How To Make Money With Clickbank Without A Website For Free

October 10, 2019

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here alright so what you can expect here from this video is that I’m going to
show you where to find the good offers that sells I’m going to show you how to
find these offers a word to promote these offers for free how to promote
them and I’m also going to share with you a boner strategy so make sure you
stick till the end as I said earlier here on how you can skyrocket your
traffic there so with that being said let’s get started alright so first off
you of course you need to have an Clickbank account so I’m not going to go
into details you need to sign up there and usually the first thing that you
should do is go to the marketplace and start to find offers but I’m going to
show you another site here today so it is actually CB engine dot-com where you
can actually find Clickbank products that sells exactly as it says here above
so this is super nice because here you can see for example the top Clickbank
vendors we can see the new products the top gravity
now gravity is clickbank’s own matrix there it is more like a top seller more
or less actually let’s have a look at something here above now I did found
something interesting here before so Cinderella solution one minute wait this
was the product that I saw it this is pretty brand new actually so it means
that it doesn’t have so much competition yet so this could be a great offer what
I would do is I would double check here also on the marketplace so I just copy
and paste here one minute weight loss and look at this top comb wearing a top
converting weight loss offer one minute of specific weight-loss routines is
equivalent to 45 minutes of moderate exercise at the gym so one minute weight
loss definitely is something that sells I mean it is catchy you can lose weight
in one minute okay so you can see here for serious affiliates and try to see it
so there is an affiliate page and to get all the information we need we can
actually go ahead and have a look at it this is a well organized now this team
has actually created tons of weight loss products are well known so they don’t
know exactly how to get offers to convert here okay so anything you need
actually we can use this in our promotion or right here you can see
affiliate links email swipes banners landing pages about the product so
you’re going to use actually a lot of this in the method that I’m gonna share
with you here so what you’re going to do is you need to grab this link first so
to have it to promote and this is going to be an ugly link what we need to do is
we need to shorten it a good tip would be to go to bitly just go to bit lead
com you create an account I’m not logged in here and you can shorten your link so
it looks much more nice like this here below you can see here so when we have
done that we save that somewhere on our desktop make sure you go through
actually everything here so you are well educated on
you’re going to promote so basically how this is how you can find the offers as I
said a good tip is to go to CP engine so let’s proceed now with actually on how
to promote the offers here so how do we promote the offers well basically there
is a blogger blog or blog which is owned by google and google loves
google now you can see here I do have my blog for a easy way web marketing we are
basically more or less I put actually only the videos here but
what you’re going to do is you’re going to write an article and if you remember
that was actually articles here so you can get help you don’t need to get
started from scratch make sure you rewrite it to be a little bit unique
content so I’m going to show you an example here is my site my I am tips com
and this is a video I did recently on make money from home ten ways so I wrote
an article actually to expand on this and you can see it is about thousand
plus words here and I embedded my video so if you do that and of course if you
embed the video also you will definitely get ranked really really quick but you
don’t have to go the step here now I actually pay this is a paid version for
WordPress you go for a free version here and you start to write and post articles
the more articles you will post the better chance that you will get ranked
make sure to make a variation of the articles so it’s not duplicate content
because Google won’t like that but if you do start to post articles or videos
if you do that also you will definitely get ranked really quick and of course
the most important you also need to have a call to action of course with your
bitly link there okay click here to find out more
remember when you’re an affiliate marketer you’re not going to sell but
you’re going to pre-sell we want them to go as fast as possible to the sales page
because they have spent thousands of dollars to make a good selling website
so make sure you get them as fast as possible to that site because that is
how you get sales also so another way you can do this actually is go to the
free and you can do the exact same thing okay here you can see I
get a lot of activities actually here without doing anything at all by just
posting the videos but you’re going to do it the same way as I showed you
earlier here on my IM tips write an article if you do a video I will come to
the video section here real soon you will embed that also so and make sure of
course you have a call to action alright so another way could be actually to do a
YouTube video I’m just going to open it here for you I open it in a new actually
incognito window here so you can see what this is all about one minute weight
loss review okay I just type the keyword and people are searching for this kind
of keywords here so you can see here that this is definitely doesn’t have so
much views yet because it is recently published this product on Clickbank
actually so one minute weight loss review look at this I can see straight
away that this is an affiliate link okay so if I open up the video here let’s see
I figured I wasn’t okay someone actually took the video here the video sales
letter and this is not a good way to do it avoid this so you won’t have your
account bandar but here is another one you can see here one minute weight loss
review truth expose weight loss review the truth about exercise is a collection
of the best tested extremely effective and scientifically proven smart
exercises which will help a person to lose weight with just okay and you can
see here that these are actually videos royalty free stock footage and of course
a voiceover on and texts would probably have been made in
software like content samurai or something like that so here is super
easy to do these kind of videos don’t let it scare you that you can’t do
videos with this kind of software you don’t have to be shown in the camera now
if you do it is of course a bonus okay but you can do a lot of these videos and
the more videos you create with variations here you don’t have to go for
a review best tips for one minute weight loss for example and so on you can
definitely go ahead and get some more traffic there and when someone clicks
the link here you will actually make a commission of course if they purchase
the product err so you can see they have inserted a description more or less the
article probably here it is stuffed with some keywords avoid this also it is not
a good idea to do it in your videos this was a method that was probably popular a
few years back I did it also in the past but not anymore
so you’re stuffing keywords here so YouTube won’t like it okay and they will
recognize it could be a reason why this user has only 70 views here so there you
have it actually on YouTube okay there you have three methods on how you can
start to promote your Clickbank offers without a website now let’s go and have
a look at our bonus tip here so we had a blogger we had a wordpress we had a
YouTube now what you’re going to do is you’re going to actually generate links
to those what you’re going to do is you’re going to insert here from the
blogger you can say watch this also on WordPress okay so you linking actually
to WordPress I’m sorry for the ugly writing here just doing it to save us
some time repress and the same goes for YouTube
okay what you’re going to do in your description you’re going to insert to
watch the full article click here and you’re going to use that
that you’re using to the blogger and you can do the same exactly for the
WordPress and of course the WordPress article you will link to the YouTube
video you can link here to blogger and vice versa what you do with this method
is something called back linking and that is an SEO search engine
optimization strategy so it will help you actually to rank your articles and
videos much faster so there you have your bonus strategy also and I think I
covered almost everything here how you can get started for free now I would
actually go a step beyond and I would create something called an opt-in page
to give something away for free and in exchange for that I get your email
address because I’m all about email marketing I get a second I get a third I
get a fourth chance to promote again and again so all the traffic won’t get lost
here so it’s really easy to do I mean you can actually have something here
from the article grab it make a free report or something like
that and give it away for free in exchange for an email address but this
is a great way to get started with you can actually also use Pinterest which is
very popular regarding weight loss so what you do is your backlink of course
here to your video and also to your articles
alright so I think I covered everything here regarding on how to make money with
Clickbank without a website for free now as I said earlier here if you are
interested in making a full time passive income online build a real sustainable
online business with this you want to check out my number one recommendation
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you soon

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