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How To Make $100 Per Day With Automated Websites

October 15, 2019

yo what’s up guys this is Giorgie oh and in this video I’m going to show you how you can make $100 per day with automated websites well if you are excited just give this video a thumbs up and if you want to see more just subscribe to my channel well let’s jump into my laptop so automated websites you don’t need any technical skills like coding or advanced web design or something like that because they’re fully automated you don’t have to do a lot of work either you have to do some work but not a lot so guys what are automated websites well most of them are news websites because it’s evergreen there will always be news but also think about movies or health websites perhaps people have seen a new movie and they want to drop a review or something like that and health is always a really popular topic of course you can never run out of content automated websites they publish high quality posts in your niche without you doing anything what are the main benefits of automated websites it’s fully automated it brings in money daily weekly and monthly as long as you own the website secondly it saves you a lot of time normally you have to write blog posts a lot of blog posts two or three hundred k plus words but now because it’s automated you don’t have to write these blog posts so it will save you a lot of time it saves you money because you do not have to pay a content creator so if you do not write your blog post yourself then you can hire a content creator well and he will write your blog post for you but because it’s automated it saves you a lot of money there are basically two methods to make money with an automated website number one is so let’s take a look flippa is the number one market place to buy yourself online businesses think about websites domain names Amazon FBA apps as well so what we’re going to do is we’re going to enter automated I already searched for it and as you can see over there over 300 results and we want the monthly profit at least 250 as you can see over here five results mean by let’s press on mean fat for example it’s a viralcontent websites over 1500 monthly revenue is fully automated that’s it as you can see some statistics traffic social 70k over 70 K page views from social and 70 percent direct 22 percent so basically they get a lot of traffic from facebook from Twitter from Instagram maybe so that’s that’s that’s good because you can automate it United States a lot of traffic from the United States etc etc not everyone on Flippa comm is legit so we’re going to similar web to see if mean is legit traffic or vo they do not have that much traffic because there’s no analytic but it’s because you’re very 80% its from social 7080 percent so that this kind of congruent thorough search is yeah well as we already so one point 13 percent comes from search which is not a lot which is not a lot but we already have seen eighty percent comes from social and you can automate it so this looks kind of legit mean fight but on the other hand travel blog dot com as we can see over here well the statistics look kind of solid traffic social organic this is something go for a website for a blog this is something which is very nice because it means it ranks in Google and otherwise you you need a lot of social because you can automate it as well but all right it looks solid but if you scroll down below that’s someone and said zero backlink profile zero pages ranking Google’s organic traffic is false banner advertising is even part of an ad network is just a banner image linking to a website which means that the owner of travel ninja might try to scam you so make sure to always do your due diligence and your research before you buy something on this website but all right flippa is something you can check out and see if you see something interesting number two is create an automated website yourself WP Robo WP r SS ad drew gator I can’t pronounce it or nu somatic plugin well it’s not hard to create an automated website yourself I will drop down link video in the description to a video which teaches you how to start a blog and then you basically need to install these plugins WP robot or WP RSS aggregator or new somatic plugin so over here we have the news o matic plug-in automatic new sport generator plugin for WordPress it cost $12 so yeah you just purchased the plug-in and install it and well that’s it it will automatically publish news posts so that’s basically it the WP RSS aggregator is free so you can just install the plug-in right away how do you monetize that website well there are multiple options you have google adsense of course you just apply for the Google Adsense program and you can place your ads on your website as simple as that and Google will show a relevant ads to your visitors next you have sponsored posts sometimes brands are going to approach you to do some sponsored deals and the only thing you need to do is to write a blog post write a review about a certain product whatever and you will earn money and if brands do not reach out to you then you will reach out to them it’s simple as that you just mail them and well if you don’t give it a shot nothing will happen email that’s and offers what I mean by that this email marketing is still one of the best ways to make money online because email marketing is a great asset to have you just need to capture to collect the email addresses of your visitors maybe you have a lead magnet and then you give away a free ebook or something like that and once you have collected their email addresses you just send offers to them but don’t try to spam what I recommend you to do is send out three or four value emails with tips or tricks or whatever you want and then recommend the product recommend the product or recommend of course that you have or recommend your own ebook or I don’t know but email marketing is a great way to monetize your website affiliate marketing is just recommending products to others and you can combine it with email marketing of course you just need to put links in your content pop-ups opt-in pages or banners and if people click on it and they purchase the product you will earn the commission of course creation once you have a lot of knowledge on the topic you can create a course around the topic and you just sell your information and in the money-making online niche is if that is your niche then it’s not uncommon to sell a course for 200 300 500 and even $1000 so you can earn a lot of money with just course creation sell backlinks and nobody talks about this and it’s very underrated but you can make a lot of money with selling backlinks we go to or for example this person over here what it does is just selling begginings he has a blog and it’s well it had it has a lot of authority which means that if he links out to other websites these websites will get a boost in google and they will rank higher so this person over here just sells his links and as you can see he asks ninety dollars one hundred seventy dollars and even three hundred dollars with just linking out to other web sites so this is another way to make money with an automated websites though if you have a website which has a lot of authority it perhaps it’s it’s maybe one or two or three years old it is it has aged a little bit then you can just sell your links for a nice price guys so why would they sell a site that will make them passive income and that’s a fair question of course and some owners just need to cash out to start another project or they want to go on an expensive holiday or just buy the special car there are numerous reasons why they want to sell the website so guys what is the right price of a website this is the formula the monthly income of a website times 10 to 30 months is in most cases a lot of money let’s say the monthly income is thirty five hundred thirty five hundred a month times well thirty for example you can sell it for $105,000 which is crazy it’s crazy guys but that is times thirty but let’s say x times 12 for example it’s 42 K 42 K for just selling your website which is a lot of money so guys this is basically how to earn $100 with an automated website and it’s not hard to do what you can see you just purchase you just buy websites there are already life and there are already making money so you don’t have to do a lot the only thing you need to do is if there’s a website which is not making a lot of money then you can try to Google ads on the website or you can try to reach out to a brand for sponsored posts or you can try to do affiliate marketing and that way you can make a lot of money you can make more money than the website used to make so that’s it guys that’s how you make $100 per day with an automated website so guys if you like this video hit the thumbs up button subscribe if you want to see more videos and I see you guys in the next videos

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