each section and makes it easier to read at a small size. Speaking of linework, don’t be afraid to
make it thick. Go a little thicker than you think they need
to be. A lot of the time when you’re working larger
and you shrink your art, the lines kind of get lost. Play around with it until it looks right to
you. Test your emote on Black and White
Because people can choose between light and dark mode, your emotes have to look good on
both white, and dark gray backgrounds. That can be tricky depending on the colors
you’ve chosen. If your emote is dark and blends in with a
dark background you can try a white outline around your emote, but personally I think
that just looks distracting. I’ve experimented a lot with this and generally
I like to make sure all of the colors in my emote are at least slightly lighter than the
dark background. Text is tricky to pull off in emotes. I’ve never really designed emotes that were
all text, but I’ve added text to a few. As a general rule, I’d say try to keep it
to 4 or 5 letters at most. I obviously broke that rule with my No Chill
emote, but it was my first emote and I struggled with it a lot. I edited the text a million times before I
got it to a point where you can read it… kinda. And lastly, Test, Test, Test! Your emote might look great in your art program,
but it’s not the same as seeing it in chat. Obviously getting your emotes approved on
Twitch can take a while, but you can upload them to a discord server and see how they
look there. I have a private discord server just for testing
emotes. Make sure you also use them in a sentence
and as reactions so you can see them at all the different sizes. Pay special attention to details like hands,
glasses or anything that might not read very well at a small size. That’s it for this video! I’m planning to do a part 2 where I answer
some frequently asked questions I get about emotes. If you have a question for me, PLEASE let
me know in the comments and I’ll try to answer it in an upcoming video. Thanks you so much for watching! Until next time, chase your dreams!


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