How To Make Money With Clickbank

October 2, 2019

You want to make money with Clickbank.
I’m going to show you how. I’m going to show you how to sign-up, find your niche, find link,
post it, track it and make some money step by step. On my computer, in just a
second. Cool, so I’m going to be showing you how to make money with Clickbank. I love
clickbank. Clickbank is where I make my first thousand dollar day. Back in 2012
actually. But I do about half a million dollars a month right now on Clickbank
which sounds kind of unbelievable. But I’m going to be walking me through how
you can make money with Clickbank right here in today’s videos. So, check this out. I’m on Clickbank right now. If we go right here. See, Clickbank. And to go to
clickbank, just go to first off. And the first step is you want to
sign up. And you need to create an account. So you click right up here and
you click create account. Clickbank is going to ask you for some information.
They’re going to ask you for your name, your address all that stuff. And they’re also
going to ask you for your banking information. This is fine. Click bank’s
been around for 21 years. And run by really nice Mormon people up in Boise,
Idaho. That are good at accounting and they’re not going to screen out anything.
It’s a reputable, long-lasting, profitable company that I love working with. And
I’ve been working with them forever. And the thing is they ask for your banking
information because they need to know where to pay you, okay? So, that’s why. So don’t
be alarmed by if they’re asking for your banking information. Then the last for
your account information, it doesn’t matter what your nickname is. Your
nickname is your account identifier. And what you pick doesn’t matter. It’s not
public information. So, when you sign up, you’ll come to a dashboard. Sort of like
this page. You’ll have your weekly sales snapshot right here. And you’ll also have
your daily sales snapshot right here. So, this is one of my many affiliate
accounts with Clickbank because I use so many different advertising
things of a lot of accounts at this point. Let’s go out of here. First,
you need to choose your niche. Now, to choose your niche, you want to go over to
their marketplace. The marketplace is this little link up here. Or if you’re on
the Clickbank homepage, you’ll see the marketplace is right here. Affiliate
marketplace. So, we’ll click that marketplace link because that has all of
the products which you can make money with. Now, what you’ll see is, you could
search for products but you can also find products in the categories area on
the left side. This is where you can find your niche. Now, you know, everybody in
marketing and sales and stuff talks about you know, finding your niche. Find
your passion. First, I’m going to give you my 2 cents on this. Because I think niches and
whatever your passion is, I think it’s BS. I was actually having a discussion with
Allie earlier about this. You know, I love kite surfing. I love skiing.
I’m not Pro material. And I don’t think I’m ever going to be pro material. So, it
doesn’t make sense for me to try to make a business out of kite surfing or skiing,
unfortunately. You know, what does make sense for me is to make money and afford
myself the freedom so that I can go skiing or kite surfing when I want to.
Another thing. Getting a family and all that stuff complicates this stuff. But
the point is the same as… I’m not a big fan of niches. I’m a big fan of just
doing what makes money and then going to the other things. But let’s assume that
you would need to find something that you’re comfortable marketing. You can
choose your category here. Now, if you’re interested in cooking food and wine, you
can click on that category and you can find products to sell that will give you
commissions in the cooking food and wine category. Now, here’s a great one. So, we
see there’s a product here called keto resources. That is about the ketogenic
diet. I think a pretty good diet. But I’m going to start dieting soon. But the
ketogenic diet I think is something about reducing carbs which are kind of a
problem in our society. Now, let’s say you wanted to promote that. You can make $22. Let’s zoom in on this. You can make $22 per sale every time you recommend this
product to somebody and they buy it. You make $22. Which is great. You sell a
couple of those, you help expose a couple people to the ketogenic diet a day and
you’re earning a full-time income. He’ll expose more than a couple people
to the ketogenic diet a day you’re making a pretty good income. Now, what I
look for just in a product is I look for what has the most popularity or what has
the highest gravity. Gravity and popularity is sort of similar but in any
event, we see this product has 117 gravity. That means 117 other people are
making at least one sale of this product every single week.
That means some of these people may be making hundreds of sales per day of this
product. The point being, this is the indicator. How many other people are
successfully selling this product is an indicator of how well it sells. Would you
rather… If you were goign tO start a franchise because affiliate marketing is
sort of like starting a franchise. Would you rather be opening a McDonald’s
franchise or would you rather open a busters burgers franchise? It’s obvious.
You want to open a McDonald’s franchise because you know that sells. You know
that is making franchisees tons of money. Thousands of franchisees all over the
world. Buster’s burgers is unproven. Everything
about the business. I made the business up. But you want to sell what’s proven.
And just because other people are selling it, just because other people are
have McDonald’s franchises doesn’t mean that there isn’t space for another one.
You know, I live in Los Angeles. There are hundreds of McDonald’s franchises. But
what I hear a lot of people say from scarcity mindset is say, “Oh, somebody
already opened up the McDonald’s in Santa Monica.” Don’t think that. Okay? You want to sell
what’s already selling. So, let’s promote this product. Now, the next step. We found
our niche. We found the product or the offer we
want to promote. Now, what the next step is, is you go to this button that says,
“Promote.” Right there. And this is where you will get your link. Promote. Boom! And
this is the account nickname from my account.
You know jcint7. And you can put in tracking ID. It says, “optional.” But
let’s just click generate complex. Okau? Click “generate hop link.” And will
generate your link. Let’s say I’m posting this in an email. Don’t want to see how
it works. So, I just click track the ID, email and I click generate hop link,
okay? So, this is my hop link. So, I could highlight it like this and click copy. Or
I could just click this button and it copies it. And says you have successfully
copied your hop link. We’re going to take this link. And the next step is we need to
post it somewhere. We need somebody to click this link and buy this product so
we can make some money. Let’s go get it. Okay? So, where I’m going to start posting my
link is the… I don’t know. We’re going tO use a really easy thing that everybody has. –A
free traffic source. Hidden traffic source that is under your fingertips.
That you can use right now. Doesn’t cost any money and almost guaranteed to give
you good conversions if you do it right. So, we can go here and I’m going tO go to my
email and I’m going to write an email. I’m going to write it to a friend of mine.
That’s not a real email obviously. It just says “friend”. But I’m going to write in
the subject line. I don’t know what I’m going to write in the subject line. But I’m
just going to say ketogenic diet. New diet I’m trying. Check it out. And what I could
do is I could say “Dude, remember talking about how we were both going to lose
weight? Check these results.” You know, I could use picture. I could say like I lost 5 pounds in the last week. This program really works. Now,
I’m just making up some marketing copy here. Again don’t ever say anything like
that doesn’t fully make sense. In this case, I didn’t actually lose 5 pounds. But
the point being, you know, if I were to send this email, I could
post my link there or I could say or I could highlight this and click the link
button. Put my Lincoln right there. I could say, “Check these results. Some other
people lost 5 pounds in the last week. This program really works.” That is a way
you could get your link out there. And people will open it and click on that
app. Now, that is a very simple way of getting your ad out there. Getting your
link out there and getting you a chance for people to buy it. Now, another way to
actually promote this. If you don’t know what to write, most programs have actual
ads that are already created for you on their affiliate page. So, here we are back
in Clickbank. And what we see is affiliate page and you can click on this
link or you can even email their support. And ask them, “Hey, I wanted to send an
email to some of my friends. What should I write?” So, I’m going to click on this and
I’m going to look at their affiliate page. They have some information here. Let’s
just type in 7 email to receive our latest information. Let’s see if they
have any information. Sometimes they actually have helpful materials for
affiliates. In this case, they don’t. But some programs do have information you
can use to promote their offer more effectively. So, I’m just going to go to the
most popular products in the Clickbank marketplace. And what we see here is the
Flat Belly Fix. And this product pays out almost $40 per sale in Commission. And
they have almost double the gravity. Almost double the amount of people are
selling this product compared to the other product. So, what I can do here is I
can click on their affiliate page and I could get some email swipes from these
people. So, it says click for email swipe. The
flat belly fix. And here, they give us the top creative. So, if I wanted to send an
email, I could say, “Use this subject line. 1 cup tomorrow morning burnish 3 pounds
of belly fat.” AAnd go to my email and I’d write that. One cup this morning burns
20 pounds of belly fat.” And then I’d copy this. Change out of my email with their
proven email right here. “If you have try this, you’re going to want to add
this to your morning routine drinking. One cup of that delicious
beverage…. Blah-blah-blah-blah-blah.” And what I’ll do then is I will change
out their link for my link. Okay? So, I’ll click promote, I’ll click
email. Generate hop link. Copy and I will highlight this link and I’ll just change
it right there so you paste my link. What URL should this go to. If you see that.
This is linked to web address and I posted my Clickbank link there then I’m
gonna click “okay.” And there we go. My initials at the bottom. That’s how you
could get your link out there. That’s a very simple method. Now, you could also go
above. And beyond you could actually write a post on Facebook. I could post
the same thing. I could you know, I could post my link in there and I could post
the same information. You know, I could say if you haven’t tried this yet. And I
post this to my friends. And it would link to the flat belly fix. So, you could
do a lot of things to get people to your affiliate link. See in it. And once it
populates within Facebook, I can even delete that ugly link so that if people
go to my post, it will have the link on the bottom already populated like that.
Then all I would click is share. Now, this is… I mean it is. The free method of
getting traffic. Completely free. But again, you probably sitting here watching
this, you’re probably and I feel weird about spamming my friends, right? I do. I
do. Not sharing this. But it is… I do suggest you do
it to get started. Now, the best way to do affiliate marketing is to do advertising.
It’s a much more scalable opportunity. Instead of making a couple hundred bucks
off your friends, you could make millions of dollars off of the mass of people
that probably need more help getting a flat belly. You know, I know I
do, than other people. So, advertising is a whole other subject. if you’re interested
in learning advertising, you can go to my free affiliate marketing course. I’m
going to have my assistant post it somewhere or you can just subscribe to
my channel. Once you subscribe to my channel and hit the bell, it will
actually appear on my homepage. My free course on
affiliate marketing. Now the next step after somebody goes to your link, okay?
Where does the link go?? I’m just going to show you where the link goes real
quick. It goes to this page which is built to convert people and make sure
that it offers people something of value and makes you money, okay? Now, what we do
next is we want to actually track if our links are working and if we’re selling
products. So, the final step is we will go… When were in Clickbank, we will go to
this area called reporting. And I’ll click on reporting. And what we see here
is we see we have a click that came in. It says one click for FB fix. Which is
the flat belly fix. Let’s look at my hops. They Clickbank calls it hops by tracking
ID. And what we’ll see here is we have that hop. We had originally sent with the
identifier that says email. So, it’s working and as we see, the person did not
purchase. But this is how affiliate marketing is done. Now, let’s say you’re
posting your link on email on Facebook, on Twitter, on Instagram. Let’s say you
have multiple apps or you’re posting it in facebook groups or posting it in
forums or whatever you’re doing. You could put an identifier so you can
figure out where each link came from. And you can actually be able to tell exactly
who clicked on your link, where they came from. And you can optimize your
advertising that way. Let’s say the emails you sent make you the most money.
You’ll probably want to focus your efforts on that email. Or let’s say you
had 5 Facebook ads telling people they could lose weight and to check out the
cute objector the flat belly fix. And only one of the ad is generating sales.
You’ll want to cut the other 4 ads so you’re left with the one winner. That’s
generally how it works out. And you just keep cutting the red and you figure out
what marketing message work, what groups of people work the best to show your ads
to. And you optimize based on that until you are making as much money as you want
to be making. Now, in my case, as you see my Clickbank account, I have all this
weird junk here. You know, weird out numbers and letters. And what those
numbers and letters are? I actually use software and it kind of automates this
process to figure out where each clip came from
and what’s working and you know, I have a more complex setup because I’m doing
this on a much bigger scale than most people. I don’t recommend you start out
with a clique tracker, like volume or click tool. I recommend
you just start out with posting an ad or putting up a post and getting people to
just be clicking on your affiliate link. Just start baby steps at a time. Get your
first commissions and then get more until your business starts to become
bigger. Don’t put the cart before the horse. Take it one step at a time.
Subscribe to my channel and go through my training course and you know, you can
see how to take it one step at a time. Boom! I just showed you how to make money
with Clickbank. It’s easy. Sign up, niche, link, post and track. Not too complicated
but really diving into things and learning how to actually do. Write the
ads or do the advertising or do the copywriting is a little bit more of a
complex thing. And I have a training course on my site that you can sign up for.
There should be a link in the description if you want to get started
with that. Now, what I recommend you do is first, subscribe to my channel and hit
that notification bell so you’re aware when I put out more videos. I’m
constantly putting out videos on marketing and starting an online
business. And also click that like button. And if you have any questions or have
any topic requests, put that in the comments. I’d love to hear it.

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