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How To Get Free Things From Companies 2019

January 15, 2020

hey YouTube what is happening this is
Nav, I hope you’re all having a wonderful day. In this video I’m going to be
sharing with you how I acquire free stuff from various different companies
including Amazon. Now many people have been asking me in my on my Instagram
feed and my YouTube comments that how companies send me free stuff because I’m
always reviewing free items and most of the time and I’m
actually giving away these items sometimes as well especially some
microphones and cameras that I’ve reviewed and drones are reviewed in the
past many of those that I’ve received free so stick around I’m gonna be sharing with
you five key strategies that I use that if you implement you’re gonna get some
great results. Now before I share these simple tips and
tricks I want to clear some misconceptions that people had and I
used to have before as well now some people think you need thousands and
thousands of subscribers but that’s not the case because my first free item was
received when I had only 70 subscribers that’s right only 7-0 so I had a very
small channel at the time and a company contacted me I didn’t do anything a
company contacted me and they offered me a free product and I agreed obviously I
was over the moon because it was my first item that I received for free and
it was actually the second Ulanzi product that I received because if you
were to go back and look at all my videos the second video I think was the
Ulanzi video rig for smartphones that I reviewed when Ulanzi saw, the
company Ulunzi saw that video they were impressed by the quality because as
you know I’ve got good lighting I’ve got good microphone setup and a good camera
and the camera doesn’t necessarily have to be an expensive camera you can use
your smartphone but lighting is important and obviously audio is
important so if you record good videos doesn’t matter how small your channel is
you will get recognized and companies will contact you so Ulanzi
contacted me and sent me a free product yes it was only around 20 US dollars so
the cheap product but you gotta understand that it’s free, I didn’t
have to pay anything, all I did was a little short review of the updated
Ulunzi video rig and that’s all that’s all I did
and another misconception is small channels only receive sub $50 and sub
£50 products that’s not true either because when I add roughly around 150
subscribers I received a 3d printer that was worth around 400 US dollars so go
and check that video out you’ll see I display I say clearly that this product
was sent to me by Dobot and that’s the company that contacted me because my
very first video on this channel was a 3d printer. The 3d printing companies saw
that video, they were impressed by the quality and the details I provided in
that video they were happy and yes I only had less than 200 subscribers at
the time and I received a 400 US dollar worth product for free so those are the
misconceptions out the way so guys let’s get into these five tips. Number one is
register yourself with at Now Dealspotr is an amazing
amazing platform that I’ve registered and sometimes I have received free items
on there, in fact that website well I did some of the campaign’s on there
the companies will actually pay you to review those products not only will you
get the item for free, some of those campaigns will actually get you paid so
you’ll get paid as well as getting the free product so register yourself
on again the bigger your influence the bigger opportunity
you’ll have on dealspotr. Number two register yourself on
that’s a great platform as well many of those items are free and some are
maybe half are very heavily discounted stuff so for example some things were
around 20 US dollars you might get for two or three or four or five dollars you
get in heavily discounted items and you get to make the reviews that you don’t
necessarily have to make YouTube reviews even if you can do your normal Amazon
reviews and your Facebook and Instagram reviews a small little blog on your
website that’s all acceptable depending on what the promoter is wanting from you
but register yourself A great platform.
Number three, sort out and develop your Amazon profile. Now up until about a
few weeks ago my Amazon profile wasn’t that great okay
I’ve been purchasing items in the past from Amazon but I’ve never really put
reviews on there but lately I’ve been adding reviews and some of the reviews
I’ve added pictures and videos on so check out my Amazon profile and that’ll
give you an idea of how you need to promote your Amazon profile so you’ve
been buying products why not review products as well write a review on
Amazon as well as if you can upload some videos and if you can even better upload
a short little video about the product in question don’t just write one
sentence try to write a couple of little paragraphs about the product and when
people click on your review meaning is helpful then you’re ranking your reviewer
ranking is increased dramatically. My current reviewer ranking is over 700,000 so
that’s a decent reviewer ranking for companies to notice me so the bigger
reviewer ranking the more beneficial and the more opportunities you’re gonna
bring your way so develop your Amazon profile. Number four, I’m gonna be sharing
this a little bit more in detail but Instagram and finally the best way is
once you get these free products after you’ve made a review on YouTube then the
best way to get paid from here is to use Amazon affiliate links. Affiliate
marketing is the best way to earn a lot of money from these said product, so
once you’ve got the products you’ve made a review on YouTube now in the
description below when you create Amazon affiliate links now again for customers
who are viewing your videos it’s not gonna cost them
extra money but using your links you’ll get a little percentage from those links
if the customer decides to make the purchase so let’s have a quick look at
my Instagram strategies that I use so go onto your Instagram profile
and obviously you need to update your profile meaning state what companies are
looking for. Mine for example says youtuber, tech reviewer, Amazon reviews,
graphic designer etc UK based so people and companies are aware that I’m in
UK so let’s have a quick look at some tags that we can search so let’s type in
Amazon reviews so 14,000 reviews on there so if you look on here many people
and many companies are putting their tags here so for example this one it
says the U.S bluetooth U.S only so you’ll get these for $5.99 and normally it
costs $50 or more this gaming headset again headset its us-based only yeah
just like just these certain products and look like this earlier on this only
eight lags and I basically when I’ve put a comment my comment was just a thumbs
up and the company contact me straight away and “navs tech I send you message”
meaning that they’ve contacted me direct message so I may be making a review
of this karaoke microphone soon because I received a reply pretty much
within five minutes so I did this earlier again kids watch phone I’ve got
children so if I get this product and I do a short review I’ll give it to one of
my kids so just like that product look at different different other stuff now
again this is just tech related for my channel but if you’ve got a channel of say
for example men’s accessories or women’s accessories fashion and you like certain
products according to your niche. So let’s look at my direct messages look
the last one day so this this seller contacted me this company contact me and
they said are you based in the US and I said no sorry from UK only so
that wasn’t appropriate for me this company contacted me are you interested in
any of these items for free and nope, nothing tech related so I’m not a woman
and I don’t wear these type of clothes so
nothing for me…. yeah that’s the same what is this yeah this company asked if I can
review Bluetooth headset this company has sent me all these items jewellery
accessories car accessories kitchen accessory this company contacted me and
offered me a webcam but as you know nowadays we don’t use webcams, our
laptops got built-in webcams, the desktop got built-in webcam so I wasn’t really
interested in that and I just said that no webcam I’m interested in microphones
drones, smartphones, action cameras and other tech so they might contact me
again and then this company contacted me and said they want to send me some
wallets, again my channel is nothing to do with fashion accessories so again
irrelevant so I said ‘no, thanks for reaching out but my channel for tech
reviews only’ so you can see just by liking and commenting on around 10, 15
posts a day you’re gonna get companies that’ll contact you on a daily basis
now if you’ve got more time now that literally takes about five to ten
minutes just do 10 to 15 likes and comments but if you want to do if you
want to spend half an hour an hour every day then you’ll get literally hundreds
of companies contacting you that’s right hundreds will contact you just with that
a little time five ten minutes that I’ve used I got four companies that contacted
me yes some were irrelevant nothing to do with my channel but the point is people
are, companies are contacting you to send free stuff that’s how simple it is guys
very very simple so guys if you think I’ve missed anything out do comment
below what strategies you use on how to get free stuff I’m interested to know
because I’m still learning I’m very curious to know what you guys use and
what methods you use as well as the comment readers on my channel they’ll be
curious as well so if you think I’ve missed anything out feel free to
share the comment in the comments below and I look forward to reading those
comments so that’s it for this video if you enjoyed it do hit that like button it
helps me out a lot and if you haven’t already done so consider subscribing as
there’s plenty more content coming up and don’t forget to hit that notification
bell as you’ll be the first to know when my videos are out so until next time
guys take care and good luck


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