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How To Make Money With Facebook For Beginners 2020

February 25, 2020

Whoo! This is a hot money making method.
This is an update to a previous video I have done on how to make money with
Facebook. Now, if you saw the previous video of how to make money with Facebook,
super simple method. Easy way to make up to $500 commissions in a day. But I’m
going to go over something even better in this video. It’s going to be Facebook for
beginners. And this method is working right now. It’s updated. I’m giving you
multiple ways to do this. Man, this is hot. So, you can do this. Really excited to
show this to you. Let’s hop over to my computer and I’m going to walk you through
unbelievably simple method. You can be anywhere in the world and do this, okay? Any
country in the world. You can be any age and get the money. The money will be sent
through a wire transfer to your bank account or to an address that you want a
cheque sent to. It’s super simple. You don’t need any software. You don’t need
to pay for any like websites. You don’t need to have any products you don’t need
to do any support. You don’t need to do any of that jazz. No consulting, no sales.
It’s just simple chatting. So, I’m going to show you how to do this. Step by step and
you can literally copy and paste exactly what I’m doing and use it to make money.
So follow along, let’s get started. If your the Facebook money, type in “Facebook
money”. Write down in the comments. Let’s get into this.
Boom! I’m excited. Okay. So, I’m really stoked to show you
this method. You can earn up to $500 a day anywhere in the world check or wired.
And if you don’t know who I am. I’m John Crestani. You can see here’s my
Clickbank platinum affiliate plaque. That means I earn over a million dollars a
year with this particular affiliate network. Big YouTube. We’re teaching
people for the last year how to make money online. Number one make-money
channel on YouTube. If you agree, type in “Give me the money” on the comments.
And this method is hot. It’s working on Facebook. And I remember when I just got
started doing marketing on Facebook. I went through failure after failure after
failure. I didn’t know exactly how to get the formula to make things
work. I remember reaching out. I was on this affiliate marketer forum. And there
was some successful guys. And I messaged one of them. And I said, “Hey, man. Hey
Charles, how do I get this working? Every time I
set up a campaign I either can’t get it to run. I can’t you know my links get
banned.” Or something like that. And he said, “The obstacle is the way.” And I
thought about that. And was hoping for a direct answer. But he said “The obstacle
is the way.” And what I realized was, “Okay, it’s not about switching off of Facebook.
It’s about figuring out Facebook.” And I figured out Facebook for you. It’s one of
the biggest gold mines in the world. I’m going to show you exactly how to utilize it.
Copy and paste right here. So let’s get to it.
Okay. Now once again, to use this method, you don’t need to have any product. I’m
going to show you number of affiliate networks you can sign up for to get
links and earn commissions from selling other people’s products. And the way
everything is tracked is through a link. So, there’s ShareASale which obviously
you can sell. You know, a lot of products… You know, 7% Commission. Big
brands, though. So, if you check this out, you can sell Warby Parker which is a
famous company. julep, Major League Baseball, Jillian Michaels. NBA store. So, a lot of big brands. You could sign up for that.
There’s a link in the description of this video. You can also sign up for the
click funnels affiliate program right here. If you get enough sales with them.
They actually buy you a dream car. So, check that out. They get you get 100
users, you get a dream car. And they show you tons of people have earned
a dream car. I’ve earned a dream car with them. You know, they pay me a
thousand bucks towards my car lease. 6 figure mentors. Another great affiliate
network. They teach you how to do affiliate marketing along the way. So, I
suggest you sign up for them. Super affiliate network. This network is hot.
This you can actually earn up to $5400 from a
single sale. So, if you’re looking for high ticket affiliate marketing as well
as some training involved, you can get that with the super affiliate network.
They have some really cool events out in Maui.
They host every year. Love to see you there. There’s MaxWeb which is a digital
product affiliate network. Works worldwide. DigiStore, another
international affiliate network focused on digital products. And last but not
least is clickbank. My favorite affiliate network which you can sign up for every
country except like Bangladesh and Pakistan and Nigeria. So, let’s get into
it. Now, after you’ve gotten your affiliate link, I’m going to show you how
you can promote a clickbank affiliate link in this demo. But first, let’s get
into the method itself, okay? Now, to use this method, you’re going to want to use
a specific document which I’m going to give you towards the end of this
training. So, you can copy and paste my exact text and follow along and do
exactly what I do to make this money as well. I will reveal that link towards the
end of this training. What you want to do is you want to go into this file which I
will give you access to and you will want to click on the Facebook link right
here. Now, by the way, all of these methods listed here the other links are all free
traffic methods that you can take advantage of. If you want to make $500 in a day, I show you how to make $500 in a day on every single one
of these social networks. I am having my assistant link to the playlist to do use
these methods. All of them are free. You require no investment, no money,
no software. Nothing to get started. So let’s get into it. So, we’ll click
Facebook and we will go down to the Facebook section right here. What we are
looking for is we’re looking for people that are members of groups that are
related to entrepreneurship. Amazon FBA, marketing, freelancers or work from home.
Let’s type in work from home. So, here we are on Facebook. And we can go search
work from home. Now, here we see a group with 19 members, okay? We could we could
join this. Here’s a group “Work from home moms.” We’ll go here. Work from home. 10,000
people like this. See 105 thousand people. And here’s a group
that’s 32 thousand people. Now, once again, I’m going to be showing you in this
training how you can make big money doing this five hundred dollars from one
single sale. One single click can make you $500 from this
method and it’s highly targeted. So, what we are going to do to use this method is we
are gong to find some of the members of this group. So for instance, we could go
here and we could click see all to see all 105,000 members
right there. What we can also do is we can find some people that are engaged. So,
I’m just going to find some of the most engaged users. I’m going to look at some of
the comments and we see Alexander Elliot. And we see Jennifer Mallow. Okay. And I’m
just going to open up those 2 people Alexandria Elliot. And I’m going to send
her a message, okay? So, we’re going to go here. We are going to chat with her. Now,
how we’re gonna chat with her is we are going to copy and paste this text right
here. So, this is a direct message script example. Now, this may seem like a lot of
work. But remember, you can do as much as a hundred messages an hour with this
method. And you can $500 in commissions. So, there’s a little bit of
chatting. But it’s literally copy and paste and you’re just waiting to get
somebody to respond to you. So you say… This is you. So, this is the script. You
want to follow, okay? You, them, you, them. So, I’m going to copy this script and I’m
going to go to Alexandria and I’m going to type in, “Hey, I also saw you are in B and
you replace what’s in the brackets. So, I’m going to replace the brackets and
that the work at home mom’s group. And wondering if you are having any success
doing any jobs from home stuff.” Okay? Boom! We sent a message. Now, you want to send a
lot of these messages, okay? Send a lot of these. Facebook probably has some sort of
limits. So, let me know in the comments. If you come across a certain limit of
messages that you can send per hour or per day, let us know because we’re a
community here. The more money you make, the more money I make. This is the number
one make money channel on YouTube because I’m not here trying to pitch you
stuff. I’m not here trying to sell you shirts or courses. I’m here trying to
make you money. Because again, you make more money, I make more money. Now, once
again, type in “number one money channel on YouTube” if you know this is where
it’s at. We’ll send 10 of these messages and
we’ll wait for them to respond. But let me get into what’s actually going
on here. Now, she’s going to say something. We’re waiting for somebody to engage
with us. Because once they engage with us, they give us permission to sell them. You
might be wondering a couple other things. Why don’t I uppercase the hey? Because
normal people don’t uppercase, okay? Normal people just type. Normal people
don’t use proper spelling. Normal people don’t use proper grammar. Normal people
don’t use proper punctuation. You want to be a normal person. Because real
marketing… Real effective marketing does not look like marketing. Real effective
marketing is just normal human communication. One person talking to
another. Now, the next message, we’re going to send
them a link. Shortly after this, we’re going to send them a link. Now, you see you
have a script here to chat with them. And a remember, you can make $500 in a
single day doing this. This is so easy. You just have to put in the work. Just
follow the steps. And if you’re committed to doing this, if you’ve seen
the money I’ve been able to create for both myself and for my affiliates, then
you know there’s something hot here. It may seem like work copy/paste. But if you
are committed, if you’re in a hungry wolf, if you’re an action taker, you have a
tenacious appetite to make money; type in “tenacious” in the chat. Type in
“Committed” in the comments because I want to know who my hungry wolves are here. I
see them on my channel. I see some of you making money. I see the clickbank ids.
Hundreds of people every month I’m paying out hundreds and hundreds and
thousands and thousands and hundreds of thousands of dollars to. Now, the next
step is we’re going to get our affiliate link. In this case, we’re going to go to the
affiliate marketplace. After you’ve created your account, you go to the
affiliate marketplace right here. And we’re going to go down to the e-business
and emarketing category right here. Okay? Right there. E-business and emarketing
and we’ll click on that. Now, one of the top products will be my own product. Once
again we are making money together which is why I am showing you only the stuff
that works highly effectively. I don’t want to waste your time, I don’t want to
waste mine. And you will make $500 from a single sale. And
if you want to learn more about the opportunity, you can come right to this
affiliate page. And you will see that the product we are selling is a thousand
dollars and you get a recurring commission on the 247, everything is 50%.
So, you will be making 500 of that. We will split everything 50/50. We’re in
business together. Once you start making sales, you get $500 and $125 a month. And what I’m showing you, once again,
those numbers might seem ridiculous but it works. There are people doing this and
making as many as 60 sales in a single day. $27,000 is
what one of my affiliates made in a single day, okay? Now, to get our link, what
we want to do is we click promote and we will put in our account nickname
whatever was assigned to you. And we’ll just do Facebook. And will generate a
Hoplink or we’ll click this button to generate a Hoplink right there.
Don’t worry about any of these other links. And we will copy this link.
Clicking ctrl copy or we can click this button and copy our link. We want to
create our own link here. So, you want to go to the Google Doc pre-cell page
example. Now, Facebook doesn’t like raw affiliate links. Which is why we need to
put our link a document or something like that.
Generally speaking, Facebook we want you to buy ads. But if you don’t have money
for ads, you don’t have money to put your credit card and let Facebook just freely
spend it on advertising. You maybe don’t have success in doing marketing before
yet. You just want something that can make you money get sent to your bank
account without you having to spend money. And that’s why we need to put our
link in a Google document. So, what you need to do is you need to go click on
this link right here. Okay, click on this link right here. And what this will open
up for you is a document that says “Create a 6-figure side income online on
Facebook.” And it’s a sales page. Essentially, it says “Register for the
live training”. And all this page is built to do… Not going to go too deep in the
psychology of copywriting. But it’s built to actually make people want to watch
through the sale the presentation and buy from the affiliate link that you
will put in there. So, how we do this is first, there will be a file button. And
you’ll want to click file right up here, and you’ll want to click make a copy
right there. You’ll be able to edit things on this page now. Because it will
be yours. You can’t edit Pi version, that’s the master version. You’ll delete
the copy up there. So, did you see that where I clicked? I clicked right up here
and I went here and I just deleted copy. And now, I’m going to go down here where it
says… The big button. There’s two links on this page. This button acts as a link and
this text acts as a link. The next thing I’m going to do is I’m going to replace this
link. And once again, I’m going to click that edit icon and I’m going to paste my link
and I’m going to click apply. Now, this page
once again, is built to sell people on the product. And it’s already done for
you. Now, you can do this. You can create this sort of document. You can create… You
can do this all yourself for any product you want. I’ve obviously laid it out for
you to do to promote my own affiliate program because I want us to both make
money. And I want you to make big money. But you can do this with weight loss
programs. You can do this with super affiliate Network. You can do this with a
lot of other programs and affiliate offers that you want. But this page has
been built and tested to work. So, you put this up and you can be assured you get
these links in front of people you will get some people buying. Now, the next step
is you want to go up to this share button right there. And you click that
share button and you’re going to click this which says “Get shareable link” right
there. And then anybody with this link can view, that’s fine. And we’re going to
copy this text copy or you can click copy link. And I’ll say link copy to
clipboard. Now, when the person responds to us… Well first, we’re going to take this
link and we are going to go to bitly. We’re going to go to site named
And we’re going to go down and we’re going to click shorten. And we’ll copy this link.
And we can share this link with people. Depending on what works, you can share
you google doc link or you can share your bitly link. And you share that on
Facebook. When you get somebody responding to you such as Alexander
Elliot. But after you send a lot of these messages out, you’ll start getting more
and more responses back. And you respond to those and you just follow the script.
Literally, just follow the script. They will say something then you say, “Huh, is
there anything else that you tried that worked?” They’ll say something. Then you
say, “I just found this site. Do you know if it’s legit?” And you will replace that
link with your own right like that and you will send them this message. And once
you get your link out to them, then they have the opportunity to click on it to
watch the presentation and to buy. And after you send them a link one hour
later, you will send them this message then you will send them this message.
That’s it. That’s the method. And it’s all copy paste. And you do that enough times,
you’ll get a buyer and you’ll make some money. And you’ll be pretty happy. And
when you make that first commission, I want you to share it with the community
and pay it forward. And let others know about your success. Because most people,
when they find their vein of gold, they keep it to themselves, right? They lock it
up, they bury it. Don’t let anybody know. But I want to
create a community here. I’m sharing with you some of my money making methods. I
want to create a community of sharing results. I want to create a movement of
people being able to work from home. And I want you to share your success. I want
you to commit to me or I want you to just agree. And type and “Agreed”, if you
agree to these terms is that when you get success doing this you will share
your success on one of my future videos or something along the lines. And paid
for it to others. Because a lot of people are skeptical and don’t believe this
works. So, looking forward to your success. If you got massive value from this video,
type and Facebook money in the comments. This is hot, okay? This works. This has so
many Jedi Mind Tricks. Everything involved in this setup. You’re getting a
pre sell page that works, okay? You’re getting some gnarly stuff here. You’re
getting a website without a website. You’re getting affiliate links. You’re
getting a way to make $500 a day or even $5,400 if
you do this for super affiliate networks. You have a lot of opportunity here. So, I
hope your Stoked. Type and “Facebook’s money” in the comments. Give me a like,
give me a subscribe. Give me a big pound on that notification bell to be updated
when I come out with future money making methods. I look forward to seeing your
success. Guys, get pumped. This is going to be the best year ever. 2020 is the year
where everybody’s going to be making money who follows my advice on this channel. So,
looking forward to seeing you there and talk to you soon.


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