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How To Make Money Online At Home In 2020 – Entrepreneur Methods To Grow Online Presence & Monetize

February 10, 2020

Are you sick of working a job that you
hate that’s barely paying you any money? Well, know this does not have to be your
fate as today we will discuss the many ways that we can make money right from
our home… Stay tuned! What is going on guys, today
we will be talking about how you can make money online, and start your own
online business. Now, with these strategies you can achieve financial
freedom and dreams of passive income which occurs when you are generating
money even when you’re sleeping this means from all your hard past work it
will continue to pay you throughout your life instead of just getting a wage one
time for that hard work that you did. Now whether you’re a teenager who’s just
trying to make some extra money, whether you’re trying to quit your job, or are
just looking for a paying side hustle these strategies can be implemented and
they can help better your financial future. With that being said, let’s get
right into the strategies. The first way to make some extra money online is a
super simple method called reselling. This idea is pretty much when you buy a good
or product for a certain price and then you flip that product online for a
higher price. So that margin between the two prices is
what you take home. This can be used even if you’re a complete beginner. I
personally started selling pop sockets from Aliexpress. I’ll link that below in
the description and all future references will be linked in description.
When I started buying pop sockets on Aliexpress which is a company from China
for like $1 a piece and I would have to wait weeks for them to ship them to me,
just so I could package them up, list them on eBay, and then sell them for a
bit higher profit. There’s many different levels you can do when it comes to
reselling. You can do a very low ticket item, an example would be the pop socket.
And I recommend working your way up. You start with a low ticket product, you make a
little money, and then you go buy a better product. Let’s say now you’re
spending $10 on a product but you know you can flip it online for
$50. So, that margin will just keep getting bigger and bigger as you have more
inventory to play with. You can use this method for pretty much any product
imaginable. What I recommend doing for the strategy is to find an interest of
yours that you already have and make money on that. Keep your eyes open for
things that you can resell whether you’re at the thrift, you’re surfing the
web, or on Letgo or Craigslist. These are great places to find deals, or at garage
sales even. You can flip almost any product. The biggest challenge when it comes
to reselling is finding items that will actually sell. Now you don’t want a
product that you bought for $10 but it just sits around your house all year.
You want stuff that will move out of your inventory and into other people’s
hands. Personally, I like to use eBay for reselling because it’s super easy to see
all your listings and what other listings have sold for in the past, which
is very valuable when it comes to reselling. Strategy #2 for making
money online, is by growing on social media. I’m sure almost all of you have a
social media presence in some way but I bet not all of you knew that you can
make decent money capitalizing on this following. If you have a lot of followers
on social media you can use this as free advertising and you can promote any
product or service that you think your followers will enjoy and use. I
recommend building a niche… You will need to grow a page of followers who are all
passionate about one specific subject. For example, a dog niche where you only
post dog content or products related to those who own a dog. Through posting over
time and by using relevant hashtags you will grow a following of people who are
passionate about this niche and through time you can start to promote products
that align with this niche. You can start selling t-shirts, audiobooks, even a
dog collar if it is that dog niche, and it acts as free advertising. So, if you have
enough following and you post consistently enough this can be very
profitable over time. Another way to make money online, through social media is by creating valuable video content. With this content you can go
ahead and create a course that you can market to your following that you have
already amassed on Instagram or Facebook Or you can go a different route and post
to YouTube. This itself will grow its own community which you can later sell
products to down the line. If you are interested in this and want to learn
more, well you found the right guy because I’ll be making videos consistently teaching you how to make money online. So make sure you go ahead
and smash that subscribe button! The next way to make money online, is by creating
your own products. Now this may sound difficult to start, but once you learn
how to do it it can be extremely easy and make you a lot of money. One way to
do it is by just creating a graphic design of anything that you are
passionate about. This could be as simple as a few words on a screen. I recommend
using Typorama, link in the description or Photoshop to create these
designs and once you have a design that is marketable you can go ahead and put
this on a variety of products including t-shirts, mugs, posters, pillows, the list
goes on what I like to do is use a company called Printful or Teespring
which are print-on-demand companies this means you can upload a design right to
their website and they will go ahead and print it out on products if you ever get
orders with this strategy you will never hold any inventory yourself as it is all
online and fulfilled by these partners I think this is a super easy way to grow
money online and the trick to this is by growing a huge amount. It’s all about
quality but it’s gotta be quantity in this situation because you want as many
products that could catch a buyer’s attention as possible so you want to
upload hundreds of quality designs that you can put on a t-shirt that others
will want. Bonus, if you have a social media account like I had mentioned in
the last tip you can go ahead and create t-shirts towards this niche then go
ahead and sell them on social media so as you can see a lot of these tips will
intertwine and if you combine them your online business will thrive. Let’s say
you’re not the most experienced with graphic design, well you can still make
money with this strategy. I like to use Fiverr and see people who you can hire
to create your product there are hundreds of people who are willing to
create almost any product online for a very small price and once you pay them
you will receive a product usually multiple digital images that you can go
ahead and put on products and then sell to an audience so even if you do not
have experience with graphic design you can benefit from this method the fourth
way you can make money online is from tutoring
this may sound strenuous but it actually can be very easy the trick is to tutor
someone on a subject that you have a lot of knowledge about this could be
anything from calculus to photography to how to shoot a basketball people want to
know this information and if you already have the knowledge might as well sell it
in the past tutoring has always been an in-person job you’ve had to go to
someone’s house and talk to them to tutor but now with the expansion of internet
you can tutor someone right from your desk one site is where you can
find people willing to teach almost any subject and it goes both ways you can
sell all your ideas right there online start with very low rates and build up
from there you want to start with a lot of good referrals and with that more
people will come to you over time and the money will start adding up the fifth
way to make money online is through photography now whether you are an
experienced photographer or just beginning you are lucky enough to live
at a time where even your smartphone has an amazing HD camera on it and with this
almost anyone can make money with photography online the first method is
by selling stock photos if you have very good photos that you think other people
will benefit from you can sell them as stock photos to large companies an
example of this is shutterstock they have millions of photos that they have
paid individuals for the rights to use online
so if you have a large quantity of photos this is a good route to go
however if you are just starting off I recommend individual photo shoot
sessions get some friends who just want some photos and work on your photography
skills now you can charge them to start but I recommend going free you want to
build up a big batch of good reviews so in the future people can be referred to
you and then they will pay you high ticket or your quality photos there are
dozens of ways to make money through photography online but make sure your
social media has quality photos in them with that you can grow more followers
who are interested in high quality pieces and therefore they will trust you
more when you try to market items to them in the future this skill can also
be taught if you learn enough about photography there are millions of people
who want to be in your shoes and you were lucky enough to be able to make an
online course all you have to do is grab a video camera record yourself and just
explain how photography works take a couple days and compile all your
knowledge into one simple course and then sell it online you can do this
through any skill but I think photography is a very important one to
learn and it is in very high demand the next way to make money online if you’re
looking for some extra cash is a method called drop shipping
this method is a bit more advanced but it is the same idea as reselling but on
a bigger scale so it is the same products that you want to resell for a
higher price but instead of waiting all that time for the products to get to you
or for you to find those products yourself you set it up all online an
example of this would be say you find a cheap camera on site like Aliexpress
with a Chinese producer so you get that product
and take it bring it to your website and sell it there so then once you mark up
the price people will buy it straight from you
now the magic about this is once you get that sale you can go ahead go back on
Aliexpress and enter the buyers information into the shipping address
this way the product gets sent straight to the person who bought the product and
you are cut out of the equation this will save you a lot of time and money
and this method is hugely scalable there are countless people on YouTube who have
made millions of dollars through this and it is not going away anytime soon I
highly recommend you should look into drop shipping as it can greatly impact
your future personally I have some experience in drop shipping and will be
leaving many more videos about it so make sure you smash that like button and
stay tuned for more the next way to make money online is through affiliate
marketing this is actually the most used method when it comes to making money
online the majority of money made online is through affiliate marketing now if
you’re not sure what affiliate marketing is it is the advertising of a product
through your content so I’m sure almost every YouTube video you watch you see
people telling to you to click the link in the description and many of these
links that people have are through affiliate programs that if people click
on that link and purchase they will get a small piece of that cut now this is a
more advanced strategy and many people are not there quite yet just know
through time that if you implement these other money-making strategies the
affiliate marketing strategy will become a lot easier for you what I recommend is
creating a website through Wix or WordPress that you can create blogs or
articles about products on in these articles you don’t want to just tell
people to buy a product because no one’s gonna buy it you have to provide
valuable information so if you’re talking about photography talk about the
best ways to clean your and then link camera cleaning products
in there but make sure you use an affiliate link so you get paid so the
trick is creating content that people enjoy and find valuable but also
sneaking in an affiliate link that people can click on and then you make
money from it if you’re watching this video and wondering well that’s great
and all I have ideas of how to make money but which one do I pursue what I
recommend is to start small this is not gonna become an overnight phenomenon but
over time you can achieve passive income the dreams of money just coming in while
you’re sleeping but you do need to create a lot of content to do that so I
recommend you start with reselling start with selling on eBay these are super
simple tasks that almost anyone can do and with that you will gain more
knowledge and you can transfer that to more advanced strategies like drop
shipping and affiliate marketing in the future now that we’ve gotten through the
list make sure you go ahead and drop a comment which strategy you will be
pursuing next as I want all of you to benefit from this video and make sure
that you take action none of this will happen if you do not take action
nothing is handed to you but if you keep grinding and have that persistence I
guarantee that one day you will look back and see a lot of success with that
being said I’ll see you guys in the next video peace out


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