How To Drive Traffic To Your Website (Fast!) 2019

October 5, 2019

today I’m going to show you two ways to
drive traffic to your blog or website the traffic is targeted it does not take
long to start working it’s almost instant the first traffic method
produces shares and results like this and the second has helped me get massive
shares like what you can see here I’m gonna walk you through both step by step
in detail my name is Greg Kononenko you might also know me as the caffeinated
blogger and on this YouTube channel I upload regular videos about getting
traffic blogging and making money online make sure to hit the subscribe button
just below this video also take the notification belt icons so that you get
a real-time update as soon as I upload my next tutorial alright let’s get into
the detail viral content B is a website that you have to use if you want to
drive more traffic to your website or blog it lets you get tons of social
shares and social media traffic in minutes and best of all it’s 100% free
for example one of the users darada received over 3,900 views in less than
24 hours so his post went viral and even though I
haven’t received those thousands of visitors from viral content B myself but
this service definitely helped me get sheer numbers similar to what you can
see here 513 shares on this post 417 on these 475 on these and 3:21 on this so
let me show you in this video exactly how you can start using viral content B
to increase your social shares and increase and drive traffic to your
website so how does viral content B actually work well it all works based on
credits so to get more credits what you need to do is share other people’s
content and that will in turn give you credit so you will have extra credits
credited to your account for every post that you share from the other members on
your social media profiles you can then use those credits to add your own URLs
and your own blog posts to be shared by others in other words the more posts
from other people you share the more posts of your own will get shared let me
show you step-by-step exactly how this works as you can see we have four
credits so what we to do now is we need to go back to the
dashboard and we need to share a few posts in order to build up our credits
to at least ten so that we can add at least one more project there are a lot
of different categories of posts that you can filter by I’m going to go to
blogging because that is my niche so I’m gonna click on blogging tips now we need
to go through the post here and filter out which ones we don’t want to share
and which ones we want to share I’m not interested in these first two posts how
to store your blog images and how to get your necess framework so I’m just gonna
hit hide on both of them scrolling further down I have found an article
that fits within my niche and within the topics that I normally share on my
social media networks this one how to write a good article for your blog each
time with text optimizer that sounds quite good so I’m going to share it so
that I can earn some credits let’s do this I’m going to hit share on Pinterest
this one here now Pinterest is asking me which of the boards I would like to pin
this to I’m going to share this on to my blogging tips and tools board into the
blogging tips and tools section so I’m gonna click Save don’t close the page
yet you actually will need the URL of this pin in the next step so I’m going
to click see it now so that I can get the URL of the pin on my board next I’m
going to go back to the window and you will see that there is a pop up here
saying share this item even four credits so it’s asking me for pin URL that’s
exactly where I’m going to insert this pin URL so going to paste that in and
then I’m going to click Submit that’s it done as you can see it says you have
earned four credits you can spend your new credits on your new campaigns so I
will go ahead and I will share one more article pause this video and I will come
back to the video once we’ve got enough credits to actually submit our next
project okay so I’ve just shared one more article you can see it says I’ve
earned four more credits so now in total I will have as you will see twelve
credits so we now have enough credits to submit one of our own articles to be
shared by others let’s say I want to get traffic to this article on my blog
caponata blog drive traffic blog so what I will need to do is I will need to come
back to viral content B and click the ad project button it will now give
me an opportunity to add all of the information about this post which I want
other people to share so that I can start getting the traffic to this post
from there is other social media networks the first thing that I’m being
asked about is the URL of the page that you want to promote so let’s do this
together I’m going to copy this and paste this in here next I will need to
include title for Twitter and it title for Facebook so I’m going to type that out
okay so I’ve typed up the same description for both Twitter and
Facebook and it says learn how to drive more traffic to your blog fast this
works on any niche check out this post let’s see what else we need to do we now
need to nominate the topics for this post there are a ton of selections in
virtually any niche I’m going to choose the two that are most applicable for me
which is affiliate marketing and blogging tips next I’m being asked to
nominate project budget in terms of credits so I can nominate as many
credits as I’ve got on here for this project I’m going to nominate 12 because
I’ve only got 12 credits the more credits you nominate towards this the
more traction you’re likely to get so I do recommend when you guys are using
this tool yourselves to actually go and share a lot of content from the viral
content be don’t go overboard but five to ten a day is fine and then nominate
as many credits as possible to get the maximum results from this method so next
we need to nominate which social media networks we want to allow so I want to
allow Twitter and I want to allow Pinterest I’m not really interested in
LinkedIn Tabler and mix but if you guys are then you can by all means nominate
those as well next I’m being asked to attach images I
highly recommend that you do this because images on social media drive a
lot more clicks several times more clicks so you definitely should nominate
the images so let’s do this together so first of all let’s attach the Twitter
image so I’m going to click attach image and then I’m going to attach this image
that I prepared earlier you can create these images in canva com if you don’t
have a ready-made image I recommend that it’s a image in the
size that Twitter actually likes and understand the next thing you will need
to do is if you want to share it on Pinterest that you will need to insert
the image URL for Pinterest note that it actually needs to be a link to the image
that is stored on your own website not a link to an image on Pinterest so I’ve
got that prepared here as well let me just quickly copy and paste this is the
URL of the Pinterest image on my blog next you will need to choose any other
options that you want LinkedIn Tumblr or mix you can also click RIT MIT retweet
me if you want other people to retweet you so that you get more mentions on
Twitter lastly you will need to click I have read the quality guidelines and hit
submit that’s it as you can see we now have 0
credits because we’ve just spent all of the credits on promoting our most recent
blog post once your submission called project gets approved your post will
come up for other people everyone who is registered on this platform will start
seeing this here on the front page and other people will start sharing your
content as well I hope you understand how powerful this is because this is
effectively a share for share swap platform and you can tap into other
people other bloggers with massive followings that will share your content
and you will can you will start receiving all of the traffic to your
content from the followings of other people on Pinterest on Twitter and on
various other social media networks so please do not overlook this source it’s
completely free it can increase your social media following it can get you
more traffic and it does not cost anything to use you can start getting
traffic virtually from day one even if you have no website Authority and no
huge social media following the second way to drive more traffic to your blog
is by using medium com but in a very specific way so let me
show you exactly what the strategy is so the method itself only takes five
minutes and you really should be doing this on every post because it does not
take a long time at all and what it will let you do is it will let you reuse your
blog post to get even more traffic so you don’t need to create
any additional content you can simply take an existing blog post that you have
already published and use it on medium that will let you tap into over 60
million monthly readers on and also improve your blog’s SEO so how
do you actually do this well all you need to do and I will show you
step-by-step in just a second is import your blog post into medium
then after you have imported your blog post over 60 million readers on medium
will be able to discover your blog post and they will be able to start reading
your blog post and clicking the links in it
it is not duplicate content medium actually uses what’s called canonical
URL so even though you effectively import your blog content into medium
this is not going to hurt your search engine optimization let me show you
something this is reference from medium com Help Center and it actually has an
article about SEO and duplicate content and it does say that when posting
content to multiple platforms at the same time such as your website and
medium it is important to make sure a single source of that content is the
ultimate authority now medium does that automatically as you can see mediums
publication and cross posting pathways automatically add canonical links to
protect the original content posted off-site this means that medium can only
boost not cannibalize your SEO so medium use these canonical links to actually
boost your SEO the last thing I want to mention here is this bloggers can use
this strong SEO to their benefit by using mediums official import tools you
can reap the benefits of high discoverability on medium while still
crediting all authority towards your own blog using mediums canonical URL so you
can actually benefit and pass on the authority of medium to your own blog by
simply importing your blog posts I hope that you can see how powerful this
actually is this is a technique that only takes a couple of minutes up to 5
minutes per blog post and let me show you step-by-step how to use it I’m going
to use my most recent blog post as an example
this is the most recent blog post that I published a few days ago called ten
Pinterest tips for bloggers that actually work
the key phrase or the topic that I’m targeting is Pinterest tips for bloggers
that’s what I want to get traffic based on from Google and search engines and so
on the first step is to create a account if you don’t have one
yet you don’t need to upgrade you will see an option here to upgrade you can
simply do this with a free medium calm account after you have signed up the
next thing you will need to do is click on your icon and then go to stories and
then click import a story after that simply copy and paste the link to your
latest blog post or the blog post that you want to promote into this area here
and click import you might get an error message like this I’ve gotten that a
couple of times where it says import failed so you simply need to click try
again as you can see now it succeeded and after I click see your story I will
be able to make final edits to the story just to make sure that the formatting is
correct so what you need to do is go through this and remove any spaces from
time to time extra spaces creep in so basically just go through and make sure
that everything looks okay I’m gonna pause the video I’ll come back once I’ve
formatted my story okay now I have gone through I’ve made sure that the content
looks ok you will need to apply some common sense and sort of make sure that
everything here stacks up for example at the bottom here where it says related
that’s a default thing from my theme so I would simply put in a call to action
into this latest part of the post for example here is what I’m going to do
here I’m going to add a heading that says get my free traffic and blogging
course then I’m going to put a link to this opt-in page so that everyone can
grab my free course if they’re like and if they read towards the end of this
post so I’m going to paste that in and there you go now anyone who reads this
article can opt-in to my email list likewise I recommend
you put in additional links to various blog posts on your own website
throughout the body of the article perhaps link to opt-in pages
there are other places where you would like to send the traffic to after you
have done that you should go in and add a few final things to the medium post
before you submit it so the first thing is tags tags are extremely important and
this is how content is actually discovered on medium so I recommend that
you spend a lot of well just just you know 30 seconds or 60 seconds but of
quality time thinking about those tags medium automatically picked up this my
that my post is about Pinterest so I’m gonna leave that in the other things
that I will add is as soon as you start typing me media will start suggesting
there is text to you for example if I start typing in blogging BL o gg you
will see that it starts suggesting some tags for me
so it says blogger there are 28 K okay if I put in blogging it says blogging
there are 28 K and there is also 2.8 K blogging tips so they are populate tags
I’m going to include them blogging tips as well then I’m going to add a tag
about traffic and I’m going to stop at these four you can include up to five
tags just make sure that they extremely relevant to the title of your post so
here we go I’m gonna hit save the other thing that I highly recommend that you
do is to change the teacher image of the post the way to do this medium will load
the images from your article here however that usually is not enough as
you can see these default posts are simply default images are simply the
images from a blog post I want something that looks good and grabs attention so
I’m going to include this featured image I recommend that you create a similar
image for all of your blog posts as well as medium posts the easiest way that I
found to include it is to insert it into the body of the article like this then
choose this image and it will get inserted into the body of your post and
then simply go and choose change featured image once
and choose the image that you want in this case it’s this one here this is all
that needed to be done now you can publish this post just go through it
make sure that everything looks okay and when you’re ready to publish hit publish
now now your story is published and you can share it to Twitter and Facebook
which I recommend you do the more social signals you give it the more you will be
likely to get some traction on
as well as on your social media channels there you go that’s how simple and easy
it was to import your blog post into medium comm and publish it and like I
said guys do not overlook this strategy 60 million monthly readers on
will be able to discover your blog post you will start getting referral traffic
from onto your blog virtually instantaneously and you will also get
some excellent SEO benefits for long term growth of your organic traffic to
your blog or to your website additionally you will also start getting
medium followers over time and the more followers on medium you get the more
traction you will start getting on medium so it will grow like a massive
snowball after all it makes perfect sense because you simply repurposing the
content that you already have and it only takes a couple of minutes per blog
post to have it imported into medium .com

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