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How To Make Money Online For Free: Generate Passive Free Affiliate Commissions

August 12, 2019

how to make money online now today I’m
going to show you a dead simple way to drive free traffic to your affiliate
offer and make money in your sleep now at the end of this video I’m going to
show you a kind of a tricky little way I go about getting domains and rebranding
them with a link shortener that is unique in a bet you haven’t seen this
trick so let’s head over to the computer and I’ll start showing you how to do it
right now okay so BAM like magic or video editing
we’re over here at the computer and mont clickbank because we need to find an
affiliate offer that we want to promote so if we come into clickbank now listen
keep in mind i show clickbank mostly because it is a user friendly you can
get immediately approved if you set up a clickbank account etc etc there are
thousands of other affiliate offers out there and tons of other affiliate
networks so anything that I’m showing you really can be applied to just about
any of those offers that you have or come across but Clickbank makes it very
user friendly so let’s stick with this for purposes of instruction so come over
here to the affiliate marketplace and you can search for offers either by
category or if you have a keyword I’m just going to go ahead and hit the
search button and I’m going to make sure that it is sorted by popularity and I
want to see the first couple and I will see if I can zoom in a little here for
you alright so coming down the line flat
belly fix I’m looking for something in weight loss for my example today to show
you but flat belly fix is obviously sorted by popularity so it’s popular has
a really high gravity score 201 average sale is 40 bucks it does have a rebill
I’m not sure if this is accurate or not but I don’t get out of bed for 73 cents
and the average sales 75% so that’s good let me see if I don’t see anything else
real quick we will use that green juices all right
no I don’t want to spend my time searching for offers so what I’m going
to do is you can come through here you can click on this to see what the
promotion page looks like this is where traffic that we send will land so this
is a little VSL video sales lander and we can click on the affiliate page okay
I always like to click on this and see what they have for us in terms of assets
so if I come over here to the flat belly fix they have an email swipe that’s
great so that we can get just a little bit of information from them on in terms
of just content and assets so that’s all good I’m gonna get out of that and I
think I’m gonna go ahead and and use this one as our example so I’m gonna hit
promote we’ll come over here and have already have weight in here from a
different example but I’m gonna go ahead and generate a hoplink hoplink is my
unique affiliate ID that gets me paid with Clickbank so this is the link that
I will give somebody else to then come over to the landing page so I’m going to
generate the hop link now if you’ve seen any of my other Clickbank videos you
know this is super long and super ugly so I’m gonna go ahead and copy that and
I want to show you something that I do let’s come over here and the next thing
we’re gonna do I’ll show you what I’m gonna do with the link in just a minute
so if we come over here to Google I’m gonna type in if I spell it weight loss
blog weight loss blogs and what I want to do is very simply I want to find
here’s best weight loss blocks of 2019 health line it’s probably an aggregator
of information and it is so if we come over
here to look at some of these here’s PopSugar fitness that’s a pretty big one
a seee exercise library body rebooted let’s
click on that and see what it looks like you’ll really kind of go through some of
these and find once ok their website is not functional
here’s runs for cookies here’s black girls guide to weight
los so let’s go to the black girls a guide for weight loss and see what that
looks like real quick ok so let’s see what kind of stuff they have there’s a
bunch of I’m sure why the images aren’t loading on this other there just takes a
minute so my tape top 10 favorite posts if I go
over here there’s recipes ok so they got nice categorized I look for these little
things because I want to make sure that I can come back and post here often with
some of my other offers so if I come into one of their posts should be able
to click on it and it is loading super slowly so that’s something to be
concerned about but you’re gonna do this in more than one place not just on one
blog so I’m sure they’ve written some really good information on this and no I
don’t want to be on your mailing list I’m gonna come down here in the comments
and what I want to do is I want to leave my hop linked to the flat belly fix
offer that we just found so if I come back over here and if I go to leave a
comment if I leave that then that looks ugly and it doesn’t pre frame it in any
way to the other people that are reading this so we can’t do that
here’s what I like to do I like to come over to name name sheet and I do spend a
couple bucks Namecheap is super super inexpensive and I look for something
like like CNN let’s look for like CNN something short something short and
sweet and cheap ok so I did a search for several of them but I wanted to try to
keep this to a minimum but here’s like modern healthy news dot news it’s ten
dollars and forty eight cents a year but it will really work well in this space
you can take more time you can see some of these are dollar eighty eight dollar
eighty blah so if you really take your time you can
come through here here’s one for a dollar 28 URL and you want to grab a
specific URL like this modern healthy oops it’s not modern and healthy it’s
modern healthy news and then what you want to do is a lot of people use bitly
or some of these other link shorteners but I use a company called rebrand lis
and rebrand Li is a link shortener let me make it a little smaller and one of
the things that you can do with rebrand Li is you put your you can link your
domain name that you just bought so your short link your hop link your pretty
link is going to be the one that you bought here excuse me is gonna be the
one that you bought here modern healthy dot news and then your you could have it
just be slash something you come up with something on the end that is unique to
that specific hoplink slash fit or something like that so when you come
back over here where we had so you’re going to put your hop link in there
create a short hop link and it’s gonna look like it’s it’s gonna end up looking
like this it’s going to end up looking like modern modern healthy dot news news
slash fit or whatever it is that you put back here and you don’t just put this
link in here you want to write something really nice like I think your article is
really on point point and you know I learned a lot or something give him some
praise about what’s going on in there and then you could say I read about this
plan at modern healthy news modern healthy news and it and it really helped
me lose weight or something like that lose weight so you could write a little
something in there just like that and post this comment you can see that
there are a slew of other slew thousands of other blogs on weight loss weight
loss is a very very popular topic but what’s great is you can come over here
and go to Google Alerts and you can type in something about weight loss and enter
your email and get a digest of new articles that are written on weight loss
also I use this service called feed spot and feed spot does basically the same
thing as Google Alerts and it goes out there and pulls all of these news
articles and different kind of magazine styles and blogs etc about whatever
topic it is that I’m telling it to look for and you can go in on a daily basis
and just get to where you’re cutting and pasting that what what that is is the
the link to your offer from Clickbank but you don’t have to stop there you
could go into any and every niche go into camping if we come back over here
to the marketplace you can literally I’m just going to do another search by
popularity but whatever this is whatever niche this is in diabetes remedy what is
this new manifestation magic many hits generates my only even know what that is
battery reconditioning maybe you put this on survival sites and things like
that there’s tons and tons there are tons and tons and tons of
different offers and they all are specific to different niches and you can
do this across the board and one of the things that I do that helps us make so
much money in one of our endeavors is we use I have a Filipino VA that does all
of this for me so I set up the feeds the Google Alert the feed spot etc and that
information those emails go directly to them and that is their daily task
is they are taking the right hop link that’s generated and writing a
cut-and-paste from a spreadsheet and putting it right into the comment
section for all of these types of things you can do this on places like kora
where you’re answering people’s questions and put your hop link in there
your rebranded hop link right you could do it on Facebook groups etc there’s
tons and tons of information and places out there to put this hop link on and
you will make money in your sleep and that is the beauty behind all this now I
know that a very very very very few amount of you will actually try this but
for those of you that do leave me a comment below and tell me how it works
for you one other little side note one little trick is there are some of these
blogs and some of these posts and some of these groups that will eventually
kick you out for doing this sort of thing they will follow up they’ll click
on a link and they’ll see that it’s to an affiliate offer and they will either
block you as a user or delete your post or things like this so in my spreadsheet
I go ahead and have them write down a place a link to all the thing all the
places that we link to normally and then as they get banned and they will there
are thousands and thousands and tens of thousands of these places on our
spreadsheets we just mark them down and keep weeding down and what we
continually keep adding new places to post so we’re literally have hop links
in tens of thousands of different places on all sorts of different niches so
anyways listen I’m sorry that this video went a little lengthy but it is a dead
simple way to go about this you only have to spend a few bucks to get a URL
rebrand Lee is free for up to a certain amount of custom domain rebranded links
but it’s a lot it’s like 500 so you could be off to a good start using
rebranding for free and a name cheap for a couple bucks to get a URL and you’ll
be off to the races making money in no time so I hope that you got some good
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    Before your channel blows up and you won't see my messages, do you really think if I post comments with affiliate links all day long, I can make a minimum average of $20 a day? I am desperate to not put my boat in storage and go back to work in the USA.
    Will you do a video how to set up someone to do the posting?
    I need to be positive my effort will pay off or I need to get a job.

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