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How to Manage Your Time on LinkedIn & Get More Done on LinkedIn in 2020 | Tim Queen

February 14, 2020

Hi guys. What’s up? Welcome back to my channel. I’m Tim Queen. And today I’m going to share with you if you
should spend more time on LinkedIn. So if you want to learn how to use LinkedIn
more efficiently to get more and better results for your business, make sure that you watch
this video. This one is just for you. Now, should you spend more time on LinkedIn? The answer will surprise you. It’s yes and no. If you’re spending 24/7 on LinkedIn, you will
have no success because you have no business and you’re not spending your time correctly. If you’re not spending any time on LinkedIn,
you’re not going to have any success either because you don’t take advantage of this amazing
platform with over 660 million members. 50% of them are super active. And you have a lot of high profile decision-makers
who actually can become future customers. So you have to find the right balance. I like to say… Spent as little time as possible, as much
as necessary. And find just the right balance so you can
work on your business and you can get work done. Today I want to share with you five tips on
how you can spend your time on LinkedIn most efficiently, in under one hour per day. So keep on watching. Now the first activity that you want to spend
time on your LinkedIn journey is managing your network. That means adding new people to your network. That means you are going to search. You’re finding the right people. You’re adding them. Send them a connection request. Send them an invitation to connect. The second one is. People will send you connection requests. You have to decide which ones to accept, which
ones to reject. Then the third part is. You have to identify people to remove from
your network. That’s network hygiene. You have to see your network as a living,
breathing organism. Some parts have to be added. You have to get more people inside. You also have to remove people who are no
longer relevant. Who has maybe changed jobs? Changed industries and are no longer a perfect
match for your business. So you have a list of people that is manageable. So you can actually go through the list of
your connections and know exactly who each and every one of them is. This makes it much more likely to keep up
a relationship with more people. Instead of having 30,000 connections where
you have no idea who everyone is. You have to keep this manageable. And I recommend staying around maybe 1000
or 2000 people max on LinkedIn. Now I recommend maybe spending five minutes
each day to do your connection requests. Check out the people. Check out their LinkedIn profiles. You want to accept their connection request. Every time you have someone who might be interesting,
scan their ID card on your LinkedIn app so you can quickly add them. This shouldn’t take more than five minutes
per day. Now tip number two is you have to use the
communication platform on LinkedIn. That means using messages. To connect with other people that might be
congratulating some people on their recent achievements. If they shared a post. Or they had an anniversary. Or you saw that they have a new role title. They have been promoted to certain roles. We want to spend at least 20 minutes per day
communicating with all the different people. This is the key up LinkedIn, use it to network
via direct messages. And you want to see that you have a lot more
success on the platform. Now, the third activity that you want to spend
time on, on LinkedIn, is creating content. LinkedIn is an amazing content publishing
platform. Of the 660 million members, 50% are super
active and login at least once per month. And there are over 280 billion content impressions
per year. That means the typical active use on LinkedIn
will see at about 70 posts in their newsfeed per month. That’s a lot of content. And the best part is: not a lot of people
are creating content on LinkedIn. So by just creating content that’s a little
bit better than everyone else’s content, it’s really easy for you to stand out on the platform. And you can quickly create content in bulk. I would say to spend about 20 minutes per
post. You can do that in bulk, once per week. Spend like one to two hours to create one
post per day. And then just put it in a scheduling app. So one post is going down every single day. And you can check out more about content marketing
and put some video over here in the Infobox to learn more about how to create those posts. How to create viral content that will help
you to stand out on LinkedIn. Now tip number four is you have to use engagement. That means to engage with all the people who
leave comments on your own content. But it also means commenting on other people’s
blog posts. You want to build a relationship by commenting. This will allow you to quickly grow your network
with highly influential, outstanding people and thought leaders on the LinkedIn platform. And in return, you will notice when you are
leaving comments on other people’s content, a lot of people will start following you in
return. And then will engage with your content in
return. But what you have to do is you have to make
sure that whatever you’re putting out, you have to reply to each and every person’s comment. Because what happens if you don’t reply to
their comment. They will feel that you don’t care about them. And then there will not leave any comments
in the future. So it’s really important to keep up the momentum
to reply to as many comments as possible, as you can. You will see your network is growing and you
getting much better results. And you can do that in maybe 10 minutes per
day. Just spending on your own comments. Leaving a couple of meaningful comments somewhere
else. And you want to have a lot of success on LinkedIn. Now, tip number five is, you have to use data. And what you want to do is after three days
of posting content, I would recommend to write down the number of results you have gotten. Write down the number of views, the number
of likes, comments, and shares. And then write this on an Excel sheet or a
Google sheet and keep track of all of your social media posts. This will give you a lot of information to
learn about. Why certain topics work really well on the
platform. And gives you a lot of ideas on how we can
improve future content. So make sure that you track your data five
minutes per day to make sure that you have all the data to make data-driven decisions
to improve your content strategy on LinkedIn. Now, in conclusion, don’t spend too much time. Don’t spend too little time. As little as possible, as much as necessary. Focus on five areas. Managing your network, communicating with
others, creating content, engaging with other people, and collecting data. Now, if you want to learn more about LinkedIn
marketing and how to use LinkedIn more efficiently, you will love my next video where I share
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