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How To Run a SUCCESSFUL Print on Demand Store – ONE SIMPLE TRICK

October 12, 2019

what is up us hustlers just getting ready to
go out to a surprise in a party with one of my business partners so that’s gonna
be pretty cool this is a type shit we grab until we
smoke until we no go home sick still have to work or make it through the Sun
ask they just paid the crew like Lula thought that now my boys and I be poppin
off like God the pills just taking young I think it’s always important to you
know take a break have some fun while we’re hustling really really hard so
before that dinner party however I wanted to give you guys a big value bomb
once again and this video is going to be about how I find success in a big big
tip when it comes to print on demand so let’s go so print on demand it’s been
around for quite some time now quite a few years but it’s recently sort of like
grew in popularity probably from you know late last year I would say right
now I’ve got look I’ve got my to-do list really really important guys that to do
this is super important if we’re gonna stay productive I’ve got my tea and set
up and I’m actually gonna put you guys down so ok anyway as we were saying
basically yeah parent demand is growing it’s growing really really quickly I
actually have a student currently making 4 digits in profit each and every month
so that’s pretty awesome but the biggest question that I get is essentially sure
I do aliexpress drop shipping or should I be doing print-on-demand separately so
that’s one of the big questions that I get but I’m going to tell you how I
personally really succeed with print-on-demand and it’s actually quite
simple I merge the two together so I have print on demand and also aliexpress
drop shipping in the same store so what I mean by this is essentially what I do
is create some promo demand products right so what that does is create brand
excluse Zippity and you know you can grow your
brand through your own designs obviously but you can supplement that with
aliexpress drop shipping items within that same niche so let’s just say you’re
in the coffee niche for example you’ve got really cool appealing designs on you
know coffee lovers right and if you don’t know how to create winning designs
or print-on-demand it’s really not that difficult
especially if you don’t have to design t-shirts and if you know how to use
photoshop basically if you don’t that’s that’s fine go check out my previous
printer demand tutorial I’m completely free by the way
and essentially what you want to do is write like you want to supplement your
designs with aliexpress drop shipping items so like I said you’ve got coffee
design t-shirts on top of that what is really cool about drop shipping
obviously is you can supplement with like products like coffee mugs you know
coffee strain it’s all that sort of stuff like literal items not necessarily
not necessarily in designs but really cool items that will fit into your drop
shipping store right so what you what you get essentially is whole bunch of
designs you know for example you can like literally put up three exclusive
designs every week there on your home page and they change they’re literally
limited time only designs but then the people that come onto this store they
have a chance basically because they’re already coffee lovers just targeting
demographically on Facebook they already coffee lovers the Langlands you store
that they’re liking your designs hey but not everyone buys a t-shirt or
like let’s let’s be honest they’re not always the best designs but once they’re
already on the store and you drove the traffic essentially what’s really cool
is that they’re looking historian if they’re if they’re a coffee lover they
might buy that portable coffee mug they might buy that coffee market right so
that’s the biggest thing like if people were thinking hey what do I do drop
shipping or do I do you know print-on-demand
well merge the two together guys because a lot of people will comparing the two
business models at the moment there’s lots of pros and cons between
the two like you know with print-on-demand printful whatnot
you get ya better quality items you get faster shipping times and whatnot and
some people might be like oh well you know certain items will come from
certain factories there’s long as shipping times that aliexpress drop
shipping which is which is true but that’s completely fine because all you
need to do is set that expectation in the FAQ section this shipping section of
your website right so like I said you know it’s easier it’s an easier way to
sell saturated items because you’re only driving traffic through your
print-on-demand designs but it’s a really easy way to cross sell and even
up so your customers are landing onto your page so yeah again like I’m a big
still a big believer from that for my first video I’m still a big believer in
you can sell any product or niche that you want it’s in how you market these
products right so print on demand and aliexpress drop shipping if you merge
them together it’s a really powerful thing and yet like you don’t you don’t
want a store simply filled with cheap t-shirt designs like you’re not a
t-shirt specialty store that’s not you want what you want to go for you’d still
want to target interests in niche so when they land on that page they don’t
want to just see t-shirts usually they wouldn’t be seeing products related
products or like even things that you can’t usually get through print on
demand things like accessories so again here’s another example right I’m just
thinking on top of my head you’ve got a really cool fashion apparel power line
and it’s your own brand you’re saying that up but hey you can’t put it on
demand accessories right like that’s where Alex first drop shipping comes in
you’ve got this cool fashion store this cool brand that you’re building up and
they lend in the store and you’ve got different items from Aliexpress such as
bracelets you know necklaces that sort of stuff which is traditionally very
hard to sell because it’s so saturated by itself
you can sell more more easily through your print-on-demand store so that’s a
big big tip here guys and you know you can send out emails you can build your
customer database and essentially send out new t-shirt designs every month via
you know email correspondence or you know your Facebook page Instagram page
that sort of stuff so that’s my big tip for you guys for the people that are
asking hey Alex rush drop shipping or print on demand guys it’s a very simple
answer combine the two together and you’ll find more success in selling your
print on demand designs and selling your drop shipping items together so big big
tip there give it a go guys it doesn’t hurt you can just go use Shopify and if
you don’t have some fire already check out the links below a 30 day trial use
Shopify use printful create your t-shirt designs bring in over below and
implement your drop shipping items there and look you got your gonna find some
success there guys and of course it’s how you market it as well but that’s for
another video anyway guys hope you enjoyed this video
this really quick video I’m gonna head to dinner now but as always thanks for
watching and keep on hustling


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  • Reply Jason Feist April 8, 2018 at 9:55 am

    Hey mate, loving the content. Absolute rookie here and I got a question regarding payments, I’m from Aus and would I need an ABN number if I’m just starting off with shopify and what payment methods do you allow for
    your shopify store that ships world wide, cheers

  • Reply Triple Teez April 8, 2018 at 9:59 am

    Vouching for this strategy!! I've ended up selling more AliExpress items than POD items with this setup. Thanks for the lit tips as always Ethan!

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    How do you handle shipping for this though? I charge 3.50 shipping for printful merch, but what about the dropshipped items? Can we still charge free shipping on those dropshipped items and still charge shipping for printful? What is the best method to handle shipping for print on demand items ?

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