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How to Make Money on Your Blog Site by Embedding Pins from Pinterest 2019

September 28, 2019

Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of teaching, for the affiliate marketer or the blogger
that is trying to make money online by monetizing their blogs.
There’s lots of ways to do this. You can add ads, you can do affiliate
links, there’s lots of different options. Today. I want to show you what I’m doing here. I’ve got a new blog post that I’m doing, and this is on my lifestyle blog. This blog is only a couple months old, so it’s just getting rolling and it’s
in a series of blogs I’ve actually launched. And this particular one really lends
to images and graphics such as pins. So the goal for this blog post is,
well there’s a couple of them. One is going to be to monetize the
website with ads and the edit an eventual point and then also affiliate marketing.
So example here. This blog post is all about
mother of the bride fashion. My particular audience for this website
is the midlife woman who’s at that phase now where her daughter’s potentially getting married
and she’s looking up outfits and it’s important now to give her visuals. So I had the blog written by a ghost
writer and I’ve lots of videos on how to hire ghost writers. And now I’m
just going in and optimizing it by, adding some colors. And I’ve got links in here
that are affiliate links. And then I’ve got things like pins. So these pins are actually my pins that
I created on Pinterest and then I was able to come over here to
my blog post and embed them. So what this is going to do is this is
going to invite more followers to my Pinterest board. So I like to send
people back and forth, you know, get my Pinterest people over to my blog,
get my blog people to follow Pinterest, get my Youtube people to follow, you
know that kind of a little trend there. And of course for today, my goal would be for somebody to click
on one of these items and potentially buy them. And then I get the
affiliate commission, right? So let me show you today how you can
pin or put one of these pins on your website So I’m going to go to edit post. I’m going to go over to Pinterest where
I’ve got all these pins and I’ve only been doing Pinterest, I started this board a couple months ago.
So it’s just now getting, getting rolling. And I’m going to grab one of my mother
of the bride dresses that I want to embed.
Let me go to my boards. Let me go to my mother of the bride. I am going to do some more
with accessories here. So let me find a pair of shoes or jewelry. This is a good pair of shoes. So I’m going to take that pair
of shoes and here’s what you do. You click on these
little three dots embed. I like to do the larger embed code and I’m
hiding the description because that’s not necessary. All of those hashtags and affiliate disclaimers
that I put on Pinterest because they’re already in my
blog in a different way. So I’m going to take this code right here,
copy it, go over to my blog. I’m going to go
down to wherever I want to put that. And I’m kind of in the,
let’s see, put it up here for now. So what I’m going to do now is
I am using WordPress Gutenberg, and I am obsessed with WordPress and I
love the New Gutenberg editor because I’m able to use content blocks.
So I’m going to come up here, I’m going to click a plus sign, and then I’m going to click html paste in the html.
Now that’s not all. When you are using Pinterest, you have to also have this code in the body tag. So what I do is copy that on wordpress
so that I don’t have to access code and do all the super geeky stuff.
So I’d rather not do, I have a plugin called header and footer
scripts and then on each page I get this little box, header
scripts, body scripts. So all I did is I’m putting it, I paste it right there in the body
scripts and I only need to do that once. I don’t need to do that for each pin.
As long as I have that on the page, I don’t need to do it for each pin.
And so you saw, we just added that pair of shoes. So we’re going to go over to preview
and I’ll show you where it shows up. I have lots of blogs and training videos
on how to do every step of what I am doing here. And I have built multiple
businesses off the back of blogging. And still to this day people
say SEO is dead and it’s not. So, subscribe, click the bell to be notified every time I make a video and you’ll be able to
learn this with me Where did we put that?
Maybe we didn’t Under winter mother of
the Bride Outfits, let me click updates. I’m still going through particular blog post, doing all of my edits and checking my
punctuation and capitals and whatnot. So now we’ll go down to the mother
of the bride outfits. There it is. That’s the shoe I want. So that gives you the ability to use images
that are not just stock art and clip art. They look better and
their affiliate opportunities. Now in another video,
I show you how to embed Amazon, links here instead. And if you’ve got product
pages on your website, you could insert a woocommerce content
block. There are so many ways to do this, but in today’s video, I wanted to show you how to
specifically do this with Pinterest. I’m Lori Ballen and I earn six figures
as an affiliate marketer alone. And then I have several other businesses.
Thank you for joining me today.

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