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How to promote and sell high-ticket events to affluent audience on LinkedIn | Tim Queen

February 13, 2020

hi guys. What’s up? Welcome back to my channel. I’m Tim queen and today I’m going to share
with you how you can sell and promote high-ticket events on LinkedIn. So if you want to learn more about this opportunity
of selling high-ticket, high price events to an affluent user base on LinkedIn, keep
on watching. This video is for you. Now, this is part one of a three-part series. In this part, we’re going to talk about what
you can do to promote your events. In part two, we are going to talk about how
to do that exactly. It’s going to be a step by step tutorial. And part three is going to focus on how to
do this on paid ad campaigns. Now, I have created my own events series and
I’ve used LinkedIn as my number one source to promote my event tickets. The events series is called VIVID TALKS and
has attracted over 1,500 people to attend in-person events in just under one year. I have a lot of experience promoting high-ticket
events, both offline and online, from masterclasses, in-person training, to in-house training. So what you’re going to learn today is 100%
based on my own experience on what worked for myself and for my customers. So let’s get straight on to the first tip. Tip number one, you have to use LinkedIn company
pages to promote your event. Now, depending on how you’re organizing your
event, you might create several LinkedIn pages for your event. You might use your company brand, the company
that is organizing the event. You might create a page dedicated to a specific
events series. And then you can link all the different websites
to it. Make sure that people can follow your page. To follow more updates. And you can also do a lot of stuff, cool stuff
with your LinkedIn page. So what you want to do when you create your
LinkedIn page, you want to optimize it, add a company logo at your event logo, create
a header image, ideally one of a past event. Make sure that you’re linking to the correct
event website, or you could just send them to the booking form. And then make sure that you are updating at
least one post on this page, which is sending people directly to your sign up form. This can be your pinned post, so it’s easy
for anyone who’s starting to discover your company page to sign up right there, and then. Now tip number two, you have to use LinkedIn
showcase pages. Those are subunits of your LinkedIn company
page, and they’ll allow you to promote specific events. For example, if I have the VIVID TALKS company
page, I can create a showcase page for a specific event that happens in a specific city, on
a specific date. So can share exclusive and only relevant material
for just this one event on the showcase page. No, this way I can still get everyone to follow
my main event page so they get updates when I go to a different city, on a different date,
to another location. This will allow you to share all the details
of this particular event with just the attendees. You’re not bothering the people who can’t
attend because they’re living in a different city, or they can’t attend on this specific
date. So use LinkedIn showcase pages. Now tip number three, you have to use your
personal LinkedIn profile to promote your event. What you can do is you can create a custom
banner and put us at the top of your profile, including the URL to your event. You can create, you can leave the event company
page to your work history, and you can make this your current work experience section. You can put it in your headline and put the
URL of your event or the event name. It’s also very important that you optimize
your LinkedIn profile from top to bottom to make sure that people actually check out additional
sections of your LinkedIn profile. If you want to learn more about how to optimize
your profile, check out the link in the description for my LinkedIn Profile Optimization Course. Now, tip number three is you have to use LinkedIn
events to promote your events on LinkedIn. You can create an event on the LinkedIn page
for each individual date and time and location. And this will allow you to invite people to
the event. You can also share information about this
particular event with your attendees, and it’s another great way how you can promote
your event on different content types. And that’s something you should really keep
in mind. Use all the different assets on all the different
properties and all the different content types on LinkedIn. Because each content hype has the ability
to be shared among other people. So the more content types you have, the more
people can be exposed to the event and the more attendance you will be attracting Now
tip number five is you have to use LinkedIn groups. Now don’t go to any random industry groups
and start spamming people. What I recommend instead befriend the group
moderator, or start your own group. Then ask them to promote the event for you. Because when the group owner is posting something,
you’re getting a lot more reach. Plus you have the social proof. That this event has been approved by the owner
himself or herself. So it has more credibility and more likelihood
of getting the attention of relevant people. And you might even be able to bribe the group
owner by providing them some free tickets for your event. So make sure that you check out the LinkedIn
groups. You can also consider creating a LinkedIn
group just for attendees of your event to give them even more ways, how they can communicate
with you, connect with you, how they can chat and network with different attendees. And that’s another way how this can become
like a self-fueling machine, which is attracting more attendees over time and people talking
to each other and everyone is excited about attending the event. So make sure that you check out LinkedIn groups. Now tip number six is you have to create premium
content on LinkedIn, on different platforms, on different assets. And we are going want to talk about how to
do the exact content creation process to promote your high-ticket event in part two of this
series. But for now, just realize you have to create
content that is highly relevant for the people that would normally attend one of your events. You have to create selective content that
is only or way more interesting to the people attending the event, than to random people
on the platform. So what we are going to do is, we want to
use that content as a lead magnet to get people’s contact information. Once we have their contact information, we
can then put them into a more advanced automated marketing sequence and email marketing sequence
to promote and warm them up to the event. So when they are ready to buy, you can just
send them the ticket link. And you have another great way how you can
– and this is one of the most powerful ways – how you can sell high-ticket events on LinkedIn. Now tip number seven. You have to engage with other people on the
LinkedIn platform. And the best way how you can engage with other
people is to use content and engagement in the form of comments. Now what you can do is you can build a network
of highly influential people on LinkedIn. You can engage with their content on a regular
basis. Leave meaningful comments whenever they post
something online. This will in return, lead some of them to
comment on your own posts. So when you are creating content on the platform,
you will have some initial engagement. It is really important that you get initial
engagement for your content to go viral. So start early. Don’t start commenting on other people’s content
just two weeks before your event. You want to do this as a long term strategy. Plan at least three to six months of consistently
engaging with other people’s content. And you will see, once you starting promoting
your own events, you will see a lot of the people you commented on, will come back and
promote some of your posts. This will give you the initial momentum that
you need in order to reach a much broader base of people on the LinkedIn platform. And this has the best possible starting conditions
for posts to go viral. So make sure, that you comment frequently
and regularly. High quality, meaningful comments. On people relevant to your industry. Who already has the audience of people who
you would like to buy your tickets. Now tip number eight is you have to use messages
to promote your event. And one of the best ways how you can promote
your event in your target location is that you identifying people in your core network
who are already living at the event location. If you don’t have a network yet, you can focus
on building it. Find key influencers in your city and reach
out to them via personal message. Invite them to your event. You might even give out a couple of free event
tickets in exchange for them promoting the event in your city. If you’re reaching out to high profile individuals,
the likelihood that they are able to promote your event to just the right people is very
high. And it’s another great way how you can promote
high-ticket events on LinkedIn. Now in conclusion. You have to use LinkedIn company pages. You have to create showcase pages. You have to use your own personal profile. You have to create LinkedIn internal events. You have to use the messaging system. And you have to do networking. If you want to promote high-ticket events
on LinkedIn. So if you enjoyed this video, you will definitely
love the next two parts of this series. Where I talk about premium quality content
creation in part two. And how to use paid advertising on LinkedIn
in part three. To promote your high-ticket events. So make sure that hit the subscribe button
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