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How To Get Traffic From Pinterest [2019] | How To Use Pinterest To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

November 8, 2019

how to get traffic from Pinterest hi
everyone what’s going on this is greg kononenko the Caffeinated Blogger and
today i’m going to talk about how you can get traffic from Pinterest to your
blog or website absolutely free and I’m going to walk you through the exact
step-by-step method that I personally use to get traffic to my websites and my
blogs using Pinterest. This is going to be a step-by-step video and it’s one of
the videos in the whole series dedicated to Pinterest traffic. If you would like
to get the full course then you can get it absolutely free zero cost if you
scroll below this video and click on the link in the description or alternatively
you can do that here if you type in into your browser now I regularly put out videos dedicated to traffic making money
online blogging and if you would like to get my future training videos then
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that you actually get notified about my future videos now guys let’s get into it
let’s let me show you exactly what I do to get traffic from Pinterest to my
blogs and websites and you can do this absolutely free using nothing but just a
little bit of coffee alright let’s get into it before we get into the actual
detail and step-by-step instructions I wanted to show you something that
hopefully you will find interesting this is one of many websites that I have running
on Pinterest and as you can see on this website from October 2016 till March
2018 so up until now I have had two hundred and eighty thousand page views
this is a website that’s sitting there passively just getting traffic and
making money without me having to do anything and I have several websites
that are running on Pinterest in this exact model that I’m gonna show you step
by steps that’s really exciting really cool works really really well in a
variety of different niches all right cool so now let’s get into the actual
detail now this is video one how to get traffic from Pinterest and this video is
an overview video that will give you a rough idea about how the whole framework
works I’ve got many more videos that actually take you through step by step
throughout the whole process but this video without making it super
long I want to give you a good understanding of exactly what you need to do
so first of all let’s start with the overview all right now with it over you
we of course we’re using Pinterest so you will need a Pinterest account okay
and I’ll show you in a separate video how to do all of that but essentially
what you’re gonna do is set up an account and grow your followers to
minimum 50 to 100 okay we’ll talk about how that’s actually done in just a
moment then after you’ve got your 50 to 100 followers you need to apply to group
boards our group boards are very very cool and very critical to your success
and you do need about 50 or more followers just to make sure that you’re
actually looking legit because no one wants to take on a person into a group
board when they have an empty account with no followers now why are group
boards so awesome let me show you so this is one of my Pinterest profiles my
dad’s hustle profile okay you can see I’ve got five thousand five hundred and
forty eight followers here but let me show you what it looks like so there are
obviously some of my own boards here but I also am a member of many group
boards all right and the way that you can tell the difference is these are
normal boards and the ones that have kind of like a little circle in the
bottom left are the group boards now I’m just gonna open them up so that you can
see what’s happening inside those crew boards you will notice that group boards
have a ton of followers guys so look at this this group board has fourteen
thousand six hundred and nine followers why is it good well if you are someone
who’s just starting out on Pinterest you have zero followers okay and this group
board already has fourteen thousand six hundred and nine followers and by the
way it’s a group board because there are 291 contributors as you can see now if
you are an absolute newbie and somehow you managed to get access to these top
money tips group board then instantly you can post your content and share it
in this group board and it will go out to all of these fourteen thousand six
hundred and nine followers now that’s really amazing because you can be in
many group boards okay I’m for my dad’s hustle dot-com profile I’m an over 100
group boards and you can post content to each of them as long as your content is
good you’re not gonna have any problems even more than once a day so you can
have daily reach like over a million views you know
several million views if if you post to several group words you can see this one
is fourteen thousand this one is twelve thousand this one is fourteen thousand
followers okay this one is five thousand followers this one is two you get a
picture I’m in several group boards that have over 20 over 40 over 50 thousand
followers just in one group board okay and that’s why when I was saying here is
that if you can obviously get about 50 followers initially and then you will
apply to those group boards they just probably not gonna take you if you have
zero followers and your preference completely empty so hopefully that makes
sense now the next thing that you need to do is you need to start sharing your
content to group boards will show you step by step once again how all of that
actually works but traffic comes from sharing your content to group words
traffic will not come from your followers that’s why you know 50
followers is like a 100 followers is okay to start with you don’t get those
hundred followers to click your links you actually get your traffic from
Google everything that we’re doing is about getting into those group words
okay now followers will only be required to get into your first sort of tool to
get your first 50 to 100 followers to make your account look legitimate we
don’t like I said we don’t actually get the traffic from those followers so
hopefully that makes sense as well alright now let’s talk about what your
goal is your goal is to get into those group words everything that we do you
know followers like content everything that we do is just get into those group
boards because group words are literally gold a group words equals traffic equals
money you need to do something to get into those group words and that’s what
this strategy actually covers in a lot of detail all right so ready to get
started let’s do this now overview of phase one okay phase one will be to set
up your Pinterest profile and set up your websites if you don’t have it yet
and then you will need to also set up some content on your website now guys I
do have a full-course okay it’s 100% free no cost you can grab that course
that describes everything in in detail at caffeinated slash
Pinterest to just click the link in the description I will show you through
obviously a few things in this video as well but full-course takes our
so if you do want to grab it you know obviously can just pause this video and
grab it now now after you’ve set up your
your profile then what you need to do your phase two will be to get those 50
to 100 followers to get accepted into group boards okay and like I said this
video is an overview of the method I have a separate video that actually
covers everything in a ton of detail now to get those followers what you need to
do is you need to follow between nineteen hundred twenty people per day a
lot of those people will follow you back so maybe let’s say five or ten percent
might follow you back so this way you you’re gonna get about three four five
nine or something followers every single day from people following you back in
some niches it is lower okay if you’re in some kind of a money niche you may
get less than five percent follow back but just do it consistently every single
day and you are going to get followers then you need to also unfollow between
ninety two hundred and twenty people per day why are we doing this well if you
want to get traffic from Pinterest then you need to make sure that your profile
is balanced that just makes your profile look good you know if you are if you
yourself are following something like ten thousand people but you only have 50
followers that just looks weird you know it looks bad it’s not good so like I
said two to ten percent of people will actually pull you back and you should be
gaining three to ten followers per day now what happens after that is mmm we
just need those for us to get into the group boards alright and it may take you
something like two weeks three weeks five weeks six weeks to get those first
50 followers a soil after that you can continue following if you want or you
can stop and you will just from posting your content to group wards which I will
show you a bit more about you will grow your following just by posting content
because people will kind of follow you because they like your content if that
makes sense alright so now after we’re done with
this phase 3 will be to start applying to group boards again I actually have a
another separate detailed video that covers in detail what you need to do to
apply to group boards and exactly how to do this but the overview of this is that
50 followers is okay for you guys to get accepted into
group words all right so that’s why your 50 followers is like your first
threshold to work towards once you’ve hit those 50 followers start applying to
group words you can start with the smaller ones the ones that only have
maybe one two three four five thousand followers and of course you probably are
now thinking well how do I actually find the group words in my niche well the
reason why to do this it’s reasonably simple I’m just going to show you now
how to do this so there is a website called pin groupie heping groupie calm
like this so just go to pin groupie calm and then you can type in your keywords
if you want hear descriptions as filters this is a it’s completely free 100% free
you can access the group words directory here and you can find the group board
that you’re interested in and then you can start applying to those group words
already so what do we do next so by now you will have followers okay
you’ve got your profile is set up you Pinterest this set up your website is
set up so now what you can start doing is you can actually start sharing your
content to group words that’s how you actually get the traffic the traffic
will come from you sharing your content to Pinterest inside those group boards
okay in a separate video we’ll go through this in a lot of detail
I just wanna you know I don’t want to make this video like two hours long but
in in separate videos I’m actually going to take you through the whole
step-by-step the purpose of this video is to give you the overall framework of
what you need to do okay now the next phase if you wanted to automate you can
actually automate this obviously as well I’m going to show you in separate videos
how to do this if you want to learn more and if you want to get all of the
details step-by-step instructions in all of the videos everything laid out for
you and shown on screen then you can grab my free course that I mentioned it
before about traffic generation whether you have a website or you don’t have a
website you can grab that at and inside
that course I’m actually showing you step by step everything that you need to
do to be able to generate the traffic wherever you want it to go to your blog
to your website to a niche site come store even if you don’t have a
website you just want to send traffic directly to affiliate links or cpa links
you can do that just go to and you’ll
be able to grab it there well that’s basically if you guys enjoyed this video
then please subscribe to my channel just click that little Bell button to make
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interesting and useful now so hit that subscribe button and also here are a few
whoops over there there are a few more
suggested videos for you guys to watch ok so like the next videos in this
series and some other medias that will help you so please check them out as
well thank you very very much for watching this is greg kot an anchor at
the gap in it of bloggers and i look forward to seeing you around youtube
thanks guys talk to you later


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