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How To Find a Good Niche For Affiliate Marketing

September 28, 2019

It’s your friend and mentor mr. da Vinci here with
another video in today’s video I’m gonna show you how to find a good affiliate
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that that’s out the way today we’re going to find a niche or topic that’s
actually going to pay you for months if not years to come I want to break down
how to find a good niche and show you how to make sure that’s a profitable
niche or niche whichever you prefer so what is a niche let me type that in here
what is a niche see I was on the wrong line give me a second here
she’s got a cool but is a what is a niche so a niche a
niche is basically a topic of interest that a large group of people share
examples will be teaching people how to lose weight teaching people how to make
money online how to pick up girls those are just a few examples off the top of
my head but a more in-depth definition to give you more details on what is a
niche is it’s a topic that helps people solve a problem because when you’re
wanting to sell these products online as an affiliate marketer or just a marketer
in general these products are going to do what these products are going to do
is solving someone’s problem the product then becomes a solution to their problem
thus having the bigger and painful the problem is usually more easier to sell
because because the audience will need it based on urgency so which brings me
to my first question that I have for you and that is what are you what is your passion so the first question I have for you is
what is your passion now the reason why I’m asking you what is your passion is
because what do you enjoy spending / doing most of your free time now knowing
you watching this video you’re within my customer avatar that is men and women
ages 18 through 40 so I already know you might have a job right now you probably
have bills to pay you may have never get other you probably hang out
with your friends or have a family of your own if not you live with your
family all around your family in some shape away I want you to dig deep it
really acts yourself where all the distractions are done and all the tasks
are completed for today what do you give your attention to what do you focus on
that could be a potential niche that you could go into because you want to make
sure at some level you actually enjoy or else you’re not going to stick with it
and ultimately give up and not see this through and really start to create this
income I’m going to walk you through a few more questions to help you think
about this more thoroughly leave a comment below for the answers to these
questions alright so the next question that I have for you is what do you naturally teach up it’s about that wrong
what do you naturally teach I ignore that today so what do you naturally
teach or what advice to your friends so the next question that I have for you
aside what do you naturally teach or what advice are you best i given to your
friends or family chances are you probably have friends and family in your
life you tend to give them advice or they may come to you acts in your
opinion how do you know with examples that this could be how do you know where
to go to taxes how do you know the best
restaurants to eat at how do you make your money last and not live paycheck to
paycheck but still have money at the end of the month when all the bills are paid
how do you improve in playing video games now the questions your friends and
family may act may not be the serious but I’m sure you act some type of
question from your friends and family start to think about what you naturally
teach people because this can lead to an itch that you may want to go into a lot
of times when it comes to affiliate marketing or marketing in general we’re
giving out information and teaching that vice then we’re leading that person to a
product to give them even more information on the advice we initially
taught so you can start a YouTube channel and make a blog on example how
to lift weights or how to eat on a diet and while making these articles or
videos you can teach people for an example atop my head the top 5 recipes
for organic meals and then at the end you can say if you want to discover a
full part a full program on dieting check out this link in the description
then you will link them to an affiliate product to make a commission and make
money in your bank account so now these are the things that you want to make
sure of number one and put that date number one the niche is sorry
isn’t so the first thing you all make sure is the niche isn’t showing a
decline in interest the niche isn’t showing a decline in interest different
topics over time sometimes they fall off do this by going to a free tool one of
my personal favorite favorite tools is Google Trends so we’re going to come
back to this in just a second photo Google Trends you can just come up here
type in trance and we’re going to enter a search term what I want
you to do is and one of the topics that you have
started to get answers to thought about your passion or what you can actually
teach people you can type in the search bar so for example I’m just gonna type
in let’s say gardening shears gardening and we’re going to just now you’re going
wait for this to load up while this is loading up I appreciate if you throw a
like on a like on this video help support your boy help support the Shan few more seconds here alright so now what we shall see once my computer
finished loading up is we want to look at this bar right here pretty sure you
can see it yes this bar right here and we want to have this set for the past 12
months we want to look at this based on a year’s time what you want to see is
that this line is going down if it’s going up that’s even better because
there’s an increase in interest so more people will be looking for answers that
you can provide to them what you want to avoid is if the line is going down try
to see it’s going up right here early in the summer and now it’s going down
because we’re approaching the fall and if the line is going down it shows that
if you want to produce a YouTube video or create an article you’re probably
going to be wasting your time over mumps it’s not going to be sustainable an
example of this will be fidgets finish so gonna come up here we’re gonna
compare this to vendors unload that up yep now you don’t know about fish
vendors what else popular around 2017 this is a topic you would not really
want to go into as you can see from top to bottom this line is dead the line is
staying in place that has a great sign that means that steady amount of people
constantly looking for this topic or interest so coming back to where we
first initially started the second thing that I have for you that you want to
look for and another thing you want to keep in mind is let me load this back up
alright second thing one for the number two is people already buying it’s nice so the
second thing one look for is people are already buying in this nice people are
already buying products around this topic what the worst thing we want to do
is create content around the niche and realize people are not even buying so to
make money marketing we’re gonna be promoting products and you want to go
find buyers so a few places we can go to research this’s so I’m slide
up here go to now what we want to do is we want to go look in the
book in category section I’m already here
but once we do that we’re gonna look on the left side so you see the books we
got arts and photography we got business and money and all these are some niches
they are different niches that are strong books in and if there are books
in there that means that people are spending money now I will open a few of
these and scan the variety of books so I was just going to come in here and
business and money take a quick look and see the sub niches within to see the
topics around what types of businesses and books I at the moment on
this is just help idea of what we want to look for if we was the got a niche of
making money teaching people how to make money invest the money and this is just
a general starting point for us to get started in so we have a few books we
want to just look for a few several books just to see that this is a topic
or a subject of a niche that people are looking for and it is in demand so yes
we have a few books we have management leadership investing and economics
marketing to say skills real-estate business culture
personal finance small businesses business culture real
estate we have verified that there is a demand for the shell Denise and
businesses a nesting so another way is drain column you gonna load that up here which is the leading affiliate network on the left you will
see all the many different categories of nee niches you can find products and if
you want to make sure that the niche you want to make sure that the niche you’re
going to is within one of these categories because if you don’t I would
avoid it because it’s not going to be profitable so let’s stick with the topic
I mentioned earlier which was diet dieting so we’re going to come down here
we’re going to go to diet would be and check out health and fitness so what we want to do is we want to make
sure there are few products that are selling if you can find products
specifically affiliate products you know they’re selling and how to genie so
we’re going to take a look here in the health and fitness niche I’m gonna come
here I’m just gonna browse through this take a look at products that we could
potentially look for for people who would be interested in dieting or people
who interested in how to lose weight diets things among that nature if it’s
based upon what I touched on earlier so it’s good right my computer’s loaded so
it’s not as glitchy every see scrolling down yeah a good list of products that
look like they could help people towards diets another thing that we could do is
we could come within health and fitness and just click here on diets and weight
loss and we can be taken directly so all the products on Clickbank that have to
deal with exactly diet and weight loss so now that we sub down our niche you
can see we have tons of products to look for have a total of 26 pages so this is
a good sign for us so which brings us to the next question that I have for you
run away from my computer load up here I appreciate you sticking with me all the
weights head ahead right so now are you still struggling hold on now
you’re still struggling don’t have any idea of a niche that you will see
yourself going into debt three evergreen niches I have for you today three
evergreen niches that I have for you meaning these niches will never go away
they’re always relevant and in demand these three niches are hold on a second
here computer it’s froze all right so I’m not
going to be able to type it out so I’m just going to tell you what the three
niches are the three niches are my health and relationships so you find the
product that is in health that would be dieting exercising lifestyle wealth
would be growing their money saving their money making money investing their
money and relationships with their with being or family these topics people will
always have to improve on if you find the topic in these categories it’s going
to be a great sign that you can get into and make money with I hope you enjoyed
this video on how to find a good profitable niche if you did make sure to
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affiliate marketing thank you so much for watching I’ll see you in the next
video take care this has been your friend of mental illness at da Vinci see
in the next video

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