How To Make $100,000 Online Per Year (6-Figure Blueprint)

February 16, 2020

What’s going on everyone? My name is
Marissa, and what most people don’t know about me is that I have already built
two successful online businesses that have crossed six figures and I’m
currently working on my third which is expected to be the most profitable, and
so in this video I’m gonna go over your six-figure blueprint, and if you are
starting from zero you will have a clear roadmap after this video on how you can
realistically start from zero and go to $100,000 online in one year. So, if you
have a background similar to mine, if you don’t know already, I previously was in
the engineering field, when I was in the nine-to-five, and when I was a civil
engineer I made about $75,000 per year at my prime, and so I thought that was
really good, but my dream ever since I was 19-20 was to make six figures in my
career. And when I reached the “top,” so to say, when I reached the point where I’m
like “Okay, now I’m at $75,000 a year but how am I gonna get to six figures?” I
realized the only options to making six figures in the positions, and I said to
myself I definitely don’t want to do that at all, I don’t want to be in those
team management positions and work 16 hours a day to make a
hundred and forty thousand dollars a year. That was not the path I wanted to
take and so that is when I realized I had to go the online route and build an
online business that had no salary cap and would allow me to achieve not only
six figures, but multiple six figures online. And so the first tip I have for
you guys on your road to 100k online is to do your research. What do I mean by
this? There’s so many models of online business that you can do. There’s trading,
there’s ecommerce with Shopify, there’s Etsy stores, there’s being a service
provider and charging money for your services, there’s digital products, there
are so many different business models out there, and another popular one is
freelancing, for example, but you don’t know which is the right business model
for you and which one you are the most passionate about and so it really is
up to you to do your research and figure out what business model resonates with
you. If you’re somebody who has a strong skill set in graphic design or video
editing or one specific skill, then maybe freelancing could be for you.
And maybe, for example, you’re already doing coaching, or you’re doing something
that helps serve people, then maybe that business model is the right thing for
you. So it’s up to you, really, to do your research in what it is you want to do
and which business model you’re going to dedicate to be your online business. So
if you’re a little bit confused about what I just said, check out this video
right here where I talk about what I would do if I was broke and starting all
over in business, and I go more in depth on different business models and how I
would start from absolute zero with no money. Alright, so tip number two is to
get a mentor or a mentorship as fast as possible. Now, depending on your budget,
this might look a little different for everybody. And so what I mean by
mentorship, it could look like the form of a digital course training, having a
one-on-one coach or mentor, maybe you are in a mastermind group which focuses and
specializes on how, let’s say you’re a fitness coach, and this mastermind group
teaches you how to build an online fitness business, or maybe you want to
look into trading or something very specific like that. You’re going to need
to get a mentor to fast-track your results to where you want to be. And I
want to give you this really great example of when I left my nine-to-five,
when I left my engineering job, most people don’t know that I actually
started working for a company called TecaDemics, and so back in the day when I
lived in Scottsdale, Arizona, this company had started in that same area and I
thought “Wow, they are actually an internet marketing college” and I thought
“I could definitely apply and work there so that I could learn
marketing and learn what I want to learn” and so their specialty when they opened
was ecommerce, and there was an opportunity to work there as an intern.
And so my job was, basically, to learn the knowledge and learn how to do ecommerce,
learn how to do Facebook ads, and all of these things, and then, in return, help
customers learn how to do it so it was really great. It was almost like
free mentorship. Although I was making like next to
nothing, the stuff that I learned there was really great. I took a huge pay
cut from like $75,000 a year to like minimum wage basically, and I wasn’t
there for too long, just a few months, because I knew that with my own
e-commerce business I could scale it to the moon. So I quit working
there, but the point is I learned a lot from working there for next to nothing. I
learned about Facebook Ads, like really specialized skill sets within Facebook
Ads, like how to create a look-alike audience, and how to scale, and how to
write copy for advertisements, how to put products in a store, so I learned all of
these things being in that environment, every single day helped accelerate my
growth like crazy and if I wouldn’t have taken that job it probably would have
taken me a full year to learn the things that I learned within two and a half
months. And so the point is once you shift your mindset to think that you
really can benefit from a mentor or a training that is going to package it up
for you and show you the direction and cut your learning curve in half, your
journey to creating that profitable business online will cut in half. Okay, so
the third tip I have for you after doing your research and getting a mentor is to
dream big and set realistic goals. I can’t emphasize this enough because I
made this crazy mistake that when I was first getting started, online I thought
that I was gonna make six figures in my first 60 days. Like I was just like
pumped and amped and had that like “Yeah screw the nine-to-five!” energy and this
Marissa would have looked at the old Marissa and be like “Honey, you need to
get real here, like it’s cool you have all these exciting dreams and
all but let’s let’s not get too excited, okay? Your end
goal is to make 250,000 dollars in a year, more money than you’ve ever made at
your 9 to 5, great, however what is it going to take to get there? You’re
really missing what the steps are to achieving that a quarter of a million
income.” Let me break it down to you like this:
let’s say there is a guy who wants to gain 11 pounds of muscle, yet he has not
even established a routine of going to the gym five times a week,
better yet, he doesn’t really even go to the gym.
He hasn’t really evaluated his diet habits and like how much he needs to be
eating, like how many grams of protein and carbohydrates a day, how much water
he needs to drink, how much sleep he needs to get. All of these aspects
of getting to a certain goal need to be broken down into different
steps in achievable categories so that along the way you can incorporate
something little into your daily routine, because you can’t go from zero to going
to the gym six days a week and eating a pound of chicken a day
or however much protein it takes to gain eleven pounds of muscles, that’s a lot of
muscle, right? And so it’s it’s the same thing with
business, if you want to make six figures or a million dollars or whatever, amazing!
Keep that vision, keep that goal, but what is it gonna take? Are you gonna need to
outsource some tasks? What is it in your business that you hate doing?
You need to learn to outsource that and if you’re somebody that doesn’t
understand the importance of outsourcing yet then you have to get develop that
mindset first and that’s why I was in for a super rude
awakening when I first started my online business. My goals were just way too
freakin high, and so that goes back to point number two of getting a
mentor, because if you’re not investing into a mentor or some type of course or
training to help you accelerate stuff, what is that going to cost you, of not
having a mentor? Is that going to cost you two years of your life? Three years
of your life? Of time wasted and more money wasted on trying to figure it out
by yourself? So that is why I emphasize the first three points, because literally
these first three points of doing your research, getting a mentor, and setting
your goals, are the foundation of your 100k year. And so my fourth tip for your
six-figure blueprint is to build a monetizable skill. Really, no matter what
business model you choose, whether it’s freelancing, ecommerce, trading, affiliate
marketing, you are building a monetizable skill. Pick any one of them and there are
at least a few monetizable skills within that category. So take freelancing, for
example ,and let’s say you are really good at copywriting, so you’re really
good at writing emails for people, copy on sales funnels, on
advertisements, unique copy virtually everywhere in your business,
right? Okay, so what other skills are you gonna develop from that? Well, you need to
learn how to design a sales funnel page, most likely, so you can design a sales
funnel and you can write the copy, right? And what other skills do you learn? You
learn communication, you probably learn outsourcing, so you’re
eventually gonna have a workload that you can’t handle on your own as a
freelancer, so you’re going to have to outsource people to come help you, and so
you’re going to learn all of these mini skills within your
expertise and those are going to be invaluable and those are going to be
your monetizable skills. So another example I could think of is an agency.
There’s people that become experts at learning how to run paid advertising, so
Facebook Ads, Google Ads, YouTube ads, and that there is another huge example
of a monetizable skill, because companies do not have the time to learn how to do
these things on their own, so they hire you with the monetizable skill and
they’ll pay you, eventually, as much as you want. I mean, obviously,
there’s there’s a cap, but they’ll pay you more and more because you’re really
good at driving traffic to their services and their offers. And so the
more valuable you make yourself, the more value you can add to the marketplace, the
more money you are going to make, so focus on creating one monetizable skill
and improving and making that skill better and better. And so this was a game
changer in making six figures in all of my online businesses. And coming in at
number five, that is selling high ticket products, so these high ticket products
can be either your products, or a product that you are an affiliate for. So let me
break this down more simply, what is a high ticket product? So a high ticket
product is a product or service that costs, minimum, two thousand dollars and
if it’s you that create the product, or offering the service then you
get 100 percent of the profit. But let’s say you’re an affiliate marketer, and
you’re marketing a product that costs $2,000-$3,000, then you get a commission
for that high ticket product, and speaking of affiliate marketing, this was
my second business model that took me to over six figures, because I got really
good at driving traffic to an offer, a high ticket offer, where every time I got
a sale, I got a thousand dollar commission, and I
had to do no work after that. And on this channel, I used to talk a lot about
affiliate marketing and if you’re interested in learning more about
affiliate marketing and wanting me to create a video for on affiliate
marketing for beginners, comment below “affiliate marketing” and I’ll create an
affiliate marketing for beginners tutorial, because I know that if you
don’t have a product, if you really don’t know where to start, affiliate marketing
is a great way to get your feet wet with online business and to really bring in a
profitable income, if you do it right. So if you’re enjoying this video, go ahead
and smash that like button, and if you haven’t already, what are you waiting for?
Go ahead and join the family and smash that subscribe button, hit the
notification bell for more videos just like this weekly. Okay, so we’ve talked
about the first three steps, we’ve talked about building monetizable skills and
then charging a higher ticket price for those monetizable skills or promoting a
higher ticket offer, now I wanted to talk to you about building your audience,
which is my sixth tip. And when you’re teaching people what you know for free,
your audience is gonna grow. Your followers, your subscribers on YouTube,
your pins on Pinterest, whatever it is. So whatever you
focus on growing, that audience is going to grow, whether it’s Facebook, Instagram,
YouTube, if you guys are interested on how I built a wildly successful business
on YouTube and how I believe it is the greatest platform to help you grow any
business on YouTube and to hit six figures, go ahead and download my
subscribers to sales blueprint, it’ll be the first link in the description below.
And so back to building an audience, this shouldn’t be too complicated, and people
get intimidated to start building an audience because they think “oh I have no
followers, I have no email list, I have nothing, I’m nothing.” It’s like, okay, well
obviously if you stay, if you don’t do anything, that’s the way it’s going to
stay, and nowadays having an audience that is smaller, a thousand person
following or whatever, it is good because that means you have a micro
niche which is very sexy to these companies that want you to help promote
their services and products, and so future entrepreneurs and business owners
think that they need this massive audience of hundreds of thousands of
people in order to make money online and that’s not the case. And so again that is
another thing my blueprint goes over, if you download it in the first link, is how
you can really like make a lot of money, and I mean a lot of money, with not that
many subscribers on YouTube, and the same thing with Instagram, or Facebook, the
only thing that’s keeping you from achieving that income and building
that audience is you. It’s like, usually, it’s imposter syndrome and you think
like “Oh I don’t know enough” or “I’m not certified to teach this” or “I
haven’t achieved this yet so I can’t talk about it.” Like, no, just document the
journey, teach what you know, your experiences, you have a powerful
story, and you have powerful information to share with people, and so
once you break that mindset it’s get in front of the camera and
start creating that content for whatever social media platform. You will start to
see a difference right away, so if you’re digging this video, I know for a fact
that you are going to like this video right here where I talk about ten
multiple streams of income that make you $100
per day or more and that video starts right now. When I was an engineer, I
thought “Man, I just don’t know how to make more money and produce another
stream of income,” it was so confusing to me, it is how some people that I know in
the online marketing world are making multiple six figures per month with one
digital course, you can get paid to show people around your city, like how cool is
that? You can take people around, show them the best nightlife, the best
restaurants museums, whatever it is.

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